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What are the CVs doing with Raman????? (Page 4)

sunitas123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drishtimaurya

Originally posted by mnr123

I agree to ur post. Shall jot down major things that irked me from Mani track. 

While we saw Raman crying n dying 1000 deaths n no one not even Toshiji realizing or asking what is bothering him n y is he crying again on Pillows? He  himself never confronted Ishita on Mani issue n he tried to force himself but then felt sorry n left the issue then n there itself, he could have confronted her again saying that the way u r friendly with Mani y cant u be with me? 

Shagun marriage - never stopped nor opposed Ishita n Ruhi going to Shagun wedding! Never opposed Ishita for sending Ruhi to Shagun without his consent as a Parent. He himself attended happily even after so many bad things happened with Ruhi/ Ishita. 

Ruhi custody - nobody in bhalla household/ ishita acted as an emotional support to him as he too was losing Ruhi. Everyone blamed him for reopening of this case, while he was to be blamed (for violence) but nobody thought of asking him what exactly happened? 

Divorce track - while everyone from Toshiji to Ishita saw him sad n almost crying n also mouthing dialogues like going for good. They did not confront him or corner him in asking what exactly is troubling him? He did not share but they with their detective skills shud have known what he is upto! After Ista's beating at airport n her lecture on how she will never leave him etc, Raman never talked about his insecurities n problems that he was facing in this marriage. He readily accepted what Ishita said n came back from Airport. Y did he not talk about his issues? 

Shagun / Adi track - while Raman wants good for his son but he can anyday throw Shagun out n contest for Adi's custody Legal way than asking Shagun to stay in his house n spread unhappiness at his place. Just because he has a wife who bears such nonsense doesnt give him a right to put Ruhi's childhood in danger, Shagun is a bad influence on Ruhi! 2 women staying in same house n both related to DAD will keep kids confused all the time. If at all he wanted Adi to have a gud upbringing he could have kept them in some other house in nearby locality where he n Bhallas wud be allowed entry n they can spend time to their hearts content n give him good values n upbringing. 

I feel they compromised on Raman character ever since Mani entered n they have diluted this character to suit the Drama mould for husbands at TRP Slot. Embarrassed Here husbands r supposed to not voice out their opinions just agree to all that wife says n follow her path LOL

At this I remember a thing Raman said to Mihir- Maine use bahut dukh diye hai abhi tak yar, ab mai uski khushi chahta hu, chahta hu ki jo wo chahati hai ho! Wo chahti hai tu Shagun ki shadi ke sare functions dil se attend kare, aur Ruhi bhi!" I noticed this line only recently, and I was shocked when I heard it, like Really???!!!

All the stupidity was more coz of Mihika's sirf shagun ke liye. She developed more love for Shagun than even Mihir just in a couple of weeks! If that is not ridiculous what is? 

Typically men wont discuss their marital issues with their parents. If Shagun was having an affair what will anyone else do? So he had insecurities when she dumped him. It took Ishita to get him out of it - but he had to go through the fire first. Mani's track was Raman's healing of his insecurities track. Today he feels indebted to ishita in some way but he is secure in his second marriage. It took a while, since marriage is a journey not a destination. 

i dont think his character has been butchered, he hit Ashok when he married Mihika...

Ishita seems to be making all decisions but she is doing it only for raman... Just hope ekta does not make ishra divorce for some stupid reason

pilot100 Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 6:10am | IP Logged
this is exactly why i am liking yhm nowadays  esp raman's character! All i see raman doing is doing ishita's goongaan and wanting to romance her at any time of the day! What an irony, they never romanced when they were in their bedroom and now they are romancing in the hall and that too without the confession happeningAngry!
drishtimaurya Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:35am | IP Logged
I think some of the people didnt quite get the post. Nowhere I said Raman was wrong in what he did anywhere. Even when he scared Ishita after ABG awards he had his reasons. When he straightforward told Adi u have to accept Ishita then also he was kind of right ( It was Ishita who talked as if he doesnt know how to raise kids at all!), my problem is with the weakness they are showing in the character now. His ability to make strange but right, also very firm decisions is lost. Infact the past few weeks he hasnt taken any other than that of leaving everybody.Now he is as useful in the serial as a showpiece, which clearly wasnt the case before. What I and many others here are missing these days is that old shrewd, manipulative-when-need-be, son of a Gun, Raman Kumar Bhalla who had a crazy way of doing things; people wouldnt understand his intentions at first, but in the end it would turn out that he did everything right! Like a true HERO!!! Remember Mihir and Mihika's engagement? How tough, even cruel at times he was but he was smart, and did everything knowing the person inside out! In the end he fixed everything. Even Ishita said- "Unhone kabhi koi galat kaam nahi kitta, bas onda kaam karan da andaaz sab naal varkhra haiga!"
He has his own special way of showing his love also! He is a man of action not of words we have seen that from the start. But, now suddenly he is showering so much flowery words on Ishita, which by the way are always same- U are so nice Ishita, I am so lucky, by a fluke I got u, else I dont deserve u!! Praising someone is fine but these lines are more of demeaning himself!! And nowhere it was shown that anyone understood his problem or thoughts! Not a single line by anybody! We are just assuming that they understood.

Now the time is that everybody, especially Ishita realizes that they are lucky to have Raman in their lives!!

In this track, I dont want him to be silent spectator! He must put his foot down! Either he should clearly tell Shagun to get lost from there, leaving Adi. If she refuses he can say I will reopen his custody case! Or he can let, intelligently, Shagun stay in the house so that Adi can clearly see the difference between the people he thinks care for him,a nd the ones who actually do! He can collect proof of all wrong doings by Shagun, showing how horrible a mother she is, and finally take custody of Adi. All we want is Raman to act like the Hero, turn out to be the Hero in the end of the track, coz he is!!
drishtimaurya Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shanry

I can't say I agree.
I work with entrepreneurs all day and know some of them on a personal level. Whilst they may be successful businessmen and make excellent decisions in respect of the business and the people involved, they can be complete idiots when it comes to their personal relationships or feelings.

Having said that, Raman has not gone weaker, in fact I see him getting stronger and stronger, with the reliable support of his wife, he has taken on the trials and tribulations of not just his family but that of his in-laws as well. And if that's being weak, then I guess I'm using a different scale to judge men. A lot of men expect their wives to care about their families but don't feel they need to reciprocate that care for their wive's family. My love and respect for this character called Raman Bhalla mainly stems from how he takes this responsibility without a thought and without question and especially love the way he respects his elders...nice.

As for loving and gushing about his wife, does that make a man weak? Seriously? I suppose I don't have the mills & boon strong silent man as a prototype perfect male in my mind.

To me, when a man can express his feelings for his wife and acknowledge the role she plays in his life and give her credit when its due, is a true MAN. A man who is confident enough about his capabilities and his manhood not to need to deny his wife the pleasure of hearing her being praised by the man whom her life revolves around. That to me is Raman Kumar Bhalla.

A true man, a man of all seasons, a man everyone can rely on.

I think the CVs are doing a good job showing how RKB is evolving as a man to be a better person because of the love and support of his wife. 

After all, isn't that what yeh hai mohabbatein is all about...

He is not just prasing his wife all the time he is demeaning himself! And all that love and praise should be  a two way road na? Raman is praising Ishita all the time, she hasnt said a word I'm lucky to have u! She just keeps on harping on and on about what is right and what is wrong! The Buddhha mil gay song was good, what spoiled the mood was her lecture at the end about sexiness! When after Mihika kaand Toshi ji said to Ishita this is both of urs fault for believing Shagun so much and being so nice to her Ishita said, Please mummyji, say whatever u want to to me but not to Mihika. She went about to immediately correct Toshiji but nowhere said u are right, we did a grave mistake! 

And Raman was already a good man! Dont make it a cliched ' the princess tamed the dragon and went off with the prince story!'

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drishtimaurya Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:48am | IP Logged
And in the beginning in the case of Ruhi, everyone said kids only understand the language of love. So the kid di cant understand it? His father loved him from the moment he came into existence till now, he doesnt see that, but one good line by Ishita changes his heart?? He praised everybody but completely ignored Raman that day! That was absolutely wrong!

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drishtimaurya Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunitas123

Originally posted by krikumar.91

Raman biwi se pyaar karega toh character assassination nahi karega toh akdoo... 

I don't mean to say that Raman must blindly follow her advice but its not bad to listen to her suggestions. Raman is not going to let Ishita give her place to Shagun. Its not a drama where saas and bahu will play their games. Raman will also raise... Ashok will make him do that. Mihir is becoming like him... He won't let that happen. RKB is one of the brilliantly sketched characters... He's still there and he'll also be there... 

Regarding forcing himself on Ishita, Raman was afraid of losing his love. Last time, he pleaded before Shagun. This time, its the opposite. Ishra are one such couple who don't need words to redeem their mistakes. That bracelet played a nice role in mending his mistakes. cv's answered it there...

Running away from problems is not a good sign... Raman needed that awakening from Ishita. It was filmy but they had to prepare us for this drama... Can't blame cv's... 

Regarding today's scene, Raman definitely loves Adi but he loves Ishita too. At the end of the day, before being a father, he's also a man. He faltered... not because he was composed after that embarrassing encounter but because the timing for that justification that he gave was not right. But, Adi needs to realise and that's the truth. cv's showed it because there is one weak link that needs to be strengthened in this track and they have started working on it.

He's not JM's bakt... He'll put a break when it is needed. As of now, let Ishita commit some mistakes. She'll learn from RKB.

I'm sorry if you found my reply offending...

Dunno why ppl hate Ishita's goodness so much. Ishita is a good human being first and she believes that all should be happy. And she believes that Shagun needs to be happy too, so that she and Raman can be happy. That is why she wanted shagun married off to Ashok. As of now she is worried about Adi and is helping Raman. Her love has calmed him down and he is not rash anymore. That is a good sign. He is not her bhakt, but madly in love with her since she gave Rahi back to him, which is no small achievement. If Raman feels he is small in front of Ishita, he knows he cant be so good to all as she is, so what is wrong? Earlier he used to insult her all the time with his one-liners, was that macho? Was that good? He used to pull her legs so much she landed in hospital. Finally he has realized her true worth in his life, so what is wrong? 

And a show will have tracks - it will always happen coz some accomodating person invites someone over. That happens almost everywhere. Else there wil be no progress. What will they show? This is now an Adi reforming track, so it can only happen if Adi sees Ishita day in and day out and also Raman. Ishita wants Adi to love Raman, she is not bothered if he loves her , she is okay if he loves Shagun. I think that is really great. 

And end of the day Ishita has kept his family together with her love and he feels good about that, so what is wrong? 

Excuse me, but her landing in the hospital was absolutely her foolishness! She is a doctor na? She doesnt know how harmful fasting can be. The Iyers live just in front of them. Dont they have brains enough to stop their daughter? even when she was in the ICU she kept on saying I'm fine, I wont eat! Cant she see she is in an ICU???

During Varalakshmi vrat when Raman asked her not to fast she said- Yeh manne wali cheez hai. Agar koi bimar ho, koi problem ho to not keeping a fast is okay! She forgot her own wrods??? What was Raman's fault there?
shanry Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 3:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drishtimaurya

He is not just prasing his wife all the time he is demeaning himself!...
Maybe if you could give me an example of this demeaning I would understand where you're coming from because for now it seems like praising = demeaning Confused

And all that love and praise should be  a two way road na? 

She did tell Raman it's his motivation that made it possible for her to be good and she has on a number of other occasions praised him as well - Mihir/Shagun relationship revelation; photo shoot idea that made everyone happy...

And I guess Raman & Ishita are different individuals with different types of personalities - not everyone is the same. I agree that Ishita can be a little holier than thou in her attitude but it has been said that she is stubborn Ermm and it would be nice to hear her praising Raman more but then neither does she shout at him as he sometimes tends to do with I said, different personalities. And since they are only now beginning to share their feelings for each other, it will take some time for the ego, stubbornness and insecurities to completely disappear and allow them to share theeir feelings freely...just a thought...
sunitas123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abhilasha_dream

This is a very old formula in TV soaps, they first make a powerful male character, which people fall in love with.
But once the male lead falls in love with the female protagonist, all we see is the character has lost its head and now needs instructions from the female lead for every step they take, making the viewers wonder that how come the male lead has become a puppet now in female leads hands.

YHM is following the same trend, it is no longer a unique story, it has become one among many herds, so there is nothing to complain.

Ishita just controls his anger since all he can think of is beating Ashok or Suraj, that is not a good sign esp for the kids and also he may land in prison, in this show the police and law just seem to be missing. Other than that he is still his own man. Love has changed him for the better. He still uses one-liners but they dont taunt and hurt anymore... this is a new improved RKB

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