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Confessing love to Chashmish -AbhiGya TS- 23/03 -Part 3- pg8-Completed (Page 7)

Diahh IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by illa8

co cute

Thank you!Big smile
Originally posted by lasyap3

Fantastic five LOL

Five reasons eh,?

Actually I am loving this ...

Jealous+Confusion+misleading = Abhi's State at present LOL

Great job Diyu..

Hey Lasya!!Big smile Thank you! Glad to know you are loving this! 

Originally posted by adventure_gurl

love it

Thank you!Big smile

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Originally posted by quirky_senorita

Awesome loved it.

Aww! Thank you! I am glad! Big smile

Originally posted by -kanishka-

This is sooo cute. Clap

Thank you so much! Big smile
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Originally posted by Pagalpinky

Nice story
Super cute

Thank you!! Big smile

Originally posted by ariyabestfan

plz continue soon

Thank you! Big smile
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Originally posted by MarGan

OMG!! Diah...such an awesome story...You rockedClap...
Abhi is too confused and jealous when he thought Pragya marrying DBLOLWacko...
Pragya is also confused why abhi is asking all the nonsense questionsLOL...
Suresh is like Confused...

But the trio of BB,Purab,Aliya are like ROFL...

Love too see what awaits for AbhigyaEmbarrassedTongue...
Please update soonnn Day DreamingHeart...

Hello GB!!!  Big smile

Thank you so much Bhai for the lovely comment!! Star So happy to see you here! And glad to know you loved the updates!!Star
Diahh IF-Rockerz

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Hello Guys! Big smileFirst of all so sorry for taking this long to update. And thank you all for the lovely comments and likes they always make my day!Star


So finally here you go with the final part! It was kind of long so I divided it in to two parts.

Okay, then do read and let me know what you think of the ending!Embarrassed


This one is dedicated to all of you, the amazing readers!Hug


Happy Reading!



Confessing Love to my Chashmish...


AbhiGya TS


Part 3- I


What is going on?

Pragya wondered as she stared at Abhi.

He is such a drama queen!

Pragya internally groaned as Abhi continued to act oblivious to the deathly glares she sent his way.

Pragya turned her glance to the trio, letting them know her frustration through unspoken words. They gestured her to go along with whatever he was doing.

Yeah! Right! Let's all feed Rockstar's ego!

If it was any other day Pragya would have dealt with his ego in a totally different yet so amusingly satisfying way. But no! Not today! She didn't want to create a scene. Especially not in front of a colleague!

Her stubbornness was reserved only for him. Or rather to his ego.

"Okay so give me 5 reasons!"

He repeated his insane demand once again.

Okay Rockstar! If you are Abhi Mehra, then don't forget I am Pragya Arora! I am not going to let you get away with this that easy!

"Well! You want 5 reasons, right? I will give you 5 reasons!"

"Excuse me Pragya. I just remembered I have got to leave now. It's urgent!"

Suresh tried his best to avoid the impending confrontation. These two definitely have some issues to sort out.

"No Masterji stay where you are!"

"No Suresh! I am sure you can wait 5 minutes more!"

Both Abhi and Pragya spoke at the same time trying to stop Suresh from leaving. He settled back in his chair looking uneasy.

"Well! Reason 1! He is smart!"

Pragya almost laughed out loud seeing his reaction to her words.

Ha! How is that Rockstar? Pragya knew for some stupid reason Abhi always felt insecure around Suresh. She really couldn't understand the reason for his insecurity till slowly it became evident that Abhi envied Suresh for being "smart".

Pragya knew Abhi is not the smartest person she knew. But that does not mean he is any less! He is definitely not a bookish person. But smartness didn't lie in books! Smartness lies in the way you deal with life.

He hated what he heard but he didn't respond. Okay Rockstar let's check your patience!

"Reason 2! Suresh is the most hardworking guy I have ever met! He gives his 100% to everything he does."

"Eyyy Chashmish! Hello! Abhi Mehra!" Pragya kept her expression blank as Abhi pointed at himself.

"Abhi THE Rockstar! 25 years! Several chart toppers! Hits! Awards! Music Company! All achieved from scratch! And still you say he is the most hardworking guy you have ever met!? Can you guys believe this?"

Abhi finished his rant by directing a question at the trio.

Of course he IS the most hard working guy she has ever seen! Abhi!

Hasn't she been right there with him all these years as he struggled day after day to achieve his dream!? Didn't he know she was the happiest when he achieved it all!? His accomplishments mattered more to her than to him!

He knows it! Then why all this? And why is he comparing himself with Suresh? Suresh out of all the people...


Pragya tried to make sense out of his actions.

It's almost as if he is jealous of Suresh! Is he jealous? Jealous of Suresh? But why? What could be the reason?

"Okay Di what is the third one?" Bulbul's question broke Pragya's train of thoughts.

"Huh? What? Oh! Third one! He is dedicated!"

"Dedicated? Well, maybe to his work! But what about you? Dedicated to you?"

What dedicated to me? What is going on? Pragya's confusion continued to escalate.

"Huh? Abhi, what is going...?"

"Hey Masterji what is her favourite colour? Song? Book?"

Suresh looked from Pragya to the trio. When no help came he decided to face the devil alone.

"I... I don't know. How would I know...?"

"You don't know?"

Suresh gulped nervously hearing the intensity behind the question directed at him and shook his head at the Rockstar.

Abhi turned his gaze to Pragya.

"Are you out of your mind? I thought you are a smart girl! Smartest girl I knew! Didn't you even think once about this? He doesn't know anything about you! And he doesn't even pretend he is interested!"

"What are you talking about Abhi!? I don't know for some reason... It's as if you are taking this in a wrong way and overreacting and..."


Hearing the intensity in Abhi's voice, Pragya stopped mid sentence.

"You think I am overreacting?" He repeated the question.

"Of course! What is wrong with you Abhi?"

"I can't believe this Chashmish! What is wrong with me!?? Really?"

Abhi gave a mirthless laugh looking at everyone present, before turning to Pragya.

"What the hell is wrong with you Chashmish! First you didn't even think of me once and went and agreed to get married to this idiot."

Suresh shifted in his chair and wished he was invisible to all seeing the delusional Rockstar with obvious anger management issues pointing at him. What made him think he and Pragya are getting married? Obviously, delusional!

"And then you tell everyone about it except me! Didn't you even think once about me before deciding all this Chashmish!? Once! All these years there is nothing hidden between us! But you very conveniently choose not to tell me that you are getting married! Your biggest decision in life! And after all this you are asking me what is wrong with me!"

Abhi waited for an answer but seeing that she wasn't going to respond anytime soon turned away in frustration, trying to calm down.

Pragya stared at Abhi trying to make sense of his outburst.

What! I am going to marry Suresh!? Marry? SURESH? What made him think like that? How could he even think like that? And what did he say... Everyone knew? Who?

Her chain of thoughts was broken by the noise of Abhi's hand thumping the door in anger as he left.

She heard Aaliyah gasping and turned towards her.

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously seeing the glee in Bulbul's face and discomfort in Purab's. Wait! She knew those looks!

The trio tried to compose themselves but Pragya's narrowed eyes already told it would be in vain now.

She shook her head disapprovingly as she followed Abhi.

Suresh paused only for a second before dashing out of the door away from all this drama much to the amusement of the trio.

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Confessing Love to my Chashmish...


AbhiGya TS


Part 3- II


UFF! Pragya couldn't help but smile seeing the sulking Rockstar strumming on his guitar. As always, she knew he would find solace in his music room.

"Abhi listen to me!"

"No Chashmish! Leave me alone!"

Okay! So here we go!

"Okay! Whatever Rockstar! Anyway I will be leaving here forever once I get married to my perfect partner Suresh!"

Pragya expected him to have his own cheeky comeback but was surprised when he didn't say anything and kept his guitar away.

Abhi stared at her for a second and gently pulled her to him by her hand.

"Chashmish do you really want to do this? Do you really think Suresh is the one for you?"

Pragya for the first time in her life grew conscious around Abhi. He is so different today. She tried to recall when he was ever this serious with her before and came up with none. He is always so easygoing, always cracking silly jokes, making her laugh, so why is he so worried today? So serious... So intense...

"Chashmish is there... Is there any chance for me? For us?"

It took a minute for Pragya to grasp what he is saying. Abhi!? Abhi and me! No! Pragya searched his eyes but there was no mischief there, but pure earnestness.

"Abhi... Do you have any idea of what you are saying?"

Pragya asked as she tried to take back her hand from his grasp. He clutched her hand back and stood to face her.

"Chashmish I have known you forever. You have known me forever. We like each other and we have always been there for each other. I am asking whether you like to be with me for the rest of our lives."

"Abhi! I... I don't know what to make out of all this! Why are you saying all this now? It's all happening so suddenly I don't know what to say... I don't even know whether I love you. Or whether you love me.."

"I love you!" Abhi quickly blurted out.

"Abhi! It doesn't happen like that! I have seen you saying this to so many girls over the years. I am not them! I am looking for someone who really means those words!"

"But Chashmish I do! I do mean them!"

Pragya shook her head looking uncertain.

"I love you! I really do! I know you are not like the other girls I dated! I always knew that! I always knew you were different. Chashmish you know I have never lied to you in my entire life. I have always come to you in my good times and bad and you have always been there for me! You always mattered to me more than anyone else! It's true that I never realize I loved you till today... But now I know, I am sure I love you! I have always loved you..."

Pragya knew it was the truth. She could see it in his eyes but even without seeing it in his eyes she knew, because he would never lie to her.

Oh! This explains why he was so pissed with Suresh! He really was jealous!

Abhi waited for her response, only to see her blush and smile. She was lost in her thoughts and with each second he grew more impatient to know her response.

"Eiii Chashmish!"

"Huh? Hmm.."

"Please! Tell something na! I am waiting!"

Pragya thought of all the times they have shared since their childhood. He always made her laugh. He always made her happy. He always made her feel safe. More than anything he always made her feel so special.

Despite his silly antics, huge ego, he is still the most perfect man in her eyes. Most perfect match to her. Her best friend.

She thought about her irrational irritation and anger with his ex girlfriends. Although they have never done anything wrong to her, she never liked any of them and had been rather vocal about it too, much to the amusement of their siblings. Almost all the break ups occurred due to her disapproval and their close friendship.

Although she always gave the reason of the girl not being worthy of Abhi, now she knew it was her fault or rather her jealousy that never let her to accept any other as his love.

So does this mean... Yeah.. It must be...No!  She is sure!

"I love you too!"

She saw him flash a smile. The smile she is used to so much, but it still managed to make her have give butterfly feels in her stomach.

"Say that again!"

"Oh ho Abhi! I.love.you!"

She emphasized on each syllable and found her face mirroring Abhi's as a smile formed in her face.

"I think I have always loved you..."

She admitted.

"Or really! That's why you were going to marry that Double battery! Huh?"

"Abhi! I never agreed to marry him! It was your misunderstanding! Nothing else!"

"What do you mean? But then why did Bulbul tell me so? And I was there when you called Aaliyah telling you agreed to the proposal?"

Pragya could see through the trio's plan immediately. The trio always knew they were meant to be together. Although it has been rather a hazardous plan it had been a success!

"Why are you smiling?"

So she let him in on the secret.

"What! So you were talking about the research grant... And they made me believe you are talking about Masterji!?"

Pragya nodded laughing at his expression.

And they both turned towards the door hearing giggling coming from outside followed by an angry hushing sound.

"Bulbul! I just know that it has to be you!" Abhi shouted at the door.

"I am not going to spare them!"

"UFF! Rockstar let it go na! If not for them we would never have realized."

Pragya said as she side hugged Abhi.

The Trio peeped through the door.

"UFF! Now let it go na... JIJUUU..." Bulbul said earning an amused smile from Abhi.

"Come on guys! Group hug!"

The trio hugged Abhi and Pragya. And soon started their usual nonstop chatter
while Abhi and Pragya looked at each other and smiled as their hands found each other's.


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I'm thinking weather to unres now or leave it for a while to tease you a little Evil Smile
ok ok I will unres I do not like teasing my favorite behnaSmile

First of all I'm so happy you managed to update at last ..I was waiting for this for almost 3 months now and I have 3 words for you  it worth it ..it suites them so well so Abhigaya ..and I always say this I love jealous Abhi and I never get bored watching or reading about hi in such situations Evil Smile
I know you are busy but still hope to read anything you managed to write if you find any chance for that Smile

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Diahh!! First of all, a very very belated Merry Christmas!! LOLEmbarrassed I'm so sad that I didn't read this before!! But now I can read all the parts together..WinkBig smile
It's amazing!! I was giggling all the way till I finished reading.. I love the title!! Heart
The way the trio said No's to Abhi answering Pragya's call..LOL And Abhi telling Suresh is not BB's Jiju yet.. And he finally telling ILU.. Amazing!! Big smile

A big MU!! And 5 reasons!! LOL 5 reasons why Suresh is Pragya's perfect partner..This is going amazing!!Big smile

"dedicated to you?" "her favorite color, book, song?" This MU is getting interesting every minute..Embarrassed

Diahh!! Your witing is just so fab!! Just perfect!!Big smile

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