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Virika OS: Our Song

KryanVirikaLuv Senior Member

Joined: 23 December 2014
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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
Hey guys :)
Here's another OS on virika. This time it's based on their beautiful song "Tu hi tu hai" composed by Siddharth Malhotra, taking significant moments in their lives from EHMMBH. Hope you enjoy and please comment!

Zindagi mein aaj lamhe khaas aa gaye...


She appeared to him as in a vision, falling to his feet in a swirl of pastel cloths and shimmering silks. Her beautiful face lifted to his, shy gray eyes tentative and unsure and yet something sparking in them as they met his. Gently, just as shy as she, he lifted her to her feet. She clutched at a swath of pink silk, hiding her face from him, but as though pulled by some unseen force, looked to him again. Smiling slightly, as he realized she had been unconventionally climbing a rope of dupattas, he waited for her to say something. But, she was as timid as he, perhaps even more so and again, tying the cloths around her waist, was pulled up to the terrace and spinning and whirling slowly in the warm breeze with her long dark hair and sheer silks, she had disappeared from his sight. "Ek khoobsurat parivaar." And yet, something told him, he would see her again.


She was embarrassed, deeply so, and afraid, for surely that young man would tell Beeji about her latest exploit. But, there was an honesty and a trustworthiness in his eyes that told her he would say nothing, would keep silent. She believed in God. She believed in fate. And she had a vague sensation of connection and belonging when she had looked at him, when he had touched her arms, that she had felt with no other man before. "Since I met you, I've seen my future in your eyes..."


Aate aate dono ke dil paas aa gaye...


She was so sweet, he didn't want her to be embarrassed if his family knew she had made a mistake with the food. But, he had tasted it when she had told him not to. She was probably angry, he was an idiot, he had even left her on their wedding night, he couldn't do anything right...stopping his hurried, nonsensical explanations, she wrapped her small arms around him and pressed her face to his chest. He was surprised at first, but happily so. She was so quiet and calm, that he had not expected her to hug him. She was so warm and soft, too; he inhaled surreptitiously and cautiously brought his arms around her back, his chin resting on her head. He closed his eyes, entranced by the silk smoothness of her hair and the sweet, subtle fragrance that she always wore. She shifted in his arms, breaking the spell and lifted her face to look up at him. For a small instant, he thought he might kiss her, but she moved a tiny space backward. Loathe to let her go, his hands brushed her arms and hands as he broke away, both too shy and awkward to say anything, to do more. She tucked a wayward tendril of hair behind her ear and he opened his mouth to say something...anything to make her stay. But, then of course, there was a stabbing pain in his stomach and he rushed to the washroom, awkward bewaqoof that he was.


Poor thing, she thought, absorbed in self-guilt and worry. Because of her, he had eaten it all and now he was suffering as the consequences of her own mistake. And she had hugged him! She didn't know what had gotten into her, but he was so sweet, so gentle, so kind...she thought, he might kiss her for a moment, but her own shyness had overcome her and she had backed away, unaccustomed to such closeness with a man. She brought him medicine and had asked him he felt better as soon as he swallowed it, awkward bewaqoof that she was. Embarrassed, she rose from the sofa, only to feel a strong, yet gentle hand close around her elbow and pull her back down. Her eyes widened, what was he doing? "Kya hua?" he asked her. "Kuch naye," she replied, unable to meet his eyes. It wasn't nothing, not when a simple touch from him stirred such feelings within her...she shouldn't be feeling this way, she never had before, as though she wanted him closer. Almost as if he'd sensed her improper thoughts, a smile curved his lips and he pulled her even closer, repeating his question. She answered again, breathlessly, her pulse had sped far beyond normal, she couldn't understand why. Inch by inch, he had tugged her forward, his whispered question now tousling her hair, his lips almost brushing her cheek, breath warm against her face. This intimacy of being so close, in a room alone unnerved her and she broke away and he let her. And then he spoke two words. Two words that tilted her whole world upside down and she realized why she was feeling these unexpected emotions and why he was making her feel this way and that there was no reason for her to fight it...and that she didn't want to. "Mrs. Vadhera."


Tere kadmo pe hi rasta thehra hai mera...


            He couldn't imagine feeling this way, being this way with anyone other than her. With the soft pitter patter of rain hitting the rooftop, under a starry night sky, the velvety darkness and the feeling of utter separation from others, as though they were in their own little world. Away from their family and friends, in a small little hut, in the night, in the rain, seeking warmth from a small fire, heating more than merely cold bodies, but lonely hearts, as well. She had refused a dance because she was as affected as he; her hand tightening on the material of his shirt as he had drawn her waist closer to him, his hand contacting the exposed skin of her side, cold, wet, soft. And she had hurried away, where she could not meet his intent gaze. He tried to be a gentleman, shielding her from him with a thin cloth, as she wrung out the water from her hair and clothes. But, he could not help himself, eyes meeting eyes, hands seeking hands through sheer, thin material. And again, she moved away from him, to open the doors, breathing in the rich earthy scents of outside. He welcomed the cold as she did, even though moments before, they had been shivering from it, it was now too hot, too sultry in this closed-off abode. He followed her; he would follow her anywhere to end this space, this emptiness, this distance. His hands, acting almost of their own will caressed down her soft arms, his face bending, lips seeking the area between neck and shoulder, her own neck stretching to the side as though welcoming his touch. Almost...then she moved again, to crouch by the fire, but he did not care. He would follow her anywhere for that was where he belonged.


He called out to her, he'd forgotten his towel before stepping into the shower. Shyly, with nervous anticipation, she had entered the bathroom and he'd caught her hand. She avoided looking at him directly; he wasn't wearing a shirt. Although she had gasped when he caught her hand, rather than the towel, she wasn't really surprised. Her quiet, half-hearted protests were unheeded because he knew now, as well as she, that his attentions were not unwelcome. Quite the opposite. But, when he pulled her into the small shower stall, she was surprised. Surprised by this hidden ardor in his eyes and yet awed. Smiling slightly, she tried to escape, knowing that he wouldn't let her and she was right, his arm stretching out to trap her. Trapping her between the cold ceramic door and his masculine, lean body, dripping cooled water, but radiating warmth. She could feel his breath against her lips as he spoke, offering her a choice, letting her make the decision. He wasn't really touching her, but he was so close. She could feel the weight of his intense gaze as he dropped his arms, creating space between them, moving back, so she could choose. Still clutching the towel in trembling hands, but a small smile playing about her lips, she followed him because she would follow him anywhere. And when he turned the water on, drenching her in a gentle rain and pulling her waist to his, her nose sliding against his, she turned, if only to have him pull her back even closer, with a strength that surprised her. He pulled the towel away from her hands- did he really even need it? And pressed a finger lightly to her lips to prevent her from protesting again. Because they both knew she didn't really mean it. He moved her hands to his bare shoulders and he tucked a wet strand of hair behind her ear, with a wonder in his eyes that made her feel beautiful. She could not move her gaze from his, but when he moved his hand up her waist, the tension proved too much and she broke away again. He caught her arm, but did not force her to him, letting her make the decision once more. And she smiled again and moved back towards him because she would follow him anywhere. Because that was where she belonged. 


Meri aankhon dil to munzil chehra hai tera...


He awoke the morning after, his eyes searching for her. She opened the white curtains, letting the sunlight stream through the window and turned to him, the light surrounding her form in a heavenly arc. He beckoned to her and she caught his hand, he pulled her back to bed, back to him. Her shy eyes rose to meet his, with a shy sort of happiness in them that told him she was his. She had always been too afraid, too bashful to meet his eyes directly before, as though afraid of her own happiness; she had always put others' happiness before hers until now. She was still shy, still afraid of shattering her own happiness, but then, he realized, so was he. But, when she was with him, like this, in their own peaceful, happy little world, he was no longer afraid. And the small smile on her lips and in her eyes told him she wasn't either.


She couldn't bear to see him with another woman. She rushed out of the small restaurant, tears streaming freely, unchecked down her face and huddled by herself on a bank of sand, as the ocean waves spread before her, lined with pearly foam that shimmered in the pale moonlight, like liquid silver. She heard his soft footsteps in the sand as he approached her, confused and beseeching. She tried to turn away but he wouldn't let her, drawing his arms around her. He told her he loved her and only her and she lifted her tear-streaked face to meet his, as she realized the truth in his words. And that she loved him too. Her eyes searched his and she saw only truth and pure, unadulterated love. She pushed her face into his shirt and he held her more closely, enveloping her in his warmth and love on the soft sandy banks of the beach, where the waves pulsed before them.


Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai, jeene ki aada...


After the longest and most painful separation of their lives, he could not bear to let her go, even for an instant, pulling her back to him and murmuring in her ear, "Tu meri life partner nahi, meri life ho." Because he could not live without her. Because she was his entire life.


"Please don't go far from me." She couldn't bear this distance, their separation. Her hands clutching at his through the bars of the jail cell. She would do anything and everything to get him back. Because she could not live without him. Because he was her entire life.


Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai, saanson ki hawa...


 He awoke to find her in his arms, her eyes opening at the same time his did, their breaths matching evenly, mingled, so they could not be sure whose were whose; their fight, their misunderstandings forgotten for this mere instant, as they looked at each other, meeting each other's eyes for the first time in a long time. Breathing one breath.


She could not understand why he was hiding this secret from her. Why he would share it with another, but not her. He had fallen asleep after placing a tender kiss upon her head. She knew he loved her just as she loved him, so then why was he creating this distance, this secrecy? Their heartbeats matched, their breaths matched, even though he was unconscious and she awake. This compatibility, this love would never fade, she knew and for now that was enough.


Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai, kwabhon ki dua...


He was not a deeply religious man. He believed in God, but he did not turn to Him regularly when he was in need of help. Not like she did. But, now with her gone, she believing him to be unfaithful and had left him perhaps forever, he needed His guidance more than ever. He had unknowingly broken her heart by trying to protect her and now she was gone. He had only one hope left. And like she often told him to do, he left it in His hands. And when he opened his eyes and saw her before him through a haze of misty tears, he thanked Him for this second chance. He had her back.

Even when she prayed, he was always in her thoughts. She felt his presence beside her, his hands covering hers and opened her eyes to see him beside her, smiling. That smile almost broke her heart. The joy of having him beside her, having him touch her, smile at her was almost too much to bear. She missed him so much. When reality hit her she realized he wasn't physically present and the grief that sneaked its black, suffocating tendrils around her heart threatened to engulf her totally. But she wouldn't let it. Because she still had one hope left. She left it in His hands, in her ever constant faith. And when they obtained the evidence needed for his freedom and they won the case, she thanked Him with her whole heart. She had him back.


Tu hi tu hai, tu hi tu hai, ek mera khuda...


She told him so softly, he couldn't be sure he heard her correctly. He asked her to repeat it and she did. "Aap papa bane wale ho," as the words processed in his mind, a large grin spread over his face and he had to repeat it, had to tell her how much this meant to him. She had given him the most precious gift of their lives. He picked her up and spun her around the room, giddy in their shared happiness. And when she asked for a hug, he pulled her to him tightly, so tightly. He loved her so much, he worshipped the very ground she walked on and now she had given him another to love, to worship.


When he told her they would abort the baby to save her sister, she could see how much it cost him, the absolute pain in his eyes that were reflected in hers. She could not be happy, sacrificing one child for another, but that he understood her pain and would help her, would always stand by her, made her realize exactly how much he loved her. And that he would make this decision, the most difficult and painful decision of their lives made her realize exactly how much she loved him and would love him forever. She loved him so much, she worshipped the ground he walked on and now that he had saved the most important person in her life, she realized that he too, was the most important person in her life.


And when they realized they were to become parents for the second time, that she was able to conceive naturally and that two had become three, and three, four, they were both so happy. He pulled her close to him, both heedless of others watching them and in their elation, they could see no one else but each other...they were the most important people in each others' lives and through both tears and laughter, they had stood by each other, had loved each other so completely, that they could face whatever came next as long as they were together.

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millee18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
OMG !!! suprised !!! Spell bound !!!
Gosh what an amazing writer u r !!!
Made me Relieve all the Virika Memories ! :)
Such a great os it was !!
I want more Os's now !

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KryanVirikaLuv Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
Thank you! I'll try writing more when I get time :)
virika-23 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 4:06am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved the whole update
loved the song

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sushmakryan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 5:55am | IP Logged
loved this song very much 
loved virika scene 
awesome update 
loved the whole update 

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virikamaliha Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 11:25am | IP Logged
awesome os... really loved it.. I am imaging all virika's scene.. their romance, the way viren try to romance with jeevika,jeevika's shyness just flashback in my mind.. it's treat to read ur os... love it..

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sumayyah1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
wanting moreee!!
loveeed itt!

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MyKryan Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Wow!!! This OS is just so Amazing... 
Refreshed all the virika memories Confused
So beautifully writtenEmbarrassed 
Keep it up!Clap

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