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TaaRey 4Shots: Special Proposal(EPILOGUE up 27/1 pm later) (Page 45)

Iman_taarey Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 4:42am | IP Logged
u0date plz sevzz

Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 7:42am | IP Logged

Originally posted by princess1926

Wow... It's awesome, hilariou n sweet..
Rey's pov was really nice..
It was really cute..
Update asap

even i wanted it to be funny one :)
thanks dear :) i am happy you liked it :)
taarey_ria Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Update soon please! Smile
Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Thanks to All My lovely Readers for their immense love and support.LOL
Sorry only half of them i could reply individual Thanks. bec many wanted me to update soon, I hope u could understand.
These CHAPTER is purely dedicated all :)
ishi_gud,  ITIKAAVLANI,  vrinda-fan,  TAT_VJ,  zaryabnaqvi,  shruti1994,  gudiya_taarey,  -LoveTaaRey-,  hiralluvtaarey,  uma_taarey,  Trisha49,  akira223,  Fairy...,  saloni0805,  umangkumar13,  taarey_ria,  preety_1994,  Suhanitaarey,  jahnvi_Patel,  taanitaarey,  nikkypal,  lalLY1234,  coffeebeans--,  riachawlalko,  angelrj,  snehac2,  attraction,  Dreamer23,  nagutaarey,  qwerty012,  cresc6129,  White_Flower,  sashaTR,  zulfinazi,  anjanankuttu,  dakshumhatre,  doll_dimple,  sneharjun92,  ONLYTAAREY,  muskaataarey,  svg98,  Visk_Taarey,  sanyataraiya,  princess1926,  ANURADHATAAREYS,  umatejesh,  angelshah,  SaNa_sTaR,  Gursharn3010,  amridhi,  angel_taarey,  TR_lovebirds,  putti_taarey,  _Cupid_,  .Shanaya.,  meenu_taarey,  R.sailaja,  sanjana.sanju,  dasv,  divi_divyana,  cuppypie121,  sumana.shesha,  ShahSAIR,  tharu01,  Applef,  anitasharma,  ankita_95,  NidaJavidTaaRey,  Sona_loveVD,  Srivi01,  urvisaini,  velvetrose,  prtn,  dh19,  tamanna-azaan,  pari_goyal,  Missu_TR,  monikasaxena05,  Mon_tr,  Humzy,  Andy_Dynamite,  taani.priya1997,  disha93,  skfirdous,  princess_tara,  Priyanka.saha,  newmoon18,  dewcute,  mishtypiya,  Shubh007,  raddhi,  ...Natasha...,  Viji.Chandran,  navk,  rima4ever, 
Yup updated last part(may be). Finally Proposal on its way.
Once again my big big Thanks to all for ur wonderfull likes and comments :)
Pls Scroll down bec i need suggestion from u guys :)
And this time pls dont forget to place ur big and my happy wala comments :)

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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:11am | IP Logged
HI guys before u start reading pls tell me do u want epilogue for this 4S. Actually i never planned for one, but one of our buddy requested. If u guys wish same pls do comment sure i will get u one :)
But that will purely based on ur answer. if no then No, if Yes then sure :)
Rey started to search whole Jodhpur Express, he was extremely scared of losing her, his breathe, his angel, his love. He can't even imagine a day ahead without her. At last found Taani who was engrossed in her own world(of course her love Rey). Rey silently went towards Taani, took her bag and held her hand. Taani got startled when someone held her hands, but seeing Rey she gave an relaxed breathe yet confusion started to occupy her mind and face. With Confusion she tried to pull her hands from his grip. But his grip got even more tighter with every attempt of her.
 Taani started to shout "Rey leave my hand". Rey never gave his ears for her shouting just dragged her towards parking lot. Taani kept on shouting and making attempt to free herself...
TAANI: Rey, I said Leave my hand right now...
Rey who highly got irritated, pinned her against his car, getting closer to her ears whispered
REY: Taani, silently get inside car don't make things difficult for me
Taani can feel anger in his voice so silently got inside without any further argument.
Rey in driver seat, Taani beside him.
He came closer to her, Taani got shocked seeing him nearer to her, closed her eyes sensing his proximity. Rey gave a smirk and nodded his head slightly.
Taani opened her eyes feeling something around her waist, scene made her curve into beautiful smile. Rey was making her to wear seat belt. Taani wanted to hug him but stopped herself thinking about Rey and Kriya.
TAANI(herself): Why Rey his behaving strangely today, mmm may be Bhai would have said that I am leaving to Jodhpur due to heartbreak. Uff Bhai. He does not have any sense, he spoiled Rey's proposal.
Complete Silence between them. Rey drove his car towards Signhania's mansion.
TAANI:  Why r we here?
Rey Without answering opened side door of car and gestured her to get down.
TAANI(stern tone): No Rey, I am not coming with U anywhere. Just take me to my Bhai.
Rey folded his arm around chest, glancing at her. He sighed nodding his head and scooped her in his arms. 
Taani mouth perfectly formed O' shape and widen her eyes.
TAANI: Rey put me down, where r u taking me...What hell wrong with u?
Again started to shout and trying hard to jump from his arm. But Rey also never less to her, tightened his grip on her waist so that she can't escape. Opened his bedroom door and threw her on his bed( room was bit dark only then can see each other with help of moon light ).
TAANI: Ouch. Rey, this is not right. I know u love kriya. No need to feel guilty. I will make Bhai understand. Now I am perfectly alright.
REY: Stop it Taani. You are perfectly alright seeing me with other girl. Your Rey with other girl. (in mocking tone) Unbelievable.  
Taani  tried to register his words "YOUR REY". Same time Rey switched on lights. Taani was stunned to see her Picture filled in his room. Even collection which she does not have, middle of wall a huge hanging of their New year dance last still written below it "MY SWEETHEART".
Taani started to blink repeatedly. She came out of trance when Rey held her hands in his hands & kneeling down in front of her.
REY: First of all I am sorry my sweetheart. Pls pls forgive me
REY : Sweetheart I never loved Kriya, she is my best friend. I was in love with a girl who is now sitting in front of me.
I am in love with her for past 8 yrs.
Taani was staring into his eyes, still trying to understand his words.
REY(cupped her face without breaking eye contact): Taani, I was in love with you, I should have proposed U long back or at least accepted when u proposed me.
Tears started to brim in her eyes and started to beat him on his chest.
TAANI(crying): Why Rey, why u made me wait for these many days. Do u know how much I got hurt... hurt seeing u close with Kriya. I hate U Rey. I hate U
REY hugged her, Taani still hitting him on his chest.
REY: Bec I wanted to make a special proposal which u wanted.
Taani parted from Rey and gave a questioning look
REY(holding her hands & still on knees): Taani do u remember, once I asked u what kind of proposal U want?
Taani tried hard to remember and nodded no.
Rey explained about his Special Proposal plan
Taani felt happy, same time mad at his craziness
TAANI: Rey really u r insane. Its just a word but u took it seriously.
REY: Ur words means lot to me Sweetheart.
Taani smiled at him. She can understand that Rey loves her more than herself.
Rey took Ring from his pocket, put infront of Taani.
REY: I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU so much...
Miss.Taani Shekhawat will u be my girl friend?
Taani smiled and nods Yes, puts her hand in his.
Rey with huge grin slided Ring in her index finger and kissed her knuckle, whispering I Love U(still kissing).
TAANI: I LOVE U TOO REY, hugged him wrapping her hands around his neck.
Rey sat beside her, Taani was admiring the ring. She was feeling happiest person in whole world.
REY(smilingly): Taani, I know this not so expensive Ring but sure I will get...
Before he could complete Taani closed his mouth with her hands.
TAANI: Shhh, who said this is not expensive, Rey for me this is most precious gift in my life. I can understand ur hardwork, pain, love behind this. I Love U Rey. Pls don't every repeat those words again(with cute pout)
Rey smiled at her innocence pulled her cheeks on both side.
TAANI(continued): If someone ask to choose between U and this Ring I would choose this Ring.
Rey first smiled then understood her statement. Taani bite her tongue and ran before Rey could get her. They both started to run around bed.
REY: Taani, Sweetheart stop... stop...
TAANI(teasingly): No Rey, I have said nothing wrong and started to laugh closing her eyes and holding her stomach seeing Rey's cute angry face.
Rey came in opposite direction, when Taani felt his closness, took backward step, Rey with intense gaze came forward. Both moved until her back hit on wall, she was looking both the side how to escape. Before Taani could act, Rey blocked her way and pinned her hand above her head against the wall. One hand holding her hands and with his another hand, Rey pulled Taani's lower lip.
REY: These lips only said it would choose Ring over me. I am going to punish it (pulled her lips further)
Rey came close, Taani started to lose her sense & closed her eyes unable to hold his intense gaze anymore.
Rey placed a kiss on her forehead, slowly trailed down to her eyes, cheeks by placing wet kisses he was brushing his lips all over her face. Gave a small kiss near her lip and then pulling her lips further as much as he can, slowly moved towards her lip
......TRING ...TRING...
REY: shit (started to curse the caller)
Taani came back to her sense, pushed Rey away from her/
REY: Who the hell spoiling my Romance uhhh? (seeing  caller id) Salla
TAANI raised her eyebrow & Rey showed his mobile
Caller id showing "Swayam Calling" 
Rey took his mobile, before he could answer
SWAYAM: Rey where r U, have u met Taani, did she accepted ur proposal, have u cleared ur misunderstanding... Bombarded question on Rey
SHARON: Swayam, take a breath allow him to answer
REY: Swayam don't worry Taani is with me in my bedroom and she accepted my pro...
GANG & SWARON: Bedroom?????
VICKY: Rey U r tooo fast man(stretched word "Too")
SWAYAM possessive Bhai mode knocked his door
SWAYAM: Shut up Vicky. And Rey what the hell U r doing with my sis that too in ur bed room
NIL(teasing tone): Don't worry Swayam. If Rey is not feeling tried in morning he will say what happened
SHARON & GANG giggled at Nil's Statement
Swayam glared at them. TaaRey started to blush.
SWAYAM(to gang): You guys are disgusting, (To Mobile) Taani are U listening
TAANI: Ji Bhai
SWAYAM: I am happy for U guys. But keep one hand distance away from Rey. Did U get what I said.
TAANI: Haan Bhai
SWAYAM: And Rey, U guys should be back to Party within an hour
REY: Swayam this is not fair
SWAYAM: Everything is fair because Taani Meri Behan and no more excuse. Both should be here soon(in commanding tone)
SHARON: Oh stop ur Over possessiveness and disconnected the call
TaaRey smiled at each other. Rey once again came closer to her. But
TAANI(extending her one hand): Stay one hand distance away from me, that's my Bhai's order
REY(WTH expression)
TAANI(innocent tone): See Rey I can't disobey my Bhai
REY( raised is right eye brow and moving closer to her): Oh then y haven't U stay away from me when my "UR Bhai" warned U
Taani bite her lower lips
Rey took it as chance pulled her towards him. Taani came crashing into him and placed her hand on his chest . Without wasting another second cupped her face on both the side, placed is rough lips on her rosy lips tilted his head slightly bec not to crash with her nose. Taani slowly moved her hands around his neck pulling him more closer to her, and slightly raised herself on toes. Rey smiles and Deepened his kiss which changed into passionate one. They parted way when both felt lack of oxygen.
Rey put his forehead on her(both were panting heavily)
 REY: I Love U Sweetheart
TAANI: I Love U Rey
REY: if we stay here anymore minutes I am sure ur over protective possessive Bhai will kill me
 Taani hearing his statement gave a small hits on his shoulder.
Rey winked at her. Taani started to blush in all shades of Red. 
Rey once again pulled her closer to him wraping his arms around her waist, holding her protectively. Taani placed her head on his chest feeling completed, he placed a soft and small kiss on above her head.
Both moved toward car
End of their cute Love story oops no no beginning of New unbreakable Relation...
I hope u guys liked. sorry if not met upto expectation.
Add jas_TaaReyPM for more updates :)

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:29am | IP Logged
wow amazing update rey station gaya and taani ko haath pakadke lekhar aaya poor taani ye sab rey sxmpothy feel karahi the wow rey takes taani in his arms whole room fill with her pictures and rey ke sorry and proposal finally taarey together and their romance and talk was to good and uff ye swayam hamesh disturb kartha hain taarey ka somance ke gang part was nice one hand distance was funny rey kabi nahi mantha lastly awsome chapter and well written imp note mujhe be epiolgue chahiye thanks for the bueatifull update

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Love the story...
perfect proposal,
the end of the story...
but as u said a beginning of a perfect love story.

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..NeverGiveUp.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Very good update love it

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