Sadda Haq Season 2


Sadda Haq Season 2
Sadda Haq Season 2

Updated Ch 2: pg 3 :Vidarth SS: Carpe Diem (Romance/comedy/friendship)

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I wrote this thing for Two reasons!
1) Happy Birthday Annie!! I should have stuck to a hot one shot or something but...those things are better emailed na? 
2) Aimy, here is an Alternate Universe thing. No Varun, No TCC drama, No Rajyali. Just good old romance, comedy and friendship!

Also for My Ayee...this is a belated Christmas gift girl!

Chapter 1: The Announcement, the arrangement and the agreement.

"All the third year students are requested to report to the auditorium" The Dean's voice echoed in the small hostel dorm room 
"Immediately!" The authority and the urgency in the tone made all three girls in the room get up and look at each other in alarm.
Now in their third year, the three occupants were not on what you would call good terms. Ever since Sanyukta's best friend Kaustuki had ditched engineering and the new girl had been assigned to their room, the room had become more of a prison cell to Sanyukta than a hostel room. 
And the reason was...
"Suna nahi kya, ghorna band karo aur chalo!" Vidushi rolled her eyes at the others.
"Excuse me, how about you take your own advice?" Isha Raichand smirked.
Vidushi gritted her teeth "Look, just because your mom is the dean..." she mummbled under her breath.
"Did you say anything Vids?" Isha winked, her impish eyes shining brightly 
"Why would I say anything Ishu! Anyways we better be going, otherwise Mommy dearest will yell at us and we can't have that can we?" Vidushi smirked back.
"Ofcourse not! After all, I am such a mommy's girl!"  Isha retorted, getting up from her bed and reaching out to pull Vidushi up from the chair she was sitting on.
"I don't get you both? Can't you decide if you are friends or enemies ? Your sudden sweet to snarky to sweet transformations are giving me whiplash!" Sanyukta put down the book she was reading and stood up.
"Look Rank two, I don't care." Isha pulled Vidushi out of the door, leaving Sanyukta to shake her head and sigh. 
"I repeat again. Gather in the auditorium. Immediatly. If you are not there within the next 5 minutes..." the threat trailed off and Sanyukta Agarwal ran out of her room.
Isha's grip was tight on Vidushi's hand as she lead her "best friend" to the auditorium.
"Isha..I am not a ragdoll, you can't drag me around" Vidushi hissed.
"But you are my PTB bff. So I can drag you around." Isha faced Vidushi "Remember the pact?"
Ofcouse Vidushi remembered. She was being paid to be Isha's BFF. By Isha's Mother, aka the dean. She'd told the seemingly sweet, boring Isha about it in a bid to get the clingy girl off her back. And then, the girl had gone from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde, her sappy smile becoming a smirk. Vidushi had covered her mouth in agast, fearing that Isha would go to her mother, but the girl and only smirked and said "I misjudged you Vids, you are a real bitch.  Just like me!You can keep the money, but you will also have to keep my bitch face a secret, you see, mommy doesn't have to know any of this..." her voice had gone low and lethal, and Vidushi could only nod her head. Isha had smirked "Good, this means we understand each other. Atleast I don't have to play the sati savitri with you. I was getting bored." Vidushi had broken into a smile "Thank god. Clingy you was pissing me off. Majorly." Isha had laughed then, an infectious kind of laughter that had made Vidushi laugh as well.
And then, within 2 months, Isha had become Vidushi Kumar's friend. Isha still teased her about being a PTB bff...Paid to Be Best friend forever, and Vidushi always rolled her eyes and retorted, teasing Isha about being a BBTMG (Bitch behind the mothers girl). 
The lonely, bitter girl Vidushi had been was a little more mellow now, to the relief of all around. She still snapped at people, but not much and Isha, to her mother's delight, was happier than she had ever seen her daughter be. It was a win-win.
The duo walked to the auditorium and took the front seats as they were expected to. The auditorium was full of confused students and Isha craned her neck to find the face she was looking for. 
"Still not there. Argh!" Isha frowned.
Vidushi lowered her head, supressing her pain.
"Parth! Hey over here!" Isha waved.
"Front seat. Excellent." Parth grinned, looking at the seat near Isha and moving near it.
"Nopes. This is for...Sahil!" Isha grabbed the boy and pulled him to the seat beside her.
"Hi..Isha" Sahil Kataria blushed.
"Hi to you too Sahil" Isha grinned.
Parth sighed and moved to sit at the only other seat in the front row. Near Vidushi.
"You can..I mean I can move to your seat and you can have mine" Vidushi whispered.
Parth turned to her and shook his head. "No thanks, I don't want any favours from the likes of you."
Vidushi felt as if she had been punched in the gut. She bit her lower lip, trying to control her tears. 
"Hey, you okay?" Isha's concerned tone made Vidushi look up.
"Yeah...I'm great." Vidushi lied, lowering her head again. 
Isha shook her head "Vids..."
The slight chattering in the hall subsided.
"Thank you for managing to make it in time" Maya smirked. "There is an important announcement to be made. The management has insisted on each and every student taking an additional course along with all the academic courses FITE offers." Maya Raichand turned to the right and then back to the Mike. "I would like to warn you that under no circumstances will any student be allowed to be exempted from this course. No exceptions. Not even for the dream team."
"The course will last this whole semister. You will be graded on this one. Anyone getting any grade less than a C will repeat the semister." Maya Ma'am turned to Vardhan Sir "No grace grades."
"Tell them what the course is Maya." Vardhan Sir frowned.
"It is an assessment of your skills, essentially team work and..." Maya stopped "Would you like to continue Vardhan?"
A smirk came on the Dream Team mentor's face "It would be my pleasure Mrs R..I mean Maya" 
Maya moved aside and let her colleague explain "The task will be done in pairs. You have been paired up based on your skills, we are concentrating on balance, so the person you are paired up with has skills you lack."
"But Sir, what is the task?" Randhir Singh Shekhawat asked.
"Good question Rank one." Vardhan nodded " You will be  doing  Marriage Education and Family Management this semister. Have you heard of it?"
"What... So we will be taking care of eggs and pretending those are babies or something?" Vikas asked.
"There are more Boys than girls ji..." Yoyo commented.
"Is this engineering or what?" 
"This is crazy!"
The auditorium was a buzz of comments and confusion.
"I know it sounds ridiculous. But the fact is, it is being made compulsory for all colleges, regardless of whether it is engineering, medicine or anything else. Get the passing grade, concentrate on your goals." Vardhan shook his head. "I will not waste anymore of our precious time on this. There are booklets in the Lab 2. You will find a list of the partners. No requests for any kind of changes will be entertained. These are not random assignments, but delibrately choosen ones. You will face many obstacles when you walk out of the safety of FITE and into the real world. The least we can do is prepare you ." Vardhan walked off the stage.
"You may make your way to the lab." Maya ma'am spoke into the mike.
Students rushed out of the auditorium to face the list, the new challenge to be added to the already challenging syllabus.
" Vidushi" Isha was tugging at her wrist.
Like a robot, Vidushi Kumar got out of her chair.
"The list! Come on, I hope we are paired with some hotties!" Isha pulled Vidushi out of the auditorium.
They ran, and groaned as they saw the crowd near the notice board.
"Gah. Make em move Vids!" Isha pleaded. "I can't wait to know who I am with , can you?"
Vidushi shook her head. 
"Hey...Randhir you are with me!" Sanyukta's squeal made the duo cringe.
"Damn. 1 hottie down." Isha pouted.
"Ishu..Come on!" Vidushi managed to roll her eyes.
"Ok" Isha pushed the people out and scanned the board.
"Umm...Nope, Nope... AHA! There...Isha Raichand and ..." Isha commented, her voice loud and excited.
Vidushi's heart lurched. 'What if she is with Parth?' She shook her head ' I don't care.'
" Oh...Parth!" Isha elbowed Vidushi.
Vidushi felt a pain in her chest, and she forced herself to smile "Cool, who am I with?"
"Me , Apparently." the husky voice made her turn to her left.
Parth was looking at her with an unreadable look in his eyes.
"But..Aren't you with Isha? " Vidushi stammered.
"No silly Goose.." Isha giggled. "I am with Sahil. Oye Kataria! Here!" Isha walked to pull Sahil off to the side and pulled him into a hug "Hi Hubby!" 
"Uh...Hi...Ish..Wifey" Sahil awkwardly patted her back.
"Yes. We are so gonna top this thing!" Sanyukta's squeal made Vidushi cringe.
"Should we, get down to the booklet?" Vidushi looked down, avoiding the intensity of Parth's eyes.
"I already got a copy. Come with me, we need to talk" Parth grabbed her hand and pulled her along.
The oh too familar hallways were torture, he was leading her to the storeroom, where he had crushed her heart a few months ago. The urge to run was strong, but she controlled it. She couldn't show weakness and give him the upperhand.
He locked the door behind them.
"Make it quick." she managed to make her voice sound bored.
"Sure." he smirked.
"The booklet" she held out her hand
"All yours" he held out the thin volume of the rules.
"Thank you Kashyup." Vidushi flipped the book open and began to read.
'Marriage Education and Family management programme.'
Bullshit of the programme being devised to reduce divorce, dysfunctional families and also inculcate values of familial love, responsibilty ...yada yada yada.
"Utter bullcrap isn't it? Atleast the part about the jobs and fake money and budgets! " Parth shook his head 
"And we also have to visit an orphange twice a week, spend time with an assigned child, write in a diary." Parth hissed "And be cordial to each other."
"What is this, engineering or baby sitting?" Vidushi shook her head.
"The orphanage idea is actually great." Parth looked at her "But why did I end up with you of all people? Anyone else would have been great, even a guy. Now I have to hear you and even live with you on weekends" Parth pushed her into the chair.
Her eyes widened with fear. Was he going to tie her up again?
"Don't worry Vidu. I won't tie you up" he grinned "I'm sure you made some sort of deal and got us paired up"
Vidushi shook her head frantically "I...didn't. Look I...I'd rather be with anyone else..."
Parth put his hands on the arms of the chair, caging her in.
" have been avoiding me for months...ever since I showed you my love of bondage.." he taunted "Are you scared Vidu?"
This was too much.
Vidushi grabbed his collar "Watch it Kashyup! I am not scared of people like you. You disgust me." She shook him hard "I don't want to be near you, especially after you left me here to rot!"
Parth pulled her hands off "Don't worry. I will never leave you alone baby."
"The hell you will. Now let me go back to my room so I can sleep and pretend this is a horrible nightmare." Vidushi yelled.
"Sh...Aw Vidu..I'm hurt." Parth smirked "I thougt  this is what you wanted, get married, have kids..." 
"Only with someone I love." she scoffed.
"You told me you loved me." Parth whispered.
"I do. That's why I am leaving you alone like you wanted." Vidushi fought back tears.
"I did. I wanted you to stay away, but not anymore." Parth took her hand into his.
"But.." Vidushi tried to pull her hand out. "I thought you like keep.."
"Stupid Girl. It's you I look at, not her. Isha is a nice girl, but she's not you." Parth offered.
"But you are always so mean to me." the tears fell down her cheeks, her hands shaking.
"You ignored me, treated me like I was nothing to you." Parth cupped her face.
"Why? Why do you want a bitch like me?" Vidushi looked into his eyes.
"You. Make. Me. Want. To. Live." he rasped.
"And you make me want to die when you ignore me. You make me break with your harsh words. How can I trust you? You will be the death of me." Vidushi whispered.
"I took you for granted. I am so sorry, let's just...just give me a chance." Parth pleaded.
"You won't hurt me? You won't yell at me? You won't push me away?" Vidushi's eyes filled with hope.
"I will be the best you've ever had." Parth gently cupped her cheeks.
"Um..Parth?" Vidushi's cheeks were red 
"Yes?" Parth ran his thumb over her lips 
"Can I kiss you?" she winked at him.
He was taken aback for a moment.
Her face fell "Sorry...I didn't mean to.."
"I now pronounce us husband and Wife and you may now kiss the bride" Parth smirked and brought his lips down to Vidushi's
She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back.  His lips were soft and supple and he let her take control. She was a little hesitant.
The kiss was slow and Parth struggled to control himself. He told himself he had to make sure she was comfortable.
She broke away, her cheeks a reddish hue.
"Vidushi." Parth panted "That was...unlike you..."
"Umm...It was..." she whispered "My first.."
Parth pulled her up into a hug " were all man eater a few months ago...I like this cute you as well though"
"Don't you are call me cute!" She frowned.
"Hell Cat. That's more like my girl" Parth kissed her forehead.
"I'm your girl?" Vidushi whispered.
"Yes." Parth kissed her nose "Mine."
"And you? Are you mine as well?" she asked.
"Yes." Parth wrapped his arms around her waist  "Yours. But not your girl, I'm your man"
"I was so scared,  I thought you were going to kill me" Vidushi buried her face in his chest.
"Never babe." Parth kissed her head "I didn't know what I was missing. I was a little slow. And stupid. And I am so glad you are giving me a chance." 
"Me too." Vidushi mummbled "I thought...Boy am I thankful for this marriage thing...Otherwise...there won't be an us"
"Hey, come on. I would have confessed to you. Infact I was going to do it this week" Parth growled 
"How? Push me against a wall and threaten me to be your girlfriend?" Vidushi shook her head, laughing.
"Tempting but no..I would have" Parth went down to his knees " said " he took her hand into his and made a puppy face "I love you Vidushi Kumar. I was blind and an absolute asshole to you. But recently you have been moving away, showing me I am lost without you...So mine?"
"Yes." She smiled "But you have to be a sweet boyfriend, not a grumpy one."
"Done." Parth got up and hugged her.
"I love you too Parth Kashyup" Vidushi sighed.
"So...this Marriage thing is going to be a breeze" Parth laughed.
"Yes. I'm glad it's us...I would have hated to be with anyone else" Vidushi admitted.
"I would have hated you being with anyone else." Parth stroked her back.
" I pity the boys who didn't get girls...I mean..." Vidushi laughed "Just imagine you with Randhir or something." 
"Oh...this reminds me...Jiggy got paired with Yoyo" Parth grinned.

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Chapter 1: above
Chapter 2: pg 3

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RESWA Big smile
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'Carpe Diem'

i enjoyed the moment completely by reading this without thinking about anything else than 

the scenes you portrayed here by words..:)

i felt good reading this one!

no fights,no miss understandings,no scars no broken pieces...

this was a sweet gift ash


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Originally posted by Burn_the_Ashes

First chappy is crappy.
Sorry for that,
Next chapter will have some Jiyo, Ishil and Vidarth !

Hey Ash its not crappy its kinda cute Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

After reading this ...m more dying to see vidarth scenes ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

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nice 1 plss continue soon Smile
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achcha hai achcha hai...

Par first part mein hi confession ho gaya... aage kya hoga.. What's it going to be about dear ??

Do update soon... Have been so excited to read your works.


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