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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 8)

Uma90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2015 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Ok found  some pics of Pregnant woman with her husbands WinkWink pls imagine them as PP LOL

Below are my fav pics... ( the actor is a south actor) He took some lovely pics with his preggy wife last year... Embarrassed thought of posting here too...  If only Shaheer & Pooja can be like this one day Day DreamingBlushing

Bunny Pushing Wife's Scooter


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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2015 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shriya95

Originally posted by Radhikerani

<font color="#0000FF" size="2" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Wow !! Lovely Update !! Loved Gandhari And Bhavaani's Effort, Though Futile, To Cure The Trio Of Their Curious Disease Of Ruining Other People !! Now I Hope This Viraat Wouldn't Fall Into Their Trap !

P.S. A Question, Who Made This Wonderful Avi Stack ?
mj7MB9e.jpg (GIF Image, 536580 pixels)

I'd Like To Tell Her How Beautiful It Is ! Day Dreaming
Found it on tumblr proteeti :)

Think Hai, Thanks !
Shriya95 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2015 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Uma!!!! Bunny's pics r sooo cute!!! N his name is also arjun!! Wink

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Uma90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2015 at 4:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shriya95

Uma!!!! Bunny's pics r sooo cute!!! N his name is also arjun!! Wink

Exactly WinkWink see the connection... 

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Sonatia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2015 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Superb updt Sriyadii.loved every bit of it...cont soon!!!
AikaSheikh Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Nice Update, Shriya! SmileSmileactivate javascript
Poor Panchali, she missed her Parth so much. Please, make them together again CryCry
And I'm curious, what would the Trio do this time? AngryAngry

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MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Chapter 112

"Look who is back???" Ghatto turned his head to the direction of the voice. He readily jumped from his place on seeing his chachi there with a giant ice cream pack. Pritha, daadi and daadu smiled at her. "Beta you could ve stayed a little longer with Mr. Drupad!!" "No daadu.. Its okay. Dad is actually worried about me at work. So after the initial blue prints plans of the new project he gave the hard sections to Dhris and left me only easy ones. I can do it from here with my assistant daadu. No need to go to dad's office. So many things are pending in office here too.". Pritha shook her head hearing this. "Office work will never end. You are supposed to think of your baby now. Not office. I m sure priyamwada will not let you move a paper weight and your father too is careful. Actually you came here to escape all those na???" "No maa..  Saccchi no..." She held her throat and promised. "This time i am with pritha. She is right. Now you need to be careful." Daadi went near to her. Ghatto have already ran to her and is trying to catch the ice cream pack which Panchali has and she is juz pulling it up as ghatto jumps for it. Daadi took her face in her hands and checked her eyes. "You are not sleeping???? Your eyes..." Panchali gave up the ice cream pack and ghatto ran with it to the kitchen. She took daadi's hands "i m fine daadi.. It's juz that the baby is more active at night." "Ha ha. Babies are like that only.Thats why new borns sleep all day long and start their play during nights".

Ghatto came with ice cream in his hand and he is already eating it. "Eat less baby... You will catch cold. Its already low temperature here." Pritha called the maid and took back some ice cream. Ghatto was not happy with it and he just slashed his toy away and ran inside. "The big guy is angry!!!" Said daadu and went behind him.  "He is adament these days and Hema is letting him do whatever he wants. That is not like her. Something is not right". Pritha started to feel worried. "If something is up they will tell us pritha. Trust them". Daadi assured.


"Kuruvansh...!!! Ummm... Any kind of relation with Kuruwar family???" Mr. Virat asked with a pleasant face. Dury's face clouded by hearing that question. "Here too the same family. What is with these people.??". Dury was about to answer but shakuni suddenly crossed him and answered the query. "Yes.. Yes... We are family friends..". Dury looked stunned. Shakuni kept his hand over his and winked. "Yes.. Mr. Virat.. My father is Mr.Pandu Kuruwar's close friend." added Dury. "Oohh i see thats where i saw you. At one of their wedding receptions. I'm Yudi Kuruwar's batch mate. We have done some business too. So lets get to business then.". Dury smiled. "Yes... We have prepared a presentation. If you dont mind..." "Yes.. Of course carry on..." Mr. Virat asked for the conference room to be set and Karn did the presentation. Shakuni literally wanted to butcher Karn for he exactly showed the state of their company.

"You expect me to invest in this sinking ship????" Virat asked leaning on his chair. "Yes Mr. Virat. I showed you how we are without your investment. But we haven't said you what will happen with your investment." Then karn did his magic of showing Mr.Virat what he plans to do with his money. Even though shakuni was not interested in Karn's plans he supported him. All he need is virat's money and his dear Dury back in business.


"Checking out Paarth jeeji???" Panchali was stunned by subhadra's voice and she turned around. Panchali is sitting in the living room. "No I didnt get time to see my own wedding album in peace." Subhadra too joined Panchali. "When did this happen??? Ghatto n vedhi...!!!". Subhadra's eyes popped on seeing ghatto with Balram's 2yr old baby girl. 

"Ha ha.. Looks like my nephew went too early than his uncles." "Na jeeji.. All you need is the surname. The family itself is romance maniacs. No wonder he got invited personally by my niece to her bday party." Panchali blushed as subhadra winked at her. "Where is the newly weds??? Off to honeymoon???" "No... They are at bhabhi's place".

Subhadra went to pritha and after sometime came with another photo album. "You should see this. ghatto reminded me of our days." She started to show baby pictures of all. "And guess who is this???" Panchali's eyes softened on seeing the cute baby "awwhhh paarth look sooo cute!!!" "not that pic Jeeji.. This one!!". Panchali couldnt recognize who it is.

After a few seconds "don't tell me this chubby cutey is you!!!". "I really cant do that jeeji. That is me!!" "Aawwwhhh you are sooo chubby cutey goody goody..."Panchali pulled subhadra's cheeks. "Jeeji... You have something for me??" "Ummm no..." Panchali made a fake don't-care face" but burst out laughing the next minute. "Its on my dressing table. Dhris specially asked me to take good care of it." Subhi ran to draupadi's room.

Juz then ghatto stormed inside from the lawn. "Is mama home???" "No sweetie!! You want something??" "Naa..." He again ran inside to his room. Juz then hema came from office. She have a file in her hands and she is looking too tired. "Bhabhi you should take a break!!" Panchali said. "No.. Its juz today i had to go around so many places...lemne go and freshen up" Hema left with a faint smile. She came back in a few moments and the maid brought some foid for her by panchali's order.  Even before hema knew it ghatto jumped on to her lap and started to ask random questions. "Mama did you buy it??? What will i wear?? Will they have games there??" "Hold on... I juz came in na..." But ghatto was not listening. He was all jumping up and down and he hit her hand a d the tea cup fell on the carpet. "GHATTTO..." Hema raised her voice. Everyone was stunned at this. Ghatto was equally shocked. He looked at her with tear filled eyes and ran inside to pritha crying aloud. Hema juz sat on the her chair with her hand on her forehead. "What am i doing!!!". She have never raised her voice at ghatto. She herself have no idea what is happening. She stood up and went behind ghatto. After a long convincing and offering him a full bowl of ice cream ghatto stopped his wail.

"No.. You cannot leave today. Panchali is all alone. No.." Pritha said her final word to Ramesh and Neelam, the cook and maid in the kitchen. All the other servants have gone and they are only left to leave the house. Panchali who was there at the kitchen for her hot chocolate heard this. "Let them go maa. Paarth is coming back from Mumbai. He will be here before 7." "I know beta. But the fogs on Delhi. You can never trust them. What if the flight is delayed??" "No maa. Its confirmed. The flight is not delayed." "But till he arrives?? Devaki bhabhi have said i have to be at yadav house before 6 for the pooja and Hema and Ghatto will be at Vedhika's birthday party and maa babuji is also going out for Major Ram's Reunion. Vijaya has her night posting. Sahdev and bheem is also busy. Yudi and devika is at their place. The one left is nakul and his plans happens just like that. Its weekend and he will surely be at some sleepover party." Panchali went near her. "Maa... Take a deep breathe..  You are over thinking. Its juz one night and my due date is like 2 months later." "Mqybe i'm juz freaking out!! Fine you can go. Make sure you reach here early on Monday. I don't want another confusion like last time." Pritha said to the servants. "Ji memsaab.. " they nodded at Panchali and left the house.

By 6 it was total chaos at the Pandav mansion. Pritha has already left and ghatto is now jumping from each stair to other like a bunny as he climbed down. Hema is behind him with a huge gift in her hand. Ghatto is wearing one of his best dresses and he is already at the doors and is now calling out to Hema. "Mama.. Come.. Its late.. Vedhi will be katti if we go there late.". Hema who was talking with Panchali looked at her baby with wide eyes. "Vedhi... Oohhh so someone is concerned about his girlfriend.. " Panchali laughed at this. "No.. Mama.. She is not my girl friend..." "Then who is she??? Ummm.." Panchali asked in a teasing tone. "She is.. But boys don't say it.." Hema's and Panchali's jaw dropped hearing this. "What???"  Panchali exclaimed. "Offo chachi.. Don't you know boys don't say about his gf. They say we are friends.. Its like that". Hema did a face palm. "Ooohhh God.. He is watching too many Bollywood bluff shows. Now he think this is the rule btw guy n girl. Lemme go before he starts his lecture... My poor baby..." Panchali laughed as she waved to Hema and ghatto.

"Take care beta" daadi patted Panchali's cheeks as she stepped outside. Nakul too rushed outside and jumped on to his Harley Davidson and left in a sprint. "Yeh ladka kya kar raha hai???" Daadi exclaimed. "I think he is gonna propose kurenu tonight. He is all nervous and was racing up and down and talking to himself in his room.". Daadi shook her head. "Whoever be it. When time comes to this point even hercules shake in fear. Hope everything goes well. See you dear." Daadi waved to her and left along with daadu.

Now its juz Paarth and Panchali and their naughty baby. Panchali smiled at this thought. She readily went inside and changed. Its been days she have worn Paarth's shirt. She don't know if it fits her now. Still she tried his white one and its perfect. She came down ans looked at the giant tower clock. Its still 6:30. She went inside the kitchen and took some ice cream and came back. She switched the on the home theater and played one of her favorite movies "the notebook". As she sat with the ice cream on the couch she felt a prick in her lower spine. She pulled some cushions and made herself comfortable and started to enjoy her movie.

Writer's Note:

Guess who is the baby in those pictures!!

clue 1: its not me!! LOL Wink

clue 2: the pic is of one of our thread members!! Wink

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PanchaliKaArjun IF-Rockerz

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Okay in the hurry of being first I din write res also properly . LOL
Wow Krishna di , update after so long and worth it . Panchali and Subhie convo was so cute and the pic of the two baby holding hands was just muaah . Heart
And Dhris is sending message to Subhie with the help of Drau , interesting . First Subhie helped Parth to get close to Drau now the job is done by Drau . Wow 
And the part where Ghato tells that boys do not say that they have girlfriend but say they r just friends was jus ROFLROFL Ghato zaada Bollywood movies dekhne laga hai ya nahi yeh toh pata nahi lekin woh zaroor apne chacha k sath zaada rehene laga hai LOL
And what is happening to Hema? Mood swings ? Please let her be pregnant then at least Panchali will get a friend LOL
Now Panchali alone with Parth ? Omg ! I was really missing Parth in this update Cry  It is good that he will come back in the next one . I want ArDi scene . Update fast Krishu di , u r making us restless . 
And the baby in that pic ? 
Not u then maybe your nephew but isn't that baby a bit big , I don think it is your nephew who was born just some weeks ago . So no guess . Dead 
Anyone in your house ? 

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