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Loving an Angel----CHAPTER 32 updated (Page 33)

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Posted: 23 December 2015 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritikaagrawal

sandhir won the taskBig smileBig smile
and that too sanyu as a captainSmileSmile
update next soonWink

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amazing update..
loved it .. 
a proposal and fest is gng to start..
excited for fest and proposal too..
update soon
keep writing
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Originally posted by RIDDSI

amazing update..
loved it .. 
a proposal and fest is gng to start..
excited for fest and proposal too..
update soon
keep writing

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Originally posted by vrinda65

Originally posted by RIDDSI

amazing update..
loved it .. 
a proposal and fest is gng to start..
excited for fest and proposal too..
update soon
keep writing

no pockets to put ur thanks Wink
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Precap: DT completing their task. Sanyu being choosed as captai of DT n Rd the vice-captain. Vd sir announces fest preparetions.

In evening

Whole college had went back to their home sweet home but our DT, nah! They were vusy working in their DREAM ROOM.

S-"ohk guys since we also have full day lectures n college n DT activities, we are gonna stay back  after lectures."

Rd-"but we need special permission for this"

S-"yup. N I'm gonna ask Vd sir for that. If you all are fine with it"

All-"yup. Cool"

Suddenly Vd sir entered, "so guys whats going on"

S-"we have just started with our plans sir, n we need ur permission to stay back after college to complete our work."

Vd sir-"nice u said that. I was going to say that u guys may need not only to stay here till late but during fest u may also need to stay back in college. Being the host we have many responsibilities n that is why I have already taken permission from management"

Yo-"o ji sir ji all that is fine but where will we stay"

Vd sir-"all ur arrangements of ur stay will be made in ur dream room. Girls n boys have already divided the two rooms, now bring n keep all ur neccessity items here."

P-"but sir if we feel like going out during night then?"

Vd sir-"u don't need to feel such things n if some urgency arises u always have the permission to go out."

Sahil-"n sir about our food?"

Vd sir-"canteen is always open for u all"

J-"very good then I will order vikas what to cook for us in dinner." He said excitedly.

Vd sir-"wait a second Mr. Patel. I said canteen is open for u all but I did not say that vikas is there to cook for u all."

Arav-"then????" He sounded confused

Vd sir-"If you eat on proper time then vikas is there but after nominal time passes you guys need to arrange ur food all alone."

All-"what?!?!??!" Shocked will be an understatement for them.

Kaustu-"but this is not fair sir"

Arus-"no worries kaustu. We can manage waise bhi u girls are their n we boys can help u bit"

Piya-"excuse me what do u mean by girls are their? Do u think we are gonna cook for u all"

Rd-"whats their to think its obvious yaar. I mean all this urs job only."

S-"n why do u feel its obvious n our job only?" Rd was about to answer when she said, "U know all u boys are the same, MCPs" She air quoted the words MCPs.

Rd-"now what is MCP?"

Vids-"MCP= Male Chaunvista Pig"

P-"yaar now from where did this pig n all came? Why are u creating a mess of this situation?"

Arusi-"mess? Like really? If we are creating a mess, Then cool. Let us leave girls" n the girls started moving out.

The girls were moving out when they heard sound of guitar.

Ladki kyon na jane kyon ladko si nahi hoti

(Rd sang)

(Soch thi hai zyada
Kham woh samajh thi hai) - (2)
Dil kuch kehta hai
Kuch aur hi karti hai
Ladki kyon na jane kyon ladko si nahi hoti - 2

Soch thi hai zyada
Kham woh samajh thi hai
Dil kuch kehta hai
Kuch aur hi karti hai
Ladki kyon na jane kyon ladko si nahi hoti - 2

(Parth sang)

Pyar usse bhi hai magar shuruwat tumhi se chahe
Khudh me ulji ulji hai par balo ko suljaye

(Arav sang winking at Arusi)

I mean you're all the same yaar
Hum achche dost hai par uss nazar se tumko dekha nahi
Woh sab to teek hai par uss bare me maine socha nahi

(Rd said circling around Sanyu)

Sab se alag hai tum ye keh ke paas tumhare aaye
Aur kuch din me tum me alag sa kuch bhi na usko paiye

Uff ye kaisi shirt pehnte ho
Ye kaise bal katate ho
Ghadi tez chalate ho
Tum jaldi me kyo khate ho
Give me a break

(Parth sang)

Tumhe badalne ko paas woh aati hai
Tumhe mitane ko chal bichati hai

(Yoyo came)

Bato bato me tumhe fasathi hai
Pehle hasati hai phir bada rulati hai
Ladki kyon na jane kyon ladko si nahi hoti - 2

Now it was enough for girls. They decided to answer back. Visushi turned around n started singing

Eh itna hi khudh se khush ho to piche kyon aate ho
Phul kabhi to hazar thofe akhir kyon late ho

Apna naam nahi bataya aapne
Coffee pine chalenge
Mai aapko ghar chod du
Phir kab milenge
( she mimicked)

Bikhra bikhra be matlab sa tuta phuta jina
Aur kehte ho alag se hai hum tan ke apna sina

Bhiga tolya kahi farsh pe
Toothpaste ka dakhan kahi
Kal ke mauze ulat ke pehne
Waqt ka kuch bhi hosh nahi

(Piya sang)

Jine ka tumko dang sikhlati hai
Tumhe janwar se insan banati hai
Uske bina ek pal rehna sakhoge tum
Usko pata hai ye keh na sakhoge tum
Iss liye ladkiya ladko si nahi hoti - 2

(Sanyu sang)

Jane kaun kaun se din woh tumkoyad dilaye
Pyar ko chahe bhul bhi jaye
Tarike na bhulaye
First march ko nazar milayi
Char april ko mai milne aayi
Ikis may ko tumne chuwa tha
Chhe june mujhe kuch hua tha

(Parth again fussed)

Ladko ka kya hai kissi bhi mor pe woh mur jaye
Abhi kissi ke hai abhi kissi aur se woh jud jaye

Tumhare mummy daddy ghar par nahi hai
Great mai aa jau?
Tumhari friend akeli ghar ja rahi hai
Bechari mai chod aau

(Sanyu sang n kicked on Rd's feet)

Ek ha kehne ko kitna dehlati hai
Thak jate hai hum woh ji behlati hai

(Rd sang running behind her)

Woh sharmati hai kabhi chupati hai

(Piya sang signalling towards Arushi)

Ladki jo ha kehde usse nibhati hai
Iss liye ladkiya ladko si nahi hoti - 2

(Piya sang singnalling towards Sanyu)

Na na na
Iss liye ladkiya ladko si nahi hoti
Ladki kyon oh god
Iss liye ladkiya ladko si nahi hoti

(Sanyu sang)

Na na na na oh god shut up
Alright alright iss me jagadne ki kya baat hai yaar

(Rd said)

Pehle pehle baware jaise aas paas mand rai
Arre but i
Phir busy hu kehkar tumko woh tarkai




Samjha karo darling aaj bohat kaam
Arre meri bhi to suno
Door hua to kya dil me tumhara naam hai
Oh wow
Jiss chehre par marte hai woh boring ho jaye


I'm not listening to you

(Parth closed his ears)

Kuch hi din me nazre inki idhar udhar mand rai

(Vids san)

I'm not listening to you
(All boys closed their ears)

Sirf pyar se zindgi nahi chalti
Ok i'm not with her
Tum interior decoration ka course kyon nahi karti
(Arushi was singing)

"OHK FINE..." Arav shouted. Everybody looked at him.

He went to Arushi, held her hand n took out a ring from his pocket.

Arav-"I wanted to do this from long time but was unable to gather the guts. But now it is more than enough. So Miss Arushi will u plz award me with oppurtunity to love u, care for u n grow old with you"

Arushi was just shocked.

Just then someone shouted from behind, "what are u waiting for Aru say yes."


Yes it was our very own Sanyu who said so.

S-"yes me. It was all our plan to make this fattu propose u n we are successful Shekhawat." N she hi-fied Rd.

Arav-"abbey tu bhi iske saath tha?"

Rd-"yup. That day when..."


Rd was passing by Arav's room when he heard his voice.

Arav was sitting in his room n speakin to himself, "I don't know why but I have started falling for you. Ur smile its just the best smile one can have. U are like a star which shines so bright that its light is lighting my heart. I feel I'm in love with u Arushi but I don't think I will be able to say anything to u, kya karu ye dil toh tumhare liye dhadkta toh hai, par tumhari uss fight ko dekhne ke baad ye dil darne bhi laga hai."

Rd(outside the room, thinking in mind)-"ohh so iska bhi wicket gya but ye fattu aise muh nhi kholega kuch toh karna padega"

Then he took out his cell n called, "Hello Piya..."


P-"Sanyu, Vidu... we have something important n good news"


RD-"so ab story samjh mei aayi"

Piya-"now say yes Aru. Already he is afraid"

"SAY YES, SAY YES" They were shouting

Arushi-"hats off guys ! What a plan."

S-"praise us afterwards pehle say yes to him"

Arushi-"so Mr. Arav I give u the oppurtunity to love n care for me n grow old with me. I love You Arav"

Arav-"I Love You too Arushi"

Yo-"wah wah ji this is great. Both friends got settled. Now we have 3 couples in our group."

Sahil-"3 couples?"

Yo-"ohji ye Jiggy puttar ne bhi toh apni dhokli dhund li h."

All-"Jiggy???? "

J-"wo... she is my childhood friend. Its a long-distance relationship."

P-"Tell the name"

J-"Stuti... Stuti Thakkar"

All-"wah wah"

N this way 3 accomplished couples in DT.

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Arushi was busy selecting what to wear when Priti entered.

Priti-"uff what is this Aru? Why are you creating such a mess?"

Arushi-"Mom I need to go shopping. I don't have one proper dress."

Priti-"move. Lemme see." After shuffling between her clothes she took out a purple shirt.

Priti-"wear this. This will look good on you."

Arushi took it in her hand n stared at it fir a moment from different angles, "nope mom this is so out-dated. I mean this is old"

Priti-"no discussion wear this"

Arushi-"but mom..." she was cut off in middle by Priti, "I said wear this n come down"

Downstairs they were having breakfast when Arushi n Vidushi came down n settled on dinning table.

Arushi-"Badi mom see na I have not gone shopping for so many days n mom is not allowing me. See this shirt is so old" 

Anju-"but beta u brought this shirt last month itself."

Vidushi-"exactly last month mom...  last month."

Anju was looking at vidushi like oh-so-what-wala-look.

Vidushi-"mom You don't know fashion changes every second"

Priti came n kept the bowl on table n said, "so do u want us to buy u clothes every second."

Till then Sanyu came down wearing a Purple tank top n yellow waistcoat.

S-"good morning masi" n she pecked Priti's cheek.

Priti-"now look Anju. Here these two maharanis are shouting for dhang ka clothes n this girl(pointing towards Sanyu) look how she dresses up. Sanyu beta try to dress up more"

Sanyu hugged Priti from back n lept her chin on her shoulder while Pritu kept her hand on her cheek.

S-"masi leave how dress up coz I'm very much comfy in it. And about ur two maharanis this all is going to happen only. U just wait they are gonna complain about each of their stuffs from sandals to clothes to bag, n dress up a lot."

Anju-"acha n why so?"

Arushi n Vidushi looked at Sanyu with pleading eyes as if asking her not to say anything more, whereas Sanyu had mischivious glint in her eyes.

S-"because... Pyar diwana hota hai mastana hota hain
Har khushee se har gam se begana hota ha" she started humming.

Arushi n Vidushi's eyes widened.

Anju-"chup? What are you doing pagli"

S-"I am saying the truth maa. U see pyaar mei dooba hua insaan ka dukh chupae nhi chupta. Right Aru n Vids?" She winked at them.

Aru-"unmm... vo... "

Vids-"what are saying Sanyu? You must be hungry na? Lets have breakfast. Come."

Piya-"yes we are hungry Vidu, but Maa n masi have right to information right?"

She encircled her arms around Anju's neck n said , "Vo Maa n Masi actually ur sweet butterflies have got their flowers"

Anju-"means?? "

S-"means CONGO Maa ur daughters have lost their hearts to someone"

Priti n Anju together-"WHAT?!??! "

Sanyu n Piya together-"Yes"

Priti n Anju together-"WHO?"

Sanyu went towards Vidushi n said-"Parth."

Piya on the other hand took Arushi's hand n showed the ring n said, "Arav"

Priti n Anju together-"But when?"

Sanyu-"Vidu ka dil toh bahot pehle hi kho gya tha but Aru ka toh kal raat hi khoya hai"

Anju-"Those two boys who came with Rd that day?"

Piya n Sanyu nodded to it.

Priti eyed Aru n Vids-"N u two did not feel the importance to tell us about it?"

Arushi n Vidushi held thwir heads low n prompted, "SORRY"

Priti n Anju looked at each other n then burst out laughing.

Anju-"look at their face OH MY GOD !!"

While the girls were confused.

Priti-"what did u think about us ha? We are ur mother. N u cannot hide anything from Us. We came to know about Vidu many days back but waited for her to tell us."

Arushi-"that means You both are nit angry with us?"

Anju-"what is there to get angry? Falling in Love is normal. Its just how much u can devote ur relation n make it successful"

Sanyu-"huh... Piyu look at them."

Piya-"ohk guys now lets move to college."

The four after having breakfast moved for college.

IN F. I. T. E.

After having a tiring day at college n attending all the lectures, the DT was exhausted n they were sitting in canteen.


"GUYS IN DREAM ROOM. NOW." beeped Sanyu's message on everyone's cell.

Rd-"lets go guys."


Yo-"oji what is this?" He said looking at the mess created on table.

Piya-"God knows. N where is Sanyu?"

S-"I'm here guys" came her voice from under the table. She quickly got up. Her hair was tied in a messy bun tucked with a pen.

Vids-"Sanyu what were u doing under the table?"

S-"vo this paper had fallen down n I bent to pick it."

She sat on the chair n said, "ohk now coming to business, I was calculating the number of students we expect from outside kolkata n number of footfalls n all the stuffs. According to my calculation n the response we got from invited colleges we will have to arrange approximately half of boys n girls hostel with 4 peoples in each room. N then about passes I guess we must issue minimum 40,000-50,000 passes. This is a huge fest."

Rd-"n we have a huge budget too."

S-"exactly but we need to save money still. What about games stall? That was ur department Arav"

Arav-"yup we have many games. So no worries."

Rd-"I feel that about food we must tie-up with some restuarant or food place"

Piya-"yup that will reduce a lot of burden from Vikas n his workers."

S-"but what about budget? I mean do we have tenders?"

Rd-"I have already collected a few, but I don't have it right now. Its in my home."

S-"well u can always collect it n come to my house, only if its not a problem for u"


S-"n one more surprise guys, I have our official banner ready n printed here U go" (the banner is made by my #Soul-Sis Cherru aka cherrynicolem thnx girl Embarrassed)

Piya-"oh so u were working on it since so much time?"


All-"its great"

S-"cool then letd wrap up for now. Rd u are coming to my house today or tommorrow?"

Rd-"today itself. We don't have so much time. Its 7:30 right now I will be at your house by 9:00. Hope its fine with u"

S-"yup. Cool. Then see u at 9:00. Piya till then u give the order of printing of passes"

Arush-"ohk so Piya we can go now after college for printing work. I have my friend who has his own printing press. We can go to him, he will give is special discount n work will be done in more proper way"

Piya-"cool. Lets go" Piya n Arush left for press.

Rest of them left for their own house.


Sanyu, Vids n Arushi came home n had dinner. It was 9:30 when the door bell rang.

Vids-"Rd come in" she said opening the door.

Rd sat down on sofa. He looked around for Sanyu by the time Anju n Priti too came n greeted him.

Rd-"aunty vo Sanyukta?"

S-"I'm here" she said as she came down from stairs.

S-"so lets start?"

Rd nodded.

S-"ohk so lets go to my room. We can work there easily"

Rd-"Your Room?" He cocked up his eye-brows.

S-"yup so?" She said climbing the stairs again.

Arushi-"congo Mr. I guess u are getting close enough as she asked u to enter her room. The room which is closed for everyone except us." She showed him thumbs-up.


Rd-"so work in MY ROOM n all. Irada kya hai huzur?"


Rd-"na na madam. Before u do something lemme tell u I am a very izzatdaar boy. N I will not let u do anything hanky panky with me"

S-"shut up. N keep ur dirty mind off. We are here to work. So concentrate on it"

Rd-"ohk ohk easy man. N here is the file"

They discussed about the tender of restuarants n then finalled to give the contract to NIGHT N DAY CAFE.

Rd-"hmmm this will be good its just outside our college n is open 24hrs."

S-"ohk so u are gonna contact n finalise them."


S-"now we have to decide on sponsers. Like title sponser, supporting sponser n all"

Rd-"if u don't mind we can collect all infos n then decide on them. If its not a issue"

S-"yup fine."

Rd-"so I guess its late enough I should leave now"

S-"hmmm. Bbye"

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awesome Smile
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NiceThumbs Up
I lved it teasing and all
plz add more sandhir scenes in next update
Thanks for pm

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