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TaaRey 4Shots: Special Proposal(EPILOGUE up 27/1 pm later) (Page 52)

Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -LoveTaaRey-

Wonderful update jasmine...
written beautifully well
loved rey's special proposal.
he has his whole bedroom full of her pics...*wow*
swayam - the over possesive bhai..LOL
loved the story dear.

thank you :) i am glad dear you liked it :)

Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yoyoaishwarya

<font size="3">loving perrrfect proposel , thanks dear 4 loving story</font>

thanks dear :)
really feeling happy to know your response :)
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shamanbk

Thank you for the pm
All the updates were amazing
Loved it all
Please update epilogue and pm me

thanks dear :)
happy to know about your response :)
sure epilogue will be updated soon :)
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Glitz-

awww so nyzz ending
I really lked Taarey Scenes :) :*
N ya new start of unbreakable relationship :*

thanks dharu :)
feeling happy dear :)
and that glad u liked it :)
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prtn

Beginning. Of a new unbreakable relationship. true
Nice it was write epilogue

hey dear really happy to see your comment :)
thank you and sure dear epilogue will be updated soon :)
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel_taarey

really cute proposal..
do write epilogue


thank you dear :)
glad you liked it :)
sure epilogue will be updated soon :)
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Yup at last first time I thanked all my readers individually.
Once again a big big thanks to all for their lovable likes and comments. As u guys wished epilogue is done.
Hope u guys love it and as usual this time also provide me with ur precious likes and bigger comments :)
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All feedbacks r welcome whole heartedly :)

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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 9:41am | IP Logged
This post dedicated to all TaaRey fans and all readers of Special
 ProposalSmileSmileSmile. Thanks to AngelMaria who suggested me Epilogue for this story

Banner by: hiralluvtaarey
A SPL thanks to her. Love u dear for making beautiful banner even in ur busy schedule :)


After 5 yrs
Rey was alone walking in corridor of Shekhawat mansion.
REY(himself): WTH? It has been 10 hour 50 minutes 36 second, no now 38 second still I haven't met my Sweetheart. Who the hell created this type of damn customs that groom should not meet his bride. No Rey, no way u r going follow this stupid rituals. You r going to meet ur Taani by hook or crook.
S guys it our TaaRey wedding
(That time Rey was passing Bribe's room)
Rey looked here and there to make sure no one is watching him. Swayam and D3 boys were busy in decoration. Sharon and D3 girls are in kitchen. 
Singhania's and Shekhawat's running on last minute preparation of their kids marriage.
Within fraction of second Rey sneaks into Taani's room and closes door with less noise. Seeing his Sweetheart in her wedding dress without dupatta, he even forgets to lock the door. Where Taani was facing in opposite direction, who was busy in trying to tie her dori. 
TAANI(without looking back): Bhabi can you pls tie this knot? I was trying it for long time...
Rey's naughty mind clicked, silently went behind her and took both the ends of dori in this process his hands brushed her back. Taani shivered in his familiar touch, she raised her eyes and looked into mirror where she found Rey who was already staring at her. They both got into Eye lock. But Rey's hand was busy tying her dori, while tying he was kissing her back. Taani started to moans his name "Rey"...
Rey looked at reflection of Taani(closed her eyes) in mirror to find whether she was feeling uncomfortable, but to his happiness she was enjoying his touch. Rey smirked and started to nuzzle his nose into her hair, started to kiss her ears, her slender neck and shoulder. Rey's hand started to move around her waist and pulled her closer to him and gave bite on her neck. Taani who came into sense found herself not wearing dupatta and their position. Pushed Rey away, crossed her hand around her neck to hide herself from him. Rey groan at her. 
TAANI(feeling shy and in low tone): Rey what r u doing here(still her hands across her neck )
REY smiled at innocence's, pulled her towards him and wrapped his hand around her waist. 
REY(husky voice): Don't u really know y I am here? Hmmm
TAANI started to blush and lowered her gaze in shyness
REY: Oh Sweetheart no need to feel shy, bec tonight you will be mine in every sense.
TAANI: Rey stop it ... u have really became naughty...
REY: No sweetheart actually I was thinking y can't we have rehearsal before our wedding night 
(Winked at her)
Taani's eyes popped out of her socket.
TAANI: Rey you na..
REY: Me na??. Pulled more closer even air can't pass between them. Taani was feeling more shy hearing his words
TAANI: Rey pls go now if Bhai or Tauji see us then that's all
REY: Ur over protective possessive Bhai is busy pls Taani alteast a kiss. After our first kiss u never allowed me to kiss u bec of ur pagal bhai. Pls last time as my girl friend (with cute pout)
TAANI smiled at him bec he was making complaint like innocent kid.
TAANI(stern tone): My Bhai is not pagal. He his protective. Ok u can kiss me but only one time
Rey's eyes beamed in happiness like little kid who got his favorite candy.
REY: Sure babes, this will be my last kiss to u as Taani Shekhawat, but afterwards U have to bear my sweet torture as MRS. Taani Reyaansh Singhania.
Rey moved closer to her lips. They about to kiss...
Suddenly Sharon and girls opened the door, all turned to side of entrance of door closing their eyes. 
TaaRey got startled moved away from each other.
SHARON(to Girl, still all their hands on their respective eyes): Girls, I think we came in wrong time
REY(who was damn frustrated): Of course no doubt Mrs. Sharon Swayam Shekhawat. Always husband and wife spoiling my Romance. Don't u guys have any other work.
SWARON got married one yr before.
SHARON(back with diva attitude ): Mr.Reyaansh Singhania, we r doing our work, don't u know bride and groom should not meet each other before marriage but u r romancing with my sister in law.
REY rolled his eyes
SHARON: Rey y can't u wait for few more hours then Taani will be with U and u can do what where u want, no one will disturb u. So, Now u can leave. I have to make Taani ready for marriage
All giggled, Taani was blushing like hell.
REY: Sharon this not fair yaar. Next time U and Swayam better plan for ur family instead spoiling my romance.
By saying this and making weird faces to Sharon and stormed out of room. Sharon sighed her head.
SHARON: Taani better u get prepared for wild night.
TAANI(turned into tomato Red in color): Bhabi u too pls...
All girls and Sharon started to tease Taani 
Rey was waiting in mandap for his Sweetheart he was turning and looking at stairs once in while. Here boys where teasing Rey for his act and Rey could pass I kill u looks to shut their mouths. Taani was brought down by Sharon who looking world's most prettiest bride, Rey eyes got struck on beauty who was standing before him. Swayam gave a hug to Taani and wished her. Taani sat beside Rey, she gave nervous smile. Rey held her right hand with his left one under their dress without notice of people present there. Taani tried pull her hands but Rey was casually looking at guest.
SHARON: Taani what happened
TAANI(nervously): Nothing Bhabi, nothing...
Taani glared at Rey, but he winked at her.
PANDIT: Both of u put ur right hand, in front.
Rey first placed his right hand(he was still holding her right hand, Taani was tring to pull)
PANDIT: Beti, place ur right hand on his hand.
Taani gave a weird smile to pandit ji 
REY: Haan, come on (still holding)
TAANI just nodded at him and pinched hard near his leg
REY(shouted): Ouch... And left her hands
SWARON and others: What happened Rey?
TAANI(innocent tone): Haan Rey what happened?
REY was throwing draggers through his eyes 
REY: wo wo... Mosquito... S mosquito bite me
VICKY & NIL: Mosquito?, Taani giggled seeing Rey's reaction
REY: Haan Mosquito it was little bigger one
Mrs. Singhania: Rey this not place to play, just be quite
Taani gave a winning smile 
Again rituals started, TaaRey took 7 pheras, Rey filled sindoor in the center parting of her head and puts mangalsutra around her neck. While moving away from her after tying mangalsutra Rey kissed her check, D3 gang shouted in his happiness. All people praised seeing lovable couple in front of them. Taani was feeling shy...
Now Singhania's and Taani about to move to their home. Taani got blessing from all elders. When she came to Swayam, both their eyes started to brim.
SHAREY(weird look): R u guys going to Cry?
TAAYAM(shouted): Will u both, just shut up
ShaRey raised their hands in sign of surrender.
TaaYam shared some emotional moment.



TaaRey bedroom was beautifully decorated for their wedding night.

Taani was seated in middle of Rey's bed oops no their bed. Rey entered, saw his sweetheart waiting for him.
Rey sat beside her, sensed her nervousness
REY: Sweetheart if u r not ready, then its fine I will wait for perfect moment.
TAANI: No Rey I don't want to wait anymore pls make me urs and kissed his cheeks. 
Rey smiled at her, kissed her forehead lovingly and Placed wet kisses while removing her jewelry. Taani Shivered when his lips came contact with her bare skin. Rey came to her delicious lips, creased it with his thumb Taani tightened her grip on his vest and reduced gap between their lips tasting each other. Both made love throughout whole night. Taani was sleeping peacefully in his arms, Rey was looking at her and took her hands, saw ring in her finger. Smiled and kissed the ring, whispered "I LOVE U Sweetheart". Taani in half sleep mode "I TOO LOVE U LOT" and snuggled herself more into his arms. Both drifted into sleep.

After 2 yr
Rey was crying and SwaRon were tensed. Swaron got a boy baby who is one yr old.
SHARON: Rey , Taani will be perfectly alright this all normal during pregnancy time.
Taani was admitted in hospital for her delivery. She was screaming in pain. Rey wanted close his ears, more than Taani he was feeling more painful. He wished to embrace her that moment and take away all pain from her, but he was helpless.
SWAYAM: Sharon is correct Rey nothing will happen our Taani pls first u stop crying.
Swayam was also scared but this is not right time for him to breakdown in front of his best friend who really needs him now.
NURSE: Sir, we need ur signature in this paper 
REY: No Swayam, I can't. how can I put sign, that if anything happens to her I won't question them. I swear Swayam I will destroy whole world if... if (again started to cry) 
NURSE: Sir, its just formality pls try to understand
SWAYAM: Rey sign those papers. I promise nothing will happen, Taani and Kid will be safe.
With SwoRon assurance Rey signed those papers.
Taani gave a birth to beautiful Boy baby.
Rey and SwaRon are now allowed to meet both Mother and baby.
Taani was happily playing with little baby in her hands.
Rey had tears watching both of them. He hugged her "I am sorry Taani, I really very sorry" fresh tears started to flow from his eyes. Taani gave a questioning look.
Swayam came and kissed her forehead. Sharon explained whole scenario what just happened outside operation theater.
TAANI: Oh oh Rey, see our baby he looks like U. see his eyes and hair its like my brother, Swaron smiles at her and baby. Lips like me and awww nose exactly like u...
(pinches Rey's nose ) and describes baby's features. Rey has no words just smiling at his sweetheart and cute baby hugged both of them. Swayam took a pic of his little sister family. 
Swayam(smiling and showing photo to Taani): Taani see ur family is now completed.
TAANI: No Bhai, our family will be completed only after our Princess arrival, I mean our girl baby.
REY(shouted): Another baby, not even in your dreams
TAANI: Rey u wanted girl baby na
REY: Haan but not in cost of ur own life
TAANI: Rey don't be kiddish
REY: This my final decision
TAANI: No I want a girl baby
REY: No we r not
TAANI: I want
SwaRon: Stop it, just now u both became parent but u guys discussing about another baby. At least from now both of u try to act as matured. 
TaaRey were embarrassed. Swayam hugged Sharon and both smiled at them.

AFTER 4 yrs
Rey was peacefully sleeping, suddenly felt someone jumping on his chest. He opened his eye, only he could smile. His little champ Aansh was jumping 
Aansh : Papa story... Story
REY: Oh My little champ needs Story. Ok first say where is ur mumma.
Aansh: Mumma In Kitchen
TAANI(from Kitchen): Rey I am working pls for some time can u handle Aansh.
REY: Of course Sweetheart. Anything for U.
Rey started to say his own love story his kid.
Ansh was partially able understand bec Rey was saying it in dramatic manner. Aansh was giggling at his father's way of describing characters. Himself as Prince, Taani as Princess and Swayam as Villain
Taani who just entered heard her brother as villain throws pillow on Rey's head. Three of them share some cute and fun moments.
Aansh was tired got into sleep. Rey was standing near window gazing at stars. Taani hugged him from back.
TAANI: Rey can I ask u one thing
REY: Hmmm
TAANI: Don't u think its time for us to think about another baby.
REY: Taani already I clearly mentioned no more babies, 
(Many time Taani tried to make him understand about having another baby but never bothered to her) by saying this Rey moved to couch. Taani was irritated.
TAANI(Stern tone): Ok then my decision is final
TAANI(Stern tone): Rape Wink
REY(Startled jumped from his place): What? Shocked
TAANI(came near to him held his collar): Don't U hear me Mr.Reyansh Signhania. I said I am going to rape u
Taani came closer to Rey, Rey moved backward resulted him to fall on couch.
Taani loosed her messy bun, unfolded her invisible collar. Jumped on him...Embarrassed
~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

He he I know all r angry on me leaving at half. Yup u guys imagine rest :)
Advance thanks to all.

Pls do like and comment your favorite part of this one :)
I want all to comment since this is end of the story :)

Add jas_TaaReyPM for further updates 

Love u all for immense support :)

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