SaAz : Heart Vs Mind..Who Wins ? (Page 5)

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Originally posted by sanhi

Well said Jo...when u loose something only u will understand the real worth of it and iam damn sure Sahir will cry his heart out for her when he actually looses's a dangerous game which he's playing with her now...and during that track am sure even  we know he's at wrong side then too am sure our heart will cry for himCryCry
but somehow I love Zaki's character...even though he loves Aarzoo,the moment he knows that she doesn't love him as a true friend he thinks good for her...he doesn't want her to get cheated...maybe in lateron stages when he knows about zeenat,and when he wanna help Aarzoo,he might even be a cupid for Saaz...
Also I loved Sahir's self realization talk...he is indeed a good man...he does reality checks for himself...time n tide sometimes changes a man rite...
As of now the CV's r doing an excellent job and wish the story moves ahead...
So,u guys have long break for Christmas n New year rite...which city do u stay?...n r u married...I ain't sure if I can ask personal questions here...anyway nice to know u on this yaWink

yeah Zaki impressed me too ... I was sure that he might turn negative and vengeful once he finds out Aarzoo loves Sahir but I m glad CVs dint go the cliche route and instead showing Zaki wanting to see Aarzoo happy  ... I can clearly see Zaki's love for Aarzo was truely selfless here and feeling bad for him that his first love will remain incomplete .. sighhh 

Coming to Sahir , he will go through a major heartbreak once truth is out .. I can already see the fear in his eyes .. fear of loosing Aarzoo forever .. fear of going back to his past days when there was no fun or happiness in his gloomy life .. fear of leading a loveless life again ... He does not want this game to end because he is beginning to emotionally get involved in this game which is no more a game for him and so now he fears if Zaki ends this game , then he might loose his love forever once again  ...

And yup we hv a long break here from christmas to new yr .. at least I hv taken a break this week LOL .. will b going out for dinner with my hubby tonight .. so yeah I m married Embarrassed .. nice to know your views too Big smile

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Originally posted by Bujee09

Hi jyoti ji ,
I am copying what I replied in another post on todays episode ...Festive mood u see hence getting lazy to type in ...Wink

Well this episode was in need a good one with Zaki cornering Sahir to face d truth Thumbs Up and stop his game with Aarzoo Ermm 

ths Zaki angle is now giving a good handshake to the story now Big smile

How cool is it for Zaki to re-invent the wheel and call it out soundly that Aarzoo was always in love with his bhai n not him Clap

For Sahir its high time he sets right what he wants : ConfusedConfusedConfused
to play around with Aarzoo n her emotions , 
to win his deal and prove something to his comatose wife ,
to arrange for Zaki - Sam marriage and 
to get relieved from Rehman's blackmail video

And his problem is each of these are interlinked and he is all trapped in his own game D'oh

His game on with Aarzoo is something which is going to bring in a huge heartbreak Broken Heart even if she herself had proposed it wouldnt hurt us so much but everything served was HAWT HAWT pre-planned  n cooked out from SahirAzeemChaudary's masterbrains ShockedShocked he is in for a TOSS and she is in for a LOSS CryCryCry Oh ma Aarzoo baby Ouch

I couldnt even imagine how Sahir will face Aarzoo once this fakeness is revealed and as per latest spoiler we are not far from this Shocked

For once loved the moment shared by KA n Aarzoo ...Thumbs Up 
Lets see whats in store tomorrow ...Thumbs Up

Merry Xmas to all reading !!HugDancing

Merry christmas to u too Hug...

Me too lvoed what Zaki told Sahir today .. I mean its clear that Aarzoo loves Sahir in real .. even Zaki can see that .. so it makes sense for Sahir to go and tell the truth to Aarzoo because as it is Aarzoo will not go on to marry Zaki which was Sahir's biggest fear   ... so Zaki is right that he should go tell the truth to Aarzoo instead of keeping her in dark ... And logically too if we see Aarzoo cannot come between Zaki and Sam because she does not love Zaki and even Sahir knows it now  .. So then whats stopping Sahir from telling the truth to Aarzoo ?/  Ermm... This is where I feel Sahir's real feelings for her r taking over and so he does not want to tell her the truth because he fears loosing her now  Embarrassed ...He is using this deal and Zaki-Sam marriage as a mere excuse to not tell the truth to Aarzoo when real reason is his own heart taking over his mind now  Tongue

Sahir needs to know what he wants in life before its too late and he is totally doomed in his own game plan ...  Even if Zaki tomorrow agrees to marry Sam , will Sahir b able to break the truth to Aarzoo ... I doubt .. because now somewhere he wants to turn this game into reality  and so feels like not telling the truth at all and just go with the flow  which of course he cannot tell Zaki because of Zeenat factor in his life Ermm

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Originally posted by dakshaavi

Another awesome post jyoti and beautiful collage swetha. 
Today sahir heart heart took over his mind . What he started as a game has now reached to a state where he himself was it to be reality.

Arzoo lost in her dream world for a moment I felt no arzoo what the hell is wrong with her ...but she like any normal girl is enjoying the feeling of first love .
Zaki  is such a sweeth heart he confronts sahir and what he say no blaming , calling namesake arzoo for not loving him like his brother . He walks straight to sahir and admits she always loved you and not me ,don't play with her emotions . Tell her the truth that you are a married man . That expression of sahir on hearing that was like he forgot he is married man. Zaki don't know the truth of zeenat so he will make all efforts to stop sahir playing with arzoo's emotions on the other hand arzoo not aware of sahir's intentions and his inner turmoil . Sahir knows the truth but not able to keep himself away from arzoo . Yes this is a conflict between mind and heart and this time sahir will listen to his heart. 

I loved Zaki for being so straightforward with his words today to Sahir .. he made it lcear to Sahir that Aarzoo always loved him , something which even Sahir knows but dont want to admit it ... Zaki just showed him the mirror today  ClapClap

Aarzoo lost in her own dream world was a natural moment for any girl in love  .. she is experiencing it for the first time its all a dream come true for her .. it will b really painful when her bubble will burst tomorrow  CryCry

And yes Sahir actually forgot in all this that he is still married .. Zaki just reminded him about it  LOL .. this is actually hurting Sahir moree because he knows his marital status is the biggest hurdle in his love story with Aarzoo  and thats another reason why he is not able to commit in real to her even if his heart wishes to .. sighhh

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Originally posted by ecrivain

Merry Xmas jyo Hug
A lovely Xmas post for a lovely epi 

N oh boy am I loving it ??the PH is back in full form n I loved loved loved zaki yesterday ...he stole the show n Sehbaz was amazing ...Clap

Sahir is driving himself up with Rehman n deal n  Zeenat n her betrayal but heck he is missing out tht ARZOO COULD be inncocent n his heart is warning him but alas his mind is Set n when he actually realizes n samples the cons ..he will be too deep in trouble n I can't wait to watch tht for one HC will make it worth watching Big smile

ARZOO was good too as a Gilr basking in love of her lover n living in a bubble n this bubble will burst to hurt her LOL

I hope we get many good epis Big smile

Zaki was too good yesterday ClapClap

About Sahir , I think now both his mind and heart knows that Aarzoo is genuine and not a gold digger .. he also knows that she loves him only .. even Zaki confirmed the same now  LOL .. but the only place where his heart and mind r not in agreement is when it comes to accepting his love for Aarzoo .. his mind wants to believe its just a game from his side for this deal but heart says those emotions he felt while confessing or hugging her was real ... and this is the dilemma which Sahir will hv to fight now Embarrassed

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Originally posted by ankithasushma

 Awesome post jo Clap
It was indeed a very good episode 
Finally got some insight as to what's running in sahir's mind ufo what a relief 
Or else we would keep guessing 
Sahir's is in a DILEMMA Cry
Poor guy doesn't know what to do
Anyway the breakfast scene was good 
But the show stealer was ZAKI he is gem of a person . I never loved  the third wheel so much he deserves it 
Aarzoo N KA scene LOL was hilarious 

Just like to tell what a character SAHIR is ! I mean it
No matter how ruthless he is how cruel no matter what 
His heart is just like the small kid , vulnerable yet innocent 
I'm know many won't agree ...but that's Ok 
Many are telling he somewhere loves Zeenat may be because we can hate a person to that extent only when we have loved that person a lot 
After all love and hate are two faces of a coin

As you said something big is ahead but I feel it's marriage because it's too early for the separation track . And in all this zaki will play the role of cupid again he may blurt out to alvira n she may convince sahir for marriage as she know at Zeenat truth 
No matter what cvs are keeping us hooked to the show 

N yes we have to be ready for the marriage of chaudhary brothers 

As usual awesome collages shwetha 

Sahir is not really a evil guy .. so I agree about his heart being innocent here .. he might force himself to act all mean and selfish right now but I believe there is a strong reason behind his actions .. and the reason is Zeenat's betrayal which has made him likke this  ... he is going against his own principles today to play with a women's feelings just because he might hv started hating on women because of Zeenat ... But Aarzoo is slowly changing him now and so we see the dilemma yesterday about his heart vs mind  Embarrassed

Marriage at this point will b interesting even if its forced or hate marriage .. so lets see Embarrassed

And he did love Zeenat in past but right now I can only see hate and vengence in his eyes for Zeenat .. there is no love anymore for her

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Originally posted by allforlove

You do write so beautifully Jyoti  ClapClap and you always succeed in capturing the characters' and our feelings about them too so well ClapClap Thanks a ton for the awesome write-ups!

Thanks a lot dear for the compliment Hug .. glad u liked it Embarrassed

Coming to the episode, I really enjoyed it post the painful intensity of the past two days (which I enjoyed too, but in a different way). The breakfast scene was like a breath of fresh air for Sahir and the audience too I am sure. And then, like everyone else, KA was super-cute today Big smile

So true .. loved the breakfast scene especially a smiling and talkative Sahir .. Embarrassed

I also enjoy Rehman's encounters with Sahir  - the way he storms or sneaks into Sahir's cabin and the way every time Sahir manages to put him back in his place and send him off in his classy way - I just love that!

yup me too love their tom and jerry encounters .. they r fun to watch LOL

Now, the most interesting part about the episode and the post:
.Sahir is forced to ask these questions to himself now about his own game plan which is slowly turning into biggest reality of his life  Embarrassed  Sahir is forced to ask himself why does he not want to believe that its all a game and instead why does he want to believe that he has actually fallen in love with Aarzoo and wishes this love to remain forever in his life Embarrassed  

Sahir asks himself what he is doing with Arzoo - but the most important question is WHY is he doing this. He had placed the initial bet to make Arzoo confess and prove to Zaki that she is a gold-digger - so that Zaki marries Sam (though I have always been confused about this as to why if Zaki stopped loving Arzoo would he still marry Sam for whom his hatred is very clear - anyway I will let that pass) . He has succeeded in getting her to confess now (fulfilling his own subconscious wish of winning her love I suppose) but he has failed in convincing Zaki of her being a gold-digger. In fact, Zaki has very intelligently deduced the truth that Arzoo's affections and loyalties were, are, and most importantly, will always be with Sahir. Though this is heartbreaking for him, this has not alienated him from Arzoo but bound him closer to her as her well-wisher and he now wants to ensure she is spared the pain of heartbreak. Sahir himself has realized that Arzoo is not a gold-digger and he has clearly failed to convince Zaki to marry Sam (via the Arzoo route). I do not know why he so confidently told Rehman yesterday that he has removed the obstacle between Zaki and Sam. What makes him so confident that Zaki will marry Sam when Zaki clearly shows no inclination of doing that? Why is Sahir still playing on with Arzoo then? I agree he cannot break the truth of his "game" to her overnight, but why keep manipulating her still (I know many of the so-called manipulations are real feelings - but he does not want to believe that)?

I feel there is no game now because Sahir does not get anything out of making Arzoo shower her love on him in front of Zaki who has accepted this fact already and is still not ready to marry Sam. Sahir's game is now his reality actually and the only reason he is prolonging it is because he wants Arzoo to himself - her love, her attention, her whole self.

thats very well said and thats exactly my point too ... Zaki already accepted that Aarzoo only loves Sahir ... Sahir could not prove to Zaki that Aarzoo is a gold digger which was actually the challenge here and not just love confession LOL .. Zaki still refuses to marry Sam .. so how does continuing the love game with Aarzoo will benefit Sahir here  Confused ... This is where I agree that Sahir is no more playing any games but its all reality for him which he wants to term it as game for his own self assurance because he is scared to admit the reality because of his marital status Ouch .. he wanted to prove it for himself that Aarzoo loves him and not Zaki , so he planned this game in first place ...

There is another possibility here that occurred to me when Sahir said he will tell Arzoo the truth if Zaki marries Sam. So, is that a new game now - prolong the "deception" and emotionally blackmail Zaki to get married - the earlier he does that the sooner Arzoo is released from the trap? I am totally confused here Confused

Question is does he really want to tell the truth to Aarzoo even after Zaki marries Sam or is it just an excuse to prolong his dream run with Aarzoo which he does not want to end even if it he had to hide his feelings in the name of game Confused

Thank god for that self-talk - the reality is slowly dawning on him Big smile

true Big smile

PS: I found Arzoo's behavior weird at the office today. Agreed, she is in love, her first love, and with such a guy too, but still you don't follow your boss/lover like that with an ear-to-ear grin in front of everybody at work! Come on, the guy will feel uncomfortable LOL But I guess they want to show her "innocence" through her smile and I will let that pass as well.

I think she was too lost and too happy in love mayb .. so just could not stop or control her excitement mayb .. but yes it was a bit off LOL

Shivya's expressions were really wonderful in that breakfast scene when she is looking at Sahir laughing - we are with you Arzoo - wouldn't we give everything for this guy's happiness ...haaye Day Dreaming

yes she was really happy to see him smile and talk so much for the first time .. she was happy that she could make him happy Embarrassed

Also, HC has changed his body language tremendously in the last 2-3 episodes. Ever since he told her that he will not show his pain-inflicting side to her (what a loss for me as all the real stuff lies in that dhaarwala side only Ermm), he has been so subtle and may I say behaving as if he is dead/exhausted/tired/drained (except for the few moments of the post-dip embrace) - donno if it is because of his promise to Arzoo or sadness about the fact that even she is not ready to accept him as a whole or the shooting schedule LOL - but whatever it is, I love everything about him!!

I think he is showing his blunt side to her right now .. dont want to give the intense expressions to indicate that he feels drained out from inside playing this game as its equally hurting him inside  ... Ermm

Chalo, this one turned out to be long as well...Merry Christmas to all and huggss Hug

Merry christmas to u too Hug

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Originally posted by crazzykuri

Very nice post jyoti! And nice collages too Shweta

I am always waiting to read your post after every episode.

thanks dear .. glad u liked it Big smile

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