Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

The Vengeance Lover # 2.... teaser @ pg134 n next Thread link @ pg151

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                .Thanx vampy n naz fr such beautfl bannerHug


thanx alot frnds for liking our stry(mine n sweta)...
cant believe...m making thread 2 of our story...LOLLOL

ds story is inspired by one of my fav korean drama which i thnk will suit best on maan n geet...

P.S. - this one is dedicted to my vampy n devil...n our blockbustr frst movieLOLWink

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For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: absolute forgiveness, or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.

Maan's  POV

I sat on the roof ,staring  the darkness of night. There wasn't a  single star in sky, its  is pitch dark with deadly silence which speaks out my present condition to me. A medical student  with bright future was pushed into this ugly dark phase. Yes, I m criminal in the eyes of law as I killed a man who had forced  my girl ...the love of life. Due to circumstances and my medical background they wer forced to  punished me for only  5 yrs but these 5 yrs snatched my happiness, from my life..leaving trails of this dark truth and betrayal .

In return I was deceived... betrayal by my love...for whom i accepted that false allegation...yes that is true...i didn't killed anyone, i just saved my love my life to get  punished by law.

But I wont let it govern my future I wont push myself more into this darkness. I have decided to fight back  my destiny.  I will snatch back all the happiness back to my life n let it brighten with my bright future if not for me but i have to do for my sister. I took the blame to save my prove my love ..those years I spent in the only hope that she will support me and my sister... I accepted her crime for her bright future letting mine in to blaze in fire..but now it's my time to shine in this  bright sky and for her to  pay back  ...

When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge.

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Maan Singh Khurana

A 4 yr medical student, very bright, topper of his university and madly in love with his gf but all in past. Now a charmer n playboy who knows how to use girls for his benefits.

Arjun Gera

Maan best's friend who helped her sister with her living when Maan was in jail. he knows all secrets of maan n trust him completly.


Annie Khurana

Maan's sister, loved him to the core and hate d girl who broke his bhai's heart.

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vandy28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Merry Chirstmas to allEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Part written by sweta...

Geet broke the eye lock...and averted her eyes away from him..

Maan placed the candle on the side table...

" Why m I here... " she asked him again..

Maan rolled his eyes...

" I already told u that I found u knocked down..once again...thus helped u and bought u here..and I think u should rest..."He spoke the last part figuring what was she upto..

She was gathering her stuff...seemed like she was ready to leave..

" Hey..wait.." maan jogged up to her pulling her arm" ..u cant leave..."

Ah..geet moaned in pain biting her lip..

Maan immediately removed his hands...and replied angrily " ...u r not fine..I think u should rest.."

Geet glared him ...No..i have to leave...whats this place  anyway she said scrunching her brows

Maan inwardly groaned pissed with her attitude..

" This is my guest house...and u fainted on the I bought u here...and lastly its quite late ..i wont let u go out at this time..first thing in the morning I throw u out of my house..okay "

Geet pressed her lips..tighly to control her anger...

" That way...u go"  maan pointed...

Geet tried walking but fell down...

Maan shook his head and without any delay he picked her up in his arms..

Geet gasped at his actions... " wht u doing..."

" Be quite"  he sounded angry..

Geet quieten instantaneously...his arms were wounded under her back...She felt current gushing through her body..She swallowed down feeling something unusual in herself..

Maan was staring ahead..while geet was gawking him..

Past few days all sort of strange things happened to her..a man saved her life twice..she actually mocked at her fate..which never favoured her..

She had no desire to live this life where her own father had no tie with her... But sadly fate dint even allow her to die...

" Can u please let me..go.." maan said gritting his teeth..

Geet came out of her thoughts ...and puckered brow

Maan gestured her his watch..which was stuck at the end of her top..

" Oh..." she murmured...

Her hands reached her top..trying to pull his watch out...She pulled it again but it was stuck..and if she tugged hard her top would get tore...

" Seems like...her clothes are  stubborn too..." maan thought..

He heaved a sigh and went on his knees...laying his hands on her..

Geet raised her eyes at  him...

Maan slowly pulled the hook that was stuck in his watch...Her top hauled up

His fingers brushed her waist in her process of removing...geet shuddered feeling knots in her stomach...

Maan was finally able to pull off his watch...he stood up without giving a glance to  her..

As soon as he moved away geet sighed..adjusting her top..properly..

" I m making dinner stay here on this couch.."   he reverted without turning back...

Geet twisted her lips..frowning...swooning his attitude...


Half and hour later...

Geet huffed...folding her legs upwards sitting comfortably on the couch...

She was bored to death..sitting idle on the couch since last hour...She wasn't that type of person who is unoccupied...Infact the way she copes up with her business she ensures she doesn't get leisure time at all...

She tucked her hands unders her chin..making a baby face contemplating what to do...her cell was dead...She was out of all resources...

"Ughh,..." she got up annoyed...and retreated towards the kitchen...

She tiptoed inside and found maan working...with his back to her...

She stepped inside and advanced towards him...

" What u making..." she whispered peeping from behind..

Maan got startled due to her sudden voice..and abruptly turned behind...hastily..Spilling the gravy on her top...

She jerked back...

" Awooo...yeeww..." she snarled at him...dusting the warm liquid off from her top...which was dribble down till the end of her top..



" Oh..i..i.." Maan was speechless...ever since they have met they are falling in some or the other mishap..

" What the hell were u doing here..dint i say u to be seated on the couch and wait for me..Y u came here...And mujhe aise bulane ki kya zarrurt it.." he charged  her..instead

Geet narrowed her eyes " Me...dont u  blame u even knw who I m..I..m not gona leave u...get that in ur head.."  she said pointing her finger at him..

Maan slanted his neck in other direction...Smirking..

" We'll see that...If now...U don't mind..just buzz off from here i need to clean this kitchen all over again..."

Geet made a o shape face "U..u r worrying about the kitchen..what about me...i..cant stay like this..with Sticky gravy all over my top..ughhh "

Maan sneered at her condition...he folded his hands...And stared her...intently

Geet scrunched her him a piercing look..

" What??"

" huh...nothing...I will help u only if u say please.." .he said with a small smile on his lips...

" Please and me??No way...and ttoo to u way " she puffed..

" Okay as u wish..then help ur self..." he said...removing his apron...and got back to his work..

Geet widen her eyes at his audacity..She stomped her foot and left the kitchen in anger...


Few mintues later..

" Dinner's ready..ill get ur plate too... " Maan screamed from kitchen..

He gathered their plates and moved outside...

" Yeh..lo..tumhara dinner..and..." his voice he spotted her in his shirt...

Geet grinned at her victory..He was gazing her disbelief ..


" WhY are u wearing my shirt...thats mine right..."Maan spoke exasperated with her behaviour...

Geet blinked her lashes...innocently " well u said help urself..SO thats what i did..."

Maan clenched his jaws... U..r..crazy completely..mad he uttered...placing their dishes on the table...

" Thank..u..for the compliment..".She flashed him a smile...And took her plate..

" This is..Nice yummy"  she said relishing his pasta...

Maan glowered at her...And sat far away on his couch munching his food..

She  chuckled...and gulped down the pasta quietly..While maan was nibbling his food angrily..

After geet was done..she stood up to her feet and moved to kitchen ..rinse off her plate..

As she walked pass maan...he noticed her..hips..moving..gently...

The way she swayed them..was .hypnotizing..Her milky waist was visible due to his flimsy and see through shirt material..

Once she completely went inside the kitchen..he become conscious...realizing he was oogling at her..

He whacked himself...mentally and silently  laid down on the sofa..closing his eyes..

The same scene walk her sensuous walk replayed in his mind...

He groaned...and squeezed his eyes...tight...


Maan got up...when the rays of light him his eyes..He yawned..stretching himself..and sat straight..

His eyes fell on he other couch..where geet was missing..he frowned and climbed down the bed...

He hunted her down everywhere ..but couldn't find her...

At last he saw his shirt placed neatly over the hook near her couch..He took the shirt...and..quested for something...

Thats when he found a note in the pocket...

He immediately opened the note and read it...

Thank u for ur help...



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congrats on the new thread! Merry Xmas! waiting! Smile

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congrats for new thread
merry Christmas dearHug
waiting...Day Dreaming

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