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Lets Talk BroTP -- CabIni and ManBir

Medha.S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 2:31pm | IP Logged

Dude, take a moment to appreciate how we had out own personal moment with Bira after the CabIni. He talked to US! He looked us into the eyes and told us how he just mindf**ked Nandini into thinking about her Monster at night so that the Monster will haunt her dreams.

And they gave my ManBir scene right after the CabIni -- Such cruelty!

He told her to not think, knowing that she would.Unlike him, she still has hope, the relationship still has hope so how can she let go.She says, okay! You are right, I will do it. But he knows that she can't.Because as he said, saying it again and again is not enough.You have to let it go.
Cabir calling Manik a monster, telling her to not think about him.The last part be so cute, You KNOW who I am talking about right? And her confirmation, yes obviously she knows.

One moment he is so going some random song, next moment there is sass, Your and Manik's chord! The invisible chord that connects two people.

No, I am talking about me and Raghav -- And there comes the honesty and the Trust!

Cabir trusts her -- He vouched for her to be their manager.We have worked together before, she is very resonable.I don't think she is ever unreasonable, she is perfect!
If someone is going to manage this Impossible, Pain in everyone's ass, Fab5 then he will trust her with it.

So fruit punch drink for her.

And the mutual respect -- He talks, she listens and understands.He says complex shit and she gets it.He knows what they are talking about, she knows they are talking about.And this relationship is based on honesty and understanding from both sides and bluntness -- that is the basis of CabIni.They are special because they might be different but not really! Two kindred souls coming in contact finally!
He is not only Manik's friend who just want him to have his girl.He sees her as an individual, she is her own person in his eyes.She had to make her own decisions and choices in the end.There is respect from both sides.

ManBir made me want to hide away my boys from the world just like how they were hiding in their own little bubble.Who knows what they were talking about before Manik fell on the bed after having his drink.
Tu So Gaya? Per Mujhe Jaagna Padega.He is mature and sensible, he thinks and thinks about the right things.He has to work hard to get his life back on the right track.He has lost almost everything, he has his Fab5 and he has his music.What he cannot get back, he lets go but what he can gain back, he will try to gain it back even if he fails.In the end, at least he can say that he tried his best.That is what he has always done, hasn't he?
He can't go home because his mom is ashamed and his bro, Baba understands why he can't go home.He can't live with his head down to make his mom happy because she is the one who said that life should be lived with head held high.
Whatever Mukti,Dhruv were thinking about Auntie after this -- Manik is different.He knows that she is still the same auntie who gave them home made food to eat and encouraged them, he wonders how a life without Auntie will be.He gets Cabir and his situation.He doesn't project his own relationship with his Mother on Cabir because he knows the difference.
The same way, Cabir doesn't project his own relationship with Raghav on Manik and Nandini.For Cabir, there is no hope.He is hurt but moving on.But it is far from over for Manik and Nandini, it hasn't even started yet and he sees that.So he won't let a repeat of his own incomplete love story happen with his Bro and Bro's Babe.

And kameena friend won't forget about any deals you make just because you are being so nice to them okay? So talk about the Band Aankhon Waali ... kya scene hai?
And the vulnerability, the openness and something other than anger and stubbornness on Baba's face.This honesty floors me.He is growling and snarling, snapping and shouting in the open.He is on edge and he lets everyone know.He warns Nandini to not instigate him to be he was before he met her.He is angry, stubborn and confused.He can't even bring himself to call it love and still this 'end', this 'over' hurts deep.He is extreme, his feelings and decisions are too.He is too stuck on the 'she left me' part to really give a thought to 'why?'

Then he is home, sharing drinks with his bro, and he is mellow.He is tired, injured and sleepy.He is quiet and soft.So bare because its his bro.He is just some guy who doesn't even realize he has a broken heart.
"Pata Hai Cabir ..." he starts and the confusion, the despair is so transparent.
The quiet room, two friends, harsh truths, sadness, equality, helplessness and honesty.And the genuine affection, concern and most importantly, the trust!

I don't think that ManRuv going back to being how they were after they sort their shit will ever compare to ManBir.They have gone very ahead, have been there for each other through too much deep shit and have made each other smile and laugh when they needed it the most and this is too special in its realness now.They have completely won over my heart and there is no space left.

This time, Cabir asks to think.Soch.Think about the why? She left! But why did she do that? What made her take this decision.

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myvoiz Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
You said it all. Yes he acknowledged us..the audience. 'broke the fifth wall',  inviting us for a second into their world. And that's rarely done..so another non-cliche stuff attempted by KYY. Your recollection was filled with warmth.. The episode indeed had some special moments related to the trio-Manik, Cabir and Nandini-so Cabir be the chord to reunite them..good. Ayaz's dialogues are so spontaneous and so is his demeanour. I think he improvises a lot. Tabhi itne real lagte hai uske convos. The way he joked with Mukti and asked her not to get jealous as she would always be her first priority. And the pain in the...where / right ..dialogue..cool man..keep it up..

Edited by myvoiz - 24 December 2014 at 3:04pm

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charminggenie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Yeah Cabir ,chuck the world, chuck the serial...you just be talking to us, because our love story is the real deal. 
Nothing entertains Bira more than a good mindf**k, considering that is the only way he can distract himself, he channels all his attention to his boy and his band ankhon wali..

It was seamless wasn't it, CabIni picked the threads from their last conversation with utter ease and comfort. This is because they both saw each other as individuals , they bared their hearts and just are brutally honest. There is no beating around the bush for them. She knew he was talking about Manik and her , she tried walking away but he gave her his trust by sharing his heartache -she stops and lets him say. 
Hope , Cabir lived his love, he accepted, embraced and fought for it. Hence there are no regrets, no what-ifs, sometimes it is not necessary that every love story would have it's happily ever after but it's love that matters  . This is his case, he has lived the love , which is why he can let go of the hope too. 
Because he knows he cannot do anything else, R and he tried fighting for their love but it just wasn't good enough. Raghav did walk away,he gave them the end . He just quit fighting. Which is why Cabira has now accepted it. Nandini told him never to close heart for second chances, whatever they might be , Bira is reaching that stage slowly.

But Cabir understands the difference with Nandini and Manik, he knows these kids while are not only running away from embracing the love and acknowledge it but still they haven't stopped fighting for "their thing". Fate or not , their world still is all about them. She cannot walk away and he just cannot stop chasing her. So how can there be no hope here? When they both be still so attuned to each other. Hence Bira intervenes. He throws a challenge at Nandu, tells her to remove her monster from her nightmares because he knows even if she tries ,she cannot.  At the mere thought of not having him around,she wilts like a flower. The light in her flickers..so how can she forget him...move away from him. Cabir wants her ponder on this, he tell her to try letting go, if she cannot then there is hope...

Manik and Cabir are dost in the real sense. They be the teasing, silently communicating, back-benchers , trouble makers, Marauding around the town.But then they have this bond where they know each other's game. This silence , where they both be drinking bear, refusing to share the troubles because of the silly pact yet  
being together for each other. 

Cabir realized that it's truly time to move on and get a grip on his life. He has a bigger battle , gaining his respect and above all making his Mumma proud and having her unconditional back, because that is one bond which is fated, he needs to fight for it. So he will wake-up and get it all sorted. Manik understands because he respects Bira's bond with his mom. He knows that Aunty values respect and how it is so important in life. This is Manik's special quality he knows his life shit is his own and his thing with Noyonika is all his, hence no stereotyping the bond of a mom and a child. 

So the deal was off and Cabir pounces on the opportunity and straight up asks him- what happened? Manik doesn't protest, doesn't hide the pain or his hurt, his quivering voice is enough to tell Cabir that his friend is experiencing something real and powerful. Manik needed this sounding board moment- he stresses how his mind just focuses on her walking away and all the unsaid that he couldn't tell her. Cabir sums up MaNan, they cannot forget it , neither he nor she..Manik ponder on toxic , Cabira says maybe but then why did she walk away if she cannot forget. Maybe it's time to identify the problem rather than focusing on the answer which doesn't seem to make sense. The nudge complete. 

Here's the thing , Cabir is the perfect foil for both Manik and Nandini because he is the one who has loved and lost, they both know that he will always understand them because he has been through it all. They understood his love and he is doing the same now. In a way it completes circle, wasn't it both Manik and Nandini who came to know his secret and tried making it easy for him. This is why Nandini trusts Cabir too, she understood his pain even when they never shared a conversation and he knows it , hence Bira's respect. 

So when it comes to being the Manager, Cabir was the most vocal even with Dhruv around , for endorsing Nandini as the Manager because he knows she can be trusted , she is reasonable and has the sensitivity to handle the damaged souls that make fab5. Hence CabIni be everything !

Manbir will always be special because they both let each other know their vulnerabilities, it has sort of cemented the bond. There is no mask here, it's a two way street . Just them , even when there are no words but a silence, it's mutual. So James P and Sirius B of them. 

@MS - You make me love them more na, they be our babies. But I be in love with Cabira- he is everything. Just him,Bas. Oh, nobody gets Bira and his magic like you do. Dare i say, this was a perfect post in every sense. Clap

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sonia_1 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Well put Clap

ManBir moment was so poignant...something about the stillness of the hour... ...Manik's vulnerabilityHug ...Cabir's gentle nudge ...Clap

No doubt all characters are integral part of this beautiful story of friendship and love, but ManBir are the soul ...love them both Heart

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queenoftimbaktu Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 8:59pm | IP Logged

Amidst the whole Soha - the kamini, Karamjali and cheap thing. This. This was much required. This episode was more than soha and her chepness. This was all about MaNanBir.  Day Dreaming And am glad someone focused on them. We, as an audience need to quit predicting to an extreme extent and just chill and appreciate the episodes. If we don't like a particular thing. Voice out and then leave it. Dont make it as irritating as the new chamak challo in the first place.


I don't want to add anything to this. Genie and you have jolted down everything sane when it comes to our legit love, Manbir, Cabini and above all MaNanBir. Let me add, reading this was bliss. Hug


"And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." - T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"


P.S: Everybody thinks that MaNan have the most noteworthy relationship in KY2, but that's only because everybody is wrong. Manik and Cabir share a stunning unconditional love. Despite differing views of love (since that's all we people are relating to these days,) their bond remains tight. Their funny and simple friendship is a reminder and an ideal of how we should support our friends, both emotionally and physically. Now those are BFFs.

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Sexpot Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
I really want to write something about Bira. I just need to find the right words. To me in this whole interaction Manik and Nandu are like satellites but Bira is the Earth. He supports life in a way no one else can...
I'll explain a little later 
Can I just say Medha,Genie,Boxy,Rida you guys were awesome yesterday.
I heart you guys

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rubys07 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
I AM HERE...Evil Smile

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Medha.S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Ru, kaha this be? :(

I AM GONNA REPLY TO ALL OF YOU ... once I get a hold of my PC.

I need to make love to Genie's post like right now!

Yeah, ManBir be love ...Their chemistry is so it.Their love is legit love too.
Ayaz and Niti would Agree! LOL

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