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{--Arjun-Draupadi Kalyuga FF--} Thread 4 [Updated. New Chap in Pg 106] (Page 38)

...Hemangi Goldie

Joined: 11 July 2014
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Posted: 16 February 2015 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Finally read the 2 chapters...I was MIA for quite some time
Gr8 update Krishnaa loved both the chappies Big smile

LiveYourDream Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2015 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Great update again Krishna!
Arjun is such a supportive husband!
And Panchali's cravings!!LOL
It is amazing that she can eat that much in this stage of her pregnancySmile
so what is up with Hema?

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panchali12 Groupbie

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Posted: 17 February 2015 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Paarth is so nicee he loves Panchali a lot amazing chapter
Update plss
Belle_20 Groupbie

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Posted: 17 February 2015 at 10:53am | IP Logged

Pls update by Thursday Krishnaa Di. I'll be travelling from Friday,so wont be able to read for some time. But if I cud read the next chappie before that, I'll be a little less curious. So please! Its a special request!Smile

aishwarya48 Senior Member

Joined: 08 January 2015
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Posted: 18 February 2015 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Panchali=WIERD CRAVINGSBig smile
Please...we all want to see our baby...NEXT CHAPPIE WE NEED TO SEE THE BABY
Update soon pleaseee
Amazing writing as alwaysStarDancing
MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 January 2014
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Posted: 18 February 2015 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
oye all you res ki bachhe... Sethu.. n sam... kab unres karoge???? 
MataGauri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2015 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Chapter 120
(no proof reading.. done in a hurry on special request by bella20)

Hema ran to her room. She cant digest what she heard. "No.. It cant be... No.." She threw herself on the bed and rolled to one side. She grabbed the pillow and hid her face. Pritha was chasing Ghatto and she saw through the partially closed door that Hema is lying in a weird manner. She slowly opened the door. The room echoing a light wail. She moved slowly towards her and sat on the bed. She stroked the back of Hema's head. Hema looked back with tear filled red eyes. Pritha was shocked to see her face. Suddenly Hema started to sob loudly and got up. She hugged Pritha tightly. "What happened dear????" Pritha asked hugging her back. But Hema was not answering, instead she wailed more loudly. Ghatto ran inside the room and readily climbed the bed. But on seeing Hema cry loudly he looked at Pritha frightened. But Pritha's face was also in a confused state. Ghatto suddenly started to cry and he ran to the nearby room. He grabbed Devika who just came back from her house and pulled her to his room. Devika too was stunned by the scene. Ghatto again ran away from the room.

"Please tell us what happened Beta.. What is it???" Pritha asked again but this time her voice cracked. Hema slowly looked at her and pointed to the file on the table. Devika took it and went through it. She looked at Hema shocked after going through the file. "Maa... Its her medical reports... And... And...". By this time Ghatto have grabbed Panchali along with daadi to her room. "Its says she cant... She cant..." Devika is finding it difficult. "Its says i cant bear a baby in my womb for more than 15 weeks. My womb is weak." Hema spoke in a loud rough voice. Ghatto didnt know what is going on but her loud voice scared him and he suddenly neared daadi. Daadi took him in her arms.

All were shocked. Devika didnt know what to say. Panchali was feeling bad and suddenly she felt an air of guilt surrounding her. "Lord... So that was all this clandestine hospital visits and in middle of this pain i had my celebrated godh bharai. How bad she might ve felt??? How did she went through that whole day???".

Daadi went near her and placed Ghatto on her lap. "Who said you have to bear a baby in your womb to be a mother??? You took up the responsibility of a baby eventhough you know you still had options to have your own. You love ghatto as yours and i m sure you will never stop loving him as you do now when you've one of yours. This is why you can only be the best mother to him." She looked at daadi in a confused state. Daadi wiped her tears. "Maa is right. You may not have carried him in your womb, but no one can be a better mother to him." Pritha smiled at her. Hema still didnt understand. Suddenly she felt two tiny hands grabbing her cheeks. She looked into those two small glittering eyes. "Why are you crying mama???? Ghatto didn't tear any papers..." She hugged him tightly. "No baby... You didnt do anything."

She was crying again hugging him. Pritha patted her head and wiped her tears. "Dont cry dear.." "Yes.. Pritha is right beta. This is not the end of the world and medical science is advanced. We have solutions to everything dear. We will try all possible ways.Several couples have to wait for years. But you have a gem in life already" Hema looked down at Ghatto. "Yes.. He is my gem."she kissed on his forehead. "Atleast now i don't have to doubt myself. I will be able to love him unconditionally. I dont have to share my love." "No... You cant leave my son out of your love Hema!!" Pritha laughed saying this.

Hema suddenly realized how lucky she is. Most women will hold their children and cry out cursing the fate or may curse the DIL for the ill fate. But here her in-laws make it sound simple and is laughing over it. They are consoling and giving her courage to stand up from her broken state, and the medicine to it is on her lap. Her own little baby, the big guy of the family. She again kissed Ghatto on his forehead. "I love you sooo much baby!!!" This time ghatto wrapped his arms over her neck and kissed her cheeks. "And ghatto loves you too.. Muummmaaahhh!!!"

Panchali was half broken. Here she is with her almost 8 months pregnant figure and there Hema was weeping over her womb."No... Don't Panchali.. You dont ve to feel bad and please don't have this guilty face. Welll i m ahead of you actually. I have my guy with me on my lap. You should be jealous of me" Panchali was equally surprided and happy. She looked at devika with an unsure face. "Yeah... Hema is right Panchali. You know what i m totally jealous of you" Devika sat on the bed. Panchali laughed at them. "Um... I am. But i can't show it na.. The whole world will know that i m jealous. I secretly wonder how damn lucky you are. You got such a chubby cutey goody goody baby" panchali softly caught ghatto's nose and gave a shake to it. "Don't cast evil eye on my baby." All laughed at this and Panchali hugged Hema. "You are indeed the luckiest and the chosen one." Hema nodded to this in agreement.


Three weeks later

It was one fine sunday afternoon and all were sitting outside at the lawn. Dhris have come along with priyamwada kaaki to meet panchali. Now thats the only excuse balram will say yes to subhi. Dhris n subhi waa busy at one cornor and others together. "Maa Dr.Batra was saying that since bhabhi is at her 9th month we can schedule a c-section. She asked if we want ti consult with pandit we can do it ". "No... We don't wanna induce the dob. Let it happen. The moment she feels something we will go." "Yes.. Thts the right way. Let nature do its duty" vijaya wanted to tell them they can't wait for Panchali's water to break. But she is caught in between the confusion. When Hema's condition was revealed the whole family went through shock and agony. Bheem was affected the most. But the thing that scares her was Sahdev's reaction. He seemed stunned and scared. Horror washed over his face. His intuitions were never wrong. He said he saw two auras for Panchali on their wedding day. Later it was true when they found out abt the pregnancy.

Sahdev only whispered two lines. "This is just a beginning. Pain overshadows us". He himself don't know what lies ahead. Suddenly ghatto jumped from hema's lap and went to Panchali. "Chachi.. Can he see that???" He pointed to the sun. "Yes dear. He is closing his eyes and rolling over" "no he don't!!! He is hiding behind your clothes." "Cheak your self dear!!!" "How can i do that??? He is in your tummy." "Come near sweetie. Put your ear on my tummy and listen. You can feel him roll over"  he knelt beside her and kept his ear on Panchali's tummy. He heard the sound of moving water mixed with heart beat.

(c)K.R/IF {do not use outside IF}

He giggled suddenly and again kept his ear. This time he hugged her bump and listened carefully. The baby kicked suddenly and he jumped off. "He kicked me.. He is swimming in there." Everyone laughed on seeing this. "Big guy.. Its your big baby brother na... He is also strong!!!" Yudi said with a laugh. "He better behave good. I m his big brother." He got up and turned to Hema. "Mama.. God keep babies in pool??" "Yes dear. God keep the babies in small small pools and angels bring them to earth and place in the mothers tummy. When the baby feel bored of swimming he will come out to play" "so i was also in a pool???" "Yup..." "But.. I cant swim!!" "Babies forget swimming once they come out baby." "So i also kicked you mama???" His eyes widened as he asked this to Hema. But the whole family was silent. "Yup.. You still kick me while u sleep" Ghatto hugged her in happiness. "Yeah... My naughty.. Chubby baby" Hema kissed his cheek and nodded to Panchali. She passed a light "thank you" to her amidst her tears. Her baby is all her's today.  Panchali smiled at the pristine moment.


Paarth was busy in his cabin, that he didnt notice the person who came in. "Still soo focused buddy!!!" Arjun turned suddenly on hearing the voice. "Hai... When did u land???" Arjun threw the file on the table and hurried to the new face. "I heard a certain someone called Arjun is in need of his tech savy friend Satyaki.." "Ha ha.  Sorry to call u on short notice. " "dont be.." Arjun's best friend from high school have rolled up his sleeves to help his best buddie. "So... Why syddenly all this?? You know i m the black listed person in this field" "that's what make you the best person for this" "goosshh when did you became this evil!!!" Arjun smirked. "Circumstances buddie... " satyaki made a funny face. "You talk like a priest.. Nywys.  I m thank ful u called me here. I got my perfect excuse to meet my fiancee." He winked at Arjun. "When did u get engaged??" "About to get engaged!! Juz met her. You may know the family. Kuruvansh. The youngest daughter of them." Arjun looked stunned by the news. But smiled. "Jay will never get her. Things are different now and will remain different" he thought. "Shittt i m such a laloo puppy. We met after soo many years!! Can we call it a Saturday night??" Arjun looked unsure "eehhh.. Pregnant wife!!" Satyaki's jaw dropped. "What are you aiming?? World cup 2039???" Arjun laughed. "Okay.. All i can do is.." He raised his hands in air "oh lord have mercy on the poor bhabhiji.. See ya maan!!!" He exited Arjun's cabin.

Juz then Arjun's phone rang and it was Panchali's name on the screen. "Hello beautiful..." "No time to flirt hubby..  We have a problem!!!" "What??? Are you all right?? Is it??" "Calm down.. Its not tht.. Meet my friend in five minutes at the marraige court. This certain person need a marriage witness" "seriously???" "Yes.. Dont you wanna know who is the bride n groom???" "Who are they???" "My assistant vrushali and her boyfriend Karn" Arjun couldn't register what he heard. He was motionless for a minute. Wink LOL Big smile

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Sonatia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2015 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Res...i am too tired wid this studies.will read later.
awesome dr.
I can't wait 4 the karna's wedding.
Omg hema-ghatto bonding ws awesome.

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