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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Rishbala TS -Crazy Stupid Lovers PART 2 POSTED ON PAGE 1

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Hello all hope u all r doing well .
I havent been around lately bcoz of my mba 1st semester exams 
which took forever to end n finally they ended today so i m back with a Ts .
Its my christmas treat to all of u 
Dedicating this part to all my readers .
                                                      PART 1 

Rishu , wake up '' shouted madhu . 
Let me sleep u devil replied rk irritatedly n pulled the blanket over his head n slept off again .
U really wont wake up , madhu asked with a sweet voice n rk replied with stern voice 
no do watever u want . madhu turned off to her heals n walked upto the washroom n bought a 
full bucket of cold water n splash .
wat the hell shouted rk at the top of his voice 
u , i ll kill u n madhu burst out laughing seeing her best friend all wet n angry n she started running 
out before he cld catch up with her , she ran outside his room with him following her .
madhu stop i really wont leave u 
be a man rishu n catch me , she winked at him n ran again 
on the way she bumped into her mom padmini who looked at her n then turned around to see 
rishu coming down all wet .
wat r u two doing early in the morning n rishu did u forgot to remove ur clothes while having a bath .
maa this devil has done this , i was sleeping n she just poured the water on me replied rk with annoyance n madhu 
smirked at him .
madhu y did u do that huh ,
he was not waking up n i have to go out 
so u will just pour water on him 
mom, chillax na i warned him to get up but he didnt so i did that wats a big deal .
huh , u r really becoming a brat madhu n paddo started scolding madhu 
n rk interrupted inbetween not liking his maa scolding his best friend .
maa its ok dnt scold her i m habitual to her antics now. it doesnt matter.
huh just now u were angry n now u r telling me not to scold her 
god u two r just impossible , replied paddo irritatedly 
n rishbala winked at each other n gave a high 5 to each other .
padmini wat r u doing here i was waiting for my tea , mallik came out shouting frm his room 
even mohan n radha (rks parents ) joined the scene n radha looked at rk n started 
rishu see wat r u doing spilling water all over the place go back to ur room 
seriously u r getting spoilt day by day n paddo wat r u doing with them u were making 
tea na 
haan didi i was making tea but these two were fighting so i came to check .
uff these two r seriously too much 
both of u go to ur room n get ready without annoying the other ordered their mums 
n both started to go their room .
wen mohan stopped rk n said ,'' rishu u have to go to delhi for two days .''
wat , both rk n madhu shouted in unison n their parents look as if they have asked some sort 
of alien language .
i m not deaf y r u two shouting , replied mohan 
but dad y me sent bittuji na 
yes papa sent bittuji na y will rishu go , madhu said supporting her best friend n not liking the idea of 
him going away .
madhu u dnt talk in between , chided mallik n continued 
its for rishus benefit bcoz he worked on this new deal so we want him to 
only give the presentation , do u want anyone else to take the credit of 
rishu n now madhu was left tongue tied 
n all the four parents gave each other winning looks.
fyn , ill go replied rk irritatedly n holded madhus hand 
n walked back to his room .
u r really going , madhu asked with a cute pout after reaching 
his room .
i dnt want to go yaar but wat can i do if i wont go 
we wont get this deal n u know na 
i worked hard for it ''.
madhu nodded undertstanding n hugged him .
i ll miss u , 
i ll miss u too ,my devil 
huh dnt call me that 
i ll call u that bcoz u r one devil 
shut up i m not talking to u 
fyn dnt talk , i m going , n he went away whistling 
n she stomped her foot n went back to her room .

After having breakfast n bidding bye to madhu 
n his family rk went away to delhi much to madhus 
displeasure n their parents happiness.
they were so happy with rk going away that she was irritated now .
The bell rang n her mother asked her to open the door n she went 
cribbing away over who ever has come to irritate her.
n wen she opened the door , she was shocked to see 
mukund dixit standing there with his family .
you wat r u doing over here , asked madhu in a threatening tone 
mukund gulped his saliva down n was abt to reply 
wen radha n padmini came frm back n wished the dixits .
madhu gaped at all of them as they settled down 
n started talking , she was already irritated with rishu 
going away n now this monkey dixit was 
irritating her along with his 
alien family . she found monkey staring at her 
n glared at him n gave her a look 
which said u monkey wait till rishu comes back 
he will show u hell .
madhu was abt to leave the room wen her mother asked 
her to get tea n snacks for them n irritatedly she went inside 
cursing her mother .
she came out n served them 
wen mukunds mother asked her to come n sit with her 
n she hesitantly sat n her mother started asking abt her n she 
wondered has monkeys mother gone nuts by eating snacks made by her 
that she is asking all abt her 
did she put salt more in them or did she added 
spice instead of tea , she shd call rishu n ask him .
arghh rishu come soon yaar i ll go mad without u , she thought in her mind
wen mrs. dixits voice bought her to earth 
saying that hume aapki madhu pasand hai humare mukund ke liye 
wat , madhu shouted n stood up suddenly 
wat the hell is happening , she shouted n her family glared at her .
madhu sit quietly is this the way to behave infront of guests , chided padmini.
hume bhi mukund pasand hai , replied all four parents shocking madhu .
wat but how can i marry him n rishu is not here .
madhu beta wat will rishu do , we r not getting u married now 
just engagement replied radha nonchalantly .
engagement? ohh god wat r these people doing 
hey shivji wat did i do to deserve this monkey , she cribbed n then said shivji 
u save me frm this n i swear rishu will put 1000rs bhog on u everyday .
after all the talking n deciding to get mukbala engaged after a day 
dixits left n mallik n padmini took madhus phone so that she doesnt disturb rishu 
by her constant cribbing but lil did they know that their daughter was more smart then them.

wat the hell , i ll kill that monkey , replied rishu on the phone .
madhu u r okay na , he asked in concern n madhu replied 
do i look u okay u idiot 
fool can i see u on this bloody phone 
that i ll know how u look , he replied .
okay now stop fighting with me n save me 
i ll kill that monkey otherwise n put the blame on u .
huh y will u put the blame on me 
simple so that police arrests u n not me 
but i ll take u along with me u devil 
dnt call me that otherwise ill kill u 
first u save urself frm that monkey then kill me 
miss madhubala ahannn , rk replied in his usual smirking way .
r u smirking at me , she asked in a challenging tone .
i m surprised that after staying with me 25yrs u r even asking me this 
he replied with confidence irritating her further.
rishu stop annoying me n do something yaar 
our parents have losted the last marble of their brains too 
save me yaar plss 
they even took my phone n i had to sneak in 
dads room like a thief to get my phone , she cribbed 
n he chuckled .
here i m getting mad n u r laughing 
u moron go to hell 
not alone babes come with me too otherwise i ll get bored .
shut up n get lost i dnt want to talk to u 
even me bye bye mrs. wld be dixit , he teased her 
n she kept the phone cursing him .

The next day passed on quickly n it was the engagement day 
madhu looked annoyed n irritated with everyone ,
they made her ready n now she was sitting with monkey 
to exchange ring .
instead of ring how i wish to put 
lal mirchi in his eyes so that instead of putting ring on me he will run to save his life 
thought madhu n turned n gave a glare to mukund.
they were abt to exchange rings wen rk barged in the room 
n madhu smirked at mukund n her family knowing full well 
that now this engagement wont even happen in their dreams .
rishu , she shouted n ran to hug him n he hug her back 
n glared at everyone .
wat did u all think that u r doing ,
u guys sended me away so that u cld get her engaged to this 
dixit .
mrs. dixit started see mr. kundra how ur son is insulting us 
rishu say sorry mohan said in a stern voice although he wanted to laugh out loud knowing 
well that the engagemennt wont even happen in their dreams now.
out everyone shouted rk n reached to mukund n holded his collar n caressed it 
i think u really love ur life isnt it 
so better i take that precious life away 
get the hell out of my house n dnt u dare come even near madhu , got that n he gave a final glare to mukund n 
looked at his family n said u guys cant get her engaged without her permission .
then u marry her replied all the four n rishbala looked at them shocked .
wat the , they asked in unison .
yes if u both dnt want to marry other people then u guys ,marry each other
n give us grandchildren , replied padmini .
how can we marry we r best friends rk replied.
yes we r best friends how can we marry .
y not , mallik asked .
n mohan supported .
mohan n i r best friends we have same business 
we live in same house , u both call us as maa n papa 
then wat is the problem in u two getting married .
n moreover madhu is already 25yrs old 
u r a guy so ppl wont say u anything but they will talk abt her 
said mallik sternly , rm gaped at each other .
all the four parents looked happy seeing winning the arguements 
against their stubborn kids who never realize that they love each other 
more than being best friends but they r so dumb that they cant even see .
rishu doesnt like any guy coming close to madhu n madhu doesnt like 
any girl coming close to rishu , n that was the reason rishu rejected 
5 proposal already n wen both the fools were not ready to accept 
their parents had to do something to get their dumb kids together 
n they played this engagement card knowing full well that 
engagement wont happen n madhu will inform rishu n he will come 
no matter wat .

give us a minute , asked rk n took madhu in a corner .
wat will we do now , 
lets get engaged 
wat , she asked 
its better than having fools around us 
u ll be saved n i ll also be saved .
wat say 
but u ll play basket ball frm my team 
then only i ll marry u 
fyn done deal n both gave each other high 5 .
fyn we will get engaged he said n their parents smiled contented .
here exchange rings n u both will get married next thursday .
wat next thursday wat is the hurry .
we dnt trust u both 
u can change ur plans n run away 
god have some faith in us madhu said n rk rolled his eyes at all of them .
seriously mom dad maa papa u guys think we will run away frm each other .
u both r getting married on thursday its full n final  said their parents.
madhu holded rks hand n brought his ears close n said 
match is on thursday how can we marry on thursday 
dnt wrry we will manage 
but those rituals n all n they wont let us go out then wat will we do 
chill yaar n he winked at her 
n she understood wat he meant .
wat r u two talking come on exchange the rings, said mohan 
we will get married but u have to promise us that u ll end the 
drama soon 
its not drama but rituals 
wat ever it is we want it to end soon otherwise we wont marry
yes we wont marry untill u ppl agree to our conditions .
ok fyn u both win .
come rishu lets get engaged n they both got exchanged rings.

N frm now on till ur marriahge u both wont go out n rishu u will stay in outhouse 
ordered radha n both rm gaped at each other.
r we doing something stupid , asked rk to madhu 
even i was going to ask the same 
they r getting us married or putting us behind bars 
i think they r cutting our wings 
huh very funny 
shut up n stand straight otherwise u ll ruin our plan 
he said irritated  but we have to go out remember today is wednesday 
n we have to go clubbing with our friends now wat will we do .
we need to go out mom asked rk .
let us go out n meet our friends for today 
n we will stay inside frm tomorrow n afterall we got engaged today 
we need to celebrate with our friends , said madhu .
fyn only for today n after that u both will do as we say .
fyn we r going out n he dragged madhu with him.
after they both went away 
their parents burst out laughing 
god these two i m sure they must have some sort of deal between them 
like madhu asking rishu to do something n rishu asking her to do something in return 
said padmini .
i m sure they did that only said mohan confidently .
didint u saw how they were whispering to each other every now n then 
but i wonder how did rishu got to know wen we took away madhus cell 
n cutted the landline .
padmini dnt u know your daughter she sneaked in our room like a thief n called him 
n cribbed how we were torturing her n then she kept the phone back .
Really wen will these two dumbs realise that they love each other like crazies 
said radhan n sighed .
Dnt worry didi we r here na 
like we got them binded together we will make them realise too .

After entering the club , rk shrieked 
wat the hell how will u go in this dress , he said pointing to her lehenga 
ohhho u idiot do u think i m that fool 
n h gave her a look which said 
i do think u r 
n she glared at him 
hold this she said passing her bag to him 
n she took out her make up n black knee length dress.
y r u staring as if u have never seen girly things 
i wonder wat all u thrust in this poor lil thing n she rolled her eyes at him 
n walked to washroom to change .
After she came out they went in the club to meet their friends 
they saw them n waved at them .
After all the hugging n greetings were done suddenly ria (madhus frnd ) eyes went on rks ring finger 
rk wat is that , she asked pointing his ring .
n he luked at her saying wat do u think it is 
oh my god u got engaged n u didnt even called anyone of us 
n then sultan noticed madhus ring n he luked at her shocked 
u also got engaged n rest of their frnds (mukund sikky deepali trishna )
looked at them shocked .
wait a minute u both got engaged on same day 
that means its u two who got engaged said deepali all excited as if she solved some big mystery .
see i always said they had something but u guys never believed me 
said trishna pissed .
RM luked at each other n said to their friends their sob story n they all got confused
that how can these two be so stupid not to realise their love seriously they r biggest mads 
all of them thought.
u all r invited in our wedding on thursday said rk .
okay now lets celebrate said sikky n pulled everyone on the dance floor 
n all started dancing in pairs (rishbala, sulllu trish, sikpaali, mukund ria)
Rk saw some guys watching m,adhu with lusty eyes n he asked madhu to change places with him 
madhu happily agreed n wrapped her arms around his neck n he put his hands on her waist 
n they danced.

MADHU WATCH OUT , said rk wen she was abt to fall .
which idiot told u to drink , he said pissed.
All the drive he has been  tolerating her nonsense n now the stupid girl was going to bang her head on the door 
n wake their psarents up n put him in trouble .
seriously wat did i do to get her as my best friend cribbed rk .
shivji didnt u got anyone else in this world 
always i land up in trouble 
plss atleast give her lil brains before our marriage 
i ll recite whole shiv chalisa 40 times 
definately .
wat r u thinking u idiot pick me up instead of talking to urself 
said madhu angrily wen she saw him talking to himself .
huh y shd i pick u up get up on ur own , he said irritated n then even gave her his 
hand to get up .
she holded his hand n he helped her to get up 
n before she cld fall down again he picked her up in his arms n walked inside.
wohaaa , she squealed 
shut up u ll wake the hitlers n then i wld be blamed to get u drunk 
so wont u save ur best friend , she said with a cute pout .
y shd i save u everytime haan 
do u save me ever , he asked 
n she started thinking keeping her hand on her chin.
see u never saved me , he said with a smirk n walked towards the stair case .
okay fyn , she shouted annoyed.
do u have a transformer in ur mouth 
cant u speak a lil low u ll wake everyone up 
now luk who is shouting , she said pointing to him.
now shut up n let me concentrate on seeing ahead otherwise i ll fall down in this dark .
Yes yes concentrate i dnt want to go on a wheel chair in my wedding she said n patted his 
shoulders n he glared at her n she luked at him cutely n laid her head on his chest 
as if resting on a pillow.
Seriously wat were u thinking while making her shivji , rk asked to his fav. shivji 
i danced all my life on her tunes n now after marriage wat will i do 
god how will i handle this blunder save me shivji before i end up in a asylum .
even if i end up in asylum she will come with me his subconcious snapped at him n he chuckled at his thought.
reaching her room he put her on the bed n removing her sandals he pulled the duvet over her 
as she was already in deep slumber by now due to excessive alcohol.
Rk walked to his room 
n their mothers luked as if they wanted to bang their head on wall 
after rk walked out of her room without even luking back .
they sighed n went back to their room praying to god to give lil brains to these 
stupid kids of theirs. 


So here goes the first part .
Do like n share ur views .

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Thanks to all those who liked n commented on the previous parts.
Silent readers it will be very kin of u if u cld just give two words for the update .
Anyways here goes the final part .
                                                 PART 2 
The one week passed in all the hustle bustle of the most wiered couples marriage 
preparations who fought on every other thing making their parents mad to core .
Madhu wanted to chose rishus sherwani but he didnt wanted to wear of her choice as he already 
chose his sherwani so she started throwing her tantrums infront of her parents as she cant meet 
rishu n shout at him to listen to her choice.
Madhu stop it enough now her mom chided her n she made a sulking face 
n sat down on the bed cursing rishu for putting her in this mess .
Huh y did i even agree to marry him 
hey shivji save me she prayed to her god n padmini wanted to throw something 
on her daughters head . i wonder wat was i eating wen she was in my womb 
how come she is like this padmini asked no one in particular n madhu throwed daggers at her .
stop glaring t me n get ready today is your wedding so dress decently .
madhu made a face n picked up her 50kgs lehenga to wear 
god this is so heavy i will require 10 ppl to hold me mom n padmini rolled her eyes at her foolishness .
madhu can u plss use ur lil brains atleast once , atleast look down on many heaps of clothes u r holding under you lehenga .
madhu looked down embarrased n quickly keeping away the rest of the heavy sarees she ran inside to wear her lehenga 
before her mother burn her alive with her gaze.

Woww rk u luk stunning in bue '', said rk admiring himself in the mirror n gave a flying kiss 
with a sexy smirk n started setting his hair with his gel .
rishu how much time do u need to get ready said mohan while entering his room in outhouse .
both mallik n mohan were staying with him keeping an eye on him 
so that he doesnt go to meet madhu breaking the rituals .
ohhoo dad let me get ready atleast properly today he said with style making mohan chuckle n mallik rolled his eyes.
beta wen u dnt get ready properly asked mohan n rk glared at his father n said 
y u ppl r in so much hurry i m not going to run away frm my own marriage show some mercy atleast now 
i m agreeing to ur demands n u guys r just throwing ur all tantrums at me 
ek to i m marrying the world biggest devil n uppar se u guys dnt even let me enjoy my freedom for 
last moments he said dramatically n sighed n mohan n mallik rolled their eyes at him .
he picked up his football n caressed it n said my darling football frm tomorrow onwards u wont be with me 
rest in peace i m not taking u back frm here otherwise that devil will pounce on u n hurt u n u know na how much she hates
ur white n black colour but dnt wrry i m not keeping her red basket ball too n he kissed his football 
n mallik n mohan burst out laughing seeing rishu talk to his football .
y r u two laughing like mads he said pissed , nothing they replied getting a glare frm him 
fyn lets go he said irritatedly n walked out of his room typing on his tab .

Finally the marriage ceremony started , they both were sitting beside each other throwing daggers 
madhu was still pissed at him for not wearing the sherwani she chose n he was mad at her 
for throwing her high profile tantrums. Madhus phone rang n panditji 
asked her to cut it but madhu glared at him n picked it n started talking 
to the person instructing him abt the arrangements of the basket ball match 
which was going to happen in sometime . Rk luked at her pissed n took out his 
tab n started answering the mails which were pending .
Wat the hell r these two doing , shouted their parents 
looking at their mad kids n the mothers luked ready to cry .
rishu madhu keep ur phone down but they luked as if they didnt even existed .
panditji was cursing himself for even agreeing to this marriage n guests were 
gawking at the them like hawks n as if they had grown 10 heads each .
padmini came forward to do gadbhandan wen both started 
snatch their respective duppatas to their sides .
wat r u doing u idiot , madhu shouted 
wat am i doing its u who is snatching my duppata n he snatched it again 
n she snatched it to her side n both started arguing .
all look ready to cry n bang their heads on some wall 
for even being a part of their marriage.
enough , mallik chided them n they stopped instantly 
got back to their respective phones ordering them .
the poor priest was in so much hurry to run frm there that he was almost 
reciting the mantras at a jet speed shocking everyone .
ab aap dono pheron ke liye khade ho jaiiyee , he said hesitantly 
n rk got n with that he pulled on madhus duppata making her shouting 
aaa , u fool wat r u doing ruining my whole hairs 
huh , keep ur transformer down u devil 
look everyone is watching u like hawk , he said grinning gaining a deadly glare frm her .
she was still glaring wen he asked now wat get up 
give me ur hand u idiot cant u see how heavy this lehenga is 
ek to i mwearing this to marry a idiot like u 
uppar se u r not even helping me to stand up 
shut up n get up u r wasting my time n he said n gave her his hand n she got up 
glaring at him .
pehle aap aage chalenge , the priest said pointing to rk 
aur phir baaki ke teen phere aap aage chalengi , he pointed to madhu .
y will he take four pheras n not three asked madhu , n the priest
luked at her parents who sat there keeping their hands on their heads 
because i m ur husband u fool , rk said with pride 
even i want to take 4 pheras madhu said pleading to her parents 
the whole audience luked shocvked on the spot n their friends 
luked as if they will burst out laughing any moment .
y r u smiling secretly at madhu , rk glared at sultan n asked 
who was all in smiles seeing the most craziest wedding ever .
wat u r laughing at me u sullupoo , madhu said teasing sultan.
leave him i ll see him later , rk said to madhu reassuring that he will not leave him for messing with them .
lets take the pheras n u continue , he said to priest who looked at him confused.
madhu understanding answer on his behalf he means aap shuru kariye 
hum phere lenge she said n stood behind rk to take the pheras .
they took the pheras as if they were running in a marathon 
n the onlookers just wanted to laugh laugh n laugh for never seeing something so wiered in their lives.
if any psychatarist wld have land up there he wld have surely put them in a mental asylum by now .
they sat down on different places as instructed by the priest n he gave the sindoor n mangalsutra to rk 
to put on madhu .rk filled her maang n started tying the mangalsutra n his hands brushed against her nape 
making her feel ticklish n she started laughing making it all the more difficult for the poor guy to close 
the mangalsutra hook .
wat r u doing sit still he orders her 
she was still laughing n said y r u tickling me 
wen am i tickling u this thing is not getting closed 
wat shd i do n he fidgeted with the poor mangalsutra 
did u do anything with my mangalsutra she said pointed to the priest who wanted to just dig a hole 
n get inside it n rk shouted suddenly yuppp finally ho gaya 
n both sighed in relief n gave a high 5 to each other .
rk turned to the priest n asked in a challenging tone ,'' ho gaya sab ki kuch aur baaki hai ''
n madhu gave him a look which said u better say yes otherwise we will put u in this fire .
the priest gulped his saliva n said aaj se aap dono pati patni huye vivah sampann hua .
n both rm got up with a jerk n ran frm there like toofaan express n everyone 
looked on in the shock they ran n their friends who were controlling their laughters till 
now burst out laughing n their parents sat there stunned n shocked out of their wits .

I ll keep the trophy on my side said madhu holding the basket ball trophy 
which they won last nite . Yes the crazy couple instead of having their suhaagraat went 
to play the basketball match after all it was the deal of their marriage .
no i ll keep that on my side said rk with a stern look 
no i 
no i bcoz i represented ur team n not to forget i m the man of the match 
no i told u to play so i ll keep n snatched the trophy frm him 
n they started their usual bunter n their parents who were still in shock frm their wedding 
luked as if they dnt expect anything frm them now .
suddenly they  both stopped n luked on to their parents finally 
giving the poor souls some peace .
y r u all so quiet asked rk no one in particular 
n they gave him a luk which said 
then wat do u think we shd do dance 
bcoz our dumb kids got married in the god forsaken wieredest way of the world .
yes wat happen to to all of u asked madhu thrusting the dhokla 
in her mouth 
first eat n then speak u devil said rk irritatedly 
u shut up u moron , said madhu still gobbling her dhokla .
n they were back to there quarrels n there parents sat there 
mute spectators of their clumsiness n silliness .

After 1 week

HUH did u think they saw us asked madhu 
still stumbling on her feets to stand n holded rks hand 
who was equally stumbling to stand on his feet.
they both have return frm their honeymoon today n they were still the same crazies 
not making any move but straight after their return they have gone to meet their frnds 
in club n they have got heavily drunk now that they cant even stand on their feets .
huh how will i know rk said holding her hand n reaching for his doors knob 
n they stumbled inside their bedroom n staight off fell on the bed 
close to each other n in each others arms .
they both burst out laughing n suddenly rk rolled over her 
shocking her n she realising wat was going to happen caresses his face n he bends down 
n takes her lips in his n soon they were undressing each other 
wanting to be always together in their love n craziness .

After 2 months 
stop it rishu just go to office said madhu pushing her 
husband away who was kissing her neck n disattracting her frm making breakfast .
since the day they consumated they cant keep their hands off each other 
n as soon as the were in the privacy of their room they forget everything else 
they havent confessed to each other abt their love still bcoz they knew that they love each other 
n they dnt require any confession they both prefer showing their love to each other 
but wen they r outside there room they r the mad rk madhu 
n their parents have completely given up on them .
come on have u forgotten how u woke me up in the morning 
i was wondering y u never did that before so many matresses 
wld have been saved said rk dramatically 
n madhu chuckled .
it was exactly 150 i guess said madhu thinking abt how many matresses 
patil has to change in rks room wen every morning she use to 
pour water on him in the bed .
suddenly madhu felt like throwing up so she rushed to wash room pushing rk 
making him confuse .
wat happen open the door madhu he said with concern 
n hearing him their parents came out to see 
now wat drama has happened between them .
maa see na she is not opening door 
wat r u doing devil said rk banging the door 
relax rishu said his mothers 
madhu r u fyn wat happened beta said radha 
worry for her daughter in law .
she came out wiping her face looking all pale 
n said nothing maa i just felt like throwing up 
n then she looked at rk who sighed in relief 
seeing his wife all fyn .
wat r u doing here go to office na 
i m not going anywhere lets take u to doctor first 
no i dnt want a doctor i m fyn 
no u need one look at urself u look so pale n that was enough for the quarrel to begin .
their mothers looked at each other asking if it cld be possible 
n then finally deciding something they asked madhu to come with them 
who was still arguing with rk went with them half heartedly .
After they came out frm the room with madhu 
all the mens rushed to them n rk started 
to ask his questionairre n madhu got annoyed 
n shouted u stupid idiot shut up 
u r going to be a father n everyone started smiling except of rk 
who was still in shock frm the news .
rishu wat happened to u asked madhu seeing his blank face .
how did this happen he asked all of a sudden not remembering wen he exactly didnt used protection .
fool did u forgot wen we were drunk n she blushed for the first time .
thank god otherwise i was thinking u r going to have a alien 
wat ? she asked shocked out of her wits 
obviously i didnt remember that n if u wldnt have remembered that night 
then i wld have been forced to think that it is a miracle baby , he said chuckling 
gaining a glare frm her .
okay fyn dnt get mad i was joking .
shut up n go away i m not talking to u 
fyn dnt talk even i dnt want to talk to u 
n he went away whistling n she went away irritated to her room .
n the mute spectators of their madness 
sat there with a thud on the sofa.
poor junior kundra 
save him/her frm the crazy stupid lovers 
all the four parents said in unison n burst out laughing .

So this was it .
hope u all like the ending n i hope u all will not mind that there isnt any confession but 
direct consumation . I didnt wanted them to say it in words but show through their actions.
i know the ending is abrupt n not so gud so plss forgive me if u feel 
disappointed with it .
Now time for ur likes n comments .

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Crazy_Arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Craziest update
Loved it
Rk n madhu are full on crazy
They can't stay without each other,they can't see each others parents scolding them
Their frnds know they love eachother ,their parents know but these dumbs their self don't realise
Loved to read abt these crazies
This line was hilarious frm madhu shivji u save me frm this n i swear rishu will put 1000rs bhog on u everyday .
Enjoyed reading a lot
Thnx for this awsome n crazy love story
Can't wait to read nxt prt
Updt sn
Keep writing

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uma88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Res for part 2

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varshajoshi17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Woww it was one of crazy updates loved it 
Merry christmas to u too Smile

Edited by v.p.joshi - 24 December 2014 at 10:41am

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-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:27am | IP Logged
congo for a new story

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-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:28am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm

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Abhiya4life IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 10:38am | IP Logged
You're back Neha!!! LOL Long time no see LOL

Anyways onto the update...loving this story already ROFL
At first I thought Rishbala were already married...but then Madhu dropped the bomb saying they are best friends LOL

RK...take a moment sooner to notice that you are completely drenched LOL we don't want you to get hypothermia and end up in a hospital...Monkey Dixit may take your Madhu away from you again... ROFL

Poor Monkey Dixit...he didn't get his banana...the one he long desired for...aka Madhu in this case ROFL I hate bananas...ROFL

After all this they still haven't realized that they love each other...come on now can do so much better than that LOL

Make sure Madhu doesn't smack her drink head on her door hard enough to lose her memory...then it will be back to square one for them LOL

Awesome update once again Neha...thanks for pm
Update soon

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Neha Hug

Edited by Abhiya4life - 24 December 2014 at 11:47am

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