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btalwar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:40am | IP Logged

Well, I guess I should start a series called "The Chronicles of my Bus journey" as yet another time, I was inspired by another character in the bus LOLLOL.

In my usual bus trip, a lady came and sat beside me. She was pretty dark in color and was wearing a bright green saree, her hands filled with red and green bangles, her neck adorning a big Thaali while her forehead was filled with bright red vermillion.

Somehow, this reminded me of my Hindi teacher from school who used to adorn a similar attire and she was also pretty dark in colour. Needless to say, as girls we sometimes made fun of her attire and her style of putting a neverending sindoor.

One such day, one of my classmates could not resist and asked her that Mam, why do you put such a long sindoor on your forehead? No one uses it in urban areas anymore.

First she was of course taken aback by this question, but then she had sweetly smiled and answered, I wear it because my husband likes it this way.

Let me tell you something. Although an excellent human being, my teacher was an average looking woman with dark complexion and her dressing style was not to look out for, yet even after all those years, I remember the look on her face when she had said these words. In that particular moment, her smile and the glow on her face made her look beautiful.

I know it looks like the description of a hopeless romantic (which I am by the way; guilty as charged ), however the lady sitting beside me along with this incident somehow inspired me to write about the entire piece.

The "HATKE" thing about this piece is I thought about its end and was clear about it from the beginning and actually made a story to fit it properly.

Due to the same reason, am also not too happy with the outcome and infact gave a serious consideration to abandoning it. All thanks to my behna Swathi Hug, my partner in crime who previewed it and gave a go ahead on this after adding a few valuable ideas of her own. So, thank you behna for your help, although you still know am that happy with it.

On second thoughts, any joote chappals, you can redirect them to her LOLLOL.

As usual a song accompanies my bus journey and my thoughts. This time the song did have an influence on this piece. It is one of my favourite pieces from Ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal and well I can listen to it on repeat. It called "Leja Leja"

There is a line in the song which goes like

Ni Moiye Maila Mann Mera

Kya Karna Aisa Rang Gora

Jo Piya Na Rijhaye

Here is the youtube link for it, if anyone is interested:

Somehow, the effect of this song combined with the incident made me ponder and I came up with this ending.  It is definitely a cliche ending but I visualized it and my stupid grey will not let me rest till I put this idea in words.

As always, please let me know your thoughts. They are the only reward and motivation to the writer Embarrassed.

So, without further delay, please dive into my world of Ishraland one more time.



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btalwar IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 March 2012
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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:40am | IP Logged


Well, she had read it a million times in her favorite book.

We are all fools in love.

Ha! She mused; it applied to her present situation to the core. She was acting like an absolute fool lately and whatever she did, it did not change anything about how she felt.

It had been a while since she had resigned to the fact that she had fallen for her husband and even fewer days from the time she knew that that her feelings for him were mutual.

It certainly had changed things between them. For starters, It did introduce a lot of new sensations in her mind and body which she had never experienced earlier even when she was seriously going around with Subbu. Probably, it had something to do with their circumstances which time and again ensured that they were unable to say those three words to each other.

Although, there was hardly any need to do so with whatever had transpired between them in recent days. No, they were still to consummate their marriage and she knew it was just a matter of time and well ... Time and privacy. That is what was lacking between them these days. But his gestures and his attempt to find that extra second where he could just be with her made her blush to the core.

With the arrival of Shagun and Adi in their abode, another dimension was added to their lives. In hindsight, this sudden change of event had actually acted as a blessing in disguise because it had been a much needed respite to the father son relationship. Raman had always walked on egg shells as far as Adi was concerned and finally he seemed to have found some ground. Although, Adi was still a bit scratchy and reserved around him, she knew that the dark clouds of their relationship were slowly and steadily paving way for that small ray of sunshine and in time this ray will definitely engulf their life with brightness.

Then there was Adi and her.  Well. Unfortunately, the sane part of her mind kept reminding her that she will never be able to become Ishima to Adi, however, she had half-heartedly settled for the fact that they had found a middle ground. She was Adi's Ishita aunty and she accepted it as huge progress.

So, in total, everything was fine. Adi accepted her. Ruhi and all the family adored her. And Raman ... well she blushed; Raman, well finally her Ravan Kumar had turned into a Ram Kumar, ok, as much he could. She will herself rush him to the hospital the day he stopped teasing her or doing kud kud with her for more than one day. Alas, she had fallen for the Ravan Kud Kud Kumar.

BUT !!!!! She sighed and recalled.

We are all fools in love.

Damn her for acting this way but she felt helpless; or to be precise, her heart felt helpless.

She had not even a flicker of doubt on Raman's love, but the woman and more so the wife in her could not help but secretly get jealous at the fact that his ex-wife was right there in their home, in front of their eyes all the time. She knew it was stupid and a mad thought but somewhere everytime she saw Shagun and Raman in the same room, she felt she had competition.

The fact that her competition happened to be Shagun did not help the matters either. If at all, it made them worse and elevated these feelings with her constant comparison and attempt to put her in bad light in front of Raman.

Raman on more occasions than one had directly or indirectly reprimanded her for her shallow behaviour which secretly made Ishita feel better as the wife in her could not bring herself to accept it.

She recalled the other night when Ruhi had insisted on a late night icecream date and the five of them gone to Ruhi's favourite ice cream parlor. Five because Adi had refused to go without Shagun. He was still very possessive and attached to his mother and although Raman was reluctant, Ishita had silently asked him to oblige for the sake of their children.

It was a normal gesture. He would have done it for any woman and she would have called him considerate; had respected him and even looked at him fondly for being se gentlemanly. But with Shagun; she reprimanded her mind but her heart refused to listen to her these days.

They were enjoying their icecream scoops when a small piece of fell on Shagun's saree. All her husband did was pick up the tissue paper box from the other table and offer it to her, and although Murugan knows she had tried her best, yet somewhere deep inside her heart, she felt a small prick. Of course, she had not missed the small smirk Shagun had on her face when all this happened.

It was like she was suddenly divided into two, one with her heart and one with her mind. The sane Ishita and the Ishita in love. While the former constantly assured her of the fact that her husband was hers in every which way possible and all this jealousy was so not her and so .. so serial type, the Ishita in love refused to listen to all the logic and wanted more and wanted all of him, only absolutely for her.

She also knew, somewhere, her husband had not failed to notice her discontent and her guarded behaviour as soon as his ex-wife was around. And since she knew him so well, she very well understood when he time and again reassured her belief.

She fondly smiled recalling the moment when he had settled right next to her after giving the tissue box to Shagun and had silently shared her ice cream scoop even when he hated black current flavour.

She recalled various incidents where Shagun had tried to demean her and Raman had stood by her as her pillar.

While Shagun mocked her pasta as a mockery of Italian food, he termed it as an invention by his madrasan and asked for a second serving.

When Shagun tried to demean Ishita in front of one of Raman's collegue, Raman called himself lucky to be married to a woman with a perfect combination of beauty and brains who was able to balance her home and career perfectly.

How could she forget the face of Shagun when Raman had adviced Adi and Ruhi to take help from Ishita to prepare for their annual function performance as she was a salsa champion and will help them easily in learning their dance moves.  Shagun was appalled and out rightly rejected the idea and poor Adi had to struggle to learn everything on his.

All these incidents had time and again proved that he cared and loved her a lot and there is no way Shagun could make any more difference in their life than she already did.

Yet somehow all these seemingly harmless incidences had slowly and silently degrading her self-confidence in one way or the other. She was getting more conscious of everything she did around Raman and it was as if she was on guard with him as soon as Shagun was around.

Lately, Shagun had started targeting her attire. She had always been raised in a conventional Tamilian environment so wearing sarees after marriage had come naturally to her. Her growing up years was filled with some books of competition followed by many more than the various range of latest cosmetics. So, although she knew she did look presentable, she could never match Shagun in any way possible.

She had honestly not bothered about Shagun and her beauty until a few days ago especially until a few days ago, she stressed. But her words,

"Oh God! I  will never understand how someone can wear such sarees?"

"Maroon and Blue together! What a hideous combination! I would not even let my maid wear it."

"Ewww. Neelu, please make sure my clothes are washes separately from these."

"Raman has always liked women who wear subtle colors. I pity him now."

She had never directly called her out; never took her name but her eyes, she openly mocked her at each and every second. So much so that Ishita had subconsciously started losing her confidence about her own attire. For the past few days, all she had done was think according to Shagun rather than herself. She had even asked Raman that what did he think she looked best in or which colour suited her best. Her naughty husband had cheekily avoided her question by saying he preferred her without them.

But today; she blushed, one gesture and how everything had changed, all her insecurities, her fear, her lack of confidence and her jealousness had paved way to love.

It was a regular morning in Bhalla house; well as normal as it could be with Shagun being in the house. Ruhi and Adi had left for their scool. Ishita had prepared breakfast for everyone, packed their lunch and was now getting ready to leave for her clinic. Her Amma had recently gifted her a beautiful kanjivaram to her which she had specially bought for her from Chennai. She had very excitedly adorned it and moved out of her room to get looks of appraisal from everyone in her home. However, the one she wanted to impress was still inside the bathroom getting ready for his office so she got busy in serving breakfast to everyone.

This is when Shagun started one more time after she gave an upside down look to her and spoke to no one in particular.

"You know my dadima used to love the cream color. It suited her well. I somehow always recall old aunties whenever I look cream color.", she smirked.

She did not need to retort to her as the task was successfully taken up by Simmi and her mother in law. No one could beat her outspoken loud Punjabi mother in law in retorts so Shagun was being molested with words as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

Yet, this was a gift from her Amma and that's why it was special and she felt dejected at this statement. All colour had positively drained out of Ishita's face after hearing this.

So, she decided to rush to her clinic and started completing the tasks for the day hurriedly. This is when she felt his hand over her shoulder.

"Kya kar rahi ho? Aajkal tum bilkul apna dhyan nahi deti. Kitni ajeeb lag rahi ho. Dhang se tayyar bhi nahi hoti. Chalo mere saath.".

Raman took her hand in his and took her towards the small idol of mata rani placed in one corner of the kitchen while she looked at him quizzingly.

And then he took some Teeka from near the idol, filled her parting with it and smiled,

"Ab theek hai. Now, you look perfect."

He patted her cheek affectionately and moved towards the dining table, to find the angered face of Shagun, only to turn around and whispered in Ishita's ear; loud enough to be heard by Shagun,

"Aur haan. Mujhe meri beewi har rang me achi lagti hai jab tak uski maang me ye laal rang hai, kyunki ye rang meri Ishita ka hai. Yaad rakhna, sirf Meri Ishita ka."

Red is the color of her sindoor.

Red is the color of her cheeks.

The colour of love is red.


How was it Embarrassed? Please let me know your thoughts.

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_Dipsi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Wow...thats super bhanu
so so beautifully written...
Anju.s IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:52am | IP Logged

very nice...
it is really like that even when you hear heaps of praises...but one person puts you down that's it...that is the only thing you will remember...

but here good shagun was shown that she doesn't hold any place in his life...she is nothing but adi's mom...and ishita is his biwi...

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rajkona Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Superb! Loved the way Shagun was put in her place without even being spoken to!

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Akshatha19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 7:06am | IP Logged
wow... beautiful just so meaningfully written...
u hv should ishita insecurity perfectly...
i loved the last lines -"Aur haan. Mujhe meri beewi har rang me achi lagti hai jab tak uski maang me ye laal rang hai, kyunki ye rang meri Ishita ka hai. Yaad rakhna, sirf Meri Ishita ka."...Star

 this was just brilliant
 bravo ClapClap
very well done...

-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 8:27am | IP Logged
That was an adorable shot! Embarrassed
sophee Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 8:51am | IP Logged
This was so sweet B Embarrassed Can see some of these scenes being enacted in the show...Shagun will use every oppurtunity to out Ishita down. Raman's support for his biwi...kya kehne Embarrassed

The story behind your muse was so cute Smile

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