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Loving an Angel----CHAPTER 32 updated (Page 56)

kavya01 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 2:03am | IP Logged
awesome... superb rd ne bol diya... but i guess sanyu reject karegi 

mitsy123 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 2:18am | IP Logged
fighter girl hiii missed ya but not ur ff i was continuously checking ur updates here and in wattpad u r damn awesome :)) keep continuing i hope sanyu realize her feelings and confess it update soonish
keep smiling!! keep writing !!! keep rocking!!!! :)))))
howardscarlett IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Awesome update
finally Sanyu got to know that Randhir loves her

Thanks for PM
..Jemimah.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Awesome updateEmbarrassed
yayyy Sanyu got to know that Randhir loves herEmbarrassedDancing
keep sending me pmTongue
jollyangels Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2016 at 2:38pm | IP Logged

Hey Vrindu,

Finally! Rose is back with her long cmnts on IF!Big smile

Swagat nhi karoge hamara??LOL

First of all, Congo Shongo kudiye apni silver jubilee cross karne k liye! I see u going way greater heights!Sleepy

Aur story k toh kya kehne, tussi toh kamaal karte ho ji! Just awesome My Multitalented girl! Love u for this story!Clap

Already three couples ho chuke the and then this blast!

Rd Sanyu proposal! Haye!!! Kya proposal tha!

Comedy and intensity!!!!Clap

Ewww! Ishika??? Ye Sanyu b na!

But the way he proposed was awesome!

N there poems k bare me toh kahungi nahi, acche acche poets ko complex deti hai!

Mere poems toh kch b nhi hai unke saamne! Srsly u rock angel!

Abhi u better update soon haan!

Jaanti hun exam hai tera next month, par fir b, u have the entire May, ek update karde! I want to knw Sanyu's reaction! Uske baad tym leliyo exam ka!

So, waiting for the update!

Love u loadsss,


ritikaagrawal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 1:46am | IP Logged
rd confesssEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedawww...

-MysticAura- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
Hey soldier
Thanks 4 updating didu luv u shooo much
All the best for exams!! Wishes chahiye? Dates bhej diyo!!
Luv u muuuah

vrinda65 Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 11:51pm | IP Logged

Firstly thank you people for waiting for a month. Now my exams are finally over and I am gonna continue with all my stories. YIPPPEEE !!!!! only I know how much I missed writing and how much I missed you all. Sadly, today is the day Sadda Haq is also ending :( but as we all know we are true shqians and it will be #SaddaHaqForever for us. I hope you all are still keen on reading my stories. 



After my performance I felt like a new energy has been transferred in me. It was something surreal, like I got a part of what I was missing for so long. I must thank my stars that it gave me the power I needed, to do this after so long.

Everyone, including my friends, were shocked to see me dance. Especially the boys, their mouth was shaped in perfect 'O'. I decided to talk to them later amd give them some time to digest ny performance, meanwhile I met the team captains and greeted them. Yes, I had a tiff with C.I.T.E. captain, Arjun, I know he is going to be another villain in my story, but its nice after all lods of sugar results to diabities ;)

Later we, me and Randhir, were walking back towards the team after checking around, as we were the Captain and Vice-Captain, so it was our duty. 

I don't know why, but this boy is different. He does not show any problem in being led by a girl.

I was smiling and remembering how he went on stage, just because I asked him and then the song he sung. It was so beautiful and magical, I could feel myself relax. His eyes were depicting an unknown emotion during his song, it was like he is actually imagining himself on a date with some one.Wait, does he really have a date? No, if he had any one in his life, he would have let me know very first. By the way What will it be like to go out with him? I don't kniw why but I could imagine myself in that song, standing as Randhir sings it for me. No Sanyu what are you thinking, I mentally slapped myself. All this is not true... all I know I was elated to dance after such a long time, it felt as if I am gaining a new found strength in me.

I was limping as the effect of pain-killers had subsided and my leg was paining more than before. I was walking behind him.
I was limping, I guess dancing with a broken leg was not actually a great idea. My leg was in a great pain and I could not walk properly and there Mr. Shekhawat was busy in his blabbering.

Randhir-"today's day was so great! You know Sanyu..." he suddenly turned back to see me limping.  I don't know what got into him, he ran to me and sweeped me off my feet, to in his arms.

"Shekhawat leave I can walk" I tried to protest. Last thing I wanted was to potray myself as a damsel in distress, I don't need anyone's help to walk down the paths of my life, so I protested again and tried to wriggle out of his arms but a look from Randhir was enough to make me zip my mouth.

Yoyo saw us entering and declared as if king and queen are coming, "attention the saviour of the night Princess Sanyukta Agarwal is coming" all of them clapped and welcomed me. I was laughing at how childish my friends can be. Finally Randhir put me down from his arms and made me sit on a nearby bench and DT ran towards me and hugged me squeezing the shit out of her.

Seriously I know that they love me and care for me but squeezing me, they made me suffocate. Somehow I managed to say, "Guys... leave me before I die of suffocation" 

They said, "Oops" like realisation struck them that they were practically crushing me in their hugs and everybody backed-off.

As they backed off I noticed Piyu was also standing, "Piyu you can stand on your legs?"

Piya-"yup Arush did some trick and made my leg all fine." I was happy that my friend had someone care for her " But leave all this and tell me jaan how come you danced?" Piyu inquired.

I smiled inwardly and replied, "don't know I just felt I cannot let my friends and college down. You all trust me and I wanted to keep your trust alive."

Arav-"but when did you practised?"

Me-"no practice it was all prompt on stage."

"What the hell?" Screamed everyone, they were shocked, I guess it was indeed a shock for them.

Arushi chuckled, "guys this is magic of Sanyu and dance." She then winked at me. I know the smile and glow on her face told everything I wanted to know. They are really happy to see me perform, to be truethful I am also feeling really peaceful after dancing.

The moment my feet touched stage, I felt at home. This WAS my world, this IS my world and this WILL be my world. And that moment gave me an inner peace. All my tension and stress everything was gone long, and there stood a confident Sanyu ready to beat the shit out of some people. My trance was broken by Yoyo.

Yoyo-"anarkali you were magical all together"

All the compliments were making me smile, remembering my past moments, all the good ones and I knew that before the bad ones come running by to ruin my moment, I should shift the attention quickly and I did it.

Me-"no I wasn't magical but someone else was for sure."

As if getting a cue of what I wanted Vidushi chucked in with me.

Vidushi-"exactly. So Randhir tell me whom do plan in taking to date?"

Randhir-"what me? No way. No one." He face was flushed as he got caught off-guard.

Vidushi-"C'mon it was quite visible with words you sang. It looked like how much you are in love." She winked at him.

Looking at Randhir's face I decided to play along with Vidu. 

Me-"yup c'mon tell us Randhir. We are besties you can share with us. This will be our lil secret. Shhh..." 

Randhir smiled looking at me.

Randhir-"no one really"

Piya-"chuck it Randhir. We all know who she is."

Piyu knew? I don't get it. I mean I thought it was just a prank right? And wooh here I come to know that my so called new friend indeed has someone in life, someone about whom everyone knew but me.

My face was now like a balloon, I was hurt, "hawww all of them know about your beloved except me. Not fair Shekhawat."

Randhir-"shut up Agarwal. They are speaking nonsense". I looked at others' faces and could see tension and mischiveous smiles, and I knew that there is INDEED MORE THAN SOMETHING.

My anger was now on seventh heaven. No wait ! My anger is that of hell, not heaven.

Me-"enough now you tell me or I call of my friendship right now" I waited for two minutes and not getting any answer I got up yelling "enough is enough. I am done with you." I had injured leg yet I got up stubbornly and started limping away from him.

I felt only one thing, Betrayed. I don't know why but yes I was feeling betrayed.

"Sanyukta stop. You are hurting your leg more and more. Just stop." I could hear Randhir's voice but I did not even turned around.

"Sanyukta enough of your childishness. Now stop." Randhir again pleaded but I was more than determined to not stop.

"Ohk fine if you want to know then you must know." I stopped at once but still did not turned around. Randhir began saying,

"You know her Sanyukta. You know her. She is beautiful, cute, intelligent and most importantly my Princess. She is an Angel Sanyukta who has brought me my life back. She has given my life a motivation, an inspiration. you know her but not more than I do. She is here listening to every word and every letter"

I was getting more agitated, angry. I could feel a certain amount of tension being build up inside me. Why does he have to go all around? Why can't he name her? I looked around but there was no other girl, ofcourse except our DT girl gang, but all of them are commited or ready to commit, none of them can get in relation woth Randhir nor can Randhir have feeling for them.

In the end I shouted-"who the hell is she Shekhawat? Name her. Because I cannot see any girl out here."

I chuckled, "oh miss tubelight"

"I am not a tubelight" I turned around and spoke. Suddenly my eyes lit with disgust as I saw Ishika going from there.

that was the moment when my heart broke into pieces a million pieces, I don't know why and how my anger got better part of me, "seriously Shekhawat. You did not find anyone else other than that Chipkali. No actually I must have understood you all boys are same all you need is girls exposing themselves, this is not love Shekhawat, its lust. Pure LUST." My body started boiling with every word.

I continued, "how could you fall for that Ishika. How could you stoop so low?"

I wanted to shout on him, kill him then and there. I thought he was different but no, I was a mad person all boys are same. Before I could continue and speak more Randhir shouted.

Rd-" Enough Sanyukta. The whole world can see it, everyone knows about it. Then how come you can't see it? Do you think my level is that of Ishika's? You are accusing my love and my love is not impure. Don't you get it ? I LOVE YOU SANYUKTA AGARWAL. I LOVE YOU DAMN-IT. YOU ARE MY PRINCESS, MY ANGEL. I want to take care pf you for whole life and next life too. The very first day I saw you, I knew you were the one for whom I have been waiting for my whole life. I love you Sanyukta. I am madly, deeply and irrevocably in love with you Agarwal. I want to pamper you with all that I have my Princess. I want to fill your life with happiness Angel. I cannot bring you starts, moon or sun but I can bring their light as a sign of happiness for you. I LOVE YOU SANYU..." As Rd finished, I realised how close we were. Only few milimeters and our lips could have met each other. I could see his face shining with the star-light. There was a different glow on his face, it was glow of hope, care, and love. Love? I so wanted to say something but my body denied.

I wanted to believe him, his love but what if history repeats itself? No his love is true, it can be seen in his eyes. Get a life girl, all this Love is just shit, it may mean a world to girl but it is just a word for these boys. I am not letting anyone use me.

And I pushed Randhir away with all my might and went away. I stopped the bus, hopped on and went away, away from Randhir.

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