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What are the CVs doing with Raman?????

drishtimaurya Senior Member

Joined: 22 February 2014
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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:37am | IP Logged
What the EFF are the CVs doing with Raman????????Angry Pardon my language here people, but  the way the CVs have been assassinating this character slowly, this is required!!!

The emasculation started after the Asia Business Guild function, him scaring her by saying I'll use my rights if u dont use urs...I cudnt understand the reason why they showed him acting this way!! He was a character who had always respected women and their dignity, even with Shagun!! A guy like him can never do such a thing-not even scaring her with this thought! That matter was easily buried and we cudnt even understand the purpose of it!! Such a great character was destroyed for no reason!!!

Even if we ignore that why the CVs are trying to show him as stupid???? The insecurities he has, the things that scare him are all laughable matters??? Everyone thinking he has lost his mind whenever he thinks something!!! His family giving him flowers like he's mentally ill, mocking him!! What do the CV's want to show here!!!!

And now converting this sauve, sexy, confident Raman Kumar Bhalla who took decisions on the spur of the moment, judged everyone rightly inside out, knew how to lash back with his fists or words, into a wimpy Devi Ma ka Bhakt who will do everything the JM says, always agree with her actions, will sing her praise all the while and consider himself a nobody compared to her!! IT SEEMS HE EVEN CANT FUNCTION WITHOUT HER!!! Nowadays, Ishita tells him all the while what to do, how to behave, what is right and what is wrong, as if he has no sense of his own!!! For example, in today's episode- doesnt Raman know how to behave in front of kids??? Or what to do if caught in an embarrassing position??? He is a father of two kids, had a wife before, ofcourse he knows what to do in embarrassing circumstances!!! But here also Ishita has to tell him what to do!! Similarly, another moment had struck me when they had to coax the truth out of Raina, it was Ishita who was telling him we should do this, do that! He is a very successful entrepreneur for Lords sake, handles every type of person every day! He MUST know it better!!!!

In order to glorify one lead character, these days, they are spoiling the other (sometimes even to justify side characters... Mani)!!! And this is nothing less than CRIMINAL!!!! Coz Raman Kumar Bhalla was the best character EVER created on Indian TV!!! And I'm sure this isnt just mine but, popular opinion!! Many, including me, watched this show just for Raman!!! When I had read that Raman is Mrs Jaffer's favorite character I was delighted, coz I knew then this character atleast will always be intact, but I'm shell shocked to see how Sonali Ma'am treats her favorite character!!

I know this is a long post, sorry about that, but I'm just hoping someone from YHM team sees this and lets the Cvs know where they are failing... please add ur opinions too...Smile

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MonalSingh Senior Member

Joined: 28 October 2014
Posts: 932

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:43am | IP Logged

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 August 2014
Posts: 9634

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:46am | IP Logged

What attracted me most to Raman was his NATURE, there is a STARK realism to the way REAL MEN behave in the real world, there was not one thing artificial or filmy about him, they had CAREFULLY constructed a character that was more real than real life. Deeply caring, affectionate, practical, mature, sensible, short tempered, arrogant pragmatic... he NEVER gushed to the people he loved NEVER. there was not one scene in the first 6 months of the show where he was shown praising his Mom writing poetry for her or generally gushing about his Dad or sister or brother

He cared like nobody else I know of... he was RIGHT there solving every problem, HE WAS FAIR AND JUST AND REASONABLE. His TACTICS maybe suspect but the end result was ALWAYS FAIR.
He tended to blow a top whenever he felt passionately angry, he let his anger get the better of him, everyone that loved him KNOWS THAT, they NEVER MOCKED or PREACHED like Ishita Bhalla does...

I still cannot forget, one day he is leaving for work, he is talking with Pathak, he sees Mr Iyer, he drops the calls, chases Mr Iyer up the stairs and says "I AM SORRY SIR!"
Mr Iyer is speechless, they both stare at each other attempting to extend an olive branch but Raman quickly leavesEmbarrassedClap

I HAVE NOT WATCHED ONE SCENE of Ishita IYER or Ishita Bhalla VOLUNTARILY WALKING UP to someone to apologize... NEVER. Even when she apologized to Raman for dragging that adlutress drunken witch home her apology sounded like "I DID THE RIGHT THING U SEEM PISSED BECAUSE U STILL LOVE HER"

Her approach is always unrealistic and idealistic. I am a wife and mother I cannot imagine doing 99% of the things she does on a daily basis. Her focus is on EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT HER OWN FAMILY. HIS IS ONLY ON HIS FAMILY

Ishita Bhalla's ONLY FAULT is she is TOO NICE. Does that even SOUND SANE? I mean... SO UNREALISTIC, kuch log zyaada hi achhe hotey hain... REALLY?Angry

His STRONG PERSONALITY, ALWAYS KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG, taking an ORIGINAL approach to problem solving are his forte... I dont see ANY OF THAT ANYMORECry
SHE made his presence irrelevant... she never bothered to understand WHY her husband would think he is not needed anymoreConfused If MY husband were to leave me like that I would go into shock... it would take me MONTHS to even comprehend WHICH OF MY ACTIONS offended him... I would replay the last six months or a year  TRYING to understand WHAT caused his disillusionment

I would be agitated and troubled, that he thought he is not worthy of me... I would be overcome with shame when I figure out MY friendship with a single creep caused it... I would spend, hours, days, EVEN MONTHS making it upto him... sending him to a psychiatric REHAB?Angry She stood there SMUGLY laughing it off with the CREEP

Raman is in his 30s? He knows whats right and whats wrong... hes RAISED Adi until he turned six, Hes raised Ruhi until he moved to Mumbai... I DETEST the idea that Ishita knows more about parenting that Raman Bhalla does. I dont care the feminists can get on my tail for this, she has NEVER been a mother, she adopted a stray MUTT she has no clue about people... she ALWAYS ALWAYS sounds like an AUTHORITY on EVERYTHING

EVEN the President of United States admits he screwed up... even the CEOs of greatest corporations admit some strategic moves were dumb... Ishita Bhalla NEVER admits any wrong doing... its like she NEVER DOES ANYTHING WRONG

"I would KILL to hear her say "I SCREWED UP BIG TIME Raman" before the show ends.

By ELEVATING Ishita's self righteousness, they've totally undermined Raman's natural behavior and spontaneity... Last nite's episode AND tonites' episodes are the GREATEST testimony to Raman Bhalla's rapid death... he did NOT give his wife a drubbing, he did NOT yell at his parents for acting like Shagun belonged there, he did not tell Ishita "THAT WOMAN NEEDS TO BE OUT OF MY ROOM" 
He stood outside like kachre waala stands outside my parents' apartment each morning in India... while Ishita FORCED Shagun to lay back on HIS BEDAngry he went down to the couch and proceeded to romance her as if its just another day...

Today he was AGAIN GLORIFYING HER EXISTENCE... his son shows up, Ishita again takes charge and lectures him about sex education for pre teens... he MUMBLED and was gone altogether.

Shouldnt she have asked him "I dont think I should have put her in YOUR ROOM. I MESSED UP. She WALKED out of it abandoning you six years ago, for sex and money... YET I act like SHE HAS BEEN WRONGED" Angry

Ishita Bhalla is WHY so many men HATE marriage...She clutched his collar and screamed at decibel levels at the airport AAPKO MERE HISAAB SE REHNA HOGA, MERE HISAAB SEAngryAngry
As a wife I cringe when I see her be so autocratic  self appointed... ALL UNDER THE GARB of being a sugary sweet bahu... 

The most attractive thing about Raman Bhalla HAPPENED to be  the straight forward, blunt, pragmatic way he handles everything... HE ALWAYS GOT THE LAST WORD AND THE LAST ACTION...He no longer has eitherCryCry


P.S. Ahem Ji on SNS had said "I watch YHM ...Raman has a role" He must have been talking about PRE-MAY 2014Shocked

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mouri_israt Senior Member

Joined: 21 July 2011
Posts: 517

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:04am | IP Logged
completely agree with u ..
ramans ishita jaap is so irritating...
i really dont know how long i will be able to stick to this show..

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-kri- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 April 2011
Posts: 21684

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Raman biwi se pyaar karega toh character assassination nahi karega toh akdoo... 

I don't mean to say that Raman must blindly follow her advice but its not bad to listen to her suggestions. Raman is not going to let Ishita give her place to Shagun. Its not a drama where saas and bahu will play their games. Raman will also raise... Ashok will make him do that. Mihir is becoming like him... He won't let that happen. RKB is one of the brilliantly sketched characters... He's still there and he'll also be there... 

Regarding forcing himself on Ishita, Raman was afraid of losing his love. Last time, he pleaded before Shagun. This time, its the opposite. Ishra are one such couple who don't need words to redeem their mistakes. That bracelet played a nice role in mending his mistakes. cv's answered it there...

Running away from problems is not a good sign... Raman needed that awakening from Ishita. It was filmy but they had to prepare us for this drama... Can't blame cv's... 

Regarding today's scene, Raman definitely loves Adi but he loves Ishita too. At the end of the day, before being a father, he's also a man. He faltered... not because he was composed after that embarrassing encounter but because the timing for that justification that he gave was not right. But, Adi needs to realise and that's the truth. cv's showed it because there is one weak link that needs to be strengthened in this track and they have started working on it.

He's not JM's bakt... He'll put a break when it is needed. As of now, let Ishita commit some mistakes. She'll learn from RKB.

I'm sorry if you found my reply offending...

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geno0309 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 September 2010
Posts: 2780

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Hi Drishti-great post! Very true & relevant. It is very frustrating to see Raman Kumar Bhalla dying this slow deathCry
All I would say is-it doesn't really surprise me-it frustrates me yes,but doesn't surprise me. This seems to be a trend on desi shows. Even the most fav & strong characters are butchered eventually to raise the status of the female lead.

I used to watch a show-where the male lead was the draw for the TRPs and popularity(IPKKNM-nam toh suna hogaTongue)-his character was also the producer and writer's favorite. However eventually even he was butchered beyond recognition-the show became a comedy as a resultAngry

I think writers run out of juice, as they hit the 1 year mark-I mean it's not an easy task writing for daily soap. The pressure from the channel, TRPs, and lack of ideas eventually results in such disasters. You cannot really butcher the female lead(Kuch bhi hi she will the mahaan & nice one), so the male lead becomes the target sadly!!

That said, here I see no reason why RKB is subjected to such a fate-it's not like they are running out of ideas for future tracks-there are enough characters to explore,TRPs are still pretty good, they havnt confessed yet, not consummated yet-so I don't see why the CVs are so desperate to kill RKB.

Sorry in all my bhashan(Ishita effect I guess)- I didn't really make any senseConfused

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 May 2009
Posts: 7242

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:36am | IP Logged
This is a very old formula in TV soaps, they first make a powerful male character, which people fall in love with.
But once the male lead falls in love with the female protagonist, all we see is the character has lost its head and now needs instructions from the female lead for every step they take, making the viewers wonder that how come the male lead has become a puppet now in female leads hands.

YHM is following the same trend, it is no longer a unique story, it has become one among many herds, so there is nothing to complain.

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mishkatfanfrevr IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 September 2014
Posts: 4749

Posted: 24 December 2014 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Res. btw great post Clap

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