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Loving an Angel----CHAPTER 32 updated (Page 6)

purnima209 IF-Dazzler

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awsme so interesting read all prologue and cs and part 1 in one go awsme 

pari1995 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 8:36am | IP Logged
wow,lovely dear
and that last portion,mmm smt exciting to happen
waiting eagerly
update soon

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purnima209 IF-Dazzler

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vrinda65 Goldie

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--~~CHAPTER 3~~--


While piya n aayusi were searchin for sanyu, Vidusi was runnin towards d canteen as she was hell hungry n as reached d canteen BHAAAMMM... she had collided with sumone
Sumone-"arre chori.!!!! Dkh k koni chal sake h re"
V-" m sory" n she startd leavin whn boy1 stoppd her by blockin her way with his hand.
Boy1-"sory bolne s sab thik na ho gayo. Tujhe toh punishmnt milegi." N wid dis the group of 15 boys startd laughin when 1 of them interrupted
Boy2-"arrey rajvir bhai thoda easy aakhir hai toh chori. Woh b bahut nazuk si" sayin so he tried to touch her whn vidusi shruggd away his hand
Rajveer(Rv)-"sahi kahe h tu samir aakhir h toh badi nazuk chiz je iske liye toh sabse easy punishmnt bane h. Chal chori tu khali mujhe n isse(pointin towards samir) 1 jhappi de k chali ja"
V-"listen i hv already said sory now plz excuse me" sayin so vidusi went towards a table to sit whn rv went their n pushd her chair n as a reslt she fell down.


Evn before rv n his gang cld settle thmselvs on d table there was another voice DHAMM...

"Arre kaun hai bey kiski itni himmat hui ki usne meri chair gira di"shoutd rv as he fell on d ground

"Maine hatai ye chair. I m d one." Came a voice from his back.

Samir-"Tu...??????? Teri toh...Teri itni himmat k tune rv paji ki chair gira di!!!!!! Aisa krte hue Tujhe darr nhi laga kya humse????"

Voice-"nhi, neither m i afraid of u nor of ur dis rv bhai"

Amar-"tu jane na h kisse panga liya h tune 
Ye rv bhai h n hm pkc ki drm team h. Tujhe toh main ab batata hun."

Rv-"arre ruk bhai ruk. Ja tujhko maaf kiya."

Sam-"par paaji isne..." he was cut-off by rv.
"Arre shant reh chora shant reh aur tu yaha se jaa aur jaake canteen k kitchen se mast kadak chai bana k la hum sab k vaste. Vo kya hai na k teri jaisi chiz rasoi mein hi chokhi lage h aise cllg mei na. Chal ja ab ja.

Before any one cld intervene in between the voice quitely turned around n startd movin towrds d kitchen

Aayu-"piya dkh na ye log sanyu ke sath kya kar rhe h?plz help her"

Ya d voice was of sanyu.


Sanyu,piya n aayusi had witnessd all d scene which took place wid vids n sanyu's head was already boilin wid anger n whn dat rv made vids fall down. It was a high momnt for her n d volcano in her was all ready to burst out.sddnly piya remembrd abt sanyu n...
Piya(pi)-"sanyu...???????? SHIT...!!!!!!"
Yes before piya cld realise abt d danger standin wid her the DANGER was all gone.
Here rd n his frnds were also vry angry n were goin To help vids when sumbdy had already pushd rv's chair which made him fall n d voice came DHAMM...


Pi-"pata nhi k vo kya kar rhe h but d nly thing which i knw is k bahut bada panga hone wala h coz ye sanyu h sanyu n she is nt goin to tolerate it"
N piya was right sanyu,who till now was movin towards d kitchen,suddnly stoppd n before rv or his gang cld think anythin she turnd around n threw d juice kept upon a nearby table on 
Rv's face n took othrs by shock.
"chori teri toh..."shoutd a cmpltly drenchd rv.
S-"wake up mr. this is 21st centry n iss century ki girls weak nhi hoti h n atleast m not d one. Yeh baat apne iss ghatiya se brain mein fit kar lo n nxt time se kisi b ladki k sang aisa behave mat krna not atleast wid me n my frnds"

Rv-"je chori tu jane na h k mai kaun hu m rv singh. Ab toh thara iss cllg se mai jina muskil kar dunga main."

S-"i dnt care who evr u r. Ho sakta h u were able to bully odrs bt mujhe bully krne ka try b mat krna coz muje toh muskil situation mei rehne ki habit h but think abt urself coz m SANYUKTA...SANYUKTA AGARWAL if tum mujse panga loge toh i wnt sit quitly i'll also defintly make ur life hell."

Rv-"aaye haye chori toh ghano hi chokhi aur faratedaar(fast) angrezi bole h. Par chori bolne aur krne mein ghano farak hove h je baat jaan le. Chori h chori ki haad mein reh varna..."

S-"vahi toh main b keh rhi hu(pt. Her Index fingr twrds him) k b in ur limits varna it wnt b gud for u. N rahi baat drm team ki toh dnt frgt prof. Suryavansi ki b dream team jaldi bane vali h n i'll make sure k tumhara ghamand tod du. So as of now THE GAME IS ON LETS SEE KITNI HIMMAT N DIMAAG H TUM MEI"

Evn before rv cld retort bck an anncemnt was made for sanyukta,rd,aarus,arav,parth,vidu,piya,aayu,kaustu,sahil,jiggy n yoyo to report in prof. Vrdhn's cabin immedietly.
No sooner did this annoucemnt was made d 4 gals along wid kaustu,jiggy,sahil n yoyo left from there whereas rd was again taken aback by sanyu's bravry n confidnce. He was just thinkin abt sanyu n her words"MUJHE TOH MUSKILO MEI JINE KI HABIT H"

--RD'S POV--

Y m i thinkin abt her so much? Y m i havin a feelin to knw her? Gawwwddd there is sumthin abt this gal that is diff. from others.

--NO POV--

Rd's this trance was broken by continous calls of his frnds who were callin him to go to vd's cabin.

"Abbey run fast or else v vil get late. Suna h k he hates late comers" shoutd aarush.

N they ran towards his cabin. Huffin dey reachd vd's cabin where rd for d vry 1st time noticd sanyu . She was not like odr gals though she had a beautiful innocent face,mesmerising eyes & a perfct fig. Still She did not wore clothes like othr gals, she had wore faded jeans paird up with a tank top n jackt, her hairs where tied in a messy bun intotal a cmplete tomboy look but amazin enough to kill any1 with her looks.He kept starin at her n d nly word which escapd his mouth was "BEAUTIFUL"
"Kuch bola tune????" Askd an amusd parth n arav who were standin beside him n probably heard wht he said
"Nai-nai toh, main kya bolunga" replied rd abruptly lookin evrywhre othr than at his frnds.

"Intrstn vry intrstin...looks like k mere dream team ki hearin power bahut zyada strng h"
Ka-"sir dream team...??????v didnt undrstnd anythin"
Vd-"yes kaustuki u all r selectd as my dream team"
Yo-"but sirjee tussi toh bole the k drm team mei 11 bande honge bt yaha toh hum 12 h"
Vd-"intrstin ques vry intrstin ques. Yoyo Ha its true dat i said dat there vil b 11 membrs in my drm team bt d authorities want ne to keep a stand-by also hence now my drm team vil hv 12 of u. I knw dat u r not frnds yet bt i want 12 of u to hv an unbreakable bond jst like pkc's team evn mch strngr than them coz a grt bond is vry imp. For a team to co-ordinate proprly n win. N let me mind u dat i hate loosers I NLY LUV TO WIN SO DO MY TEAM SHLD." He said this in quite a strict way which took othrs by shck." If any of u want to bck out then he mst do so now" sanyu who was abt to take advntge of d situation receivd a glare frm vd aftr which she had no power left to quit d team n moreovr she also rememberd her challng to rv which made her decision to stay in d drm team more strng n evntually she said," u dnt need to worry sir none of us r goin to quit nt me exactly coz its an honour tht u selctd us for ur team n V ALSO LUV TO WIN N I PLAY TO WIN" there was a determination in sanyu's voice n d reason was knwn to 5 of dem being vd,piya,aayu,vids n rd who by now was quite imprssd by sanyu as he had nvr seen sch a girl in his life.
V-"k. Then dismiss for now n be frnds by our nxt meetin. N let me infrm u dat our nxt meet can b anytime as my mind says it may b aftr 2min or aftr 2mnths so strt preparin urselves. Now get lost"

With dis d 12 of dem went out of d cabin n b4 rd cld call out for sanyu sumbdy shoutd "ABBEY CHIPKALIYO(LIZARDS) RUKO" to dis 3 of dem stppd n turnd around to look at d ownr of d voice who was none othr 
Than our yoyo paji
Yo-"kyu bhul gyi kya menu?" He askd cockin up his eye-brows. "Arre its me khushwant singh Harvard House class 7"
"Khush tu..."shoutd 3 of dem togthr
Yo-"Arre bapre dhire bolo ji dusre logo k kaan phat jayege"
S-"saale 7th k baad toh gayab ho gya n ab mila h toh yaha FITE mei. N mila toh mila kitna change ho gya h yaat"
Yo-"arre mei kya chng hua hu sirf ye beard bada li h but sanyu tu...yeh anarkali phullandevi kaise ban gyi?"
Yo-"kya vo vo dkha hm sab ne avi cantn mei tera rudra avtar...sach bolu 1 bar toh uske baad mei cnfuse ho gya tha k tu vohi sanyu h ya nhi phir inn dono chipkaliyo ko dkha tab cnfirm hua dat u r d 1"
B4 d othr 2 cld say anythin parth intervnd
P-"arre ab aap purane frnds hi reunion kroge k v can also introduce ourselvs btw m parth"
V-"m vidusi,she iz piya,she iz aayusi n vo..."
Rd-"sanyukta...snykta agrwl" said rd cumin infrnt "suna hum ne in cnteen btw m rd...rd singh skhwt" frwrdin his hands twrds sanyu to whch rplied a swift hi n lft frm dere vid a xcuse of goin to wshrum.
V-"vo sory actually she dsnt trst any n evrybdy easily"
Pi-"vo she means k usse adjst krne mei thoda time lagega btw m piya"
Aarus-"hi myslf aarus"
K-"m kaustuki u all can call me kaustu"
Yo-"k kaustu ji"said a dreamly
Arav-"ummm..m arav"
"Aur mei jiggy"
"Guys if u dnt mind can v cntinue dis intro session in canteen. Vo m hngry"said a hngry sanyu frm behind
Yo-"ha ha chal bhukkad"
All of dem had a hearty laugh as dey headd twrds cntn.
All dis was bein watch by vd who was smilin now.

"Hmmm...intrstin vry intrstin"


Here our newly frmd drm team was gellin quite well each othr
J-"yaar humlog ko dkh k bolega k v mer jst tdy. Matlab aaj kitna kch ho gya 1 hi din mei drm team,itne amazin dost"
S-"ab dkhna vd bha...i mean sir nxt meet mei kitne khush ho jate h"
Vid-"vaise guys tell us sumthin abt urself"
Aarv-"hm 4 sath mei rd k ghr mei rhte h jaha aunty n uncle j saath hmari amazin si fmily cmplt hoti h"
Aayu-"hey ye toh bilkul hmari strt h v 4 n hmari 2 mthr indias n hmari F*Ly puri"
Rd-"tmhari famly mei koi mard nhi h i mean ur dad,bro?"
S-"hm akele hi kafi h hume kisi mard ki koi jarurat nhi h" she was abt to say sumthin more bt hr cell rang n she xcusd herslf
Pi-"sory for her behviour"
Rd-"its k but hua kya?i mean koi prob"
Pi-"i cnt discss anythin now bus its a rqst to u all k plz kavi v sanyu s iss baare mei baat mat krna plz"
B4 anybdy cld ask/say anythin sanyu came n said"piyu yaad rkhna jate waqt abdul bhai k shp pe paymnt krte jana h or ma n masi(priti)vil  kill me"
Aayu-"oh shit!ma ne kaha tha muje bt i frgt SORY BABY" She said lukin at sanyu
Vids-"arre baba shant lady bheem"
Pi-"plz remmbr my rqst" she said agn
S-"kaisi rqst?mere hote hue tuje kisi aur se rqst krne ki kya jarurat?"
Aayu-"kch nhi. Dey were ordrin pineapple cake 4 her bys vahi rqst k plz dnt ordr it for her"
S-"oh vaise y i hv a feelin k u r hidin sumthin"
"Arre kch nhi tu vo shrlck holms padna band kar" covrd up aayu

D gang was cnfusd vid gals behaviour bt chose to keep quite coz of piya's rqst
Dis mystry of sanyu was makin rd more curious to knw sanyu n dis was bein noticd by parth n aarus.
P-"kya hua bhai thinkin abt sanyu"
Rd-"ha ye kya bol raha h tu"
Aarus-"vahi jo hum dkh rhe h. Notice kia hmne"

Sddnly sumbdy spoke frm behind 
"Notice toh hum v kar rhe h tuje chori ..."

Phewww zyada long ho gaya kya?plz do tell me n also press like n cmmnt

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Heavenly_Dreams IF-Stunnerz

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gud yrr sacchi ...
pls pm me dear...
Angel__Tamanna IF-Rockerz

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Hey switee,
it was a nyco update

thanx for pm
Do update asap Smile

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.Del.ici.ous. IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update Vrinda di..
A long one..
continue soonish di..

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