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ArHi SS: Berries & Vodka Ch7A Page 25 04/16 (Page 8)

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 1:06am | IP Logged
Just read all the part...very interesting story.

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lovely one dear
kindly pm me whenever u update
continue soon

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Am waiting for my next SHOT! Wink

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Originally posted by the_breeze


Am waiting for my next SHOT! Wink

Me too!

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Pages Newbie

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Chapter 4: Unexpected 


"He said he would be here" Akash looked around the normal party, which wouldn't have been the case had he been here. Was he missing the point? He turned to Anjali abruptly, "Di, tell me, is it wrong of me to insist he be here?" he asked uncertainty reflecting clearly in his eyes. Anjali was treading a fine line, she couldn't hurt the sentiments of one for the other, "Do you want Arnav, your brother here or Arnav, the Boss here?" her questioned left Akash stumped "It's the same thing" his response wasn't well thought out, "Is it really?" she asked, her eye-brows raised in that peculiar way that she could have patented by now and Akash knew he was missing the point, "I can see that now..." he raked a frustrated hand through his neatly gelled hair as realization dawned on him, "He's always been one step ahead..." earning a smile from Anjali, "That cheeky bugger" he swore, "That's why he insisted we host it here"

"That's more like it" Anjali wound her arms around his, "Now show me around, I want to meet your team" They walked towards the crowd, a small gathering at this point but mainly comprising of his team.

"So..." Anjali debated internally whether to bring it up, "Go on Di, I know you are not going to let up" he was prepared.

"Is a certain Ms. Gupta going to be here tonight?" she was very excited to meet the girl his brother had fallen for. Knowing Akash, it only made her more curious. 

"Well" he paused, "Her sister should be here"

"Which one is it? Anjali asked unable to spot anyone new in the group that stood a few paces ahead, "I can see the same old faces" she frowned.

"She should be around here somewhere"


The crowd began to swell as the evening progressed; Arnav placed the whiskey glass on the top of the chunky stone balustrades and leaned on it. His eyes focused on nothing in particular but still keenly cued in to everything. He looked on from his wing of the Mansion that lay right behind the Rose Garden which separated the front lawn, the view only partially obscured by the gentle swell of the grassy embankment in between. Standing in the grand balcony outside his bedroom, the moonlight reflected off the still waters of his private pool, he seemed every bit the successful businessman, designer - the one and only ASR who doted on his family and so unlike the image the gossip columns had planted recently. He was happy for Akash and wouldn't miss this event for the world and that's why he was here, earlier than he had originally planned. It was a proud moment, and his thoughts had filtered back to the promise he had made to his late Mamaji, Akash was his responsibility just like the rest of his family. Akash had not disappointed, he had come through with flying colors, having successfully handled AR Designs at Delhi for over a year. Akash was ready to graduate to the next level. Arnav planned to spring yet another surprise - no idea that other things might have been brewing back home during his year of absence.

 "I'll be glad to hand over the Sheena's of the world back to you Bhai" Akash looked relieved, "I thought it was every man's dream to work amidst all that..." Arnav paused trying to think of the right word, he added cautiously, "glamour?" and waited for a response that never came.

"Well" Anjali butted in, "Glamour might not be everyman's thing..." which had nearly caused Akash to choke on his food, "Easy man...Di do something, he's.." Arnav's panicked plea was thwarted calmly by his sister.

"Relax Arnav" she patted Akash's back, "Some people prefer simplicity Chotte" she wasn't done teasing Akash yet, "Right Akash?"

Akash had decided silence was the best response at that point.

"Am I missing something?" Arnav looked at his sister and then back to Akash, clearly they were hiding something from him. That was last night, and just moments ago, he had seen them walk towards the crowd eagerly. His Di was not the kind to take interest in their office parties, what the f**k was going on? Arnav took another swipe of the whiskey as he tried to wrap his head around everything, "Whatever..." his monologue was cut short by an unexpected movement, a lone figure clad in a blood red saree walked up the grassy embankment and sat on the ornate iron chair overlooking the party below. That was one of his favorite spots in the garden, but what was this woman doing up there, so far away from all the fun, dancing and boozing - and all alone? Something about the saree immediately caught him off guard, "Is that?" but he couldn't make it out from this distance, "f**k!" he swore, there was only one way to find out.


rest of the chapter continued on the next post.scroll down. and not in any particular order so the delay,
finally was able to update today. meant for it to be longer but last part needs some work. so i had to leave the other half (yes other half) out for today. promises to update tomorrow. Big smile
tried sending pms but there is a site restriction for newbies. so shoot me a buddy request if you want pms for future updates.

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Chapter 4 Contd. : Unexpected

Like simmering red ribbons fluttering against a dark sky, glowing ethereally like most happy things usually do, freely in gay abandon without a crease of worry; the dancing images before her conjured up such words which she acknowledged with a faint smile. Why wasn't she like them, she wondered? Except, not so long ago she had been, the Sankadevi of Gomti Sadan, and then one night changed everything. She was told she made a mistake, but her heart knew, she could make a million such mistakes for her jiji. A man, who didn't respect the woman he intended to marry, did not deserve her, period. She learnt a lot of lessons that night, first thing that was literally pounded into her head, if you are struggling to make ends meet you make do with what you have, even if it means a life of compromise. She did not identify with those words, and that's why she was sitting here today, so far away from home and fighting with all her might to resist the proposal of Bankelal, every single day. And family, her heart ached at the word these days, never did it feel as forlorn and unwanted. It didn't even hurt as badly when she had been taken in by this kind family that fateful night as it pricked her now. It's like that one event sucked all the life out of her, churned things around so badly that only the negatives had remained. Buaji's caustic words never failed to remind her that she was the outsider in the family. She hated it.

It was hard to shrug off the stress and anguish of disappointment when you were constantly reminded by it. Your heart knows you are right but when its beaten against you repeatedly, you do start to waver and doubt. That's why this moment, alone - a reprieve from all that drama felt so nice. Even if it wouldn't last long, a moment's peace was well worth it. She could see the whole crowd from up here, seated far away and yet not really. It really was the perfect spot.The music had started a little while ago, surprisingly with the latest Salman Khan chart topper. It was followed by another and another, didn't take too long for Khushi to tap her feet along the beats. The choice of song had surprised her, she was expecting something sophisticated, something western? She laughed at her train of thoughts. No matter how pretentious the rich pretended to be, clearly there were more similarities than they'd ever care to acknowledge.

Khushi wouldn't have been here had it not been for the stubborn persistence of her sister. The truth was Khushi was nervous; office was a different matter but a party with the same obnoxious people who hated her guts? She wasn't so sure. And she had tried everything, "I don't even have a decent thing to wear Jiji" Khushi pouted knowing that always worked in her favor, "It's called a dress code...and I may have something for you"  Payal's insistence did raise a red flag by the end of it all, "Now just don't stand there Khushi, don't you want to see what's in there?" Khushi looked at the bag Payal had just handed over.

"It's..." Khushi wasn't expecting that, "Jiji.. it's ..." a startled Khushi looked up, "But Jiji, how can I?" she paused, "This was for you" her voice low, un-pleasant memories of the wedding came flooding back. It wasn't long ago that Khushi had gifted the same to her elder sister as a marriage gift, her first creation. Life apparently had other ideas, "It's like this was made for you Khushi" a teary eyed Payal had reached out to put a kajal behind her ears, "You look beautiful, now go there and have fun"

Walking in to Raizada Mansion, the venue for the party, it felt like her first day at AR Designs all over again. She worked hard to ignore all the looks and rude remarks, most of which were directed at her for coming in a saree, of all things! Half an hour into the night, she had to admit albeit grudgingly that Jiji was right, it would have reflected poorly on her had she not come here, "Chin up Khushi" she was ready to face the music. 

The experience it self forced her to question , "Do I really fit in here?" She did not know, "Where do I really fit in then?" she didn't want to know. If given a choice she would have preferred to stay at home and catch up with her sister rather than be here, feel alone and basically unwanted. Everyone had someone else for company she realized as she looked around, even the girls from the office stuck with each other. That was surprising, apart from Ruhi no one had their boyfriend around, now that was unexpected especially after how much these girls had bragged about match their dresses. They had given her that look when she had walked in, "Seriously Chamkeeli? A saree. That's so ..." she threw both her hands up in the air dramatically, something that annoyed Khushi more than her words, "So old..." Sheena had literally run out of words before settling on old, May she had had too much to drink already. 

" that...?" she did a double take, at Khushi and then her saree. That was the first and only compliment Khushi got that evening, from Lavanya of all people, "You look beautiful Khushi. Red is definitely your color...looks like this was made for you", unable to figure out what surprised her more, Lavanya's compliment or that she had actually called her Khushi. Khushi noticed Lavanya moving about the crowd, it was like fish to water. There she was engaged in easy conversation with people who looked just like her, smart and sophisticated. It seemed to come so naturally to her, Khushi noted wistfully as she observed Lavanya from her vantage point, move about so effortlessly - she was definitely one of the stars of the night. And someone Khushi had grown to admire over the last few weeks. First impressions can be so deceiving, she knew now - Lavanya was a far cry from those other girls and Khushi knew why they hated her so much, it was envy. Just then a guy came up behind Lavanya and tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around carefully but there was real excitement once she saw him, their very public hug was a statement in itself. Everyone was happy, "Chalo Devi Maiyaa at least there are people in the world who are happy..." a little pang of loneliness hit her but she wasn't allowed to dwell on it for too long.

"I see someone's found a vantage point" it was Akash who had promised to keep an eye out on Khushi to Payal on whose insistence Khushi had actually come to the event. Not that Khushi knew yet. It wouldn't be hidden for too long though.

"Sir.." she jumped up nervously, "I was just looking around" he didn't buy it of course, "I can see that" he spoke as he offered her a drink. Khushi looked at it hesitantly, "Um..." not sure what the etiquette was, how do you not offend your boss when he offers you a drink, "Don't worry Khushi, this is orange juice, it's not what you think" he smiled. But Khushi still hesitated, "I hope you are having fun" he offered it again, she took it this time, a little surprised at this sudden kindness, so far Akash and her had only interacted at the office, this was new, as were so many things - she mouthed a quick Thank you before she forgot basic manners.

In response, she was rewarded with the sweetest smile she had ever seen on her his face; it was a little creepy because it was so sudden and unexpected, "I can't fault you for sitting here though" he said adjusting his specs, "Sir?"

"It's the perfect spot" he added looking around before his eyes settled back on her almost as if he was studying her face,"It hasn't been an easy few weeks for you has it?" Irrespective of his concern, she wasn't going to bitch about her co-workers with her boss, "It's experience" she chose to play it down. He smiled, "I like that" his smile grew, "You're a tough cookie to crack, aren't you?" he liked her spirit, "They have no idea" she beamed back. 

"So does that mean, you'll be joining everyone else down there?" he waited patiently for her response, "I will" she said.

"Good, someone down there wants to meet you Khushi"


"Would you like something to drink Madam?" the waiter offered her a tray full of drinks, "No Thank you" Khushi refused politely and was quick to go back to looking at the crowd gathered below. Alcohol was not her thing, even though she was tempted a few times in the past, would it really make her sad thoughts go away? But not tonight. 

"Hey Devi Maiyaa, rakshya karna" she prayed to her only friend, and stood up abruptly. Taking a deep breath, Khushi willed herself to face the music, the time for hiding was over. But as she descended the grassy embankment, her eyes fell on a man at the bottom of the gentle grassy swell, pick out a glass from the waiter's tray - his gaze fixated on hers. She stopped in her tracks. She noticed his eyes move over her appreciatively before it came back up and locked with hers. She noticed his eyes were like molten dark chocolate, the gaze so powerful, it felt like he could read her mind. It was unnerving and made her lose all coherency of thought. No man as good looking had ever looked at her that way, a nervous Khushi blinked once and then twice trying to gain some composure before fleeing towards the security of the same crowd she had ditched earlier. She walked as quickly as her steps allowed her, forcing herself to not look back. Even when the music got considerably louder, she could hear the loud drumming of her heart. What the heck was that all about?

Arnav didn't realize he had been holding on to his breath the entire time, letting out a relieved sigh only once she was out of sight. He had been unable to tear his eyes off her as she stood above him lit by the moonlight. What was initially meant to be a quick survey of the red saree had turned on its heels, as she came to view, his eyes had wandered off to the red that had initially drawn blood, but it wasn't that saree, or was it? While the intricate embroidery gave it a finite edge completing it, it certainly was her that had brought it to life. Her. Who was she?

He watched her whisk away from way in small but hurried steps. Then the movement stilled, and he braced himself as she turned around; even from this distance, he could tell they were searching for him. He didn't miss the surprised gasp, when their eyes met. She quickly averted them before disappearing into the crowd.

People dream but they know not what it means, even when it stares them at their faces.

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loved it.

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very cute story!

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