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IshRa two shot: Aise tera mai...jaise mera tu!!!

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 8:21am | IP Logged

Took a break because its Christmas ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap and I wanted to do what I loved the most EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ie write

its a two shot, I hope i don't disappoint my readers. Its partly taken from a story i read years ago, i can't even remember half of it, so credit goes to that story.Not proof read so please excuse the errors

Aise Tera Main... Jaise Mera Tu...!!!

Kolkata, India, 1994 :

Ishita Iyer was a busy woman today. It was her best friend Mihika's wedding and Ishita has been doing all the arrangements. She took a day off from her clinic and left Ruhi at her kind colleague and neighbor Mani's home. Ruhi had resisted initially but Ishita promised her that Mani would be taking Ruhi to the wedding when the function starts.

Mihika Chatterjee, Ishita's sole support system in the buzy city of Kolkata was having the worst day of her life. Yes it was her wedding day and she was supposed to be happy but everything was going so wrong today, the roses were replaced with lilies, her wedding blouse didn't fit her anymore and above that her buddhu ram wasn't picking up her calls. Among all these she knew there was one person who wouldn't let anything go wrong today, Ishita her best friend, the strongest woman she ever met. She smiled remembering the first time she had met Ishita in her medical school, to her horror Ishita fainted right infront of her in the college gate. She then took her to a local clinic and had then brought her home. Her mother loved Ishita. Ishita would drop Ruhi home when she was at college or when she went for her part time job, all their time together had made them soul sisters. And now, seven years later, she couldn't remember a day without meeting or talking to the mother-daughter duo, they were the cutest thing on earth.


"Ishu this blouse doesn't fit, what will I do now... A fat fat bride" wailed Mihika

"Mihu sweety its not you, it's the tailor who got it wrong, you look beautiful. Don't worry, just call Mihir, its your stress that's making you talk like this" Ishita tried to calm her down

"That buddhu ram..." mihika wailed louder "He isn't picking up my calls. This is such an important day for us and he is busy romancing his BHAI" mihika cursed him under her breath  "anyways you need to get ready too, and remember what I told you? You need to wear this laal paar saari' in Bengali style, trust me pataka lagogi... now shhhooo off you go, the functions are about to start, enough work for the day"

(P.s: laal paar saari is the famous benali white saree with red border, Imagine ashwariya in devdas)

Ishita was tired, she quickly changed to the saree mihika had given her and put some minimum make-up on. Her long hair was let loose. She then rushed to Mihika's side to take her down to the mandap. Climbing down the stairs, she made light talks with Mihika to reduce her stress and she succeeded in making her smile.

"Ishu dekh that's Mihir's bhai" mihika motioned "God, he already feels like a saut. Mihir takes his name more than he takes mine" she complained

Ishita laughed heartily at that and turned to look at the source of Mihika's annoyance only to have her heart-beat stop.


He was visiting the city of Kolkata for the first time and he must admit that he felt a sense of serenity in here. Mihir's wedding was something he couldn't miss for the world. He was with him through thick and thins. So here he was a part of Mihir's 'borjatri' standing at the mandap where everyone was waiting for the bride to arrive.

When things hushed up all of a sudden, he looked up to see the bride climbing down the stairs. But what caught his breath was the brides-maid. He stood there drinking her sight, her hair had grown longer than ever, her face glowed with a hidden mischief as she whispered something to the bride, her eyes rounded and her pulp lips pouted in response. The bride looked at him and whispered something back to her, that's when she looked at him, her laughter halted midway as lines of recognition covered her face. He wanted to smile at her or maybe wave but all he did was stare into her eyes.

 He saw her look away and concentrate on the bride as she helped the bride sit on the mandap. She then moved away and stood by the bride.

Midway through the ritual, he saw her move away and hurried towards the banquet hall. He followed her.


She left Mihika's side to check on the last minute arrangements. Her head felt dizzy with the turmoil of the day, she was about to hold a nearby table for support when she felt a pair of hands on her waist. She held to the hand in reflex

"You need food" the voice said

She turned back to look at him. She slowly moved out of his hold and took two steps back "I'm fine"

He put his hands inside his pockets and spoke unsurely "So, how are you?"

"I would have told you how I was had I not been so sure that you don't really care about how I was"

His face softened "I've been looking for you everywhere, where did you disappear?"

"Well isn't it way too early for you to look for me, you could've looked for a couple of more years. I wouldn't have been dead by then"

"Hey there Raman I've been looking for you, come Mihir wants to talk to you" Shagun, Mihir's sister said with a ultra-sweet voice as she pulled him by his hand

"One second Shagun, I'm buzy now" Raman said irritated

"No, Mr Bhalla, I think you should attend to your friend, I'll have to look at the food arrangements" she smiled at Shagun and left.

Raman cursed shagun under his breath

"Wow, isn't she pretty?" Shagun exclaimed "Mihika's best friend, how do you know her?"

"She's an old friend" Raman said, he looked towards Ishita and saw her talking animatedly to a child who was accompanied by a man. He sighed and turned away, now that he had finally found her, he would make sure to never let her out of his sight.


She reached her office after dropping Ruhi to school. Her receptionist informed her that, a certain 'Raman Kumar Bhalla' had called seven times since morning asking her to give the doctor's personal number. The receptionist proudly announced that she had told the man off.

Despite her condition, Ishita couldn't help but smile at the innocent soul she hired. She thanked her and made way to her cabin.

She had known that he would try to contact. Last night his desperate eyes told her that he was indeed searching for her. But it was too late now; he wasn't there when she needed him the most and now she neither wanted nor needed him in her little world. Yes he now had acquired all that he had left her for, wealth, fame and what not. He was always there in the business section of papers and sometimes even on the gossip columns and TV, but he was no more in her heart. He left with a promise that he could never fulfill.

She was brought back from her memories when the land phone of her cabin sprung to life.

"Hello, Dr. Ishita Iyer speaking"

"Thank god you picked up the phone. I thought I would be stuck to this phone booth forever" a relieved Raman said

"This is office hour, why have you called now?" she said in a business like tone

"Fine then, I'll meet you at your home. Give me the address"

No he couldn't go to her home, Ruhi would be there "I can't do that"

"I really need to talk to you"

"look I don't want to talk to you alright" she said "there is nothing to talk"

"There is a lot to talk Ishu"

"Don't call me that"

"I do have the right to call my wife whatever I want to"

"What wife?"

"don't deny, I still have our wedding picture and I'm sure you have saved that too"

She was taken aback, she didn't expect him to remember her afterall he ditched her for his dreams

"I'll meet you at the coffee house at 2" she said and kept the receiver down.


She made her way through the narrow stairs into coffee house and saw him waiting for her in a corner of the hall. She made her way to him

"Its such a crowded place, shouldn't we go to some place which is more private" he said looking around

"No, I prefer this" she said "Can we get over with whatever business you called me for"

"Alright" he took a deep breath "where did you disappear Ishu"

She smirked sadly "Where did I disappear? Really? I can't believe you are saying that. The man who left me to pursue his dreams of masking money, the man who didn't bother to look back to see whether I'm alive or dead"

"I sent letters to you, every week, didn't you get them?" he asked shocked

"Oh so you want to mend things by lying on my face don't you... your imaginary letters never reached me Mr Bhalla" she mocked

"No Ishu please trust me, I did write to you every week after I reached Bombay. I didn't have money for the first three weeks, but after that, I got a part time job and the first thing I did was to write to you writing how sorry I was to fight with you on the last day. I didn't know you didn't get the letters. I thought you were angry and hence didn't write back" he murmured the last part to himself.

"I left home two weeks after you went away" she said slowly

He looked up at her "That's why I didn't find you there when I returned after three months. I went to your home and your appa was so broken, he said he didn't know where you went" he continued "I've been searching for you since then with whatever little resource I had"

She looked into his eyes, for the first time unsure and afraid of what lied ahead. The scars of her past were too deep to be forgotten.

After a long pause, she said "Maybe that's what destiny wanted Raman. I've moved on, its time you move on too" with that she took her purse and made her way to the exit.

He followed her down the stairs and cornered her there "Mrs Ishita Raman Bhalla, I haven't looked for you like a madman for seven years to simply move on once I find you. If you don't remember, let me remind you that you are still my wife"

She tried to push him away but he held both her hands and put them behind her "Leave me, there wasno official wedding"

"Ofcourse no official wedding but I have enough evidences to drag you to court to prove my point" he said

"you won't do that"

"Of course I'll" he softened "please tell me what's holding you back, I know you still love me"

"No, I don't. I've moved on Raman. After living through the hell that you put me in, I survived. You aren't the center of my universe anymore" tears threatened to come out of her eyes "I forgive you Raman, but the scars of our past are too deep to be forgotten"

"Then let me heal you, sweetheart" with that he took her mouth into his.



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twerping IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful story! Liked the touches of Bengali culture! Looking forward to the next part! Day Dreaming

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Ms.Bholi_Bhaali IF-Rockerz

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awsme ts :) :)
thnx 4 the pm...

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aviana Senior Member

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awesome yaar loved it

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maya252 Senior Member

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Originally posted by twerping

Wonderful story! Liked the touches of Bengali culture! Looking forward to the next part! Day Dreaming

thanks Smile i didn't know any other culture that well, so used my own Embarrassed

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Originally posted by hasiniangel

Brillaint story

Soul_Stirrer Goldie

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You come with such amazing concepts that one is compelled to read. The passion you bring out is so amazing. I loved loved loved it. I want to see how he heals herEmbarrassedwaiting for next part

Edited by Scribble_Tweety - 25 December 2014 at 9:25am

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beautifully written...

plz update nxt part ...
waiting eagerly

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