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SS- NEIRA-(Unnamed) - Part -4 UPDATED pG-9 (Page 6)

photofreak Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronitfan

That was AWESOME! Really loved the flow and all the elements.. 
Hope we get to see Neil introspecting a little in the show as well.. would be fantastic.. 

Really enjoyed reading this.. do continue soon! :)

Sukhi... darling... aah glad you loved reading me ... 

photofreak Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by columbia

Very tightly and well written 
No faltu OTT at all lovin it pls continue

aah dearie ... glad to know you are loving the progress and plot of the story... by the way i didnt get your name... Wink
photofreak Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Luv-IKNMP

Amazing update!!... I liked the part where Neil is trying to solve Ragini's marriage puzzle Tongue wonder what would happen when he comes to know they aren't married! Big smile
Thanks for the PM!!!...
Update soon!!... Day Dreaming

Aww my dear glad you loved reading me ... and your genuine share of view ... 
photofreak Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
PART - 3

Yes it made him feel restless...
is it just restless???? No he merely could think of his scheduled surgery for the immediate sunrise... Even his regular dose of a mug didn't help... He sat on his bed... Connected to net logged into facebook checked raginis fb account status defined a divorcee and a proud single mom!!!

He grabbed another mug of scotch searched for Dr. Aman Molhotras professional profile which stated single... He is somehow getting into terms that something is absolutely fishy in the so called moved on with happy second marriage of Rags with Aman as stated by Rags... Had a fluttery feeling in stomach ... He can't really wait till it dawned to rigorously turn on his Holmes cap ...
To avoid seething restlessness he logged into his cloud account which had got more that 3000pics of consolidated 6years of his marital bliss with his lady love... A lady of perfection, beauty, innocence, knowledge, arrogance and attitude... His Ragini...

Passing the slide show the flashes of past reeled their lonely moments on rain... The way ragini use to enjoy the fresh fragrance of wet mud in rains, how she use to prepare clairs hot chocolate only for him... Aaah the days left an smile with a bliss of perfect love and a vanity of non reoccurrence of those moments... Shed a lonely heavy tear with a defeated smile of life ..revisited raginis page which has collection of her kids pics right from their childhood... He downloaded every single pic... And preserved looking at Aravs pic touching screen he blessed Arav and suddenly his eyes caught an attractive update in the qualification section and is left speechless at the status... Ragini Patel MBA in hospital Management from IIM C

Immediately he looked at his contacts one fellow friend who is Admin head in IIM C pinged him on WhatsApp a casual hi

The fellow out of blue responded immediately asking his well being and called Neil. Neil took the opportunity to scan the profile of Rags in every possible way right from scratch after they parted... He gave details of ragini and asked her info from him. In not less than half an hour the guy shooted a mail to Neil Which left him surprised and proud that the lady didn't accept the defeat of life and raised from ashes of being single parent as an absolute tough arrogant yet sensible victorious professional ... Yes he saw it right "Ragini Patel University topper 1999 Gold Medalist in MBA Hospital Management submitting her thesis every year on the improvements that can be implemented for the betterment of admin activities in Medical care...

Lovely his chest widened with pride of his lady's achievement. He went through a few articles she wrote and submitted to the university blog. And the dawn welcomed him to turn on to his sting operation of Ragini Aman marriage mystery. He got fresh grabbed Starbucks and is out to Raginis place to meet his daughter who promised him to meet in the early hours for morning walk. He waited in the park... But for his surprise instead of Nishi he gets to sight Arav with his friend following shilpa and gets to eavesdrop their talks. Arav cribbing that he had to sacrifice a lot his mom putting up flat for sale nit thinking of him and his future and she is all for Nishis marriage. Where as his twin bro enjoying the royalties having raised by father and rues at his moms strict nature.

Neils heart goes for Ragini thinking if she gets to know this is what her son thinks of her she will be shattered bit yet the Man in him feels that he won that her son started tending to him and she failed in her once upon challenge that she will not let them think of a fatherly figure... But his conscience immediately knocks him saying " as though you won... Damn it if she is a loser in making it up to her kids what so big have you done to your kids apart from dipping them in luxuries they are in hunger strike for their mother which only ragini can do justice and asks him to shut his ego and accept his defeat"

But what has she given to her kids what valued did she impart to her kids??? A second marriage? His brains mocked but again his conscience snapped and slapped" oh really nachiket... Do you really feel she moved on??? Even after the due diligence you did yesterday about her?? You jerk!!! Come to roots... Okay even if she moved on it shouldn't matter to you... You are legally divorced and she has every right to move on and what authority you hold on her to rue and Fighting within sf and taunting her along with Aman ... Think nachiket and don't stoop so low that you might hate to see yourself in mirror... "

Arav to his friend - pata hai ...ghar bech rahi hai mom party bhi fix hogayi...

This statement snapped Neil from his brainy conscience war of thoughts...
Back to reality : Instead of feeling happy that his mom his handling things on her own ... he is cribbing with his friend?   Damn it... I should fix this else I will end up on hospital bed very badly needing a heart or brain surgery...
But can I approach Arav to know the truth of Ragini? No how disgusting it is to check on son for his moms way... "

It's 8:00 am he gets real estate agents call and he probes further to check with the address is shocked with a deep stabbing pain clenching his tummy after knowing that he is dealing with Raginis flat...

His morning is shattered... Gathers strength to look at his phone to check WhatsApp message from Nishi that mom iis not yet out for work asking apologies to make him wait... He replies that fine... And he is leaving for work...

As he is about to move spots sunny tai but refrains from getting info from her as she is close to ragini and heads to hospital...

evika who is in early greets Dr. Neil and offers him coffee and he obliges...
Both head to cafeteria and in his mind Neil thinking to self that Devikas is the only source for him to get to know the truth of Ragini ...
Both grabbed mug full of caffeine settling at the corner of the cafeteria...while the interns serving night shift are seen here and there in groups gossiping with sleepy faces ...and few giggling ... and few in serious talks about ICU patients ...
Devika: So, Doc how come you are so early in today?
Neil : A critical surgery in the pipeline today by 10:00 AM so thought of making it a bit early to the work so that I can catch up with the patients case history before i head to OT
Devika : You sound so much like a man with clock fixed in brain ...
Neil: Ought to be young lady as its demand by profession and i cant afford to sideline it ... else my patients will suffer...
Devika: Smiles...
He tiss tossing his hands thinking how to start the conversation ...

Devikas Phone rings :- Its Ragini ...
Devika: Hi Ragini... Morning...tell me ...
Ragini: Completely in messed mood Hi devika sorry yaar mein tujhe early morning disturb ki par I need a favor aaj ke liye..
Words are heavy as though she wanted a shoulder to rest and burst out in tears...
Devika: Sensing ragini state anything dear... But hold on...why are you sounding so low... Aur Tu to rahi ho... Sherni ro rahi hai... Baat kya hai Ragini...bohot pareshaan lag rahi hi... Batao na...
Neils heart pounding fast thinking what the... Why is she crying...what could have happened...did arav mess up her mood on the morning or anything else...but being composed his brow Cracked little to get to the convo... Having his coffee... Fingers crossed under the table..
Ragini: Woh woh ...actually aaj office Ko time PE aa nahi paungi... Isliye agar tum office jaldi pohchegi toh bohot helpful rahegi... Mein Mein... Aman sir ko bhi Batadiya.. Sorry for the bother... Gulping heavy lump in her throat... Mujhe tumse baat karne ka man Kiya toh Mein call kardi... Aise hi... Matlab... Woh ...and bursts out in tears... Saying mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai devika...
Devika: Oh my ... Ragini kya Hua tum ro rahi Ho kya baat hai yaar Bata nah...mujhe bohot tension ho rahi hai...
Ragini: Meine bacho Ko kya kami ki hai... Mere zindagi mein bacho ke alava ha ha hi kya bai devika har pal un dono keliye he to jee rahihu... Pata hai aaj arav ka birthday hai aur mujhe arav be kitna much sunaya...use lagta hai ki mein uske zindagi le saath nainsaafi kar rahi hu... Nishi ki shadi keliye pause chahiye thi toh mein ghar bech rahi hu aur aaj eh baat sunke woh bohot badi baat kehdiya mujhe... Bhala bura kehdiya... Jab mein boodi hojaingi toh meri zimmedari utane keliye use mushkil hijayegi...agar mein use is ghar bhi nahi bachaya toh... Much bhi bole ja raha tha... Use bike chahiye laptop nahi mein kitna bhi koshish karlu... Is ladke Ko samjha nahi parahi hu...

Use lagta hai Ki... Nishi Ko khushi dene keliye mein uske zindagi Ko daavpe lags rahi hu... Aaj tak meine Jo bhi sacrifices kiya hai woh sab koi Maine nahi lagta...

Devika: Ragini aaj kal ke Bache hai hi aise surf paison se matlab pyaar jasbaat eh cheezein kuch nahi matter karte hai... Tu ne kya kuch nahi kiya jab se Teri divorce hogayi... 15years mein kya kya nahi kiya...apne barein mein ek baar bhi nahi socha... Dusre shaadi ke barein mein hum sab kitna pressure diya hai tumko lekin tum toh shadi toh kya dusre aadmi ke barein neon sochi bhi nahi...Dr Aman Jo tumhare dost hai uske proposal bhi tune bina kich soche reject kar di... Raat din ek kardi par jaar nahi maani...tum bohot himmat wali ho ragini... Har mushkil Ko baar bhi yu hi jeetegi ro mat yaar... U should feel proud... Zyada socho mat ragini...

On listening to the tides of truth flowing like running waters...Neil finally caught the moral " matlab ragini ki shaadi nahi Hui... Toh phir woh sab kya tha... Jo ragini ne confess kiya..." Lingered in his brains...
Ragini: Sab kuch jaanke bhi anjaan banke this raha hai mujhe mere hi bete ne aaj devika...sorry yar mein tumjari mood kharaab kardi...
Devika: Dare not to think like tht anytime for you ragini and cuts the call...
Looks at Neil... Who is lost in his world of thoughts... Interrupts him...
Neil: What's the matter your phone conversation with Ragini sounded bit too personal and serious??? I mean if you mind it okay to share... No compulsion though...
Devika: Yeah bit personal but Raginis life is an open book with yes a few pages of her past unrevealed to most of people... Since the day she parted from her husband she stood up like a man raising from the ashes that her past burnt her into ...with the help of her parent she managed to manage her kids for few years...during that time she did her MBA in hospital management and was university topper and is a gold medalist. She transformed into a bitter lady with no aims at moving on except for her kids... A result of her broken marriage...

She shut the doors of her life for topics like love relationships men and marriage... Since then she toiled like hell and burnt herself only for her kids...successfully she managed to join Nishi in Medicine and Arav in engineering... Her mother friends and we here tried hell lot to persuade her for second marriage but she is sp blunt and determined that she will never allow such phases in life which gives only pain and suffering nothing else...
You know, let me tell you Dr Aman proposed Ragini which even her kids know that she politely rejected... they even dared to arrange a private date for ragini and Aman ... And oh boy my heart goes for Aman coz he got royally ripped into black and white that day with Raginis peice of anger... He could never dare to after that but yes both are matured and are thick friends...
But Dr Neil... My gut feeling and doubt is that even today Ragini deeply loves her husband her love is still kept alive in her heart... Her love for her husband is too to extremes that after a point love turned pain made her rock hearted...
Ragini ne apne pati se itna pyaar Ki ki shayad pyaar ke dard ne uske dil Ko pathar bana diya aur woh behad pyaar naasur banke dil mein chubne lagi... Aur dhere dhere woh chuban ki ehsaaas Ko bhi woh dabah kardi...
. She is a one woman army ... A personality worth it admiration from others...
And leaves excusing herself... Neil whose fist is closed with a heart throbbing pain that his love is deep part of him feeling honored that she didn't move on and one part cribbing that if she is didn't marry then why lied him???
Why that false charade of faking her marriage...damn it what did she think of him???? She fooled him and is taking closeness with another man right in front of him???? Anger fuming coz of the whole mess ..happiness not knowing its boundary that she didn't move on...eyes completely filled on with tears... His heart desperately wanting to pull her in his hug and cry out loud that he is still hers...very much hers...but could do nothing ..
Yes the male ego got deeply hurt that his lady lied him...with fuming anger he thought to confront her...realizing that its time for him to get into his scrub he waved the thoughts and left to his cabin...

To be continued...

Here ends the update friends... If you really liked the update.pls hit like and care to share your views...Apologies for any grammatical errors or typos... Not proof read...

Adios and signing off


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columbia IF-Dazzler

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You are a fab writer but i am also so selfish 
Mujhe inn dono mei interaction dekhna hai Embarrassed

Update soon cannot wait 

You can call me Colu or Loads of IF junta call me C 

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smgayatri72 Newbie

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shaktiii... You killed me completely

Fantabulous update... The anger in Neil as a man ...the way he curiously did his part of work in the night gosh...and what was that self conversation between mind and soul about Ragini... You kept it casual, professional in tight fence straight to plot...

And dialogues written were so apt ... Clap clap... Felt as though am watching it... Lovely killer update dear... Now what next is stirring on me... Pls update soon...


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4856 Goldie

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Beautiful  and well written update...hope this happens in the show...!!
Please continue..!! SmileSmile

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photofreak Goldie

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Originally posted by columbia

You are a fab writer but i am also so selfish
Mujhe inn dono mei interaction dekhna haiEmbarrassed

Update soon cannot wait

You can call me Colu or Loads of IF junta call me C

Lol glad that I could make it more interesting for you to get hooked with my updates... Update will be up by noon you can check it and thanks for the compliment dear...

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