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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 40)

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Posting on behalf of krishnaa
Chapter 121
Karn sipped the coffee slowly. He dont know how to understand the situation. Most of the ladies in his life were a puzzle to him. Starting from his birth mother, who thankfully have no connections to him in this birth and his beloved Radha Maa; eventhough he was orphaned he is proud that this birth he is truly Radhey without any trait of being a Kauntey. The next puzzle- this lady who is looking at him with her narrow eyes, the lady with whom his equation has remained a major brainstorm for almost everyone who is acquainted to their story. The Lady who for a moment he wanted to be his, but later thanked for not choosing him. The Lady who was challenged the whole male race of an era with the power of being a woman. The lady whose chasity was questioned by himself, the lady who was offered to him as a test of his dignity. But he have no feelings for her, nor he regrets his words and deeds, nor he is proud about them. He feels just nothing about her, still sometimes she seems to be more important in his life to the outside world, than the lady sitting beside him. The lady who left the life of a queen for she believed being a crowned king means bending to things which you cant agree on according to you consious. She wanted to give her son the life of a commom man, so that he wont be carried away by the luxury of the worlds. That lady who have always showed him the right path and wanted him to be a mighty human being rather than a mighty warrior. That lady who believed that its more worthy to be a mighty human than being a king.

"ahheemm" Karn came out of his thoughts. He looked around and found himself alone with Panchali. Panchali looked at him from the opposite couch and smirked and shook her head. "you still cant stop wondering seeing me??" "Excuse me??" Karn asked nad raised his eyes brows "Please dont yourself so much importance" Panchali laughed and took back the bangs which fell on her face. "C'Mon you still didnt get over the rejection". It was Karn's turn to smirk and shake his head. "actually i'm thankful. I found the right person." "Ha, finally you thanked me" "no i didnt thank you. I thanked Vasudev. He is the one who made you fall for Arjun and look what happened then.. you wished for the Dhanurdhaar and you got yourself a Package." Panchali held her head high. "Which makes me different from all, which proves that one single man cannot handle me" "still proud of it.." karn said in a low voice. Panchali stood up with difficulty. "say it on to my face like a man!!! Karn stood up "look i know what we have between us is a thin line of hate and acquaintance, but i dont wanna spoil it. Not today" Panchali smiled. "fair enough" she turned away from him., but stopped and turned again. "may i know one thing??" "yes.." "did you bleed when my son died?" Karn was stunned by that question. He was expecting her to ask about his accusation at Dyuth sabha. But instead she asked about the one thing that still haunts him. Eventhough he was a part of it and it was an unfair blow that killed his blood, he too felt proud when he saw that glowing youth fought mighty with him. He didnt show mercy to him. But he was proud about his nephew."Yes. It did." He looked away. Karn knew well that after his death Arjun took care of his son, Vrishaketu. Maybe he found that mighty son in him, but did she saw her lost son in him???.This question rang in him. "Dont wonder about Paarth, he did win his heart but I,.. I saw hatred in his eyes. It was the result of war. He was close to subhadra. Maybe he found a lost mother in her." she turned and walked. "I am sorry" Panchali was startled she froze for a second. " I am sorry about your son." She turned. "not about other actions". " Thank you" this time Karn was stunned. " for the gift and note you send on my Godh Bharai" She smiled and tilted her head to one side gesturing we are even and laughed. Karn was confused. "isnt it the irony??" Panchali poined to Vrushali who was looking athe flowers in the garden. "She is and always will remain the most important lady in your life. Still world talked about you and me." Karn smirked "yes. You are right. It was always her. You never came into the picture. Not untill when you became the princess of Panchal again from Queen." Panchali looked at him with surprice, giving a what-the-hell-are-you-talking look.   

Just then Arjun came. "wrong timing hubby... i was in middle of building a friendship" Paarth raised his eye brows. "we had enough friendship for one day wifey. Time for you to take rest. You have done more work than you do in your office today also its time for the newly wed to leave for their home." Panchali retreated to her room. The moment she disppeared from the room Arjun turned to Karn "she dont know. She dont know you.." " she remembers everything." "No.. its all flashes. She dont know the full story. She remebers her wedding. Her sons death. Some flashes of war and thats it." "no wonder she talked so casually" Karn said under his breathe. "anyways thank you for your help." Karn and Arjun had a solid hand shake and Karn along with his wife left to their home.
Mr.Virat went through the details, cheaking and rechecking the papers. He still cant believe. But he couldnt feel raged but was rather appreciating Karn for pulling off such an awesome presentation. It even missed his cunning eyes, such was his presence and mannerisms. He threw the papers and file on his desk softly and leaned on his chair. "So, i just invested my sweat and blood in a titanic!!" Yudi, who was sitting across the table shrugged. "he showed you its a sinking ship. You, yourseld admitted it." "yeah he did. But.. this.." "afterall he is an emplyoee" "an efficient one.." Virat corrected in middle. "I was going through our reports and came across Arjun's financial statements. From him only i found about this. They are sinking furthur. See i did some digging with his buddy's help." Yudi showed the stats in his laptop. Virat bit his lower lip and gave a blunt smile. "so its code red... advice???" "Seize them. You have the agreement. They violated it. Used you money for non-productive purposes" Virat thought for a few seconds. "um.." he took the receiver of the landline and dialled. "yes. Please connect to the attorney. ... yes Mr. Aagrwal.. We need to start the legal procedure for the liabilty seizure and a case on fraud projection of credentials" . Virat smiled and looked at Yudi. Yudi nodded to him in agreement.
   "what is this????" Dury threw away the envelope and smashed his hand on the desk. "what is it my dear??" Shakuni came up and took the photos which was spread all over the room. He was astonished to see it. Some one have send photographs of Karn and Arjun's secret meeting, at coffee shop and Vrushli's picture made it more clear for dury that it was serious. Karn was very serious about his relationship and he will not introduce her to Arjun or use her without any strong reason. "It was all a drama wasnt it??" shakuni may not have an inclination towards Karn but he never susupected him for such a treason. "i dont belive this." "what is it more to believe in this. Its all crystal clear. This guy have tie up with Arjun.. and.. and.. isnt this girl from Draupadi's office??? so its a joint attack. No wonder all those bank statemnts went missing from my office and turned up at the Commissioner office and then in court right in time to take out Dushy's bail request" Shakuni smirked and crumpled the photos in his fist. "i have told you a thousand times. People like him, who have this softness in heart is never good company; especially in cooperate world. But see even in his exit act he proved how good he is. He knew we were sinking and he made sure he reach shore. So much for being the sponsor and missionary. Blame you father for that". Shakuni trashed the photos in dury's desk's drawer. But dury was still not convinced. "we did the same game on Kuruwar Maamu. Photos prove nothing.". Shakuni looked at him in shock. "Are you defending him?? Him!!!" He shook his head " yes.. photos prove nothing." " Then ask him.. ask him about this meeting... if its nothing he should have told you about it. But he didnt. Unless he have something to hide, why should he keep this as a secret. You know each and everything about his life. You know him way more than me. Confront him and get yourself hurt." Shakuni closed the door behind him loudly and left the office.
   "well done buddy" Arjun patted satyaki's back. "you know na.. i'm the best. I dug their grave. Ha ha.." "woah.. Mr. Gabber singh.. how did you turn so devilish?" "i'm always the devil" he put on his sunglasses and bid good bye to Arjun. He rode his avenger a few feet but halted and turned to Arjun "By the way, you owe me a mens' night out" "aye aye sir " arjun bowed to him. "Now get out of here" "oohh i'm not gonna stay... its not my sasural !!" he winked and headed south. As Satyaki exited the Yadav Audi came in and Krishna got out. "Madhav., wow when did you came back from London?" "i came back yesterday. How will you know.? You are busy being Mamashri Shakuni" Arjun laughed. They both went inside to Arjun's cabin. "Mamshri!!! n me.. no way. I am being cautious." "that's what he do. Being Cautious.". "i have news." Madhav's voice went cold. Arjun's face went grave. "they are reopening Panchali's Hit-N-Run case" arjun banged on the desk. "Not now.. she barely remembers anything in and around about it. Plus what we all were trying to keep away from her. The twins.. no.. i dont want her to know." "but she will know Paarth. She is the mother. She have all the right to know about them. Its hard.. may be most difficult. But she has to know". Paarth leaned on his chair. "what are you suggesting??" "i'm not suggesting. But you could have waited a bit. Now the process have started. Dury have got news and he is on the move as we speak." Arjun sat up on his chair "so what next??" Arjun fell back again. "future is constantly changing Paarth. I have told you. All events, all incidents, they have a purpose. But something or someone is playing an entirely diffrent game here. They want things to go in their way. Today morning this ended up at my front door. " Arjun took the tab Krishna placed on his desk. He switched it on. "traffic cam footage???" "yes... whoever did this package drop misread the address and dropped at my front door istead of Mr.Drupad" 'gooosshhh thats.. Panchali" arjun stopped tyhe video and closed his eys. "its that missing footage from traffic cams. Whoever is behind all this knows well what we want. Knows well where the fire is to pour petrol." "no... not now.. not until the baby is born" Krishna smiled.[/B]

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wow that was an amazing chapter Krishnaa di Clap
Karn n Panchali part was very interesting... both of them r still the same Big smile
karn n vrushu r married now Day Dreaming
Sakuni mama trying to break dury n karn's friendship... evil mama...
parth n madhav part was awesome..
poor parth is so tensed for panchali Disapprove
I'm sure madhav will help him out..
I'm getting curious about the stranger... i can't even guess who's he Disapprove
now I'm eagerly waiting 4 the next update...Smile
Thanks Shriya di 4 updating Big smile
continue soon di Embarrassed
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nice update...
lots of stuff going on...wonder who this mystery person is...
Still no babyCry
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nice update dear... loved karn draupadi part.. n when is our Abhi baby gonna come?? bring him very soon now...
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Oh God !! This Is Really Good !
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fantastic epi..n I loved tat convo between panchali n karn..tat queen attitude ,in each n every line she spokeDay Dreamingn...yesss my PARAV are back.waiting fr d next update!!!..
PS:can v have some parth n panchali moments..its been quiet a few epis dey got togetherSmile
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pp moments coming soon

no  more requests guys...

baby's entry time... buhahahahha...

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Extremely interesting chapter!!!! Karn and Panchali's convo was grt! And the last part was the most interesting!Cant wait to read more!!!!

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