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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 57)

subhikrish Groupbie

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Posted: 21 March 2015 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Oh my God!!!!!! Am breathing heavily... Krishu di!!WEN IS THE NXT UPDATE... ????

love_chitra Senior Member

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Posted: 22 March 2015 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Hi guys m back..hope you guys remember me??
Had a large holiday kinda from IF n missed it a lot...
I have been getting one line updates from yagya n now m getting desperate...
C'mon update meri jaan!!
MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2015 at 6:59am | IP Logged
Update will be up tomorrow peeps...

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subhadra14 Newbie

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Posted: 23 March 2015 at 6:54am | IP Logged
plzzz krishu di jaldi update dedo...I CAN'T wait moreCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry
Gudiyalovesguru IF-Dazzler

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waiting yaar...
Belle_20 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 March 2015 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Will u be updating tonight? Coz I'm really stalking this thread now! Eagerly waiting!

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MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2015 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Sorry perps WiFi problems.. Tomorrow pakka    maa kasam

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MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2015 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Chapter 125

"What is it dear?? is she safe?? what happened??" Pritha shook Arjun and asked in vain. Suddenly he hugged her and started to cry. "i saw her maa. My angel i saw her... Dead and gone.." Pritha was shaken by his words. "Dead.. angel..". All surrounding him stood in shock. She suddenly detached him and looked straight into his eyes. "what happened Arjun??" What the whole family heard then was shocking. Mr. Drupad clutched his fist. He knew it was gonna be a shock for all. Devika and Hema looked at each other in horror. Devika closed her mouth with her hands to prevent her exclamation from coming out. Priyamwada kaaki collapsed on the chair. Pandu held on to Pritha. Daadi swooned and Yudi was right in time to catch her. Daadu didnt move from his place. He tightened his grip on his walking stick and stood up and walked.

Krishna held Arjun and pulled him up. "what about the other one??" Arjun wiped his tears. "He is safe. Its a boy juz like she wanted.." .Pritha's breathe came back to her. Its a mixed mood for them. A death followed by a birth. Everyone looked at each other. Nobody knew how to react. Celebrate the good news or keep it down for the time being.


Panchali opened her eyes slowly. She saw the white ceiling above her. Suddenly she heard a beep voice and nurses rushing to her. They are calling for doctor. She cant hear whom, someone in a white coat rushed to her and is shouting orders to give her the dose of some medicine. Her vision blurred again and she passed out.

She slowly opened her eyes when she felt a soft stroke on her forehead. She smiled as she saw Arjun' s face. "Paarth!!!!" She said in a low voice. "sshhh..." he leaned on to her face and said in a calm voice. "Never ever do that again. You have no right to leave this world without me". He kissed her forehead. She giggled softly and looked to her side. She saw a cradle but it was empty. Arjun saw her looking at it. "Dont worry. He is at the newborn's ward" "its a boy????" "yes.. just as you wanted!!!!". She smiled and suddenly remembered about Dhris. "where is dhris?? How is he??" "he is absolutely fine. He is out of danger and once he comes around Police will need your statements." the Pandav family know well who is behind it. But they had more important things to attend to.

Panchali felt relief. But suddenly remembered what happened at the delivery room. "What happened to me?? what was tht?? a tumour??? is that the reason why i had pains???" "No..." Arjun held her hand tightly and said in a firm voice "Listen to me very carefully. What all i'm about to tell you is just events on which nobody had any control over. Do not think its anyone's fault." Panchali looked confused. "what are you saying?? i cant!!!!" He signalled her to stop. "it just happened okay.. we have our bundle of joy safe with us. Now.." He took a deep breathe and said her all about his angel. Panchali's hands started to tremble. Her breathe came short, she looked at Arjun. She was not able to meet his eyes.

He said to her in a calm and most composed nature. Its took him a lot of courage and constant reminding of Madhav to say it all to her. But he have promised to himself that he will never break his vows to her. Upon finishing his narration he found himself crying. He quickly wiped his tears. Panchali is already in weird condition. She looked away to hide her tears. "twins??? its like the dream come true. Both her aakhom ka kajal and Paarth's angel.. and... and.. that bloody accident. What was i doing?? what was in my head that day?? how can i be soo careless??" she tightened her grip on Arjun's hand. "Its me who killed your angel" "Nooo" Arjun's voice shooted up. "I told you already. It happened. No one is at fault. If you are at fault then i'm equally responsible. I was late. I should have come fast." "No paarth.. During pregnancy its a woman's responsibility. She should be aware of her condition.. and ..i" "Enough Panchali..". juz then a nurse came in "This is a Hospital" she looked at Arjun. "And she needs rest.." For a few moments both didnt talk.


"shiittt..." Dury trashed the documents. "he is more than meet the eyes" Shakuni smirked from other side of the room. "he is extra cautious. He have foreseen something like this and have put that bloody clause in it. Until or unless both of them sign on it, the document of transferring the shares is invalid." "but we have this. Atleast i can bring back my brother." "uuuhh noo... coz the case is charged by Mr.Drupad and Pandu showing the threat on their children. Only one person signed on that too and to top it off that stupid Jay shot that guy. Now we are in real big mess. Take my advice. Lets move out of city for sometime and once its all settle down we ll come back." "maama you really think they will let us walk out just like that??? we are already under deep water" "fine.. since we are already wet.. lets bathe.. i want my life back.. i left my family because of them... i want my home back". He exited along withshakuni.

On the other side of the city a bundle of cash has been given to the hands of a nurse. "Master is particular about this one. Make sure it points towards them. So who gave you the money to take the baby????" "Mr. Dury Kuruvansh!!!" nurse answered in a doubtful manner. "Yes.. exactly"


"How can people be so inhuman and unkind." Subhadra herself have came across gross and crass people during her Law case study. But she have never came across such a brutal behaviour over a pregnant lady. She have done case study of several rape cases, but violence over a pregnant lady. This was her first time. Not juzt that some one she consider more closer than anyone also went through a tiring time. She whispered a small gratitude as she entered his room. She instantly ran towards him. She almost lost her life. But God is not that merciless. He kept both them safe and sound. She held his hand tightly. Dhris opened his eyes slowly. Seeing subhdra there was the most promising sight he can ever wish for. He was once again more confident that this his lady love for ever. Doctor have strictly said not to make him talk. It took a whole lot of convincing to let subhdra in. "Jeeji is safe and so is your nephew". Dhris smiled wide, eventhough it ached his facial muscles. She can read him. He dont want to ask for anything. She knew him. She is the best thing that can ever happen to him. For a second he actually thanked the person who shot him.

Subhadra sat there holding his hand and talking to him. Tears of joy flowed from her cheeks. He survived. no.. they survived. Later she was asked to go out of his room. Subhdra went out with a complaining face but that put a smile on dhris's face. She can be such a drama queen at times.

As she stepped out out and walked towards the maternity ward she heard Dr.Batra shouting at someone. "what are you talking about?? How can it be!!!!! Is this the way you care at new born's ward??? you know what will happen if this news go out!! what about the reputation of this Hospital and do you have any idea about Kuruwar family???". The moment she heard Kuruwar family her eyes widened


Panchali was in shock initially. But Govind had the medicine with him. The most difficult part was to make her forgive herself. She constantly accused herself for not knowing the sensation of another heart beat beating next to her aakhom ka kajal. She found herself a selfish and partial person. She constantly doubted herself of being a good mother. It was beyond Arjun's hands coz he himself was in the same situation. The difference was that he knew the truth a little earlier but kept his pain deep down inside. Watching Panchali now made it loosen, but his heart was still aching.It took Govind a long 2 hours of consoling to bring her back.

"why is it taking so long!!! He must be hungry.. right kaaki??". Priyamwada kaaki smiled at her question. Panchali is becoming restless by each minute. Finally her aakhom ka kajal is there. She will cuddle him. She will keep him close to her warm heart, but most importantly she was scared inside. Scared of loosing him. In her last birth also she didnt spend much time with him. The thought of loosing him killed her. Whenever someone opens the doors she looks up to see whether its the nurse with her baby.

Ghatto is now somewhat settle down but havent yet ready to get off Hema. He is clinging on to her. He slowly looked inside the cradle beside Panchali. Panchali saw it. "Looking for you baby brother big guy???" He nodded but didnt talk. Hema smiled. Just then Paarth walked in along with Govind. "Paarth!!! where is he???" "he is absolutely fine. Take rest." His answer was not proper but with anger and was cold. Whenever Arjun is into something really really serious and when he is extremely focussed he talks less and act more. "Paarth.. is everything okay???" "yes.. our son is fine." He drank some water and went outside. She looked at govind. "What is happening Govind... No more hiding things from me. Why is Police still not doing anything?? why are they not here to take my statement???" Govind looked grave. Juz then Subhdra walked in with red eyes. "Subhi.. tell me the truth.. where is my baby??? why is he not with me????" Subhdara suddenly put on a made up smile. "He is sight to watch jeeji. So beautiful and tiny. He have hazel eyes but lotus shaped. He have Paarth's hair and not to mention a lot of them. He have tiny hands like yours jeeji and his feet.. aawwwhhh sssooo cute... he is the most beautiful baby i've ever seen" Panchali cant resist herself now. "Did you hold him??" "No... its your right jeeji.." "aawwhhh you deserve it subhi. You are the reason both of us are alive. you showed the courage. Its all because of you" "no jeeji.. its one gentle man.. what was his name... yes.. Karna who got you here!! if he didnt come at that time. God knows." Panchali smiled. "he is more than what he shows. His promise is the prime thing in his life." she thought. " but where is my baby??? why are they not bringing him to me!!" Subhadra stayed silent on this. "what is it subhi?? Is there anything wrong.." "no no jeeji he is absolutely fine. He is good" "then why is he not with me??? what are you saying??? he is good.. safe!! then where is he??"

Paarth came in between panchali was chatting with subhi. Panchali struggled a bit but stood up from the bed. "jeeji what are you doing?? Bua, kaaki.." Pritha who was talking with kaai rushed towards Panchali. But even before that Paarth held her. "What are you doing??? you should not get up from the bed!!!" "Where is my son?? if you are not gonna answer i'll will look for him myself." Her voice was firm and her eyes showed well that she is not bluffing. She started to move towards the door. He knew it time. Its better to tell her than keeping things from her. "He is not here!! he is missing!!!". Panchali felt like hit by a thunderbolt. "Missing? Not here??? what are you talking??? how can a new born..." Panchali pulled Paarth's Shirt collar like a lunatic. She is loosing all her senses. This is more than enough. Why her life has to be complicated. "how can this happen??? its a giant hospital and a baby is missing!!!! dont lie to me Paarth!!! What exactly happened??? is he.. is he..." She couldnt complete her line. Paarth took her hands off his collar. "He is safe and until or unless we both sign on the documents he will remain with them". Panchali didnt move. Who are all those people. What are they doing in her life and above all who dare take away her son. She kept herself content and even forgave several times. This have gone far. Far than anything. " this have gone beyond anything.i dont care who they are, what they are. I want my son. I will not let them take him away." She looked into Arjun's eyes. "Paarth.. i want all possible charges on them... case for attempted murder, abduction anything.. i dont care how far things go. I want my son back and them punished" He held her hands and with determination and nodded his head. "They will pay for it. Looks like they have forgotten certain things. Its time to remind them that i'm also human and if i step upto to punish, they will be punished, severely and brutally"

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