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The perfect jodi : Anandi ShivRaj Shekhar and ShivRaj Shekhar


Anandi is the child bride, married at the tender age of eight. Anandi had to accept and accustom herself to a new family of strangers and accept her roles as a friend, lover, wife and a daughter in law during childhood itself under strict old customs. As a young adult, she faces new challenge of a  failed marriage. Yet, She carves out her own identity as sarpanch of Jaitsar with the support of her In laws.

ShivRaj Shekhar comes from an army background and is a man of authority. He arrives in Jaitsar as a District Collector and is an energetic, well groomed yet impatient self made man of today.

Their Journey Till Now

 The Knight in Shining Armour, Shiv enters into the life of Anandi, akin to a knight in shining armour to rescue Anandi when she was in danger. He turns out to be the Collector of the newly minted Jaitsar district...

 Shiv being the DC and Anandi, the Sarpanch initially shared a professional bond. It is Shiv, who starts to get impressed with Anandi for unique qualities she possesses. Her simplicity and charm enamours him , and his respect towards her gets manifold upon knowing that she is a "Balika Vadhu ".  ...

As days go by, Shiv is completely smitte with Anandi and is in love with her. DadiSaa , seeing a perfect life partner for Anandi in Shiv, asks him if he is willing to take her hand in marriage, and he delightfully accepts.  Yet, Anandi is against this wish and is no mood to marry, which she clarifies rather in a loud manner to Shiv., which leaves him shocked.

Yet she had to agree for marriage with him to fulfil her mother's last wish., though not in love with him.

Anandi and Shiv brave various difficult circumstances posed before them with the return of Jagdish into the life of Anandi with a wish to reconcile and have her back.

The mutual understanding and respect they share between themselves help to overcome all the odds and finally they get married in a " Samuhik Vivaah " ceremony with the blessing of all near and dear including the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.


Life as Husband & Wife...Love Blossoms...:

 After marriage,  AnSh try to adjust with their new life.  Shiv promises to give Anandi , time and space as she is still not in love with him , with the after affects of echo of her past.

Shiv's patience and perseverance bears fruit, when Anandi realizes that he is the most precious to her and that she loves him indeed. She confesses her love to him in a most beautiful manner, taking him to the same secluded place, when he rescued her, meeting her for the first time.


Together Forever...:

Shiv gets transferred to Udaipur, so they go to live in Kesarbagh with the entire Shekhar family.

They enjoy their honeymoon in the beautiful locales of Kashmir, and their life as Husband and Wife in true sense marks its beginning.

Anandi with the help of Shiv, opens an NGO which engages in making the downtrodden women self-sufficient by making use of their various skill sets. Together, they set about encountering and solving many of personal and professional challenges.

On the personal front the major issues they encounter are, Shiv's hot headed  sister Sanchi who develops dislike towards Anandi from the beginning, and a secret behind Shiv's actual parentage.With mutual trust and understanding, together they rise above the challenges with elan.

On the professional front, both Aanndi and Shiv face a myriad problems , and with un conditional support towards one another, they brave all of them and succeed in winning over the challenges.

In their one year of marriage, their relationship starts to mature and grow strong by each passing challenge., and there could not be a more loving couple.

Anandi swayed by her motherly instincts, wants to adopt a child, and with full support of Shiv, they adopt a physically challenged child , make him their Son, naming him Amol. They become the best parents ever a child could ask for ,  and he in turn fills their lives with joy. They decide to wait for the baby of their own until Amol is fit and ready to walk all by himself.

While life on the professional front goes about rather smoothly,  poses another challenge to Anandi on the personal front, in the name of Subhadra, Daddu's long last sister found and given shelterby the family, making her a member of the family. Her dislike and hatred for Anandi continues to be a hurdle , Anandi is yet to surpass.

Her journey is on... along with her true soul mate Shiv, the child bride who rose like a phoenix from the ashes of a failed child marriage, after making a special place in the home and hearts of erstwhile in laws ( Singhs ), cherished today by her current in laws ( Shekhars ) , becoming a loving and ideal mother to little Amol .

Anandi's heart over flows with love for Shiv and Shiv has his eyes only for Anandi.

Theirs is a bond whose foundation is friendship, faith and mutual trust. They need not talk much, yet can convey deep thoughts. They need not be loud, yet can make a definite impression. And this is the reason, AnSh are a unique and most prized couple in the Hindi telly world.

This Thread is to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of " AnSh" relationship, which is all about "Balance".  A balance of  - Head and Heart, Emotions and Practicality, Handsomeness and Normalcy, Love and Passion, Patience and Impulsiveness.

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    Follow IF rules, ie no. abusive language, no explicit contents.  No bashing stuff of any character or member not even for fun - Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned from AnSh AT without any notice. Don't use big fonts while posting. It will be considered as shouting.  Do not make any comment in new AT until previous one does not end. Please don't say only hi or bye, try to mention AnSh in every post.  Do not discuss other than AnSh and BV show. Do not bring discussions/issues that happen on the Main Forum to the AT. Avoid extra quoting.(not more then 3) ' it decreases pages loading speed and also make post untidy to read.  Read entire page of AnSh At. If you have problem with any member in AT, them pm  pratiksha (Don_theEvil) or dixie123 but dont create issue in AT over this.
  • Makers of the AT have right to ban any member if they are found repeatedly breaking rules of the AT.




For AnSh:
*  Kachuas
*  Turtledoves


For Anandi:
*  Mallika-e-Jaitsar
*  Teacherjee
*  Casnovi
*  Bheegi billi


For Shiv:
*  Lambhu
*  Kambha
*  Pahad/Khoobsurat pahad
*  Traffic signal/light
*  Fruit salad
*  Banana split with cherry on top
*  Golden banana
*  Gulab jamun
*  Halwa
*  Jalebi
*  Tomato
*  Karela
*  Neem chada
*  Khargosh/Bunny rabbit
*  Teddy bear/Pink teddy
*  Blushing machine
*  Casanova
*  Mandakini
*  Majnu
*  Bechara
*  Bechara casanova
*  Bhukkad
*  Golmol
*  Khadoos
*  Muchewale Anandi
*  Mr Rotlu
*  Hatta katta jawan
*  Laadla/Laadesaar


For Vikram
*  Vicky
*  Bhooth
*  Mahaasur muche
*  Vamp


*  Godzilla
*  Joru ka Ghulam


For Anandi:
*  Mother India
*  Jagatmata
*  Mrs. Mahan
*  Ms. Know-it-all
*  Bhasanjee


For Shiv:
*  Joru ka ghulam (?)
*  Mr Mahan

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  • Ansh visit orphanage to distribute warm clothing, spot Bablu a special child in wheel chair. Ansh discuss adopting Bablu with KB - 6th Jan 2014
  • Anandi is preparing for the child to stay with them. Anandi suggests name Amol for Bablu. Shiv teases Anandi that Amol will be her priority and wants atleast 10% pyaar. A kisses S on his cheeks, hugs and assures him that he will always get 100% love  -7th january 2014. 
  • Anandi is in tears as A fears that Saanchi's negative reaction during the social worker's visit would hamper the adoption process. -8th January 2014.
  • Shiv consoles A and requests her to get ready for their 1st wedding anniversary party - 9th Jan2014
  • Ansh wedding anniversary celebrations begin. Anandi is sad but successfully hides her unhappiness. Exchange garlands- party begins. Orphanage children and social worker come with Amol -anandi's surprise gift - Ansh are happy 10th Jan 2014.  
  • Ansh shares their thoughts on why they want to adopt Amol -13th Jan2014    
  • Ansh spending night in Lake palace hotel, frequent calls from family playing prank on them -14th Jan 2014
  •  Anandi naughtily puts an end to the endless calls saying that the route is busy. Ansh complete Amol's adoption process, ready to take Amol home - 15th Jan 2014
  • Amol's welcome in KB. Amol calls Anandi maa - happy family pics of Anshmol - 16th Jan  2014
  • Anandi -Amol playing with toy car. Amol sad and frustrated. Shiv comes with a remote controlled car- Amol is happy with it. - 17th Jan 2014
  • Ansh discuss abt Saanchi accompanying them to Ganga's Godbharai. Shiv winks at A and says it is Amol's time - 20th Jan. 2014
  • Shiv -Amol -Anandi -tickling scene -24th Jan 2014
  • Amol falls from his chair. Gets nightmare- Ansh console Amol - 28th jan 2014  
  • Anandi is worried about Amol. Shiv gets a puppet for Amol. Anandi gets Amol ready -29th Jan 2014  
  • Ansh visit doctor for Amol who suggests a complete line of treament. Ansh and Amol visit Amol's first home- Amol's puppet show - Amol proudly tells that his papa taught him - children clap for Shiv 30th Jan 2014
  •  Amol's admission to school - some children bully Amol - Anandi talks to Amol about how he should be strong -31st Jan 2014
  • AnSh skip party as they do not want to disturb Amol's sleep. S figures out that A is worried about Saanchi. A shares with S all that she found out about Saanchi -7th February 2014
  • AnSh discuss filing FIR to report crime against Saanchi 13th Feb 2014
  • AnSh watch news about DS fighting for college land in Jaitsar. Shiv says he is proud of DS and finds the same determination to fight for justice and courage in A - 17th February
  •  Shiv consoles Anandi and says he is proud of what A is doing for the family - 25th February
  • Anandi worried about Saanchi. Shiv tells her that Saanchi needs a positive goal - 4th March
  • After convo with Dadisa, Anandi is worried. Shiv tells Anandi that they will Jaitsar. Ansh jaitsar trip - March 27, 2014
  • Anandi worried about children made to beg. Wants to rehabilitate them. Shiv tells her not to take risks and will send plainclothes police along - March 29th, 2014
  • Anandi rescues children who are forced to beg with Shiv's help. Shares her worries for such children with Shiv, reveals that she was shot in childhood when she rescued Jagya from such a racket - 31st March
  • Anandi wants Shiv to help Amol with his studies. Gets angry when she finds them in kitchen dancing to music -finds that  Shiv is explaining science concept to Amol, A apologises -2nd April
  • Shiv pretends that he is unhappy with Anandi accompanying Suhasini to Mumbai - later says that he completely understands her -3rd April
  • Shiv explains to Amol how they should support Anandi in her good work. Ansh get emotional when Amol says he was an orphan earlier. They comfort him saying that he has a family now. - 5th April
  • Shiv and Anandi dance during Saanchi's sangeet - 9th April
  • Ansh Besharam Kahike moment - 12th April
  • Beggar lady kidnaps Amol -Anandi distraught. Shiv begins search - 14th April
  • Anandi and Shiv find the abandoned van used by kidnappers - 15th April Shiv is frustrated  and angry as leads fail. Ansh are touched by Amol's friends gesture who are distributing missing pamphlets - 17th April
  • Shiv addresses media, leaves message for Amol that he will find him- Amol watches the interview and tells Tinku that somehow they have to escape  -18thApril
  • Tinku manages to contact Anandi, Ansh with the help of police rescue Amol - beggar gang is caught -19th April
  • Shiv plays prank on Anandi. Takes her out and shows the place where he is planning to build a holiday home for them. Ansh have romantic moments - 21st April
  • Amol spots lipstick marks on Shiv's collar, Ansh are embarrassed - April 22nd
  • Ansh phone convo about J standing for elections. - Anandi plans to campaign for J - 25th April
  • AnShMol convo - Anandi is in Jaitsar to support J, Anandi shares Heth's plans to hurt and defame J and A - 29th April
  • Shiv asks Anandi to stay back and fight against Heth's plans - 1st May
  • Shiv reaches Jaitsar with proof of morphed pic, foils Heth's plans - 2nd and 3rd May 2014
  • Anandi is hurt when she finds out that Shiv forgot to pickup Amol - May 7th and 8th 
  • AnSh patchup after misunderstanding - 10th May
  • Anandi in Jaitsar to be with DSa during Heth Singh's son murder case - Ansh convo - Shiv asks her to be brave - 13th May
  • AnShMol video call as Amol is missing Anandi - 14th May
  • AnSh phone convo, support each other, discuss DSa -16th May
  • Anandi is successful in waking up Gulli, DSa is freed after J and S find evidence  -17th May
  • Amol is locked up and shocked AnSh find him in terrified state - May 19th
  • AnShMol are in BH, Sumitra and Bhairon leave for US - 28th May
  • AnSh fix dinner date, Anandi comes across Shiv consoling Rasika - 31st May and
  •  June 2nd
  • Shiv slaps Rasika, Rasika accuses Shiv of misbehaviour - 4th June
  • Narendra comes to KB and demands that Shiv apologize - 6th June
  • AnSh are in trouble as Rasika and Brijesh set fire to NG - 7th June
  • Shiv is feeling guilty abt Narendra's death, is suspended - 10th June
  • AnSh meet Buaji's bhajana mandali, Anandi is angry with bua and bhajanmandali talking ill abt Shiv - June 13th
  • Anandi confronts Rasika - 15th June
  • Amol tries to cheer up Shiv - June 16th
  • Trial starts - 18th and 19th June
  • AnSh visit temple and get to know that Narendra had phobia of fire - 23rd June
  • Shekhars discuss the latest info and Shiv concludes that it is murder - 24th June 
  • AnSh get call details of Narendra and speak to his friend - 25th June
  • DB speaks ill of AnSh, Daddu defends AnSh - 26th June
  • Case is resolved, Shiv proved innocent  - 28th June
  • Shiv decorates their room with ILU and thank u cards, AnSh romantic moment - 30th June
  • Police raid Pramila's dance school, Anandi questions police, AnSh argue abt raid - 8th July
  • Shiv informs Anandi that she will discover Pramila's real face - 10th July
  •  Anandi discovers Pramila's duplicity - 11th July
  • Anandi apologizes, gets movie tickets - July 12th
  • Movie effect - Shiv gets romantic - July 14th
  • Shiv gets tea for Anandi - Anandi shares her worries abt Gauri in J'sar - 31st July
  • Anandi shares with Shiv about Saanchi, AnSh assure Sa that they will always be there for her - 2 August  2014
  • Ansh help in exposing Saurabh, celebrate Daddu's 75th Birthday - 7th August
  • Anandi trying to pull the curtain, shiv helps, romantic moments - 9th August
  • Anandi discovers Hardik's shirt hidden by DB, confronts DB, Shiv stands by Anandi -11th August
  • DB apology drama. Anandi checking Amol's homework, Shiv in study is distracted and gestures her to join him - 12th August
  • DB starts feeding drug laced laddus as prasad to Anandi. Anandi calls Shiv and asks him to make travel plans and in the evening is surprised that she made such calls - 13th August
  • Shiv gifts gold chain to Anandi on Teej - 14th August
  • Anandi calls Shiv and asks him to book for a late night movie -15th August
  • Shiv defuses time bomb  - 16th August
  • Anandi tells Shiv that DB has accepted to eat in glass plates, calls her Dokri, Shiv is shocked at her choice of words - 20th August
  • Anandi in drugged state wants Shiv to get pizza only for herself and Amol, says Phir Se jeene ki tamannah - 22nd August
  • Anandi leaving for Jaitsar for Tausa's barsi - DB gives a box of drug laced laddus - 23rd August
  • Anandi in BH, Anshmol convo abt - 27th August
  • Ansh terrace scene - Amol interrupts, next day Gajra Chaturdashi celebrations begin. DB feeds more powerful drug to A who is not in her senses - 29th August
  • Anandi declares her love for Shiv loudly, Shekhars are embarassed, next day Anandi apologizes for her behaviour, Shiv fixes doc appointment 30th August
  • Anandi in drugged state keeps gas on, is hurt when she is accused of being irresponsible -2nd September
  • Anandi dances in the rain, shares the gas incident with Shiv - 3rd September
  • Anandi finds herself on the water tank top, Anandi shares it with Shiv, Shiv concerned, worried, Doc advises blood test - 5th September
  • Anandi gets the blood report, is shocked to find presence of cocaine in her blood, shares with Shiv and family who are shocked -8th September
  • Shiv gets all food items tested, Anandi has nightmares, Shiv comforts Anandi, doc tells Anandi to keep a record of what she eats and to be careful- 9th september
  • Anandi sends the prasad laddo for testing, shiv collects reports and is shocked to find drugs in laddoos -10th September
  • Shiv wants to question DB, Anandi remembers how DB behaved strangely when Anandi fed her the laddo, decide to catch her red handed -11th September
  • DB admits to drugging anandi, Shiv blasts DB, but Anandi does not want the family to know considering Daddu- 12th September
  • AnSh search for the quack medicine seller, but he has escaped -13th September
  • Anandi suffers from drug withdrawal - Shiv blasts DB, Hardik overhears -19th September
  • Hardik and Gulli tell Ansh that they are going back to Americas - 20th September
  • Ansh share choco milkshake - 24th September
  • Shiv scares Anandi as ghost - 25th September
  • AnSh try to set right curtain - 26th September
  • Anandi feeds Shiv as he requests personalized service - 27th September
  • Palash the famous painter invited to KB, sees his Venus in Anandi, his obsession with A begins - October 4th
  • Ansh invited to dinner by Palash who moots the idea of Anandi to model for him  October 6th
  • KB family member discuss abt A modelling for Palash, Daddu says it is up to A to decide who reluctantly agrees, S asks her autograph - 7th October
  • Palash requests Shiv to leave A alone, A feels extremely uneasy during the entire time she is modelling. P purposely messes the painting.  Later A shares her discomfort with S who tries to lighten her mood  - 8th October
  • P shows A painting of a woman in western attire  as a model, A blasts the painter, Shiv is angry and declines dinner invitation from Palash 9th oct
  • Ansh dinner date ballroom dance, Palash spots them and pledges to separate Anandi from Shiv -10th Oct
  • P sends painting of Anandi in western attire to KB, all are shocked - 11th October
  • Anandi blasts P on phone, P drags away A from KB to show her his Venus, Shiv comes to A's rescue - 13th Oct
  • Shiv pats A to sleep. gets P's call from a private number - 14th Oct
  • Shekhars handle media who question Shiv about Palash - 15th Oct
  • Painter's blank calls to A, threatens her that she will be kidnapped on Diwali day and take her away to Paris. Shiv consoles A - 16th oct
  • Shiv emails Palash info to CM who promises that he will be deported. A gets nightmare that P has shot Shiv and is taking her away. S comforts her. P visits A in Bhaili and threatens A - 17th Oct
  • S shares with A about his convo with CM abt P's deportation and assures her sagety - 18th Oct
  • Anshmol celebrating Diwali, Palash kidnaps Anandi -20th oct, 2014
  • Shiv rescues A, A makes Palash realize that he is living in imaginary world -21st oct
  • Ansh scene -realize that they cannot live without each other -21st oct
  • Palash apologizes for his behaviour and gifts the Venus painting to Shiv -22nd oct
  • Ansh discuss how to keep Anup busy, A suggests that he can volunteer in Bhaili -24th Oct
  • Ansh on icecream date -29th Oct
  • A is sad, in tears about Anup quitting Bhaili, S consoles her 31st Oct
  • Shiv makes breakfast for A - 6th November
  • Daddu divides his property except KB, between Alok and Anup, Ansh unhappy with the developments - 7th November
  • A's sixth sense that something is wrong with the thought of property division, discusses it with Shiv -7th Nov
  • Ansh try to convince Anup to refuse property division, anup declines- 8th Nov
    • Ansh discuss abt their holiday home and decide to surprise Shekhars after it is complete - 17th Nov
    • Shiv gets a new ghagra for A  - 18th Nov
    • A's ghagra gets stuck in car, Amol in his bid to help A regains use of his legs- 19th Nov
    • Ansh worried about Anup working with corrupt people - 24th Nov
    • Ansh 'nazar uttarna' scene -29th Nov
    • Ansh discuss Sabra problem - 4th dec
    • A shares her doubts about Jyothi a child working in Shiv's colleague's home -5th dec
    • A finds out that Jyothi is being illtreated and calls up Shiv to rescue her - 6th Dec
    • Ansh rescue Jyothi from child labour - 8th December
    • Anandi sees Bhaili tender file with Anup, silently goes off- shares info with S. S-Anup convo in the library-10th Dec
    • S shares his hurt with A and tells her that though he loves his family he cannot compromise with his principles and ethics. - 11th December
    • S decides to call Anup as his father for the sake of family peace, shares his pain with A -December 17th
    • Ansh in Bilaria as Khajan is sick. Convince him to come to Udaipur - 25th December
    • A overhears DB badmouthing about K and her to Anup. Tells S that as family members are not comfortable they must shift K to hospital. S understands who is behind the problem and tells A to look after K as he needs her the most. - 27th December 2014

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A year ago or thereabouts a story began which captured hearts, minds and souls.  The story seemed simple enough, a man leaping to the rescue of a woman on a runaway chariot.  A knight in shining armor coming to the aid of a damsel in distress.  Yet how were we to know that what we saw next was the beginning of something wondrous?  Something magical?

We knew it was coming.  This man, this rescuer, this knight.  We knew he would save her and become her Surya Badal.  We knew that one day, some day, she would fall for this prince and he for her.  What we perhaps didn't expect was just how hard we would fall for them.  And fall we did.


  This couple, this jodi, gave us something so precious and special.  Two more beautiful and meant-to-be characters I had never seen.  Two halves of a whole as they say.  It was in their looks, their talks and the moments they shared together.  Moments that made us smile, cry, dance and slowly go mad.  We waited with baited breath for the next glimpse.  That next moment.  And once we saw it, we watched it again and again.  We daydreamed, we blushed, we hummed to ourselves and forgot where we were.  It was almost as if we were falling in love ourselves.

Their love went from strength to strength and so did our pagalpan.  We shared in their tribulations and triumphs.  We made them our own.  They didn't just exist on our screens but in our hearts.  And just as they built their castle of dreams, so did we; about them, their lives ahead and their bond with one another.  Finally, we saw their love beginning to bloom and we rejoiced thinking our dreams were about to a become reality for our beloved AnSh.

But just as quickly as that dream came true, our castle was shaken to its core.  All that we had yearned for, waited for and were on the verge of realizing was collapsing in front of our eyes.  We stood by helpless as forces stronger than us seemingly swept away these characters who had stolen our hearts.  What happened and why it happened, we may never get a satisfactory answer.  And even now, asking that question of why still hurts.

But what I know for sure is that the love and appreciation that we have for these two characters and their story has made us persevere through this difficult time.  We waited and waited to see our AnSh again.  We held on, with an almost blind faith, that they would come back.  Sometimes it felt like they would never return and our hopes were for nothing.  And yet at other times, we felt the joy of seeing beloved friends again and our patience was rewarded.

They say time is a great healer but how much time and how much healing is required is unknown.  We fell to the ground from high above but we managed to drag ourselves to our feet.  The story continued and we waited.  Some of us soared again and returned to that magical place we all once were.  Some rise and fall carried on the wings of hope whilst others are still left waiting patiently on the ground.  What we share in common is that we are all still holding on.  This determination, faith and hope, more than anything, shows just how wonderful these two characters and their story is.  That despite everything that went awry and still continues to go off tangent, we still believe that AnSh lives.  On our screens, in our imagination and in our hearts.

We'll forgive a thousand wrongs for one beautiful moment and we'll look for the magic where others say there is none.  We've all been left changed in unexpected ways.  It's hard to look back because it makes us think of what once was but isn't anymore.  It's easier to look forward but how can we truly do so without looking back in appreciation of how far they and we have come.  I hope one day all of us will be able to see all the beautiful moments of AnSh that made us believe in love, destiny, soul mates and magic.  On that day, the pain and remorse we carry in a corner of our hearts will be surpassed by wonder again but until that day we still have each other and this AT to bolster us and continue on.  Just as AnSh's dark night had a beautiful dawn so will we ours.  All we need is them and each other.

All credit for the avis goes to the lovely Khushi.  With special thanks to all the current and past members of the AnSh AT and BV forum who have inspired me with their beautiful posts over the last year.  I only dare to tread lightly on the path walked upon by the greats.

love, PayaliyaHeart

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Hai New AT
Was searching for something else in google and got this one


Real nahi hai -some body must have done some editing

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