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Loving an Angel----CHAPTER 32 updated (Page 14)

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Posted: 26 April 2015 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Recap:- sanyu decides to face d past. Rd n her frnds shows her support n sanyu thnx God for wonderful frnds


It wasn't that sanyu was not strong,but she was weak enough infront of her past. They say its easy to fight the wordly evils but difficult to face ur inner demons. So was the case with her no matter how strong she was n but at the end of the day she was just an 18-yr old girl. She used to get weak infront of her past but once boosted nothing cld stop her. N hence when she found such loving frnds n family,she got her motivation to fight back,coz she knew there is someone to catch her,support her when she falls weak.

An-"chalo beta sanyu k life mei iss turning point ko celebrate karte h. Aaj aap sab hmare ghar khaoge" before anybody could speak yoyo said
Yo-"o ji neki aur puch puch zarur khaenge aunty par aapke hath k aaloo k paranthe hi. Aahh muh mei paani aa gya"
An-"ha ha zarur pur tumhe kaise pata k mere aalu paranthe ache hote h?"
Yo-"lo ji aunty aap v mainu bhul gye? Koi na ooji main aapka chotu khuswant. Yaad aaya school mei aap kaise mere liye paranthe bhejte the"
An-"arre chotu tu...kitna bada ho gya h. Aaj toh phir aalu k paranthe hi banege"
Rd-"umm vo aunty i need to go mom wait kar rhi hongi"
Pr-"arre aise kaise ja sakte ho"
S-"yup right u need to attend the dinner"rd was about to speak ehen piya added"u will attend if u consider us ur frnd"
As-"bus rd ab toh khana hi padega frndship jo proof krni h" said winking at piya
Pr-"toh fir bacha party chalo ghar"
An-"arre abdul thoda dahi le aao toh upar. Aur mishti doi v lana"(muh mei paani aa gya i jst luv it)
Soon everybody were up at sanyu's home n were relishing the dinner. After dinner when the girls took everyone to show the house. 
Pi-"hmm guys so kitchen,drawing room n dinning area toh dekh chuke ho this is ma's room(she said pointing at a room) masi,vids n aayu bagal wale flat mei sote h n mind vo v agar maan ho toh or else v sleep togethr,dats guest room n dis is balcony"
Aayu-"my fav place. I spend my time here"
Vids-"n hence our house tour ends"
Sa-"par vo upar wala room toh dikhaya hi nhi"
S-"vo mera room h. Not everyone is allowed there"
Yo-"arre but i can go in there right? Afterall m ur oldest frnd"
S-"sory yoyo. Aaj nhi. But ek din pakka"
Rd-"hmm i knw u vil take us in there when the right time comes" n others nodded to it.Sanyu smiled at her frnds understanding.
Ar-"chalo we must leave its too late ma must be waiting"
K-"right then we have college too tomorrow. Sanyu u will come tomorrow right?"
S-"arre ofcourse"
N everybody bid au diue n left. N the girls too retortd themselves to their rooms.


Next day was normal for others but Two pure souls woke up smiling. One soul was up vid joy for a new begining n other one was happy for his love's happiness.
Sanyu got off her bed n got ready n so was the case with rd.
Sanyu wore a pink tank top sported with a faded jeans n some funky bangles in her right hand n a watch in left. Whereas rd wore a blue t-shirt n jeans. Sanyu was rushing down the stairs.
Pr-"aaja breakfst is ready"
S-"nopes masiM getting late"
An-"late???? But there is alot of time left for ur college"
S-"vo i have some imp work"
An-"imp work?"
S-"secret" she said keepin her one hand around anju's neck n winking at her. Before anju could say anything she grabbed a piece of bread n rushed out,closing the doors behind her.

Piya who was silent spectator till now spoke,"ma looks like we must gear up for shocks n surprises"
An-"kya karu iss ladki ka pata nhi whts going on in her mind?" Said a tensed anju


The boys were waiting for the girls. Soon the girls arrived but sanyu was missing
Sa-"arre ye sanyu kaha h?"
K-"kal she said she vil be coming then what happened today?"
Vids-"arre kuch nhi vo bus kuch kaam se gyi h she vil come soon" n they made their way towards class.
Rd-"aaj ka pehla class kaha h?"
Aayu-"4th floor? OMG"
They were on their way when a girl came running behind,"abbey chudailo ruko,oye khush wait"
They turned around to see sanyu. Rd was mesmerised by sanyu's look. He was gawking at her when arus elbowed him.Sanyu was huffing badly.
Rd offerimg her water,"itni badi kya emergency aa gyi ki rajdhani k tarah bhaag rhi thi?"
S-"vo i thought m late for the class so"she said drinking d water.
Sa-"arre chale warna pakka late ho jayega"
They all went to d class n half of d day passed attebding d classes. It was afternoon now n dey were hving an off but dey were called by vd sir in d dream team room.


Vd was waiting for dem outside the room.

As soon as dey came vd started,"intresting very intresting so my drm team is here finally. K guys now since u hv won d competition u hv all right on dis drm team room which once belonged to ur rivals but do not consider dat by winning dis room u hv got ridden of ur competitors. There is a long way to go. Its jst d first step to ur dream. Now dat u hv d room u can arrrange it as per ur need n one more thing now u muat hv a group name for urselves. So any suggestions?"
S-"umm sir what about BLUE PEARLS?"
VD-"any reason miss agarwal?"
S-"yes sir Blue pearls are very rare n precious to be found. N we guess d same applies for us. We r very precious to u"
Yo-"aur saddi jaisi personality bhagwan ne kisi ko v nhi di h"
Vd-"so if all agrees den u r now my BLUE PEARLS from today" everyone nodded to it ,"now go inside ur drm room where u will make ur drms come true" saying so he left.

They entered d room only to find rv n his BOYS ROCKZ group leavibg vid their belongings.
Rv-"je tu ne acha na kiya h chori tujhe iska hisab chukana padega"
S-"sahi kaha ye maine sahi nhi kia. I mean tumlog ne jo kia h uske hisab s ye toh kuch nhi h" she stepped forward n looked directly into rv's eyes n continued,"avi toh sirf ye room lia h aage aage dkho hota h kya"she sided"n darwaza waha h" she said pointing at d door. Rv left vid his gang now drm team r alone.
Rd-"so BLUE PEARLS it is. Welcome to our new adda"
Pi-"adda toh sahi h but dont u think ye humare style ka nhi h?"
As-"baat toh thik h. I mean  Ye place dkh k lagta nhi h ye drm team room h n yaha drm team work n college work kia jata h"
Av-"we need to change it in our style"
J-"vo sab toh thik h but ye room h? I mean yaha toh kitna bada h"
Vd-"sahi kaha tumne ye bada h coz many times tumhe college mei rehna hoga. So u guys vil sleep here. The 2rooms r for girls n boys. N dis large area for ur task n activity" he said entering inside "n rahi baat style k toh u can develop it. I dont hv an issue. Jst make urselves comfortable n design it as ur house coz aaj se dis is ur 2nd home. U hv to spnd max. nights here. Ye back door h taaki u dont hv to use college corridors n it opens in basketball court. I hope all is clear. Sonow lag jao iss room ko apna banane mei. Bye"

D others were still in daze vid vd's sudden entry.
K-"what is this vid vd sir? Kab aate h kab jaate h pata hi nhi chalta?"
S-"jo v h now dat v hv permission lets make it our room"
J-"but hm kaise krenge"
Sa-"v vil die"
J-"hmm it mst be borin"
Yo-"arre dhokle kch boring nhi hoga"
S-"exactly frnds jab sath ho toh nothing is boring". Till den peon came vid cleanin stuffs n paint boxes. Seeing it sanyu tied her hair in a bun,Odrs too geared up along vid sanyu. Dey started vid brooming n took 3days to clean. All thnx to rv n his gang.

Day 4

dey dusted d furniture n removed d cobwebs hanging around. It took dem 2 days yet again.

Day 6

Now it was turn for painting n by now sanyu had adjusted herself completely vid dem n ab baari tha uska ek new avtar ki.
Dey started painting. Suddenly sanyu threw d color on rd's cheek. Rd was surprised at her action of dis but soon gave it bck

oo.. ah aaa..ah
Take the world and paint it red
oo.. aaa.. paint it red

Rd took d color in his brush n threw at sanyu but instead it landed upon vids n now vids took n threw at parth.

Rd sang

Ek Junoon ek deewanagi
Har taraf, har taraf
Bekhudi bekhudi bekhudi
Har taraf, har taraf

N so d paint fight started

Yoyo sang

Kahe halke halke
Yeh rang chhalke chhalke
Jo qisse hai kal ke bhula de tu

Sahil n jiggy sang

Koi haule haule
Mere dil se bole
Kisi ka toh ho le
chal jaane de koi jaadu

All together

ooo.. aa..
Take the world and paint it red
Ooo.. aa..
Paint it red.. (x2)

Arus n arav sang

Ek junoon, ek deewanagi
Har taraf, har taraf
Bekhudi bekhudi bekhudi
Har taraf, har taraf
Yeh pal jo bharpoor hai
Jo nashe mein choor hai
Iss pal ke daaman mein hai madhoshiyan
Ab toh ye andaaz hai
Haathon haathon saaz hai
Aawazon mein ghulti hain 
Jo ranginiyan

All were njoyin n paintin d room

Kahe halke halke
Yeh rang chalke chalke
Jo kisse hain kal ke bhula de tu
Koi haule haule
Mere dil se bole
Kisi ka toh ho le
Chal jane de koi jadu

Take the world and paint it red
Ooh..Aah.. Paint it red (x2)
Ooh.. aah..
Ooh.. aah..

Sab zanjeerain tod ke
Sare uljan chod ke
Hum hai dil hai
Aur hai aawargi
Kuch din se hum log
Aaata hai sab ko nazar
Aaya hai jo daur hai awaargi

Kahe halke halke
Yeh rang jalke jalke
Jo kisse hai kal ke
Bhula de tu
Koi haule haule
Mere dilse bhole
Kisi ka toh ho le
Chal jane de koi jadu

Take the world and paint it red
Ooh..Aah.. Paint it red... 

N hence dey completed their painting n now their drm team room was actually theirs.

Av-"ha ye paintin kab ho gyi oata v nhi chala"
Pi-"lekin av v something is missing"
Aaru shouted"GROUP PIC GUYS. A PIC AS A PROOF OF OUR FRNDSHIP" n vid dis dey clicked many images in different poses.


Nxt update soon
bus motivate me vid ur cmmnts n likes

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Don't count on d unrwss ok dii??
U knw the state of things over at my plc
Will try 2 unress
But mushkil
If not possible, I'll cal u kal n I'll call u kal even itherwisr

Ur lucky!!
so finallly u updated! !!
Awesome updatewa!
AND u used my favorite song!!
Blue pearls?? I like it!!
And I discovered v hav one more rhing in common
Even I luv mishti doi!! Yum!!
Kya yaar kolkata e theke tumi toh akdom bangali hoye gacho!!
Haha c if u cn understabd dat
Den I will believe k u really knw bangla
I want more sandhir scenes next rym!!!
Ok update soon

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Its superb
loved the painting scene 
Urgent kaam ????? Kya thaD'oh
"BLUE PEARLS"- unique name
Thanks for pm

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Amazing update di
The painting scene was awesome
Update the next soon
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it was nice update dear
just loved it
thanx for the pm
update soon
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Lovely update
Finally sanyu ready to fight with her past when she has support of her family n friends

Everybody enjoying
Yoyo is so much fun

Finally the old sanyu is coming back
Rd lost in her beauty

DT own room
They were arranging everything

That RV he's so annoying

The song sequence was awsme

Wtmg for next
Update soon

Love u
Keep smiling
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nyz update
i love the sng
n itz penned nyzly :)
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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:30am | IP Logged

Days passed and by each passing day their friendship got more strong. Sanyu was now trusting and being friendly with everyone. She was now extremly comfortable with all of them,all thanks to her frnds understanding nature.


Sanyu as usual left home early on the basis of her 'SECRET WORK'. That day when she arrived on the college she saw a crowd.


"Ye yaha itni bhid kyu h? Should i go and check? Na mera kya kaam must rush to class I'm already late enough."
Nut after taking two-three steps further she stopped and turned around,only to walk towards the crowd. Before she could see understand anything.
Yo-"anarkali acha hua tu aa gyi" screamed yoyo n dragged her in front row of the crowd,meanwhile sanyu kept asking "what happened yoyo? Ye tum mujhe kaha khich k leja rha h? N what us this crowd for?"
Yo-"chup kar and samne dkh"
Sanyu was shocked will be an understatement,she didn't knew how to react.


----RD'S POV----

I was walking the campus with my new found friends,when i heard few seniors ragging a girl. They asked her to dance around for them. My blood was already boiling but it reached the hottest point when u heard them asking her to kiss them. As i turned around i found that looser group BOYS ROCKZZ lead by samir,but that Rv was not to be found anywhere. I angrily moved towards that sameer and caught him by his collars.

Me-"what the hell? Don't you know how to behave with girls"
Sam-"tera kya h...jst get lost from here she is no one to you."
Me-"she is no ond to you either neither she is your slave nor your servant"

N with that our fight started


----SANYU'S POV----

Seeing a calm and quite Rd,who always taught others to be shant now was beating someone black and blue. I don't know why are they not stopping him,but I will have to.
I just ran towards Rd to stop him, Had i not done so I'm sure he would have killed sameer.

Me-"Rd chodo usse" she said trying to seperate him from sameer.
Rd-"sanyukta chodo mujhe. I won't leave him today"
Me-"Rd leave him. Plz leave him for me"

N dat was it the word "for me" made rd loose grip on sameer while on the other hand taking advantage of the situation sameer along with his group ran from there.

Sa(to the crowd)-"kya koi tamasha ho rha h kya? Go away from here" he shouted and soon the crowd dispersed, ofcourse the murmurings were still persistent but why not afterall it was first time that somebody had messed with BOYS ROCKZZ group but now it was clear that it will be an open fight between BOYS ROCKZZ & BLUE PEARLS and everybody was ready for it.

Here sanyu n others were trying to calm down rd.
As-"bhai calm down nothing to worry"
Rd-"m not worried agar vo vapas aya na toh he will be dead"
Ar-"tune usko already dead kar diya h ab usme ladne k liye himmat nhi hogi"
Rd-"i need sometime alone"
N saying so he went away from there.
S-"ye rd ko itna gussa kab se aane laga?"
P-"bachpan se and abhi toh fir bhi control mei h warna during childhoid days he used to get angry even on matter of triffles"
J-"arrey nai toh Rd bhai ka ye roop dekh k darr hi gya! Ab i need to maintain 10 hands distancefrom him"
Ar-"uski koi zarurat nhi h. Rd apne friends ko maarta nhi orotect krta h n tu toh humara khaas dost h Dhokle" he laughed.
Pi-"ok guys masti time off now lets go for classes"


Rd did not attend the first class as his mood was quite off but in the second class he came and started chatting with his friends like nothing has happened. All were shocked by this sudden change in his behaviour but no one questioned him as risk kaun le vo bhi Rd k saath!!!!

Sanyukta was expecting Rv to come and fight with them but instead Rv did not turn up and the day passed.


--VD'S POV--

I was sitting in my cabin and going through a project when i received a call. A smile crept on my lips

I-"hi! Itne time baat yaad aa gya main tujhe"
And what I heard after it made me go numb. How can this happen? It all happened for 10yrs n abhi toh sirf 4 yrs hi hua h.
I-"plz find all the details and let me know. And one more thing no one must come to know about it specially her."
I disconnected the call and started thinking , "is it possible but one thing is sure k jo bhi hua its not good...its not at all good... What if somebody comes to know about it. Nhi ye baat leak nhi honi chahiye."
I immedietly called up some one ,"pata karo is he there or not? I want whole information about him" n i disconnected the call.
I looked into my lappy n felt contended at the sight before me.



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