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ArHi SS: Berries & Vodka Ch7A Page 25 04/16

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This will be a short story on Arnav & Khushi. Some of you have requested for PMs. Just buddy me if you want a PM for updates.

Updates: I will be updating over the weekdays, one or two updates per week depending on how much I manage to write. No updates over the weekends.

There is no blog for this ff. Everything is on IF for now.

-Page or Pages 


1. Lucknow to Delhi 

2. New York to Delhi 

3. Life is not fair

4. Unexpected 

5. Red 

6. Aware of...

7. The Aftermath - Part A

Scroll down for Chapters 1 & 2

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Chapter 1 : Lucknow to Delhi

"Sankadevi, yaad rakh 21 din hain tere paas" as if her father's words weren't enough, she now had Buaji to deal with. Buaji's words hung over her head like a proverbial sword; she was reminded of those  unfortunate souls guillotined during the middle ages feeling absolutely helpless; may be Khushi Kumari Gupta was destined to die a kumari.

"Who has a kumari for a middle name?" the girls at work had mocked her, "It's so middle class" one of them who took a local bus to work had quipped. Talk about double standards, Khushi thought, enraged but it was her first day at work, she wasn't going to fight back. She knew working at AR Designs would be nothing less than a battlefield to her from Day 1, she was ready for the challenge. If there were there betting on her failure, she was going to prove them wrong.

"They said that?" Preeto was timid by nature, "Khushi" her voice laden with concern, "Are you sure you are doing the right thing?" she asked, "Working?" Khushi questioned back as if implying, "Is that even a question?" But her friend was already distracted, her eyes focused on something behind Khushi's back.

"What is BankeLal doing here?" Preeto nearly choked on the pani-puri. Khushi didn't even have to turn around to confirm Bankelal had arrived. Eversince they were kids, Bankelal used to secretly use his father's Sandalwood Musk, everyone knew about it. It practically nauseated her, and now when waves upon waves of strong Sandalwood surrounded her, she felt like throwing up. Reminding her exactly why she had taken that vow years ago that her future husband would never wear Sandalwood Musk. But, life had a way of catching you off guard. Precisely, two months ago, Bankelal's family had sent a marriage proposal her way. They owned the biggest Mithai shop in their neighborhood, bigger than Gupta sweets and so it was seen as a big step up. That night, Khushi had dreamt of Mrs. Bankelal,  her face partially hidden by a mountain of Jalebis she was gorging upon; she looked morbidly obese, as she sat at the counter, she even cursed like Bankelal did. Khushi had woken mortified upon seeing that Mrs. Bankelal was an obese version of herself; the lips permanently reddened by excessive paan intake, her body like looked like a big lump of jalebi goo, gone was everything that stood out as Khushi Kumari Gupta. That morning, she had run away from home. That was two months ago.

"Khushiji" Bankelal's voice confirmed her worst nightmares, she shot a frustrated glance at Preeto before turning around to face that eventuality; Bankelal with a pan stuffed in his mouth. His big hopeful eyes looked back at her willing her to marry him, almost pleading at times. Things had not changed.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, of course she knew. Buaji had told her the night before, "Bankelal is coming to Shantinagar"

"Why is this news to me?" Khushi had asked, "Don't act smart Sankadevi, you know very well he is still ready to accept you, after you know..." 

"Buaji don't bring it up again, it wasn't my fault"

"Ofcourse it wasn't, your sister's baraat went back because you lost the dowry papers, its not your fault..." Buaji didn't bother to notice the tears that pooled in her eyes, she went about doing her work, "Bankelal is opening up a branch of his Mithai Shop here at Shantinagar..." Khushi had lost her after the first part of the conversation. Khushi knew she wasn't Buaji's favorite being the adopted one and Buaji never failed to make it obvious, every single time.

Tears welled up in Kyushi's eyes but she refused to cry, "I'm not marrying Bankelal" she made sure the she shut the door loudly to Buaji's face. This is precisely why she had escaped to Delhi from Lucknow, to get away from this mess. Except it had followed her here and she was no where near to resolving her situation. Her father's words haunted her day and night, "Fine six months, thats what you will get. If you don't get a stable job by six months, you are coming back and getting married to the guy of our choosing" She had not talked to her father since. He hadn't called her, and she didn't know how to break the ice, she knew he was mad at her.

"Don't stay in Delhi Khushi" her mother had pleaded over the phone, "So many bad things happen there" referring to all the negative news, "But Amma, I got a job"

"But its not a safe city, you will be alone"

"But Buaji is here. Preeto lives next door. And in two months Jiji will be here too" And thats how Khushi Kumari Gupta of Lucknow had ended up a Shantinagar, Delhi. Except instead two months later, Bankelal had shown up. 

"What am I going to do Preeto?" she paced around her room chewing her finger nails nervously, "I can't get married to him...I don't want to"

Preeto giggled, "whats so funny?" Khushi glared at her friend, "I think he's cute"

"Hey Devi Maiyaa, you are supposed to be my friend"

"He is like a cuddly bear, he practically worships the group you walk on. Have you seen the way he looks at you?" Preeto pointed out, Khushi wasn't having any of that, "And your point is?"

"Look, sooner or later, we all need to settle down. He is good man Khushi, he is stable financially and will treat you like a queen, what more do you want?" 

"I don't want to be a queen or be worshipped" Khushi began but one look at her friend, she realized it was pointless, "Chod Preeto, I'll find a way out of this"

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Chapter 2 :New York to Delhi

Two months later, Khushi was a lot more comfortable at work. By now, she knew who the real nasty women at work were. They were still mean to her, never hesitant to ridicule her dressing sense or her inherent middle class virtues, calling her an outdated Nokia phone. But she had found to a way to deal with all the mocking, by focussing all her energy at work. Luckily her boss Aakash was a nice man, who never gave her much trouble. It was a small price to pay to fulfill her passion, someday she would be designing these dresses, and she would give the skimpiest outfit to these girls. It was a Gupta's promise.

But Khushi's outlook changed one afternoon, during an innocuous trip to the restroom. So about a month earlier, Khushi was about to exit the loo when she heard those voices - again, "Did you see that top?" she knew it was Sheena with that screechy voice of hers, "It's so LS" three others replied in unison. Would they ever get tired of bitching about her? Khushi was about to storm out and confront them once and for all when they dropped the L-bomb, "Yahaaa" the tallest girl who thought she was a gift to mankind spoke, all the men at work went gooey eyed at her because she sounded like Rani Mukherjee but looked like Bipasha Basu, it certainly wasn't a fair world. Lesson #1 for Khushi, Life wasn't fair. Deal with it. She was doing the best she could.

By now Khushi had her ears glued to the 12mm thick board for a door, cued in to the gossip, "Do you guys know, Lavanya got that top from Sarojini Nagar?" 

The collective sigh that followed told her exactly how that was looked down upon, "You know, she goes shopping there" 

"Ewww..." it was screechy Sheena again.

"Thats not all...that's not all" the unbridled enthusiasm was virtually spilling over to spill out the latest gossip. Clearly, the world was a very different place for these women.

"I heard she is doing the Director" 

"Wooo...little miss perfect has her secrets" that they could bitch about each other was news to Khushi, Lavanya was the leader of the pack - clearly Khushi was wrong in that assumption, "Wow" Khushi had to stifle her surprised gasp.

"But wasn't she dating ASR" it was Sheena again, Ruhi, the gift to mankind corrected her, "He dumped her"

Khushi knew ASR was the mysterious owner of this office who was never around, "But he's in New York?"

"That was years ago when they went to Harvard together" it was Sheena again, "I heard Lavanya proposed marriage but you know ASR" it was followed by fan-girly giggles.

"The chick magnet..." which was followed up by more giggles and gushing,"...and his one night stands..." Khushi rolled her eyes, clearly the big boss was a big douchebag! 

But the Director was a genuinely nice guy, he was the one who had hired her, Aakash Raizada. Something didn't add up, Lavanya didn't look like his type and neither did he.


"Bhai you are going to that party" Aakash was done mincing words, "Its important you are seen"

"Why?" Arnav was still engrossed in the paper, not bothering to look up, "It's your show"

"That was rude Arnav" Aakash snatched the papers and flung it on the coffee table, "Even by your standards, what is going on?"

Arnav raised his eyebrows, his quiet reticent brother had virtual grown a new sting, "Woah Man, chill. I'm still jet lagged"

"The party wont start before nine, its like east coast time zone all over. You better get your butt to it Arnav"

Arnav rose, "You know what it means right?" Aakash chose to play dumb, "no, care to explain?" hands on his hips, he was starting to get tired of his brother, "I don't want to deal with women throwing themselves at me Aakash. You remember what happened three years ago?"

"That was a long time ago Arnav, things have changed"

"No its still the same. And I can't afford to drink and let up"

Aakash snapped, "Grow up Arnav,just cause you had a one night stand with a chick you cant remember doesn't mean you are going to stay away from launch parties. This is a big part of what we do professionally. You will see its a lot different here"

He could see Arnav was in two minds, "Look bhai, that's in the past now. We've made sure its off the internet, press everywhere. And besides, it wasn't even in India"

Arnav nodded, "I'll be there" Aakash smiled, "But I'm not drinking"

"Suits me just fine" he approved, probably better that way, Aakash thought.

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Nice :)

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Hey this is interesting! Am very curious to see how the title fits into the tale! Do continue. 

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Originally posted by sarunlicious..

Nice :)

Thank you!
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Originally posted by the_breeze

Hey this is interesting! Am very curious to see how the title fits into the tale! Do continue. 

Thanks. Posted part 2
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Nice and interesting start of the story...

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