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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 49)

krithika_g Groupbie

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 8:16am | IP Logged
happy holi shriyu!!!!TongueSmile

MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Chapter 123

Panchali is still in shock. "how is it possible. How did they crack such security???". She dont ve to a rocket scientist to come up with the notion that they have kept servants in death threat to get the job done and whoever resisted them is lying on the floor. She could clearly feel her baby getting more restless and violent inside her. She kept on holding her belly squeezing at times to sent a signal that mommie is okay. Her contraction are coming fast. Her waters will break any minute. All she could do now is pray. She didnt show her shock or her the pain she is in to anyone. But inside she was screaming for Paarth. "Paarth where are you?? this is time i need you most. We need you most. Where are you???"

"are you not gonna welcome us dear???" Shakuni asked with a wink. "tea are for guest, not for intruders" Panchali said with razor sharp words."ha ha... we intruders. You intruded to our clean serene life. Because of you i had to leave my house bloody witch" for a second Panchali forgot the pain and even her baby. She was back to the old Panchali. "How dare you?? i intruded?? Your shallow gold digging head got you to where you are now. Men should know their limits.ooops i totally forgot you are never a man." she looked away in anger. Dury fisted and almost neared to hit her. But shakuni stopped him. "ha ha ha.. you think you are some sort of queen dont you??" asked Shakuni. "what all we did is right. Right for us. For our survival. Now its your turn to pay for what you have done."

Panchali felt some fluid flowing down between her legs. "ggoooddd... baby not now.. let mommie buy some time for daddy or for your uncle. We need to keep this game going". She kept on saying in her mind."Be brave. Govind have always been there for you. He is there. Stay strong. All have taken so much pain and sacrifices to make this happen. This is not the end. It can never be".

Dury pulled her violently and made her sit on the chair of the dining table. He then pulled out some paper from his jacket and threw it in front of her. "sign them and we are all done. I'm happy, you are happy. All are happy. Happy ending dear." Panchali smirked. "what is it??? why should i sign them????" Dury made a fake astonished face "ooo madam doesnt know.. i'll explain... Well for your information, those are the papers saying you are giving your shares of my company to me. Didnt get it?? your beloved husband owns shares of my company and anyone can guess he will put it under your name. Plus your over smart father have re-opened you petty kidnap story and my brother is getting rotten in jail. So sign them saying you have no complaints. Isnt this called two birds with one arrow. So be a good girl" " else what?? you kill me???" dury laughed and nodded a "no" "cheee c'mon i broke into your house amidst of all odds and you think i'll make you sign these papers by a death threat. That's so bollywood dear. I'm not that kinda "MAN".. He came close to Panchali and leaned to her face. "there is someone else who would love to have a piece of you. Someone who vowed to taste you even if it takes him to his grave. His ego is strongly hurt by you." Dury pointed to the man who is keeping the servants in gun point. Panchali didnt give much attention to the third man. She was already irritated and scared about her baby, but she never even dreamt that she will see that monster again in her life. "He dont mind even if you carry a bas***d inside you". Panchali pushed off Dury right at that moment and got up instantly from the chair. But that was the worst move she did. Her water broke at that instant and she leaned on to the table with one hand holding her belly and another on the table. "aaahhh..." she left out a scream that echoed in the silent mansion."ooohhh miss sugar and spice.. ooohhh no Mrs. Sugar and spice is good at acting" Jay laughed with the gun in his hand.

"sign them.. and i ll let you go" Dury again said. But deep down Panchali knew what will happen the moment she sign it, Jay will have his way with her no matter even if she is in labour. "no..." the pain have started to kick in. "aaahhh... i will never sign them..."She knew she wont be able hold herself more. "wwoooaahhh with sound effects.. she is pretty good man... look... still being in this full preganant condition she is such a welcoming figure. I still cant believe i let you walk. I should have given a try at college. But that bloody dog your bodyguard." Jay stroked his cheek remembering the punches landed on his face by Arjun. Dury laughed. "Nice try dear.. now sign them. We are not gonna let you go." "you think you can walk away with this thing you morons. Count on.. your days are not more. My husband, my brother , my family will sue you" Panchali lashed out. Another contraction hit her. She leaned on the table. "please baby... not now..."But its as if he wanna jump from inside. Each of those words spoken by them have hit him. The baby is really giving her a hard time. She is already in a complicated situation and her warrior baby is all set to fight.

"Sign you bitch!!!!!" Jay scremaed on top of his voice. Panchali's eyes are now filled with tears, the pain is excruiciating. Now each passing moment is critical. She is putting her baby's life on stake. She took all her strength. "Nooo... i will not bend myself to you bas***ds" "aare wwwaahhh i salute you lady... still stubborn.." then shakuni saw the blood dripping beside Panchali. "give it up dear. Are you gonna kill your baby for us???? you cannot be this selfish". At point only dury and jay saw that whatever it was she was not acting she was actually in pain. "juz sign off and save your baby lady!!" "never..." "fine..." dury pulled a chair out and sat. "Lets wait till you sign them" Panchali knew she cannot keep property and shares above her baby. She is giving time for dhris who is supposed to be there. But she doesnt know why its taking so much time. She struggled for five more minutes but at last she gave up and was about to sign the paper.

Juz then they heard a commotion outside the house. This time Jay and dury almost lost their patience and dury forced Panchali's hand on to the documents and Jay held her tighly.


Subhadra was really scared as she reached Pandav mansion. It was extremly quite and the front door was wide open. She stepped in and suddenly she heard a gun shot. She rushed inside and saw a few men rushing outside through another door and she found the servanr ramesh on the floor. "Ramesh kaaka..." but he was not responding. Then she heard a jerk from the dining room. As she went inside she was almost taken away by the sight. She fell back for a few minutes and ran near Panchali. "jeeji jeeeji..." Panchali was lying on the floor over her belly. A blood pool have formed around her and she was sceraming. Subhadra didnt know whether she was shot or not. All she knew was she was lying in a blood pool half consious. She was signalling to something towards the drawing room pointing her fingers at it. Subhadra was freaked out and suddenly started to shout "heeellppp somebody help... heeelllppp... where are you people... help..." she screamed and ran out side and started to call for help. She ran to the road and slmost got hit by a car. A man emerged from it. "please help... my jeeji... she is in labour.. please.." The man rushed inside with Subhadra. On seeing the sight even he was taken aback. Without wasting any time he took Panchali in his arms and rushed to his car. "dhrisss... subhi dhrisss..." Panchali said in between and subhi turned to look at the drawing room amd found dhris lying on the floor with a gun shot at his chest.


"is everything okay Madhav???" Arjun asked looking into Madhav's eyes. Madhav called himout of blue duirng his board meeting and said they need to go to police station immediately. "yes Paarth things are right now... they interrogated Dushy and it seems something is up..." "what??" "i dont know.. Police commissioner called me and asked to get you there" "but its dad and Mr.Drupad who reopened the case." "yes.. but the case have went to a whole new level now it seems. Now it all depends on your decision." Paarth was shocked to hear this. "is it the hit-n-run case?" Paarth asked with his face grave. "ummm.." Madhav answered without looking at him. Paarth fisted his hands.

In matter of minutes they reached the Police headquaters. As they entered the inner rooms they heard dushy screming for his life. "i told you i have no connections with that man... and i have no connection with that damn accident." arjun and madhav came in and the police commosioer nodded to the interoggator. "what acciddent.. we dodnt even ask about any accident." Dushy looked astinished. "what do i look like to you people?? mad??? you ask me about accident then say you guys didnt even mention it.. what is this??" "answer to the question Mr.Kuruvansh" 'see i told you i have no f**king connection to that panchal lady;s accident. I ddint drive the car neither my brother. We dont even know her and why she was at that Kuruwar house that day... you guys happy now??" the officer smiled at each other.

Suddenly out of the blue dushy was pushed on to the floor and huge heavy punched were landing on his face. "do you have any idea what have you done.. you killed my daughter.. you killed her... you simply killed her you monster... i will not spare you... you dog.." nobody noticed when arjun slipped out to the interrogation room and started to punch him. He was taking out the full rage. Each and every incidents was flashing in front of his eyes. The accident, his pain, her memory loss, all those mind games and finally the realization of her angel not being there with him. He couldnt take out the thought. How beautiful and tiny his angle might be. How can someone do this to such a tiny delicate life. He simply pulled her breathing cord out and killed her and Panchali still dont know about it. He is lieing to his wife, he is acting weird all those days. All because of this moron's drunken drive.

Madhav stood still watching. The police officer's immediately tried to seperate Paarth from dushy. But he was so full of rage and anger he simply pushed them aside and pulled dushy up with his collar and smashed him on to the wall. He was going on adn on with his rage. Madha simply watched him. Suddenly his phone rang. It was subhadra. "bhaiyaaa... jeeji... jeeejji..." Madhav's eyes widened.

Eventually police officers were successful in seperating Parth from dushy, but dushy was in bad condition already. Bleeding from head to toe he looked like a thrown out leftover of a fight club. Paarth looked at Madhav. Now he knew why he said its all in his hands. He will take this case to court. If court doesnt do it, he have his own ways to make him feel how is it to loose one's loved one. But as he looked he saw madhav talking in phone and was looking tensed. He was consoling someone at the other end. Madhav suddenly rushed at Arjun. "We need to go now. Its Panchali. She is in labour, her waters broke" Arjun couldnt register what he juz heard. "waters broke?? Sshhiiittt!!!!" Both ran to the car and rushed.

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8520NK IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 August 2012
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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Aaah Krishu di! What have you done? Can't handle this anymore!
My Panchali! I hope she's fine! I was almost in tears while reading!
True twin Drishtadhyumna is, always protecting his dear sister! I hope he's okay! *bites nails in anticipation*
Parth just go fast!!! Save her!!! Abhi baby, I hope he's coming jaldii Se!
Urgh...I wish I could shoot these people! Jay, Duty, Dushy and that idiot of a person Shakuni! My mind's going all beep beep beep right now!Angry
Update sooonnn Krishu di! I am waitingEmbarrassed

Edited by 8520NK - 09 March 2015 at 10:16am
subhadra14 Newbie

Joined: 08 February 2015
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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
OH NOOO!!!!!!
I am still out of breath Krishu di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
My goodness! SUCH A thriller! SUCH AN action pack! SUCH A suspense! SUCH A...SUCH A...
Sorry, but even the Oxford Dictionary would be short of words to describe your piece of work...Can't Believe it...Simply Can't...
You were undoubtedly IS a roller coaster ride...AND I CAN'T WAIT MORE!!!!

.FairyDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
OMFG ShockedShocked
Such meanies these ppl  Cry
Jay is beyond DISGUSTING Dead
OMG...panchali on her tummy in a pool of blood... Shocked hope nothing happens to the baby Cry
ANd OMG dhri is shot ?! :O  Cry

and u left us at a cliff hanger ! cant bear the suspense ! pls do update ! 
Gudiyalovesguru IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
thrilling chappy yaad...
brave paanchaali...
i hope dhris is alrite...
cant wait to read next update...
continue soon...
SethuParvathi Senior Member

Joined: 20 July 2014
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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
ohhh myyy goddd...i praying dat nothin happens 2 dhris now...
panchali along wid the baby will be fyn...i mean dey have 2 be!!!!!!
god knows now hoe she'll react whn she comes 2 kno abt the baby gal...>_<
update chechiii...update
sadiasaba68 Senior Member

Joined: 04 November 2014
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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Gawwd This was a thrilling update di...
Our Panchali is very brave so as our abhi baby... they'll be fine right di??
n mamu n dury.. they're just disgusting Angry
n that moron jay.. Angry Angry he's pathetic.. beyond imagination Angry
poor shubhi is in trauma Cry her jeeji n her love is suffering so much Cry
n dhrish.. I'm proud of him... everyone should have a brother like him... i just pray that he'll be fine this time... Cry
dushy deserves more punch Angry for his foolishness all these things r happening Angry
parth n madhav must hurry panchali needs them Disapprove

This update can't be described in words di... it was just top of the world... Clap Clap more than a roller costar ride.. it was breath taking Clap Clap

PS: thank you so much di for keeping my request... Big smile
thanks a ton di 4 including dhrish.. you always keep our request di... Big smile You Are Such a Wonderful Soul Di.. Love You A lot Di Star

Can't wait 4 the next update... update soon di update soon Embarrassed
thanks 4 the pm di Star

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