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Balika Vadhu WU episode 25.12.2014

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Anandi is sad seeing her father in pain. She Questioned him. Khajan Singh try make her understand telling he felt its minor thing will cure but Anandi still not convinced. 

Shiv comes inside Khajan surprised to see him. Shiv ask him about his health. Anandi forced Khajan to come with them at Udiapur for further treatment she told him she will look after him. Shiv backs her too. Khajan refused to come with them. He told Shiv he won't come at any cost. 

Anandi Q him ask him he always consider her as his daughter as well as son. If Khajan had son he would have gone with son then why not with he agrees with her. Khajan speechless. But still not agree, seeing his stuborness Anandi announced  she won't go back KB till he gets cure. Khajan is shocked Shiv too agrees with her. Khajan try to make them understand.



Anup working on Laptop when Daddu Alok comes together. Anoop taunted see them together. Daddu look disgusted Alok walks from there. Anoop reminds Daddu about his chk up date, told he will accompany him no need to disturb rest of family. anopp also told soon he will shift his office in Guest room as Daddu allow him so Daddu looked annoyed seeing his behviour.


Anandi told Khajan she will apply cream on his rashes , he refused Aanndi adamant. He agrees saying she is ziddi. Anandi slowly through cotton bud apply cream on his rashes. 

Shiv came told he brings vegetables so that she can cook. Anandi Q who will sit near Bapu Shiv told he will look after Bapu. As Anandi gets up Shiv reminds her about Sanitizer she nodded. Anandi apply sanitizer and left for kitchen. Seeing happy content Anandi Khajan thanked Shiv as he is reason behind her happiness as father he feels obliged. Shiv told he is lucky to have wife like Anandi. He feels ever since Anandi came his life he changed for good. Anandi being reason for his happiness. He always thanked Badi Heveli family for  making Anandi different so good natured with right amount of values. Today he is thankful to Khajan since Anandi's true roots comes from his side. 

Khajan delighted but he gets worried to see Anandi cooking on Chulha instead of Gas. These days Anandi used to cook on Gas she might have difficulty to cook on Chulha he fears. 

Khajan told childhood memories of Aanndi to Shiv. As kid Anandi used to cook for him. Anandi used follow her mother used to help her. Anandi used roam entire village in style. All choti Anandi flashback shown. Shiv was grinning listening all meanwhile Anandi busy in cooking. 

Anandi brings dinner for Bapu. Anandi told as kid she used feed him too. She asked him have dinner as nowadays she learned how to cook. Shiv helped Khajan to get up Shiv noticed he has fever. Anandi chked too said its high fever. Both gets worried. Khajan told its normal he will have medicine. Shiv told its not good have high fever frequently he needs proper treatment.

 Shiv said have dinner then took medicine but tomorrow morning he needs to come with them to Udiapur. Anandi nodded. Khajan bit hesitant but Shiv strictly told him shiv Q him whether he consider him as son or not Khajan nodded then Shiv told he has listen him its final. Khajan fianlly agrees. Anandi look pleased.

KB kitchen

DB boiling milk  muttering. Ira Meenu busy in their hubby Aanndi always go outide she needs to work. Amol comes ask for Milk as he getting late for school. DB said fine Amol ask her for his Red Mug. While washing mug DB added water then pour milk and give to Amol. Amol complain milky being watery DB blames milkman ask Amol have it. Amol drinks and left DB smiled pour milk for herself.

On Road

Anandi is driving Khajan is amused to see her Shiv smiled. Shiv said Bapu must be surprised to see Anandi driving. Khajan nodded said he never thought his Laddo driving Big car Shiv rpuodly told him Anandi drives perfectly she picks drops Amol from school regurlarly.

Khajan is surprised feels happy. Shiv gets call from Alok. Alok asked about Khajan's health.Shiv told him for further treatment they are bringing Kahajn along with them. Alok delighted and told they are waiting for them.


Alok Daddu Ansh bringing Khajan to Udiapur for treatment Dadu pleased nodded. DB shocked  makes nasty comments. DB asked Q abt his skin disease & ask will he be admitted in hospital. Daddu told Khajan will stay in KB only. DB complains skin disease being contigeious Anoop as usual agrees with her.

 Daddu told they will be careful but he will stay with them as he is Anandi's father their relative. Daddu said its their duty to take care of Khajan as he has no bosy in city. DB feels its Cahirty.

BH garden

Ghena Niranjan comes back in jeep. Gehna thanked Nirajan for accomapny her to temple. She told before Nandu gets up she she saw furious Nandu standing there. Nandu Q her. Niranjan try explain but vain. Nandu told now on he will sleep after Ghena and wakes up before Gehna. Ghena bit angry but Niranjan stopped her. Nandu dragged Ghena inside.


AnSh comes with Khajan. KB family welcomes them. 

Alok pleased and told Kahjan they are indeed happy to know he is coming. Khajan told AnSh forced him. Khajan greets Anoop too Anoop replied he shd have admitted in hospital instead of staying in KB. AnSh gets shocked Khajan feels awkward rest of family too. Daddu said Anoop meant since KB doesn't have facility like hospital but they will provide all comfort. All sitting down. DB making faces. Ira gives him water. Khajan proudly told he doesn't feel tired as Anandi is driving. Daddu ask Anandi to make Khajan relaxed in Guest bedroom. Meenu told she will bring tea there only. Anandi left with Bapu. 

Anoop Q about Guest room. Shiv looked annoyed. Daddu strictly told Anoop Khajan is sick. Anoop said give him another room Daddu furiously told Guest room is more convient since its in ground floor when Khajan will gets cured he will get Guest room for his office. Daddu left from there angerily rest are feels same. Anoop look annoyed. Shiv feels totally disgusted


At times Daughter's are more capable than Son when responsibilities needs to be taken care of... if her Husband and in laws are willing to help & supports her.  


Makhan kaka told DS Niranjan is not well DS ask him to inform Ghena Nandu overhears and decided not attend school. 


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Thanks so much Aditi.Star
It was such a dialogue rich and emotional episode yesterday, that it must have taken quite a long time to write the WU and express the essence of the episode.

Totally loved loved loved loved the bond between Anandi, Shiv and Khajan. It has been a long time since we saw this but feels just like yesterday.Heart

Anandi did not look or feel out of place in her maternal home. She just picked up the cooking on the wood stove exactly where she would have left off several years ago. Would have expected neighbours to bring in food (only thing that looked odd) but maybe Anandi had already shooed all of them away wanting to look after her father by herself.Embarrassed

Very endearing talk between Shiv and Khajan. And Anandi totally at home, enveloped in the warmth of the presence of her husband and father. Amol's presence would have filled her cup of joy totally.

DadiBua needs to get a taste of her own medicine very soon. Her behaviour with Amol was totally unacceptableAngry.

Anoop, poor thing, just when he thinks he is getting his own way with everything, something comes along to spoil his party.

He had just requisitioned the downstairs guest bedroom for his office, and in comes Anandi's father to occupy it. And he cannot overrule Daddu. At the most he can threaten to leave the house again. I hope he does. This time Daddu will not stop him.

Anoop insists that Shiv call him Papa. By that relationship, Khajan is his Samdhi. It is Anoop's responsibility to ensure that Khajan is well looked after. 

Rights come with responsibilities and duties. Anoop, wake up and smell the coffee.Big smile

Nandu's possessiveness of Gehna is reaching serious proportions.

Such a beautiful beautiful episode.

Thank you writers for putting so much effort in coming up with these scenarios.

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Thank you AditiHug
Thanks for the lovely update

You are a sweetheart.

What an episode yesterday. Must say a lovely Santa gift to us who loves Balika Vadhu on Christmas Day.

Yesterday after watching the episode I felt so satisfied, content. It touched the soul. After a long time felt watching our very own BV soap .

ANSH and Khajan scene came out so well , never expected it will be so touchy , so emotional.

Anandi, the beti worried about her father who is staying alone, her expressions , worries echoed the pain of all the daughters who stays away from their parents.

But still people says the episode is full of  Anandi's dramaLOLDead

I guess they should think it just a scene of a daughter and her ailing father who stays away from her.

Rest this is Anandi's story and we have to see Anandi's drama. And we are here who love to see many such dramas.Clap

Loved their scene to the core. Didnt want it to end. Wanted some more convos between Khajan and Shiv. Wanted Khajan to say what blunder they did by marrying off that little girl and how they have snatched her childhood.

Shiv is such a good son in law. 

Loved the way Khajan said the happiness in Anandi's face is due to Shiv and Shiv acknowledged that Anandi brought every happiness in his life.

Anandi looked so cute while cooking . And the treat was to see the FBs of Choti A and Bhago.

Anandi , loved her determination when she said she will take him along with her to KB and the way her Shiv supported her.

Loved Shiv's pout , aap mujhe aapna beta maante hai ki nehi?

Beti in the driver's seat driving her father and hubby so that she can take him with her and take care of him.

CVs pls give us many such episodes. These are the scenes which makes BV class apart.

DB stooped so low  OMG. Cant imagine she is giving Amol milk like this, Where is Ira and Meenu?

Anup , dunno when this person will realize what he is doing.

GNN sceneDead

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Aditi - thanks for the lovely update of an equally lovely episode.
Absolutely loved Anandi Shiv Khazan scenes.It is like the old magic of BV has returnedDay Dreaming
The golden phase of BV it was.Even after so many years those scenes of Little Anandi with her ma and bapu enjoying a carefree childhood gives us the same feeling when we watched them for the first time. Power of great writing by PS and fabulous performances from Avika Bhairavi and Chaitanya Adib.Clap
Anandi never for once looked out of place in that home which she was forced to leave all those years ago.She just stepped in and years seemed to have melted away.

Shiv - Khazan talk was so heart warming. Khazan Singh thenking Shiv for all the happiness that shines through his daughter's face and Shiv thanking Khazan for his role in making Anandi what she is today.

DB is truly is a serpent in the Eden of AnSh. Hope they crush the serpent's head soon.So want DB to realise how pathetic her existence isAngry She the b9iggest freeloader is expressing concerns about Khazan staying in KB.Wish this people would tell her that if she can stay here indefintely Khazan Singh can very well be invited to stay on.

Anop - He has problems if his father spends time with Alok and has problems if Shiv brings in his father in law and looks after him and he has problems if Shiv feels more comfortable with AlokTongue
Since he claims rights on Shiv he should fulfill his responsibilities towards his Samdhi too.
Nandu's problems are reaching dangerous proprtions.It's high time they moved the story of GNN to next level
Shiv the good Son in law and he also told why he feels so much love and affection towards Singhs - They gave him a very special gift Anandi and today Khazan Singh also included in that category of people to whom he will always be filled with gratitude,

VO - Yes Daughters can take care of their fathers just like sons can provided the family is supportive.I guess it goes both ways even son's family should be equally supportive and help him and taking care of his family.

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Thank you Aditi for the detailed update with caps Hug

Heart warming scenes of Ansh with K StarClap. Dialogues added to the depth of the scenes..Convo between S and K was another highlight -S lovingly and respectfully calling K Bapu - very unfortunate that Anup does not realize the gems he has in Anandi and Shiv..

Do not know what kind of payback/karma is in store for DB Censored- but she is absolutely sick. Do wish that somehow Anandi gets to know abt this incident and keeps Amol away from DB..

Nandu's behaviour -GNN track is getting unbearable.. D'oh

VOs in the past two episodes are good/apt..Clap

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Thanks for the update Aditi Smile Wonderful episode Clap

Very touching, emotional scenes between Anandi, Shiv and Khajan.

Loved the message CVs wanted to show through this. Daughters are no doubt most precious assets of parents Star VO was apt.

Dadibua is sadistic Dead
It was good that daddu didn't give up to Anup's demand atleast this time.

@Arti- Probably the morning meal might have been offered by neighbors. LOL For dinner, Anandi insisted she will cook for her Bapu.

This was such a beautiful sight Big smile

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Caps of both the Anandi's, choti and badi in kitchen looks so similar.

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Originally posted by hisusmita

Caps of both the Anandi's, choti and badi in kitchen looks so similar.

even i feel similarity hence I add Badi Anandi's pic later on Big smile 

it seems nothing has changed...only Anandi becomes gorgeous looking women Embarrassed

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