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The Vengeance Lover # 2.... teaser @ pg134 n next Thread link @ pg151 (Page 16)


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nice ud 
geet thinking about her savior 
yash came and update hr with project details 
so  maan is the man who solved issue 

waiting fr maan POV

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Awesome vandy...Maan again became saviour of Geet...Geet wants to know who did it...yash updating her with upto date details...again maaneet meeting...jaldi...

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very well written dear..sorry for late reply.

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i replied earlier to rest of comments so u can check page 14-15 if u want Big smile

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Originally posted by jayshu17

ClapClapClap  ClapClap 

thanz alot dear...

Originally posted by aparna3011

 thanx Big smile

Originally posted by tanubag

Awesome update. Waiting for the next.
thnx dear...

Originally posted by taahir004

Awesome Update

Maan has been Geet's savior and he too sorted out the issue with
the labor strike  and he is also part of Kapoor;s team
waiting for Maan's POV

thnx dear :)

Originally posted by love2_soma

nice update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly...

continue soon plz...


thnx dear...

Originally posted by RM14

Such a lovely update Vandy,so Geet and Maan met again and wow,Tonguehe will be working there,great.Geet feels that Maan can see the real Geet behind Geet handa,aww,so sweet.Wink
Waiting for next part and meetings of Geet and Maan now.Big smile
Hope you update it soon this time.Embarrassed
 srry phir late ho gyi...lazzy me ...thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by Snow_Angel

Short bt nice update.SmileMaaneet meeting very well I hv a question,why maan was looking that way toward geet?Confusedis he attracted towards herWink?anyway ur going to post his pov in next part only,waiting fr than.SmileVanday Geet's nature still cnfuse me smtime,waiting to knw mre abt hr charecter.update next part snSmile
abt ur question...thts suspnse u will knw tht latr...keep guessin geetWink
thnx dear...hope u find next bigLOL

Originally posted by chiki143

Nice update...but pls dear include maaneet scenes more. Wanna see how they interact with their high headedness...
hm yeah with tym u will c more upcomin 2-3 epi...nxt is maan pov aftr tht u will c maaneet
thnx dear

Originally posted by shalu1786

Nice update.
thanx dear

Originally posted by muskiii

mujhe toh yakeen nahi horaha ki yeh story tum me likhi hai LOL
jokes apart, story sach me mind blowing hai, full package Wink
but yeh kya itna chota update woh bhi itna late, but koi baat nahi I hope next update bada ho Hug hi likh rhi hnLOL
m just hopin next updte is long engh...thnxBig smile

Originally posted by nakh5683

dear such chotu update and no pics me sadCry anyways awesome update maaneet meet again and this time gonna work together waiting for ur update awesome hot and sexy banner plzzz next update with some pics pleeessshhh
ssry yar fr no pics...had time prblm tht tym...
this time wd pics fr sure...thnx alottBig smile

Originally posted by jasika08

nice update
waiting for next update
thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by _Maaneet_

nice update
thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by 6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6


so Maan will be working in Geet's project...

these are very few stories where I get to read Maan is working for Geet instead of Geet being his secretary or some co-worker...

very interesting update...

thanx for pm...

thnx dear...Big smile

Originally posted by Monikaarora

finally we got update!! thanks dear...its wonderful part!!...geet can't help herself thinking about maan..hihi..omg now is in kapoor team and he is also the same who sorted out labour issue...good! ...geet was angry on maan for staring her while presentation...but maan cared a damn...continuously staring her..haha...liked maan guts!...
lets see whats maan pov...continuee sooonn dear...


thnx dear...srry fr dealy yar

Originally posted by trishtej

Maan babu ghooring... in middle conference.. awsme update... vandy di missed u..where were u?
thnx alot trish.Big smile...yar ws busy wd family at tht tym ... misssed u ...

Originally posted by suni_104

Superb update
Thanks for pm
.thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by apurva18

nycee...waiting fr d next updateBig smile...nd thnks fr d pm dearTongue
thnx dear...Big smile

Originally posted by flowing_river

Destiny made them meet each other again n again
Now they are working together. ..yooo
thnx dear...Big smile

Originally posted by rashmiverma

nice update. ..
thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by Shalve

congrats on yr new thread...awesome update
thnx dear...Big smile

Originally posted by maaneetsangel

nice.. Liked it...
Thanks for update..
Continue soon...
thnx dear...Big smile

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Originally posted by Maya_Maan

,such an sweet and happy part.
Geet is all about Maan, thinking about him
she is pulled towards him,
and now he is here in her office, in her team,,
wow, awesome, waiting for more...

thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by Rashmi234

awesome part
thnx Big smile

Originally posted by idunno

so now story is getting grip
someone from handa industry don't want this project go on and tried to sabotage this project and am sure sameera is behind this.
 and i think i had missed the part where maan saves the strike in company.
investigation will bring maan's past and may will create mu between maneet update soon.
no dear u didnt missed...its cumin in upcomin parts...
thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by sheetalvasa

Chota par nice update 
Ab maan geet ke saath kaam karega!
Intresting...normaly story mein geet maan ke saath karti hai
Maan geet ko kitna ghurta hai!!!LOL
Thnx dear...idhr sab ulta h...atleast i try tooLOLLOL

Originally posted by Desigirls12

 congratzz for te  new thread
Thanx dear...Big smile

Originally posted by Desigirls12


 Wow lovely update..te way geet  thinking abt my maan and her turmoil abt his eyes which so much pain and she  control herself was lovely..te way geet again meeting my maan and he is in her team,omg..i love te update
Thnx alot dear...Big smile

Originally posted by KINGKHANFAN

nice ud 
geet thinking about her savior 
yash came and update hr with project details 
so  maan is the man who solved issue 

waiting fr maan POV
thnx dearBig smile

Originally posted by svani

Awesome vandy...Maan again became saviour of Geet...Geet wants to know who did it...yash updating her with upto date details...again maaneet meeting...jaldi...
thnx alot di...Big smile

Originally posted by Sandy-Naz

very well written dear..sorry for late reply.
thnx dear...Big smile

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                       .thanx vampy n naz fr such beautfl banner ... 

i know m again late...but kya karu thda busy thi n uske baad ek flow nhi beth raha tha wd stry...thn my lazzinessLOLLOL... 

bt next updte is wrttn will give u next double updte in shrt as my apology...Big smileBig smile


She was sitting in her cabin n thinking...

Her brain is not able to digest his presence everywhere around her...n now he going to be work with Delhi as well. Why she getting a very different feeling around him and she is not able to understand this feeling.

Maan Pov

After reading her note, he realized there is lot of shade of Geet Handa. He remembered how he was following her from his office that day and was shocked to see her going towards beach rather than going towards home and resting. He wondered why she is so careless about her health and how her family didn't come in hospital to meet her. He did visit at her hospital when she was admit there to just know more about sameera n geet. But he was surprised that even sameera returned to delhi...he is now confused about relation they share. Before taking revenge from sameera, he needs to find out all about sameera n her so called daughter and handa enterprise. 


May be god is helping him that's why Mr. Kapoor called him at right time regarding joining him in his project with handa industry. N that's what he needed at that moment, entry into their business and know more about them. He was surprised how his unknown deed turned into such a turning point in his life. 

Flashback start

After releasing from jail, he meet arjun who has come to pick him up and his first question was ...howz annie...even though he know her chutki is studying in mumbai but her not coming to meet him here was strange too. Is she is angry with him for not choosing her ...for not saving her when she was ill. 

He asked same from arjun the same. Arjun replied it's nothing like that maan...she is having exam that's y she didn't cum...but she asked me to call her once u r out...she wanted to talk to u...

Arjun dialed annie no. ...just in first ring she picked up phone n said....arjun...where is bhaiyu...howz he...

Arjun replied...calm down annie...he is here...n fine too...m giving him phone...u talk to him...

Annie take a long breath...after so long her bhaiyu is breathing in open fresh air...he is free...she so wanted to meet him but damn it ...her exam r going on...n she can't miss them...


Maan take phone from arjun n said...chutki....

Tears were flowing from both eyes...very emotional moment fr them...they were away from eachothr from so many years but still there is bond between them which is beyond distance and time for them...or for all brother n sister in world...

Maan asked her....u nt angry with me nah...ur bhaiyu left u when u were nt well....annie shakes her head fr no n said...nahi bhaiyu...i m not...i know u...i know hw much u love me...i can never doubt ur love for me...i know there was no other option else u wouldn't have left me...n y u ask this question everytime ...please bhaiya move its past...u going to start ur new  life from today...

Annie ask him....bhaiyu..kaise ho??

Maan smiled...n reply...mein thik hoon...tu kaisi h...exam kaise ja rhe h?

Annie reply...they are going gud...i so wanted to meet u but cant...

Maan reply....its ohk problem...i will come to meet u there...

Annie suddenly cut him in between.....nhi bhaiyu...don't...please don't come now...

Y u saying so annie...u r still angry with me.....maan asked her

Nahi bhaiyu ...its nothing like that...but exam is going on...n there is sum reason too...i would tell u later...believe me ...i m not angry

Maan reluctantly agree with her...n after some talk they cut phone...

Maan turned towards arjun n gave him phone back...

Arjun tell him.....let's go maan...u will be staying with me...

Maan replied....thanx arjun bt please drop me at railway station...m going to mumbai...i have to see annie...

Arjun looked shocked...n said...but maan annie askd not to then why u going... 

Maan reply...i know she asked me not to meet her n she might b having sum reason for it...but i can't stay away from seeing her...i will just see her from away...wont disturb her in exam...but i just want to see she ohk...i want to arjun else i won't b able to live in peace...

Arjun understand him...n replied to him.....i understand ur point maan...chalo let me drop u to railway station...

N they sit in arjun car...n moved toward railway station...n maan bought a ticket n sit in first train to mumbai...

He reached mumbai next day...n he hired a cab for annie college...

He reached her college...n stand near a tea stall...away from college gate...n waited for annie to come there...n annie was coming to college with her friends ...


Maan was happy to see her ...she was talking animatedly with her friends like she used to do always with him...he felt so happy to see her smiling...


Annie entered college...n maan left from there...his ticket is of night train...

He thought to move from there n return after her exam got over to see her one more time...

Till then roam around nearby to pass his time... he was going in lane when heard few voices...he turned towards the voice n found some kind of strike going on ...n found one man lying in blood...n no one attending him or taking him to hospital for treatment...he got angry seeing this...

He moved toward injured person...n check him...n was glad that he is not seriously injured...but he look around for help but few men were arguing with police...n he don't know what to to stop all this...

Then he saw a seen face...yeah that guy was sitting near him at tea stall in morning...n unknowingly he listen his talk on phone...he was talking to someone that there work will be done...n he found something fishy but he ignore.

He saw him taking his gun out...he understood that he is creating trouble here...creating dispute between labor n police...

Maan rushed towards him...n before he pull the trigger...he just held his palm n turns his gun towards avoid shot in crowd...n create hassle in crowd. 

With the sound of shot all looked toward them...police come near them n held that man...but that man push the one policeman n run from there...

Maan came near an aged person from labor n said...uncle...kya problem koi company wala nhi toh mumbai ka b nhi hn...mujh koi lalach nhi h...but mein ap sab ki help krna chahta hoon...kyunki mujh lag rha h yeh sab karwaya gya h...udhr dekho apka sathi khoon mn lipta pada h...par ap sabko uska dhayan bhi nhi...aisa kya ho gya jo ap insaniyat tak bhul gye...

Old man replied....beta yahan hum kab se rehte aaye hue h aaj yeh humein is zameen se nikal rhe h...koi hospital bana rhe humare bare mn koi nahi soch rha h...nah koi kaam nah koi ghar...hum kahan jaynge...

Maan turned toward a man in suit...he tell him....sir I know u might b the owner of this land but this is one hand u doing such good greed by building hospital and other side u snatching the roof of these poor people...i am not asking u to suffer the loss...but there must b middle way...


Man in suit look intensely at maan n told him....y u don't give me some middle way young way...

Maan was bit shocked listening him...n replied him...sir I m not businessman ...but I m thinking from man who knows the importance of family n house after loosing so much in life...sir y don't u shift them to another place for time being n give them work at ur construction site...may b after earning they can afford sum place to live in...if they agree...

Old man liked his idea....haan sahib...hum gareeb jaroor h bt hum mn khudhari h...hum apni kamayi par jeena chahte h...humara yahan is taraf jeena humari majburi h...par humar thodi madad ap kar denge toh hum bhi khudhari bhari jindgi jeeynge

Man in suit was surprised seeing the dignity of old man...even they don't have any roof right now bt still they are ready to give up the place where they live... for a job ...they earn his respect...after thinking he said.....mein apki khudhari ko salam krta hoon...n mein is young man ka idea ko manta hoon...naukri doonga...  n mein apke rehne ki jagh dunga...yeh hi nahi mn apke liye saste flats banauga ...jismn aap reh sakte h n loan ki tarf paise baad mn de sakte h....

All labor were so happy listening to this...they keep praising maan n owner of land...seeing problem got solved...maan tried to go away from there...but man in suit stopped him n introduced himself...hi young man...i m Mr. Chopra...owner of this land...I am impressed by such world u r caring about others...u have very different vision which might not be profitable always but I like it...i would like people like u to join on this project...u will be great help in management ...


Maan was pleased by seeing such person who thinks beyond he cant leave delhi...he have to find sameera...n replied...sir I m honored to know about u...u r such kind person in today world...getting a proposal from u without my degree is due to some commitments I can't shift here...i can't join...thank u...n leave from there...

Flashback End

But what he didn't know was that destiny already planned for him. He again got phone call from them and when he heard Handa name...there was no lookin back. He wanted to know more about Sameera Handa n opportunity just knocked his door and he grabbed it. 

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