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ROSID FF: Indifferent Love UPD PG 13-14 Completed FF (Page 13)

banuprasa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Part 20

Roli bring food for Siddhant.

She sat beside him and started feeding him.

Siddhant was having food gazing at Roli with a mischief smile and look.

Roli was unable to withstand his look.

Roli: Why are you seeing like this?

Siddhant: Why Roli?  Cant i see you.

Roli blushed.

Roli: Not like that.  But i cant bear your sharp look.

Roli down her face in shyness.

Siddhant hold her chin and lift her face.

Siddhant: Roli look at me..

Roli: No I can't.  I cant meet your eyes.

Siddhant: Wont you for me.

Roli lift her eyes and looked into his eyes.

Roli & Siddhant had eyelock for a while.

Roli down her face as she cant tolerate anymore.

Roli slowly finished feeding him the food.

She gave the medicines.

Roli: Now you please take rest and sleep.

Siddhant; Roli, not getting sleep.  

Roli: Not getting sleep!  You have taken tables and you require rest.

Siddhant: You are right.  But i am not getting sleep what to do?  It will be good if someone make me sleep.

He said looking at Roli which Roli smiled.

Roli: Tell me what you want to do to make you sleep.

Siddhant: In my childhood i used to sleep on my mother's lap when i fall sick.  Can i sleep on your lap?

He asked raising his eyebrows.

Roli sat in the bed folding her legs and showed her lap for him to lay down.

Siddhant with a smile lay down on her lap.

Roli caresses his hair.

Siddhant turned towards her.

Roli: Take care of your hand.  Dont put pressure on that hand.

Siddhant: Roli, Dont take tension.  i wont put pressure.

Roli: Still you cant be careless like this.  

Siddhant: I am careless being my wife is careful.

Roli: What is the use of wife being careful when husband go out in anger and come back with big bandage.

Siddhant laughed.

Siddhant; Hi Roli, Are you still in that tension?  

Roli: Why not?  Tell me what made you anger that day.

Siddhant: leave it Roli.  

Roli: No.  I wish to know about it.  Please tell me.

Siddhant was hesitating to tell that it was not anger and it was his ego to accept his defeat.

But Roli was not ready to leave it and she was asking him again & again.

Roli: You know how much i was worried that day.  I was thinking whether you got angry as i went offline while you were chattig with me.  

When Roli was continuing her talks about that day, Siddhant slowly moved towads her.

He kissed on her hip and wrapped his left hand around her waist.

Roli was sitting speechless and closed her eyes.

Siddhant got up and moved towards her face..

Siddhant: Roli you were telling something.

Roli opened her eyes and blushed.

Roli; Nothing...

Roli got down from the bed and rushed out of the room...

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magicalrosid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Naughty sid love u waiting for the next banu

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nithyaji Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
nice update. Plz update soon frnd.

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sheetal1979 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 12:55am | IP Logged
really sid become too naughty waiting for nxt dear
banuprasa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Part 21

Roli finished having dinner and was cleaning the kitchen.

She remembered sudden closeness with Siddhant and blushed.

She finished the kitchen works and went to their room.

All the way her heart beat increased.

Siddhant was occupying her mind and heart.

She entered into their room and locked the door.

She looked at Siddhant who was in the bed turned against her.

Roli thought he has slept.

She took a long breathe..

She was thinking where to sleep now

She went near Sofa, then remembered Siddhant telling her to sleep in the bed..

Roli smiled..

But she was hesitating as she never been so close to him all these days..

She slowly took steps and went near the bed.

She lay down the other side of bed facing against him.

Roli closed her eyes while she felt the hand wrapped around her.

Roli was shocked and opened her eyes.

It was Siddhant's hands wrapped around her waist.

Roli turned towards him while Siddhant smiled.

Her attention immediately went towards his hand.

Roli: Dont disturb your hands.  I fear...

He interrupted.

Siddhant: What can i do when you disturb me a lot?

Roli blushed.

Roli: i am disturbing you, then shall i sleep in the sofa.

She tried to get up while he hold her hands.

Siddhant: Where you will go leaving your husband here alone?

Roli smiled.

Roli: i am not going anywhere.  I will be here in the sofa only.  

She took his hands from her and moved from there.

Siddhant: ooch!

Roli turned towards him and came back to him.

Roli: What happened?  Is it paining?

Siddhant: yes it is.

Roli hold his hands and showed tension on her face.

Roli: that is why i always tell you to be careful.  you are behaving like a child sometimes.

Siddhant smiled.

Siddhant: Roli the pain started when you go away and so you are the reason.

Roli now realised he was telling lie to hold her from going.

Roli blushed and down her face due to shyness.

Roli: I am the reason for your pain, then who was the reason for your anger that day.  

Roli remembered and wanted to know the reason for the anger again.

Roli: Tell me the truth did you got angry as I closed the chat suddenly.

She started asking him array of questions...

Siddhant got up from the bed and went near her.

He wrapped his left hand around her and pulled her closer.

He swiftly moved close to her face and kissed on her cheeks.

Roli went speechless and blushed.

Siddhant: Roli what is your query now?

ROli: Nothing.  

Roli smiled.

Roli: You please take rest...

Siddhant: But Roli i got a query..

Roli: query for what?

Siddhant: I am calling you ROli, but never heard you calling me by name..

Roli; How can i call you by name?  Its not possible.

Siddhant: Why it is not possible?  My name is nice only right.  It is not something which cant be pronouced or something like that.

Roli: But how can i tell my husband's name.

Siddhant: Why not?  I am telling your name right.

Roli: I am your wife.  

Siddhant: Likewise i am your husband right.  So call me by name..

Roli: No i cant..

Siddhant: Yes you should

Roli: No..

Siddhant: yes..

Roli: No...

Roli moved towards his face and kissed on his cheeks.

Siddhant: No...

Roli: Now you accepted as No right. 

Siddhant smiled..

Siddhant: Oh!  you made me accept your words..

Roli: yes.  Now please sleep and take rest.

Siddhant lay down in the bed..

Roli tried to move while he hold her hands.

Roli turned and looked at Sid.

Siddhant signalled her to sleep in the bed with his eyes.

Roli with a smile lay down beside him.

Rol & Siddhant closed their eyes and slept in a while...

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banuprasa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Part 22
Roli tried to know the reason for his anger few more times while Siddhant make her speechless..

Roli gets diverted her attention from her query on his anger...

The days were moving..

Siddhant got healed from the injury.

Roli took Siddhant for check up.

X ray was taken and he was confirmed to be ok.

He was warned not to lift heavy weights with Right hand and he need to continue withe the exercises.

Roli & Siddhant returned home happily.

All had dinner together..

Mataji: Siddhant, now after doctor confirming you as ok we can see happiness on Roli's face.

Siddhant looked at Roli and smiled.

Sujatha: Yes Siddhant.  Though she was pretending to be normal her attention was fully on your hands.

Siddhant: Yes.  I know always her attention was on my hands.

He said with a mischief smile & look.

Roli noticed it and she knows what he really means with 'always'

Roli blushed.

All finished dinner.

Roli & Siddhant went to their room.

Siddhant locked the room and swiftly hold Roli's hands..

He pulled her closer and wrapped his hands around her.

Siddhant: Roli now you dont have tension of my hand right.

Roli: Yes i dont have tension about your hand now.  

Siddhant; Now can you let me to...

He moved towards her face..

Roli smiled and moved away a little.

Roli: I have not asked about your anger of that day to kiss me and make me speechless.

Siddhant was shocked to hear this.

Siddhant: Roli what do you mean?

ROli: I mean what i said.  I know all these days whenever i opened the topic of reason for your anger, you make me speechless with your kiss.  But now i have not asked anything about it, then why you need to kiss me.

Siddhant: Roli you have mistaken.

ROli: No.  Not at all.  I have not mistaken.

Siddhant: Roli, what made you to think like that?

Roli: Initially i was really feeling happy about your closeness.  I thought you are accepting me as your wife..  But..

Siddhant: You were right Roli.  I accepted you as my wife.

ROli: Not really.  When i kissed you to make you accept that i cant tell your name, something strike on my mind.  When i kissed you to accept what i want, sameway there should be some reason behind your kisses too..

Siddhant: Not like that ROli..

Roli: I know you were never ready to accept me as your wife.  But suddenly you started making closeness with me..  Then when i thought it was the moments where i asked you about your anger of that day...  It clearly shows that was the reason behind your closeness & those kisses..

Siddhant; Roli, please hear what i am telling..

Roli: What i got to hear from you?  initially it was only my doubt and to confirm that i tried to open that topic about the anger few more times and at all times you did the same and confirmed my doubt is right.

Siddhant: ROli...

Roli; Please... Just tell me whether it is true or not..

Siddhant: Yes I accept.  I kissed you to stop you from talking about it.  But..

Roli: Now you yourselves have accepted it is just for stopping me to talk about it.  Then what else i need to hear from you.  

Siddhant: ROli only if you hear me fully you can understand it right.

Roli: When initially you said you cant accept me as wife, i was having belief that you will accept one or the other day.  But never thought you will try to make me fool to come closer to just stop me from asking you something.

Siddhant: Roli believe me i accepted you as my wife..

Roli: How can i believe you?  NO one will kiss wife for some purpose.

Siddhant: Ok.  If you dont believe me.  If that was your opinion, then why you were keeping quiet all these days.

Roli: I wanted to take care of you as you were not well.  You were injured.  

Sidhant: So now.  What you have planned to do as i am alright now.

Roli: I have decided to go away from your life.  I have decided to divorce you.  I have decided to let you free so that you can select your wife as per your interest and marry her.

Siddhant was shocked hearing all these...

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banuprasa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Part 23

Roli opened the wardrobe and took out the bag.

She started filling the bad with her dresses.

Siddhant: Roli, please try to understand.  Hear me patiently.

Roli: After hearing you just kissed to make me speechless, now i am ready speechless and got nothing to discuss or hear.

Siddhant: Roli you are taking a rash decision.

Roli: Not at all.  I have think well for so many days.  I was just waiting for you to get alright.

Roli kept the dresses in the bag.

Siddhant went near the bag and took out all the dresses.

Siddhant: No Roli.  I cant accept your decision.  You cant go away from me.

He kept the dresses back in the cupboard.

Roli took it again and kept inside the bag.

Roli: You were not ready to accept my wife right.  Then what concern you whether i go or stay here.  Let me go.

Siddhant took the dress back and put it in the cupboard.  He also locks and keep the key inside his pocket.

Siddhant: No Roli.  You need to hear.  You were maintaining patience all these days. But why not for today alone.  Please...

Roli: you have paid well for the patience i kept on you.  Now it is enough.  Please let me go.

Siddhant: No.  I wont.  I cant give you the key.

Roli: Ok.  No problem.  Keep it with you.  There is no need of all these dresses for me.  I lost my life then this dresses are nothing.

Siddhant: Roli why are you talking like this.

Roli: i am telling the truth.  i have taken a wrong decision of marrying you even after knowing you dont have interest on me.  It was my mistake only and i need to face the consequences of my mistake.

Siddhant: Roli, your deicsion of marrying me was right.  but now the decision of leaving me is only wrong.

Roli: No i took wrong decision earlier and now taking the right decision.  

Siddhant: Roli...

Roli: Now you marry someone who is according to your interest, according to you wish, selected by you.

Siddhant: Roli you are my interest, you are my wish, though not selected by me you are my everything..

Roli: No, i cant believe.  These words are also for some purpose only.   i dont have strength to withstand all these purposefull words and actions of you.  Please leave me.

Roli tried to move away from there.

Siddhant hold her hands and pulled her towards him.

By his sudden pulling Roli fell on his chest.

He wrapped his hands around her..

Roli: Please leave me.  Let me go..

Roli tried to come out of his hold.

But Siddhant was holding very tightly that she was unable to come out of his hold.

Siddhant: I wont leave you.  Also i wont let you go

Roli: Why you wont leave me?  Why you wont let me go?  

Siddhant: Because you are my wife and i have not married you to leave and let you go.

Roli: If you really think like that then you might have not kissed me with some purpose..

She argued again.

Siddhant was admiring her face while Roli was continuing her argument.

Siddhant moved towards her face..

He hold her lips with his...

Roli was trying to move away...

But Siddhant wrapped his hands tightly around her and pulled he rmore closer.

Roli was trying hard to come out of his hold..

But all her tries went in vain.

Roli finally give up her tries...

She forward her hands and wrapped around him...

Roli voluntarily gave her lips to Siddhant...

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justloverosid IF-Rockerz

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 Beautiful updates BanuClap

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