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A cup of bitter tea... 25.12.2014 (Page 3)

AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SheAish

Sage, WTHeck is going on with Sahil???...IT's neither here nor there...

I admit I was really mad with Ahil when he dragged Sanam into IM and insulted her left, right and center in front of everyone...but that scene atleast had oodles of emotion and was impactful... I'm still glad that the abuse is over...but is it really necessary that if they cut down the abuse then they can't show anymore anger or hurt from Ahil's side???????

Exactly! Hence my confused face gifs... 
As though they were forced to engineer a Junoon scene and not do anything drastic with the storyline... Filler JunoonLOL... (lame ! i know..)

When Ahil out of nowhere mellowed down and was all caring to Sanam on Maha episode it really came off very disjointed BUT at the same time the scene was very lukewarm...from both AHil and Sanam...TO top it off Sanam confessed her love to Ahil and again there was not much emotion shown from either of them...
However I never thought this lack of emotion and passion between the two was going to continue through out the week. 

I love SaHil, but yesterday's scene didn't take off... Even the first scene when she openly defied him was SO much more charged.

Yeah, I think they wanted a filler epi with SaHil, so we got this. And nothing changed in terms of status quo. No one talked about their messy marriage situation. Except Sanam is now hurt again, and this time Tanveer too...

If the spoilers indicate that Tanveer will claim Sanam is after her life, how does that help her get her properties after a year?? 

If A WIFE was required for Aahil to inherit, why the need to keep Sanam alive? Because the Wakil Sahab says Sanam is the wife in question? Does he not know he also has another wife named Sanam??

All very weird questions... Wakil Sahab would look at them at wonder what a strange family this is... 

Anyways, my point is that since last Fridays episode Sahil have lost their passion and magic ...and I find it very disturbing that I am reduced to talk about the passion and emotion I felt from an abuse scene...in comparison to the lackluster Sahil scenes this past week...Heck even that Seher/Ahil scene (which btw left me kind of nauseous Ouch) had more of a feel and meaning to it than everything else that had happened this week so far...
I cvs, in their bid to postpone dealing with the kidnapping and twin truths, they don't know what to do with Sahil for the time being...

Exactly... They don't know what to do with SaHil without disturbing the story... 

They could've just shown them as passing by each other, longing and upset by the distance; Aahil being frustrated and angry, a monologue perhaps, vowing to get to the bottom of what's going on. 

Show Sanam2 caught in the middle, watching Aahil yearn after Sanam (like Nida did earlier)... Somehow Nida doing that didn't upset us as much as this did it??LOL

Sorry for my rambling, even I don't know if I am making any sense here, but well...Frankly for me Sahil has really lost their charm now...CryConfused

Just remembering that this  very group of creatives are capable of gorgeous, emotive scenes just months before... is the only thing keeping me around... That and KV ..LOL

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 February 2014
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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IFfreak

Sanam is behaving like Aahil's mommy who is worried about his happiness at all costs. Get all the good things my kid wants.
I will cook for my kid, I will patch him up with his wife so she can give him bedroom action. I will get sweet smelling plants for my kid.
Because mein uski caring maa hoon.
I think we must root for KV Aditi jodi now, I am anyways rooting for it.
Where is Seher.

They have created a situation but are not executing it very well... If my husband married another woman and brought her into MY  house (no way! touchwood..) there wouldn't be a sanguine moment !! 

Continuous tension and awkwardness... 
I'm going to chalk it down to filler epi. It's already a forgotten Junoon moment for me... Not being mean but this will break SaHil fans' hearts. If they wanted fillers , they could show one epi in Lateef's perspective...

A day in the life of the Illustrious Lateef. How the drama looks in his eyes.. Now that everyone won't mind watching no?

Now that might be a good OS... Hmmm...Wink
Sanam2 knows Aahil loves Sanam. She was a first hand witness of Sanam's love. but she also heard Aahil openly declare that 'HE' belongs to her. WHY should she think she has no chance with Aahil. Aahil introduced her with all the fanfare in front of Bhopal. Where was his decency when he lovingly touched her face just to make Sanam jealous? Where was his decency when he kept carressing his hand and asked Sanam to dress up Sanam2 so that her 'BEAUTY' shines out. He does have eyes and he CAN see that Sanam 2 is pretty. He did check her out when she walked in to take her place beside him.
Aahil has not once said that this is a con marriage. Did he clear to her saying "See I know it is hard on you. But we cannot stay married as you are not the woman to whom I said Qubool Hai. So please we need to annul the marriage" Pay her some annulment money and ask her to leave. Did he do that? does he have the guts?
He is sharing a bedroom with her. He could have decent conversations with her, explain his situation and hers. At least thank her for her so-called "saving the ghar ki izzat" 

No i don't think fans will howl if a scene was dedicated to Sanam2 and Aahil... We are howling already that Aahil isn't asking Sanam some burning questions, while Sanam goes flower pot shopping. *facepalm*
There is a huge potential of angsty uncomfortable scenes unused. 

Right now she is the occupant of Ahil's bedroom? right? And if I am not wrong Sanam is still staying in servant quarters. So for Sanam2 to think that she has a chance, I do not find it disgusting.
You are an Aditti Gupta fan, so you don't find it objectionable. We have watched Sanam and Aahil struggle (actually only Sanam..Confused) and to see another woman (just another really, not personally Sanam2) also married to Aahil is downright painful for us. 

We take Sanam's pain as our own. So much that we feel the pain MORE than her LOL...

But you like Sanam2, and that's okay too.Thumbs Up

Also Sanam's love is doubtful to me now. She still hides her twin. She still has not come clean. Sure she is doing it for revenge, but the more time she takes to reveal the truth, the more time will be lost and then Sanam2 will slowly become a part of Aahil's life. Wasn't she least bothered about his izzat when she delayed going back home? she did not take her sister and Badi Ammi to task for not letting Aahil know about her missing status. She does not even mind that she and Aahil stayed together for few days as man and wife and what they did.
True this. they are not tying up the multiple loose ends properly... 

I don't think any maker can forget such a big thing. NO WOMAN who loves her man passionately can let such a thing pass. Sanam has no qualms sharing her husband with anyone these days. Funny. Whether its Sis or souten. I feel its just a kind of motherly love she feels for him. CensoredAnd perhaps this is what they are trying to show for Sanam.
Besides Aditi was looking lovely in that blue dress.Day Dreaming Sanam is as usual in her bland clothes. What nonsense was she trying to do with that vase anyways with an injured hand.Silly
Why cant this silly Nawab get one more servant instead of making one wife double up as wife and servant.Dead and then do fake sympathy with wife no1 and make wife no 2 jealous! HUH

I think he's over that punishing phase now... Now he's doing nothing. Just randomly caring for potted plants and answering business callsLOL

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Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Sage you said it all, Its really the most realistic post of the present situatioin. But whatever happens I love sahil and if sahil is not in the show then me too will quitOuch
Thanks sage.

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ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suku_SwaRon

Sage you said it all, Its really the most realistic post of the present situatioin. But whatever happens I love sahil and if sahil is not in the show then me too will quitOuch
Thanks sage.
same here sukuEmbarrassed

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IFfreak Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 12:30am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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columbia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 12:40am | IP Logged


Then I begin to realise I had started watching all these shows around the same time, which means they have hit their waning off period!!! Need to start looking for new shows on Tv to get hitched to.


Thats the only cure for this headache and keeping my sanity!!!!

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THE_BOSS Senior Member

Joined: 03 October 2014
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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 1:20am | IP Logged
as long as my GURU (kvb) is their in the show i am also their...but i'v stopped shipping saahil ...seriously i am not liking sanam at all...she is behaving like a MAHAAN MATA ready to sacrifice her love ...i mean this is not the real sanam ,this is not the real sanam we all know...to be very frank their is no magic left between them. Gul khan our mahaan producer ruined the essence of saahil and now she is very busy with her new show ...
nowadays KVB's acting has also lost some spark...maybe he lost interest ...it is about time that kvb decides to quit atleast his fans can be saved from this torture...sj can rock with shehzad or a new aahil maybe...lol...

and coming to aditti ...i can't hate her because she is too pretty to hate..
another talent is wasted maybe...Atleast cv should have  concentrated on her character but no they are so busy showing faiz and haya...anyway i have nothing say about the epi...it was boring as hell...

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 February 2014
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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by TheImbecile

Feel like the CVs are not giving us the full SaHil experience on purpose. They are showing that these two still love each other, but that's all they seem want to show. Probably saving it for when after Tanveer is done with, the start of Billi 2.0 will begin with Toenail Sanam which is probably where angsty SaHil will actually happen. 
As for the triangle...sigh. I think it's domesticated btw Sanam and Sanam2 while Aahil, as you mentioned, just thinks of her as just a servant. 

They want to give viewers SaHil scenes but don't want to change the plot. Because if SaHil have a heart to heart, logic would make Sanam tell Aahil all the horrible secrets...

So what are they waiting for??Ouch Tanveer to unravel by herself? 

Well, never expected Sanam 2 to be positive. The CVs made that clear from the get go, with the close ups on her toenail. *rolls eyes* They just needed Sanam2 to start off as a sympathetic character and then become negative. Tanveer started off the same way too. And Sanam, like Asad, is just going to keep feeling sorry for her and make excuses for her until one day the inexplicable happens. I wonder if this time, instead of Aahil being caught with Sanam2 in a comprising way, will it be that Sanam2 concocts a way for Sanam to be caught with someone else in a compromising way? That would be crazy.

That toenail... *shudder*
Showing Sanam2 witnessing SaHil Junoon like that...  I mean she would run away if she saw them at the Dhaba plot !! Blushing She may be nice and all, but does that mean one should give up their husband ??  I wouldn't !?

Anyhow...here's to hoping the story finally starts going somewhere what with the new umpteenth clause being added in. IT looks like Tanveer's next ploy, based on the new promo, will be to prove that Sanam is trying to kill her instead of trying to end Sanam.

What would that accomplish? To make Aahil throw Sanam out? But doesn't she have to stay put for a year? So the aim is just to disregard Sanam in front of Aahil so much that, he wouldn't believe her if she told him the truth about his Ammi...

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