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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 64)

MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 2:13am | IP Logged
I know its been long guys..n
My Office was hectic for past few days .
Update coming soon

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krithika_g Groupbie

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Done!!!!!Thumbs UpWe'll Wait till then!!!
MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Chapter 127
(no proof reading. There will be 100 grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.. ssoowwiiee)

"We havent succesfully located Dury and Mr.Shakuni!!! still we are getting calls from them!!" Arjun fisted his palms. " something is missing!!! they wont jump into such a giant step unless they are so sure that we wont be able to locate them. We are looking at the wrong place". Suddenly Arjun's phone rang. "Paarth.. jeeji is not listening to any of us. She is adament and is going to meet the Police filing a case herself". Arjun's eyes widened. "no.. dont let her. She should not in this condition."saying this Arjun hung up. Govind laughed. "you forgot whom you are dealing with. She may fall but she never looses a fight" "but this is not the time. She is unwell" "no matter how much you try to stop her Paarth. She will not listen to you" govind got up from his chair. "it better we do things fast.Lets go to Mrs.Kuruvansh".


The news have spread like forest fire and it have grabbed media attention too. Pandav mansion is closed and all have relocated to guest house to escape media people. Tight security has been arranged in hospital. Hema and ghatto is with Panchali. Ghatto is all the more frightened by the course of events. All he see is running people. Tensed faces and no one playing with him. Not even his nakul chahu and his chahi is sad about his brother. He asked hema about this. Hema informed him that his brother is playing peek-a-boo and all are searching for him and chachi is sad coz he didnt include her in the game. "Chachi.. dont worry. I will paly with you.. dont be saddie saddie.."He cupped her face with his tiny palms. Panchali gave a faint smile. Daadi and Pritha scolded her real time since she is not listening to anyone. Subhi was sitting there near to her pealing an orange. "ghatto baby.. you are right.. your chachi should not be worried.. you are here na.. you will keep track of your brother." subhi tried to ease off the siituation where she herself is tensed and is going mad thinking about it. 'yes.. subhi aunty is right.. i will find him" saying this ghatto jumped from her bed. "baby.. be careful.. remember the stairs." Hema called out. The moment he heard stairs. He turned around and ran to her. He is still scared of the stairs.

Juz then Vrushali came in with bhavaani. "she have given the statement to the police". Bhavani sat near Panchali. "i'm sorry for what my husband did. I m truly sorry." Bhavani sobbed as the words escaped her. "i know i dont deserve to ask you this. But please take back murder attempt charge. He will be off to jail for yeats if it comes to court. Please take that charge back. For the sake of my child" the words escaped bhavaani's mouth panchali's eyes widened. "for the child's sake. Yes.. thats what i'm also asking. For my child's sake. I dont know how he look like. I dont know how big or small he is. I dont know if he is okay or not. I dont know his warmnth. I havent held him in my arms. I havent kept him close to my chest. I havent heard his breathe on my skin. I dont know in which situation he is. I dont know if he is fed or not. I dont know if he will be crying or sleeping. I dont know a damn thing about my son. And.. and he is ..he cant speak he cant let others know of his pain. He cant call out if he is feeling hot or cold. His eyes are not fixed, nor his ears. He cant register direction or recognize people. He cant smell or taste. Now tell me.. what should i ask for the sake of my child??".

Subhi held her shoulder from behind. In the course of this outburst Panchali literally got up from her bed. Two tear drops fell off her eyes. She composed herself and said in a low calm vioce. "i am sorry but i cant help you in that.". Bhavaani held her head low. She cant believe that her husband have made her to do this. He is not the perfect guy, but he is good and perfect for her. He have never treated her bad. But that is the main flaw in him. He thought about him only. His wife. His life. He never even bothered how others felt and to top it off maama is encouraging him in all. She took a deep breathe. "if i bring your son back in next few hours, can you promise me my husband will be back without a scratch??" "i cant drop the charges. If that's what you meant and my son is not a business deal" Panchali said coldly. "i cant promise you the police wont even touch your husband. But i cant gurantee you regarding my son's father" "i can perfectly understand his rage. But my husband should not be dealt by the police. He dont deserve to be beaten up by a stranger." "and my brother doesnt deserve to be shot by a Don".

Both were having a sort of verbal war but what subhadra saw was an entirely different scene. Dwpaaryug Bhanumathi and Panchali's convo regarding duryodhan's insult at Indraprasth Rajyasabha. Subhdra was not present there at hastinapur when the curse stricken event happned. But she have heard the scene by scene describtion from daasis. Two proud Queens talking it off. They looked more powerful than the men. More stern and solid than the men. Suddenly she was brought back by vrushali. "Ms. Yadhav. Stop this." "jeeji.." she stopped Panchali mid way and looked at both of then siganling to be cool. Since Hema and ghatto left as soon as Vrushali and bhavaani came, they were spared. Panchali sat on the bed. "you cannot get them outr of the consequences Mrs. Kuruvansh" subhi said. "i am never against it." she stood up and left the place.


"i know i am asking for the impossible. But.." Arjun trailed off as he explained himself to Gandhari. "No.. no.. dear.. i'm happy to help you.. i want my son back." she picked up her phone and dialled dury's number. But nobody picked up. She tried her brothers number. Same thing happned. Again she tried another number and someone picked up at the other end. "Please tell my brother i need him here. I want him and my son here. Tell him bhavaani is expecting and its serious situation at home" Arjun and madahv both were shocked to hear this. "This is the only way i can get him home. But mind you my brother is really cunning. Be careful. dont ask me regarding this number. I cant help you any more. Afterall its my son who is gonna get slaughtered. Please be quick and dont make a fuss in front of me. I may forget where i stand" saying this she went inside leaving Arjun and Madhav on their own.

Madhav and Arjun came back to the hospital where Pandu and Drupad is already waiting. "how did it go??" "It went well dad. But we should be quick now. Where is daadu and balram bhaiyaa and all others?" "bhauiji have sent Balram to meet someone and he is at home with maa. Yudi and Bheem is taking care of things outside. Nakula and Sahdev is with the police on the search." "lets not waste time beta. Lets go." "one second Dad." arjun went into Panchali's room. He found her alone looking outside the window. He went near her and took her hand. Panchali suddenly turned back. "he will be here safe and sound in your hands by evening.". she smiled at him. "i Know" she said in an utmost soft voice. He kissed her forehead and left her.

Out side Subhdra was explaining what went inside with Bhavaani."Paarth now things have gone another way. Our plan may back fire. We need to go now." Madhav reminded him. "yes.. lets hurry.." "i've called the police and briefed them about our plan. They are ready to co-operate. Balram bhaiyaa and all will be there with the Police." "but what about here??" "I'm here beta and so is Mr.Drupad. go.."


"stop this henious game you are playing. We have already warned you once when you got them to our family. Stop it. Else we know what to do" Balram blasted to the man in shadows. "dear Mr. Yadav. I have no idea what you are talking about.. and.." "shut up you... you know exactly what i am talking about. Now stop this else you will be exposed." saying this he turned around and slammed the door behind him.

The man inside the shadow gestured for the servant. "ji hukoom" "call all of them back. Lets keep things low for a while. General Kuruwar is more dangerous than anyone. Enough of fire has been split. Enough to make the history repeat." "ji hukkoom" the servant dialled his phone and passed the order of their master to all.


Bhavaani entered the room and looked around. "What are you looking for my dear??" Asked Shakuni. "The baby. Where is the Kuruwar baby maama??" "its none of your business dear. Go home." "my husband's life is my business maama" juz then Shakuni got a call from someone. "what??? how did they know?? my sister didnt even know i'm here. Shhiittt" He threw his phone away. "what have you done stupid girl? dont you have brains?? you went to police against your own husband??" Bhavaani was about to answer his question but she heard a baby crying. She hurried inside the inner room of the basement. There she found a baby covered in white blanket lying on the floor. "what are you people? At least you could have put him on a bed. Its a new born baby!" She took him in her hands and slowly cuddled him. He wailed loudly. "oohh gaawwddd he have high temperature... he is starving" She hurried with him outside. "what do you thonk you are doing??" Dury came in front of her and blocked her way. "helping you, protecting you. You will go to jail for this." "i'm not scared." "but i am.. for my child" Dury was confused on her statement. "yes. I'm pregnant. Its not a joke maa told to get you here. you dont have the time to attend to the things in your life. Instead you are busy with interfering others life" "no thts not true. I am doing all this for you. We need those shares and money to build our life and they came to our life. Not us. Please understand dear'" dury went soft on her. But bhavaani pushed him out of her way with her elbows. "dont use force on me. I'm on my early stage of pregnany and you may end up killing your baby." Bhavanni said this and left them. All shakuni and Dury can do was watch her walk away with the baby. But suddenly they heard a scream above.

Dury and Shakuni rushed outside. They saw Jay grabbing bhavaani by her neck. Dury rushed and blocked him. "dont even think of it." "this baby is our only bait and i wont let your wife walk away with the golden goose." "she will walk away and how dare you touch her?" "aaaha when i did the same with her you had no problem but when it comes to your wife you are threatening me???? then what is the guarentee that you people wont put all the blame on me and slip off the case??" Jay laughed in a weird way by taking out the gun. Suddenly Shakuni came in the way and stopped Jay from aiming at dury. They had a fight over the gun and the gun was finally triggered. Jay laughed aloud. "i was about to hit myself with this one to put you in the bars. Instead you made it easier for me. Now your fingerprints are all over it. We all are gonna sink in this case" he came near to shakuni's face "together".

In between this chaos Bhavaani slipped out of there. But as she did she saw the police along the entire kuruwar family at the gates. "they are inside" she said in a dead voice. The Police comissioner ordered all to charge in. She went to her car and left for the hospital. But before she go she looked at Arjun. Arjun nodded to her.

Inside seeing the police Jay went mad. He is not ready to surrender, nor was dury. Dury's mouth also did the magic, even the coolest of coolest Sahdev left his coolness and jumped on to punch him. But Karna appreared out of the blue to stop him. "stop protecting him." "i will not stop protecting him." he turned to Dury. "but i cant protect you fron the consequneces."

Gandhari and Dhritarashtr was there at the home at that time. They didnt come down to watch all this. Vikas was there to witness the arrest. Arjun wanted to bang them on the walls. He didnt touch dury or shakuni but he did what he wanted to do to them also on Jay. He knew well how he played a crucial role in killing his son in last birth. All his rage came out again. But this time it was more than that. He tried to harm Panchali and his baby. If subhi was late even by a minute he might have lost both today. He took out his anger which was held deep down the moment he came to know about his son's kidnap. The dam of emotions broke off and finally was stopped by Madhav. "we will deal with this later. Now lets rush to the hospital. The baby needs to be attended." "i am not worried about him anymore madhav." arjun let go of Jay's collar. He was bloody mass when the police officers took him outside. The moment they came out media people surrounded them . Several questions were asked. "did you hit him???" "the police is siding with you" is this business rivalry?" "is this woman issue". Arjun and others managed to leave them behind and rushed to the hospital.

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deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 9:00am | IP Logged
High intense drama!!!
awsum uodate di!!1
lovely n thank god aarya abhi iz fyn!!!
thank u 4 d update di!!
krithika_g Groupbie

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Woaaahhh!!!! Epic dis update is!!action packed thriller!!!!Parth , Panchali,krishna I can't literally stop admiring these ppl..dury...Angry can't dis guy look after his own self Dan peeping into other's business!!He definitely needs dis.. n Jay ,I wish tat parth had broken his bones barehanded!!!on d whole pucca epi!!pls update soon!!! can't literally wait!!!HugThumbs Up
8520NK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Omg! Such an amazing update Krishu di! I absolutely loved it!
Such an action packed chapter! It was wonderful!
Panchali and Bhavani's verbal argument! Panchali's words were so emotional! But I am glad that what Bhavani did was commendable!Clap
I am so glad that she understood between right and wrong! Thank god Jay is going to be punished now!
Waiting for our Abhi baby to come home to his mumma!Embarrassed
Update soon di!Big smile

Edited by 8520NK - 07 April 2015 at 9:25am
Shriya95 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 9:50am | IP Logged
OMG OMG!!! Our lioness striking back!! Poor Bhavani has no chance LOL feel bad fr gandu though...
I loved d way u brought out the difference in duri when Bhavani is concerned. Mamu's upto something...but what???? Jayyy!!! Grrr bloody dog!!!!! But finally our abhi baby is safe!!! I want some seriously romance n baby moments next krishu!!! Write soon!!!!

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aishwarya48 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 April 2015 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Bhavani seems so sweet...maybe a girl Karna???LOL
Finally we have our Abhi Baby with us!Embarrassed
Now we need some baby moments!!!!!!Big smile
Update jaldi karo!!!!

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