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maaloo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Hello G
The lovely moments of the episode captured beautifully Clap.. and it was just this part that I watched today.  The two can really make it all seem so real.. just like concerned parents talking.. and I loved it when he said that there is more to being a mom than giving birth to a child.. total satyavachan that!!!

The rest of the episode- I havent seen, just read the updates.. and from what I gleaned from that is mihika is dumb (didnt we know that already.. nothing new Confused) Shagun is upto no good.. (well, thats no news either.. she loves to blame the rest of the world and Ishita in particular for her woes Angry) and Adi.. feeling lost and alone. The doubts and uncertainties that he feels is very natural..his only constant has been his mom, and she is the most inconsistent person around.. so no help there..D'oh

I agree that the editing has been a bit slip-shod the past cpl. of days.. Even in the ISHRA scenes that I watched, there were instances when the camera angles were a bit messed up.. 

Until this kaand is over, I will continue to watch just ISHRA scenes and read the updates for the rest .. too much conniving and planning and revenge kind of leaves me cold.. so I plan to watch the romance (if any) and skip the rest.. Now let me get back to the 2 mins of glorious moments they showed yesterdayDay Dreaming

The only request that I have for the cvs is to handle this track with care. This is a very sensitive track and there are multiple issues in this track.. the confusion of a child, the disillusionment of a lover and many other issues. Please bring a proper dignified and mature closure to the track and donot resort to "seemingly funny" antics which is something that has been done for the past couple of tracks. I think the only track that they really thought out and handled well was the amma-accident one.. the rest has been lot of build up.. and then poof!!  
For ex: Please do not think of trying to make Mihika mahaan and aaj ki naari (she is where she is because of her stupidity) by getting her to take revenge on Ashok and Suraj by chasing them around the house with a "belan" or getting the Iyers to do ridiculous stuff.. I mean what Ishita felt or a woman feels when she is mobbed by men and threatened is no where close to making Ashok put on Santa's hat and get Suraj to dance around women (again this is what I gleaned from the different posts on the matter.. not sure if this is true)
So please you want to show something "hatke" then show some maturity in handling these tracks. Dont start one when you dont know how to proceed with it.. 

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Akshatha19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
wow..lovely collage 

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arshi21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
I am out with family for 2-3 days so aont be able to comment. Network sucks here.
I loved your collage though. And thd quote is beautiful too :')

I feel so bad that i can watch yhm for 2-3 days. Sigh. But today's episode seemed okay. If raman made ishita understand that adi needs to accept their relationship i think wd can hope to see mature ishra further in this track. And practical too. This is what makes them unique. Bful relationship they have.

PS: i just looked for your post to get to know what happened today. And Gan, stunning collage. But i feel so bad for mihir :(

Dumb mihika.

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avni_19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
I am late to reply! Sorryyy! :(

Diii,  beautiful captures and u hv formed it into a beautiful, mesmerizing and magical edit! Wowww!!! I loved all the three editss... Big smilemainly their palms locked and his hand on her shoulder holding protectivelyEmbarrassed

Back to the episode, with ISHRA scene...  Adi saw them in a comprising position and Adi was just disturbed with the fact that he is lonely and rushed away!

I loved Raman's spontaneous reply to Ishita..."kuch galat nahi huya hai, tum meri biwi ho, aur Adi ko yeh baat maani hogi"!Clap  and for Ishita , it will be hard to digest that fact because Adi has not accepted Ishita as his mom even though Ishita's bosom is filled with love, care and concern for Adi...

And being Together, as per your title.. Di.. I got this particular quote by Nicholas Sparks:

"We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it."

I felt it apt for Ishita-Raman!Embarrassed

That moment when Raman locked his fingers with her's and they spoke all about Adi and he praising her goodness, and then that side hug where Ishita nestled close to his shoulders, cute and sweet nothings being said by Raman, Ishita's love filled eyes and her beautiful smile not leaving her face was soo NATURAL AND MAGICAL!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed DT was OUTSTANDING here!Clap

This dialouge swelled my heart with happiness.. Putter is in fullon PYAAR with his biwi..." Agar tum nahi hoti toh, pata nahi mei kya karta"!  I was like wowww!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Back to Adi...
Oh God, bechara bacha... Being a victim of doing cruel things unknownly and yet craving for love and care from his own ones! What a plight of this kid! I felt badd for Adi when he says.. " Mei kiska hu, kahan jao, unke apne beta ki bilkul bhi chinta nahi hai" !  I felt for this boy deeply! I loved the fact he called Raman..Papa and Ishita as aunty instead of calling names!

ASHOK-MIHIKA SCENE... JUST BLURRED FOR ME.. Except for the fact that Mihika looked Extra-Ravishing in that blue anarkali.. Woww.. Shagun ke paas bhi toh inte ache suits nahi the!

Mihir's plight... Did we get to see another RKB in the serial! Poor guy again..!! nothing to say.. hope he recovers from the hard learned truth.. Crushing Heartbreak for Mihir!Cry The way he held his heart, I swear I thought he got an attack! Phewww!!

Well, not sure whether you are aware of it.. Rinky babes, the one who went GAYAB after ISHRA's wedding is all set to come back and CV's are planning to make Mihir- Rinky as a jodi!LOLEmbarrassedClap   

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--HANISA-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
gan to good 

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IshRaForever

The best part of the episode captured! Lovely creation!!!

Thanks !Embarrassed

Originally posted by Ishrafanno1

Lovely really nice

Thanks !Embarrassed
Originally posted by rajkona

Lovely!Day Dreaming

Thanks !Embarrassed
Originally posted by Meenabala

ClapThumbs Up

Thanks !Embarrassed
Originally posted by desire_nikki

Seriously.,.these were the best moments of today's episode..!! 

Yes they were...delectable Embarrassed
Originally posted by peace..

oh that is so beautiful gan! one of ur best collages! Big smile and perfect quote.

Thank you very much! I loved your post too today :)

Originally posted by banana.ishra



Thank you for your kind words always! Merry Christmas to you too!

Originally posted by Ishu27

Superb collage yar:-) great work:-) well done:-)

Thanks !Embarrassed

Originally posted by ishitaraman

awesome dhi
is there any need of ishra's official confession?!?
actually now they r expressing their love towards each other!

Thanks !Embarrassed and I dont have any craving for any confession...just let them have moments like these :)

Originally posted by Akshatha19

wow..lovely collage 

Thanks !Embarrassed

Originally posted by pretty_h

gan to good 

Thanks !Embarrassed

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UmeraTariq IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
Now this is what I call a post. Your positivity has enlightened me! You were spot on and honestly, I also feel the same. Adi is a vulnerable child who has been getting the wrong upbringing all throughout. Ishita will help reach Adi where Shagun has virtually abandoned him. Ishita will bring Adi closer to HIS family. I'm glad CV's brought this particular track!

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by krikumar.91

As usual, brilliant Gan... Today's episode gave one new dimension to this track... When yesterday's episode was at its negative best with vamp's comeback, today's episode had some brilliant pointers... Thank you Kri and yes that's what I am hoping that the CVs hold onto the promise...oflate they have been faltering on the closure of tracks really badly.

In the first scene, HERO made his comeback... His son, his Adi saw him with his love who's his son's sauteli ma... in a compromising position... Ishita was shocked and embarrassed. Raman got up without a tint of guilt in his face because he didn't commit any mistake. At the same time, he didn't overlook his responsibility as a father because of his love... He knows that Adi needs to realise the truth before his eyes... He slipped because the timing is not right... Ishita was right... But this beautiful mistake has laid foundation for one divine relationship... Adi now feels unwanted... He finally understands that lacuna... A mother can fill that void and Ishita will fit in that place... My take on Raman's reaction is a bit different than yours because I feel the reaction was because of difference in Raman's and Ishita's parental also the fact he's a different  parent who doesn't go overboard anymore to please his estranged son at any cost...but yours make sense too..and yes hopefully this will lead to the foundation of better Adi and Ishita understanding..

When Ishita offered him sandwich, battle between his mind and heart started... His mind which has been poisoned by his mother says that Ishita is not a good person when his heart refuses to believe... He left... This reminds of one Ishra scene... When Ishita tends to Raman's wound for the first time. When he burns his hand while preparing tea. He couldn't take Ishita's care and ends up shouting at her. That was an beginning like this one... That's a beautiful parallel Kri..Clap

When Mihika is going to torture Ashok, Shagun is doing this honour on her hold by losing her hold over her son... Out and out positive... Apart from Ishita's mahaanta, i can bear with anything else... cv's know what they are doing... They are making Raman slip at places because Adi needs a mother more than a father... That's an excellent observation!  Rest about Mihika...I cant relate to anything about her anymore...Shagun..yes whatever she's doing is true to Shagun's character sketch...she's manipulated Ishita's benevolence before also...and Ishita not remembering that is an easy shortcut CVs are taking I think... 

One vulnerable kid who needs love, one mother whose bosom is full of love, one mother who is blinded by revenge, one lover who is finally giving his wife the much needed love, one lover who is finally following his brother's steps, one sister who has lost her love but not her courage and finally one villian who wants to benefit from these falling relations who is going to end up losing everything... 

This track will irritate us but YHM's midas touch will rectify things at the end...@bold I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this...the story I have no complaints about...the execution has been below par for a while now..other that bits and pieces that remind us vintage YHM...I feel nowdays they rush through some key scenes and focus of melodramatic scenes for extra drama...

Excellent insights Kri!

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