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Loving an Angel----CHAPTER 32 updated (Page 39)

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kavya01

awesome Smile

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by howardscarlett

full chappy there is full on Randhir n Anju 
discussing about the real Sanyu
Sanyu had many talents

Randhir is determined to bring the old Sanyu back

nice update

Thanks for PM

Ya indeed sanyu has more layers
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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jollyangels

Hey vrinda,
Awesome update deariee!Clap
Oye meri dancer vrindu! Tum toh multi talented nikli!!!Clap

Loved the bond between Rd n Anju... perfect son n mother types!
N then the determination Rd has... to bring Sanyu back is fab!
Hope he succeeds!!!
Well mai b kya keh rahi gun, he is Rd! Of course he will!!!Embarrassed

Update nxt part soonish!!
Love u,

Thnx eri
vrinda65 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritikaagrawal

superb updates..
and that too back to backBig smileBig smile

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Fleurdelice-

Beautifully writtenClap
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Posted: 28 January 2016 at 4:27am | IP Logged

he whole DT were busy in the fest work. The sponsers were finalised n the suitable arrangements were being made for the coming participants.


S-"guys we are almost up to the mark."

Vids-"well Sanyu, I n Arushi were thinking over the events n we have come up with a list of more small events we can do to make it more intresting."

S-"ohk so show us"

Arushi-" ya see:-  
1. Ad spoof
2. Mime
3. One minute to fame

5. Live reporting
6. Stress interview
7. Extempore
8. Jewellery designing

9. Nail art
10. Hair styling
11. Face painting
12. Logo designing-famous ads of 90's

13. Taboo
14.. Sudoku

15. Antakshri
16. Non-fire cooking
17. Quiz
18. Creative writing- 
Eng-politics and power

19. Sketching-the ordinary man

20. Photography- the time gone by-

21. For mehendi designing
22. t-shirt paiting
23. Tattoo designing " (this is the list of events going to take place in my college fest :) eekss 31 Jan I am xcitded come soon )

Yo-"o ji these are common events. What about tech ones?"

Rd-"uske liye we don't need to bother Vd sir n committee is planning all that"

S-"n about this list we can forward it n get it approved by authority n then I can mail the other colleges about it"

Taking it as an oppurtunity Rd said, "ummm what about dance?"

S-"thats done Piya is going for bonus round"

Rd-"no don't tell me u have not seen the updated schedule !"

S-"updated schedule?" She asked confused

Rd-"yes Vd sir forwarded it to me. See the bonus round has been divided further into different classes. Before it was general dancing but now apart from bollywood we have to perform latin, street and CLassical"

S-"what?? When did it happen? N why m I unknown to it?"

Rd-"Vd sir forwarded me the list n about informing u, well then he has to inform either u or me aka captain or vice-captain n he informed me. So piya now u gave to get ready with all the forms"

Piya-"no way I am not goin to do it. Bollywood n latin I can manage but classical n street? No way dude"

Sanyu was listening to everthing silently. Vd bhai choosed all these forms? But how can he? This is not done.

Vids-"piya how will u manage?"

S-"shut up vidu. I know Piya can do any n everything. We just need to motivate her n allow her to practice. Thats it."

Yo-"but what is the need for all this when we have u anarkali? Its all a child's play for u."

S-"no yoyo its not a child's game. N moreover Piya is going to dance n thats final." Saying so she stormed out of the room.

Rd(in mind)-"no matter how much u try to run Sanyukta, I will not let u do so. N thats my promise"



Sanyu was gone from college for the whole day. She went to orphanage to find some peace over there but to her dismay the thoughts were still houndering her. Hence she came back to her home only to find Vd sitting there.

S-"Vd bhai? U?"

Vd-"finally u r here Sanyu... I wanted to meet u in college itself but don't know where u vanished"

S-"ha vo I got some work. Hence I went there"

Vd-"work or memory?"

S-"what do u mean?"

Vd-"u know sanyu this event is really important for us not only because it will add to college prestige but it will boost ur confidence too. Remember Sanyu all those venomous moments which u decided to fight. It is the time Sanyu.. try n fight them. I know u are somebody else now but guess what I want my Old Sanyu back, who was best in everything n by everything I mean it. It is the time to prove that man what are girls capable of ? N lemme tell u Sanyu, u don't have any single enemy but many, not only from other colleges but inside ur college too. U have to be strong to fight with them."

S-"u don't worry I or my team will not let u down. N waise bhi its too late u should go back now."

Vd-"n Sanyu ur list of additional evemt has been approved n now U can mail them."

She just nodded n went to her room.

Vd (to anju n priti)-"now I should go but she will have to be strong to face each n every situation because many hurdles are waiting for her. Just pray for her." Saying so he left from there.

That night was a long night for Sanyukta. Somewhere or the other she was feeling un-easy.


S-"make sure everything is done. I don't want any mistake." That was the instruction she was giving on cell to Vidushi.

She cut the call n was walking down the corridor when she heard the sound of faint music coming from rehearsal hall. Automatically her legs made way towards the sound. There she saw Piya rehearsing for the dance round. N from there she took a flight to memory lane.


Ek kali do pattiyan
Nazuk nazuk ungliyan

Tor rahi hain kaun ye
Ek kali do pattiyan 
Ratanpur bagiche mein

Phulke khilkhilati, sawan barsaati
Hans rahi hain kaun ye
Mogri jagati, mogri jagati

Ek kali do pattiyan
Nazuk nazuk ungliyan
Tor rahi hain kaun ye
Ek kali do pattiyan 
Ratanpur bagiche mein

Jugnu aur Lakshmi ki lagan aisi aai
Daali daali jhoome
Leke angrai, ho leke angrai

Ek kali do pattiyan
Nazuk nazuk ungliyan
Tor rahi hain kaun ye
Ek kali do pattiyan

Jugnu aur Lakshmi ki preet rang laai
Nanhe se ek munne se chumki jagmagayi

Ek kali do pattiyan
Khilne bhi na payi thi
Torne us baagiche mein
Danav aaya re, ho danav aaya hari
Danav ki parchayee mein kaanp rahi thi pattiyan
Bujh ne lagi maasum kali
Danav ki parchayee mein
Danav ki parchayee mein

Saye se bedaar huye, tambaran si bahon mein

Dhol madal bajne lagi madal aisi baaje
Re Lakhon milke naache re
Aaya ek tufaan naya
Danav darke bhag gaya, madal aise garja re
Danav darke bhaga

Ek kali do pattiyan
Nazuk nazuk ungliyan
Tor rahi hain kaun ye
Ek kali do pattiyan 
Ratanpur bagiche mein  (It is a poem by Bhupen Hazarika n the first song I danced to at the age of 4... n to my luck I won the first prize)

"N the first prize goes to the angel in white, Sanyukta Agarwal"

N the little girl went up on the stage to receive the prize.

The presenter said, "such a meaningfull poem by Bhupen Hazarika sahab n it was potrayed in so pure way by just a 4-year old. Its wonderfull. We mut say the girl isblessed by Lord Natraj n Lordess Saraswati... it is then only she can perform so great. I'm sure she will be a great dancer some day"

The girl bent down n did a pranam to judges n to the stage n the kissed the stage n her ghungroos.

Prsenter-"beta why did u did a pranam n den kissed the stage n ur ghungroos"

S-"because it is because of this stage that I'm standing over here. N it is because of my ghungroos that I can dance so well. For me this stage n ghungroos are my Lord n to pay respect to them I did a pranam to them n to show my love for them I kissed them." She replied in a cute voice.

Presenter-"really I'm blessed to look at such a mature girl for whom dance is not mode of entertainment but is her puja. We don't get such students anymore. God bless u n may u go long way"

The girl got down the stage n hopped into her man's lap who was stamdong n continously clapping n cheeribg for her.

S-"I love u papa"


A tera drop fell from Sanyukta's eyes.

S-"u were wrong ma'am I am not made to dance. I could not go a long way in it. Maybe there was some mistake in my worship that Dance decided to leave me, maybe I was not meant for it." She wiped the tear n walked past the rehearsal hall. Little did she knew that someone had heard it all, said or unsaid, all the words.

Rd-"dance has not left u Sanyu, u have left dance. N I promise to give it back to u. Coz today I saw that passion, that love for dance in ur eyes. N I am going to bring it back to u because I know that old Sanyukta still has her charms."

------------ ------------ ------------ ------------

Sanyukta was sitting on the bemch n weeping silently, when...

Avara Bina mara mara mai to dil hara hun
Apno ki dhun me, Me thoda paraya hun

Meri jindagi, Meri ye baatein
Tujhse judi, Tujhse yaadein
Hain meri tu kahin pe hai

Kya mujhko yaad harti hai
Agar thoda roo leti hai 
fir, haske tu kehati hai mujse
Sar pe bhoot... tere ishq kaa...
Naya raang laga hai.. tere ishq kaa...

Thodi tu thoda mein, apana jaha hai 
Teri meri baaton ka sama hai
Khud se hi lad jaun mein 
kuch bhi kar jaun (X2)

Kya mujhko yaad harti hai
Agar thoda roo leti hai 
fir, haske tu kehati hai mujse
Sar pe bhoot chadha hai tere ishq ka
Naya rang laga hai tere ishq kaa 
Sar pe bhuu... (X2) tere ishq ka

She turned to find Rd standing n singing with guitar in his hand.

S-"tum yaha?"

Rd-"ha wo I thought that tum he zaroorat hai meri"

S-"aur aisa kyu?"

Rd-"vo kya hai na senorita main tumse kuch din kya mila nhi ki tum rone lagi. Arre if u were missing me toh call kar leti na" said sitting beside her.

S-"kisne kaha I was missing u.."

Rd-"aapke inn moti ne" she said wiping off her tears.

S-"I am not crying" she  tried to turn hef face n hide her tears.

Rd-"look Sanyu I know u don't meed anyone or u are strong. But trust me agar dil ki baat bol di jaaye toh halka mehsoos hota hai (he looked directly in her eyes) n I too have confided my little secret about my grandma in u"

S-"u know Rd u were right kayi baar apko vo nhi mil pata jo aap chahte ho shayad isliye k destiny ne apke liye kuch aur hi planning ki hoti hai..."


S-"shayad aisa hota ho par har kisi k saath nhi"

Rd-"aisa nhi hai Sanyukta. U need to fight for ur right because haq cheene se milta hai... mangne se toh bheek milti hai"

Sanyukta looked at Rd, "maine try kiya tha Rd but destiny ne mujh se sab cheen liya n ab shayad I don't have it in me anymore"

Rd-"u know Sanyukta itna toh main tumhe janta hu ki tum jaldi harr nhi manti toh ohir iss baar kaise?"

S-"maybe because I was too weak to fight"

Rd-"u know Sanyukta when dadi passed away I thought I lost the music in me. But it was u who made me understand that music is still with me, n I can still have it. N look I am back with my buddy"pointing towards his guitar.

S-"many things depend on practice Rd. N about ur guitar it was matter of less time"

Rd-"who said that Sanyukta. U know my dadi used to say that if we have that soul in us, we will not forget our talent even if we not practice till our death n if we don't have soul then we can forget everything in just a day. N about u Sanyukta, u have that soul in u. U just need to wake it up. Think about my words" n saying so he left from there.

Leaving behind a wondering Sanyukta.

S-" u are wrong Rd, past n present cannot be same. Not for me. I am somebody else now, I am not that Sanyukta, whom I used to be. She is dead Rd, she is dead. N dead stuff never relive."

Rd, who was standing behind a tree said to himself, "no sanyukta, she is not dead. Its just that she is asleep in coma, she wants to regain conciousness bit u are stopping her. N the day she regains the conciousness she will be the best. N trust me that day will come soon"


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ritikaagrawal IF-Rockerz

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superb update vrindaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
loved itEmbarrassed
newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2016 at 5:41am | IP Logged
awsme updte
loved it

it was mind blowing
the whole DT so busy in preparations

new changes in schedule is for sanyu
bt she's running away from her passion

rd will bring back the old sanyu any how
sanyu is broken and rd will mend her

excited for next

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