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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 61)

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Posted: 28 March 2015 at 10:12am | IP Logged

I am extremely sorry for commenting so late. I have been so excited for this chapter,yet I am so late to comment & read it!Unhappy Sorry Krishu Di!!!

Okay,getting back to the chapter, Parth telling everyone and Panchali the truth abt his lil angel, made me all teary!CryCry & then Panchali dealing with this bitter truth, right after a life and death battle, was too much to take in! All of it was sooo emotional!! And I can only think of really bad slangs to vent my anger on Dury & his team!!!Angry They stole Abhi baby!!!! Why so much agony & torture in PP's life !!!! Cant take so much torment anymore! Pls make them happy and relieved.

& Krishu di THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an awesome update!Thumbs Up Its always a treat to read your writings! Day Dreaming So hoping you will update SOON!Very interested to read the next chapter.Smile

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MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 126

Panchali is feeling herself stabbed from inside. She is restless and her mind is playing games with her. She took deep breathe. "You are still the firey queen!!" Govind smiled as he neared her. "I have to be. They take advantage of my weakness. For any woman her child is her weakness. But i ll not let them know it. If my son can survive this much, my daughter gave herself up for him he have no right to leave me. I ll not let him do that." She looked at Govind. He held her hand in his. "This is what kept you going and will keep you go through all phases dear. Keep the courage." "But Govind... He is a new born.. He is.. " he held her hand tightly. "Trust Paarth. Trust me." There was a certain firmness in his voice that Panchali became confident.


Daadu went straight to the commissioner s office. "What is this officer?? A complaint has been filed and no investigation on it??" "Genaral Kuruwar. Sir the baby's safety is more important .If we do something now it will be a mess!!" "what non sense. They will not do anything to the baby. Charge the case.. else i have my own ways to take things" "sir , i understand your concern please let us do our job". Daadu is loosing his coolness. He is known for his most composed and responsible behaviour. But today even him is worried. "Let them do their job. Calm bhauiji. If we act like this what will be of Arjun??" "um.. is Balram here?" "yes.. he is talking to the Inspector." "once he is done i want balram to meet some one for me!!!" "i will go and meet whomever you want" "No.. you are needed here Pandu. I will take Balram"

Balram and the yadav household have come to know about the incident and so is Kuruvansh family. Gandhari is feeling guilty about her sons' actions. Her eldest som Vikas is trying his best to calm her down. "What is happeneing to my family?? When did my Son turn this bad?? When did my brother turn this bad?? i cant handle this!!! what explaination will i give if something happens to that baby?? How can i look into Pritha's eyes??? and Mausiji???" "Dont worry Mom. I'm taking care of things. Nothing will happen to him. Dushy will be out of jail this afternoon on bail and i will somehow come to a compromise with Kuruwar family." "No.. Dont.. What he did is beyond forgiveness. I may forgive him for everything but not for this. Attacking a woman. Is that what i taught you?? Is that what your father taught you?? kidnapping a baby?? We are a respectable family. Not from some chaul." "then what do you want me to do??" "Meet you maama and try to convince him. Tell him i want my sons back and thats it. I'm also a mother. I know how it feels to be away from her child." "the case???" "the sinners will pay for their deeds. Its my fault in allowing your maamu to manipulate your brother's head. I should pay for it, but my grandchild dont have to. I'm gonna call Bhavaani back home. This is not the condition suitable for her"

Vikas was stunned to hear this."Grandchild!!! Bhavaani is expecting!!!" "yes.. She told me last week. Dury dont know about this. He was too busy to come back home to attend his wife." Vikas is left in a bewilderment. He was never in his maamu's good books, coz he had his own principles in life. He stepped out of the house. He took his phone a dialled one man. The man he believes can find a way out of this mess.


"baby!! have you lost it Dury???" asked Karna in shock. "they made me do it. I would have walked away with my things and will have my life. But that guy and this bitch.. they are hell bend behind me to see me in my ruins." "No dear friend. Juz like any normal man Arjun tried to protect his family. She is his wife and that's his baby. We all do this dury" "ooohh Now you are siding with them. Juz because they got you a wife, you forgot our friendship??" "i am always on your side friend. But seperating a mother from her child... sorry i cant stand with you for that." "see mere bacche he have changed. They have changed him" Shakuni tried to Manipulate dury and provoke him against Karna. "No Mr. Shakuni.. but the tears of a mother have actually changed me. Your sister's tears. You have also comitted the same sin. Seperating her son from her." Karna had enough of the drama. He know well things have gone beyond control and this last act have made it to the peak. He walked away. On reaching the doors, he swiftly turned and said in a calm voice " dury please.. listen to your mother and i am always on your side." He swiftly closed the door.

Dury sat and thought for a few minutes. "what are we going to do with this baby???" "Some one else was planning something for their family and the dumb guy landed in front of our car with the baby. God have given us an opportunity. Now we will use this as our bait. Arjun will come down will all those signed papers and we walk off." "but dont you feel anything odd in this maamu. The baby exactly lands in our hand!!!" "ufffo... dont over think things mere bacche." "what about Jay??why are you keeping this guy with us maamu? He can only bring trouble!!!" Jay have lost his senses in anger and lust for tht girl, atleast he did one thing right today by finding that baby. Even if police catches us we have a guy to fall instead of us. A guy with reason enough to do all these trashes with Arjun and Draupadi." "But draupadi and her brother's statement can place us there in crime scene maamu." Shakuni laughed his best. "things have been taken care of mere bachche!!" Dury smirked in joy. "time for "THE CALL"". Dury smiled and took Jay's phone which was lying on the table and dialled Arjun's number


Balram rushed to the hospital as he heard about the bait call from Jay. "so that moron have the kid!!" "whats his business in this??" "Draupadi.. That's his business" Arjun's voice burned in anger. "and i know its just not him. He have nothing to do with those documents. He is juz the player on field. The main players are behind." "what is the call about??" Balram wanted to know exact details. "Draupadi have to be at their place on a certain time with some blank doucuments bearing signatures of her and mine and also a charted fight ready at airport which takes him to which ever place he wants it to go. Once the flight leaves indian air boundary the baby will be returned." "and you guys buy it!!" "he thought he can sell this???? when i'm here bhaiyaa.." Govind came forward with his iconic smile. "come Paarth we must not be sitting like this until they call us to tell the time and place. Its time to put our plan into action" Arjun nodded and was ready to go off with Govind. "What are you two doing?? You guys have a plan??" Balram shouted. "We know there are risks involved. But one thing is sure. They cannot hurt the baby" "that i agree, But what are you guys upto??" Govind shared his so called "little- plan". Balram looked impressed.


The room was all dark as she entered. Her hands trembled. The room itself hold a dead coldness. "Puthro..." She called in a calm voice. But there was no response. She moved from the door to the beds. Diyas have been blown off. The smell coming out from blown off diyas gave chills to her spine. Suddenly a man came in front of her. With blood covered sword he laughed at her with all his might. The laugh of victory reverberated the enitre room. "tumhare saare pathoyon ka hathya kiya hai meine. Jo vidhya mere pithsree ne diya tha tumahre pathiyom ko, Ussi vidhya se unka hathya kiya iss nistoor manushyom ne. Tum ne shuru kiya tha na yeh yudh. Yeh lo Guru Puthr Ashwathama iska anth kar detha hu." with the victorious smirk on his face he took the blood from his sword and rubbed off her sindhoor from her maang. "tume rakht mei snan karna aanant detha hai na.. yeh lo.. tum bhi ho gayi yudh ki vidvaa" He laughed madly and walked away.

She looked around. She saw five bodies sleeping peacefully. A sleep from which they will never wake up. She felt the soil underneath her feet slip away. She lost her balance and collapsed on the ground.

"jeeeji... jeeeji... wake up... he is safe.. jeeji wake up!!!" Panchali woke up from her most horrifying nightmare. "subhi.. where is Govind... i want to talk to him.." "Bhaiyaa and Paarth is out. The kidnapper have called and asked something as ransom. They are dealing with it. Your aakhom ka kajal is safe jeeji. Here is the proof...!!!" Panchali looked into the direction where Subhi pointed. She saw a pale girl sitting there looking tired and worn out. "yes Panchali your baby is safe. He is with my husband." "Bhavaani!!!!!!" Panchali exclaimed.


"this is exactly as i remember it and i dont have a memory problem post my surgery." Dhris blasted out. He wanna make sure whoever it is they should not come to her sisiter's ife anymore. The Ploce constable wrote down exactly what he said and them proceeded towards Drau. "officer can we keep that meeting a little later. My daughter is not in a condition to talk to you" Drupad said to the constable. The constable nodded in acknowledgment. He went outside as the nurses came in to dress dhris's wounds. He heards Balram giving instructions to Bheem and yudi. "Bheem take your son to a safe place. We may not know whats their next move. They are freaked out" "what happened??" asked Drupad. "Dury's wife is here. She gave statement against her husband in the baby's kidnap!!"

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Yayiee I am first!!!!Party
And finally I have unresed!Dancing
All the chapters on Panchali's delivery, these mysteries and the arriving of our dear Abhi baby have been so intriguing!
The last chapters were so emotional di! Finally, Panchali got to know about her baby and Party's reaction was so heart wrenching! I almost cried while reading it!Cry
But finally, our baby has arrived and kidnapped also!Shocked
I so bloody hate Duryodhan and gang! But I am so thankful that Karna had finally taken a stand!Embarrassed
Just want the baby to be safe with his parents but I am sure that'll happen because we completely trust Govind and his 'impressive' strategies!Big smile
Also, I am so proud of Bhavani! Shakuni and duty are gone!Wink
Please bring in the parent moments fast Krishu di! But really, really love the updates! All of them were amazing!Clap

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PanchaliKaArjun IF-Rockerz

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Res ! Navu ! Tu first -_- 
Unres ! Sorry could not be first to comment or unres either Cry anyways lovely update ! 
Oh god ! This Dury Angry and Shakuni Angry poor Gandhari Ouch such brother and such children . -_- 
And Arjun and Govind got a plan . Hope that plan blow off the two evils and about the Jay . He should be tortured to death Angry  Idiot ***** 
Fu***** as*****
And what Bhawani giving statement against her husband ? At least she did the right thing . I mean finally someone has brain in that family . 
Please update soon . Curiosity is killing us ! 

Edited by Texie-Shady - 30 March 2015 at 9:27am

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Oye... There is no res competition going on in here!!!

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Originally posted by Texie-Shady

Res ! Navu ! Tu first -_- 
Ha ha ha!Evil Smile
I unresed first also Sam!Tongue
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wow di amazing update Clap
thank god ghandhari understood that his sons n brother need punishment ...
that jay Angry simply disgusting...
so finally kran is doing something right...
drau was dreaming about her sons Disapprove
what's govind's plan... hope he'll find our abhi baby soon...
bhavani did the right thing...
Still thinking who's the 3rd person doing all these Ouch revel it soon di...
update soon di Star
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fantastic epi di..can't wait to c my Krishna as in update soon!!!!

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