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Saahil FF: Twist In The Tale *Chapter 2- PG 3*

flora212 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 1:58am | IP Logged
Ok this is first time I am writing something on SaahilLOL and I am not sure if you all will like thisConfused cause it is the continuation of the kohinoor project track that is right after the swap happened...I never liked how cvs managed that track and that swap track is basically the knot of every mess right nowSleepy so i just wanted to write it in my own way...so here is the first chapter...if i get good response i will continue the story otherwise not. And secondly Sehaan will also be included but let me tell you all here Sehaan are not in love...they were just close to be friends but as Seher lied to Rehan , he doesnt want to be her friend. i never loved the jet love story thingDead  so Rehaan didnt fall for Seher here...and the lastly this chapter will almost be same as what we saw in the show after the swap happened but I made some changes...


Ahil enters his room with Sanam (Sunehri). He presses the remote in air and the door starts closing itself.
Sunehri looks back towards the door completely amazed and shocked which has been closed by now. 
Sunehri narrows her eyebrows and looks at Ahil back who was smiling mischievously at her. Sunehri becomes confused at this sudden gesture. 
Sunehri looks here and there nervously and then again looks at Ahil who was still smiling.
Sunehri was now highly confused, she was not understanding what was making this man smile! 
Sunehri in her mind- what am I supposed to do now! That paan ki dukan replaced my humshakal by me and didn't even tell me what I am supposed to do except just to act like Sanam! How the hell on earth...I mean seriously how will I act completely like that desi humshakal of mine! What if I get caught by someone here...Oh God! And above all this I have to deal with that crazy nawaban and here this wierd man who is smiling continously like an idiot don't know for what! 
Bappa save me!
Finally breaking off the silence and breaking Sunehri's thoughts Ahil spoke out- So my begum jaaan...remember what I told you this evening? 
Sunehri stares at Ahil wide eyed completely being clueless. 
Ahil continues- Now its your time to reply...
Sunehri looks here and there trying to understand what is he talking about! 
Sunehri being clueless and confused- errrmmm What?
Ahil shocked- What ?! I mean what What? You forgot so soon! 
Sunehri stares at his face confused...
Ahil continues sheepishly- Oh come on tell me! What your heart says?
As Ahil says these, he comes closer to her and holds her hands which makes Sunehri looks at him nervously and slightly pulls her hands back.
This gets noticed by Ahil as he stares at her back confused. Sunehri smiles awkwardly! 
Ahil grins- Ok so...
He steps more closer squeezing her hands slightly as like leaning over her which makes Sunehri steps back suddenly pulling her hands back with jerk which makes Ahil shocked.
Ahil confused- What happened? 
Sunehri turns her face away from Ahil and faces her back to him.
Sunehri gulps and silently prays to bappa for help.
Ahil confused- Sanam what's wrong? 
Ahil places his hands on her shoulder and Sunehri looks at him quickly and smiles slightly. 
Ahil worried- What happened? 
Sunehri quickly grinning a big smile- Nothing. 
Ahil stares at her big smile for a while...something looks wierd! Ahil ignores the feeling and smiles at her.
Sunehri rolls her eyes in her mind seeing him smiling again.
Ahil steps closer to her again as Sunehri stared at him wide eyed but didn't move away this time.
Ahil mischievously- So...you didn't give your answer still! Tell me sanam what is in your heart? I know What is it! But I want to hear it from your mouth. 
Sunehri shrugs- What is in my heart?
Ahil looks at her confused...what the hell is she saying! What's wrong with her?
Ahil concerned- Sanam I told you the three words this evening which I wanted to tell you from long time! And you are not even giving me your answer! 
Sunehri slapping herself in mind- Damn it Sunehri! Kiss jaal mein phass gayi! I don't know what he said to whom this evening! 
Ahil stares at her feeling slightly annoyed as he narrowed his eyebrows.
He has been waiting for this moment for a long time! To hear those beautiful words from her...but here she is acting like she doesn't know anything! What's wrong with her ? Doesn't she love him! No she did nod in affirmative when he confessed there at the opening of kohinoor project!
Ahil in mind- What's wrong with sanam! Why she is behaving like this...oh wait...is she teasing me?!
Ahil looked at Sunehri with mischief in his eyes and smiled naughtily while Sunehri was shocked seeing his expression! She looked at him in alert. 
Ahil smirked as he stepped at her and she stepped back completely confused- So...my begum jaaan testing my patience ha? Not bad...itne dino se mene tumhe tang kia ab tum mujhe tang kar rahe ho! Well kuch bhi ho jaye you are gonna answer me! 
As he said those lines he kept on approaching towards her while Sunehri kept on walking back completely nervous.
As Sunehri kept on walking back she hit the wall and looked back and again to Ahil nervously. While Ahil walked to her in quick motion and put his hand on her both sides to prevent her from escaping. Seeing the closeness of Ahil, Sunehri looked at him shocked. 
Sunehri in her mind- What the heck is happening! 
Ahil stared in her eyes passionately while Sunehri gulped. His gaze went at her lips. 
Suddenly Sunehri spoke nervously- I think I should go to your ammi!
Ahil came back from his lala land and looked at her shocked- Ammi? From where is came from!
Sunehri getting the chance to escape pushed him aside and spoke in speed- yeah...I mean she is sick right! ? She might need someone at night if she needs something! I will sleeping beside her...
Sunehri started to walk towards the door quickly when Ahil ran to her and held her arms- wait wait...where are you going? You...
Sunehri inturpted and grinned- to your ammi...
Sunehri started to leave again when ahil pulled her by her arms towards him. 
Sunehri stared at him wide eyed...
Ahil stated - you are not going anywhere! I will tell latif...
Sunehri quickly in speed and high pitch said- No no no...no need to tell latif or anyone! I will be sleeping with your ammi tonight! I am the bahu of this house ?! So I have some responsibilities right? You go to sleep...anyways you looks quite tired! You don't need to worry about anything! I will take care of everything. 
Ahil gave a wierd look at Sunehri. 
Sunehri looked here and there nervously and asked- What? I...
Ahil asks- Are you alright? 
Sunehri cackles wierdly - Me! Ah yea I am totally fine...Why? 
Ahil frowns- nothing just...I...you...Don't you think you are behaving little wierd today?
Sunehri shocked and said loudly- WIERD? 
Ahil looks at her with blank expression, his gaze intense. 
Sunehri in her mind- Oh shit! Did he get to know I am not Sanam! Bappa help meee!
Sunehri shrugs and cackles nervously- errmm I shall leave! 
Sunehri turns around to go and realised the door is closed. She looked at Ahil back who was still staring at her with blank expression. 
Sunehri grinned widely and went to the bed and took the remote of the door and pressed it to open.
The door started to open and Sunehri smiled at Ahil who was still staring at her. Sunehri started to walk out of the room when Ahil called-Wait!
Sunehri halted kind of scared and muttered to herself- Oh no I guess I am caught...
Sunehri shut her eyes tightly and opened it and turned around to look at Ahil scared...
Ahil walked towards her with same expression and suddenly smiled shocking Sunehri out of her wits- I hope everything is alright! 
Sunehri boldly in her usual loud way like a excited kid grinning- OFCOURSE! EVERY THING IS FINE! What will be wrong? You are fine , me fine everything is fine! Oh yes your ammi is not fine!
Sunehri starts to laugh shocking Ahil.
Ahil stares at her with wide eyes completely shocked.
Sunehri stopped laughing seeing Ahil's expression- errmm sorry bad joke! Ok see you later bye! Have to take care of ammi..

Sunehri started to leave hurriedly...Ahil kept looking at Sunehri till she disappears from his sight.
Ahil goes inside of his room and says to himself- Something is not right! Sanam was behaving so strange! Or I am just thinking too much...

P.S continuation of story will depend on response  

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flora212 IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter-1 Page- 1

Chapter-2 Page- 3

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Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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DancingThumbs Up comments will followBig smile
Nafz you are good reClap An amazing start. I just hope ki teri story mai atleast aahil finds out the difference between sanam and SunehriLOL Nafz, you have a way with words, that was always obvious from your bang on posts but to weave a story its something only unique ppl can do, You have done it FABEmbarrassed

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Interesting start !!

Will Aahil be suspicious of Sunehri in the story? 

I know you hated Aahil-Sunehri, so I know you'll write something more interesting !!LOL

Do continue !

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Paint.It.BlacK. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 3:02am | IP Logged
that's one interesting start nafi. would love to see what happens in your story. Embarrassed pleased to see Sehan share a friendship here. it would be interesting n lovely to see them bonding without any romantic feelings attached. :)
please continue...

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JShukla IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Winknow this I 'll wanna read
So Seher is not in love yet and rehan too. This is good.
Is she now feeling intimidated by the intimacy with nawab I always found it odd that Seher found it odd that a man is in love with his wife and wants to romance her. Actually the reverse should be odd. 

Now I wanna know if you r Seher has entered into this mess knowing the expected duties of a wifeWinkLOL and does she have a plan or not to wriggle out of it... Will she mention the tried and trusted headache and escapeWinkTongue
Continue soon

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ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 5:45am | IP Logged
wow amazing start nafsEmbarrassed
chalo kahi toh ahil ko shak ho raha hai ...how i wish show mein bhi dikhate aisaErmmLOL
i will love to read more ..please continueEmbarrassed

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zynia890 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 6:30am | IP Logged
You surely need to continue this... bcz I wanna see how you'll make story go...bcz CV's are disappointing... and honestly I'm commenting without reading the update..I'll comment again when I'll read..but you surely need to continue this..

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