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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

OS : SANTA IS MY CUPID - Christmas gift to u all :)

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:15am | IP Logged
 Hey peeps...I wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance..
I wish and pray that God gives you all happiness and Success throughout

I am just posting this my Christmas gift to you all...

PLEASE do read, like and let me know...your views on this I am quite nervous since I haven't wrote anything like this 

P.S. : Proof Reading is not done...please ignore the mistakes  AND ITS QUITE big SO READ AT YOUR OWN risk TongueTongueTongue

                                                    SANTA IS MY CUPID

"Ohh more broing yr..duhhh" said Madhu while resting her head on Trishna's shoulder...

Trishna being her best buddy patted her cheek and said" come on Mads...let's break the ice...just tell  him that u wanna  take him for  date" madhu looked at her horrified " trishy...plz...don't know...I so hate his current GF...yuck...I just can't stand her"

"who asked you to him not her ..u dumbo" said Trishna while hitting her head..

"have u lost it...did u ever saw him without dips hanging to his shoulder...bloody bimbo...and this dumbo..pata nahi kya acha alagaa usmein(don't knw..wjhat he likes in her)...whole college knows she is a BIMBO...but  this..." she sighed and said."let's go heart is heavy.." 

"Drama queen" trishna muttered and they both left...


In the Evening:

"Hey Mukky...whats app baby" Trishna picked up the call of her BF Mukund..

"Ohh my it..just hold on" she said and called out for Madhu...

"Mads...listen we have a Christmas party in RK's house tomorrow..he invited to whole class...shall we..."..Madhu who was in her lying on her bed in her Hostel room...rushed to Trishna and dragged mobile from her hand " Hey it true...But...oke..I will inform Trish byee...Love you " she disconnected the call and saw a furious Trishna...she forgot about everything and kissed Trishna and hugged her happily...Trishna just nodded her head and rolled her eyes..

"Trishy...see..santa wants me to meet my dreamy"...

"Shut up Mads...just get's just a party not you date.." said Trishna in irritated tone..Madhu pouted...Trishna went to her and hugged her and said "My sweet Mads...let's just take this as a sign from go ona date with ur RK..but all u need to do is..ASK HIM"..Madhu [pouted and nodded her head with a naughty smile and they both rushed to  their wardrobe...


Next day..they went for shopping...along with Mukund...he parked the car and three of them entered into  "God Made Me Funky" boutique in bandra ( I love this boutique visit if u r in Mumbai :D)..Mukund got the hardest time of his life to deal with two most craziest women in the world...they try some say they r moment something come up and they wll give up on it and pick someother stuff...both the gals looked behind the moment they heard Mukund greeting someone...

"Hey dude..wassup"

"hey Mukky...howz u buddy..shoppign haan"

"yaar RK...what can I say..ur party is making me bankrupt..." to which RK smirked and said

"RK's party hai..u need to do this boy..." with this he looked at the two women..who are looking at him as if he is some alien...

"hey Trish..." wished RK...she smiled " hey RK"...suddenly his eyes caught hers...her dreamy browny eyes looking into his deep dark brown eyes...something  happened in her ..he was about to say something ...but he observed the change in her eyes...and then two pair of hands held him at his middle and kissed his ear " Hey Rish...u missed me baby.."..and she turned her face away in disgust and left the bourique with a smile and light nod...Mukund and Trishn waved him byee and left...

"Bloosy Bit%^..I will kill her"...she raired and looked baffled when her two best buddies are laughing out loud...she gave them a death glare...

"seriously Madhu...what a timing...RK was about to wish u...ur sautan ...time pe aagayi.." she started beating both of them and the three friends shared a laugh and light friendly moment...


Next day evening:

"Ufff Madhu...come out yaar...I am tired of waiting...even Mukund is out of ideas to entertain me...My make up is fadin away...come out baby" shouted Trishna over the phone...Mukku-Trish made faces , suddenly they heard footsteps and both got shocked to see a very gorgeous and beautiful Madhu standing in one shoulder red dress with white pumps...the dress reached to her knees...which is showing up her curves perfectly...those pumps are adding more than required  slender to her creamy legs...with high pony tail and some curls were let out glossy lipstick and  white pearl studs...making her looking like a DIVA...

"Woww Mads...looking awesome..." Trishna hugged her..Madhu was jumping with excitement..

"Woww Msds..Y didn't u dress up like this before gal..I would have changed my opinion about Trish ..." winked Mukund...for which he got a pat on his head..madhu giggled and hugged Mukund...


Madhu was excited, scared and all...Trish observed this,.." offooo Mads...relax...he will surely say Yes, if not..juts kiss him  hard..he will surely come then.." Madhu looked at her  r u kidding me  look...Trishna sighed and continued..." offo Budhu...every date ends with a kiss..."

"so.." askedMadhu..." So if he liked it...hje will surely come for a date " winked Mukund...Madhu  hit him on his head " hey come on..don't hit my Man..." Trishna said teasingly...which made all the three giggle in unison


In the party, most of the people got shocked and gals were jealous to see Madhu...who si looking so se$% and hot...she is always a fashion Diva of that college but never gave any chance ti any the first day itself she got lost in his eyes... the first day of college..Madhu was  searching for the principal's office...when suddenly she bumped into someone ...Deepali shouted on her...Madhu apologized but she with her big mouth started shouting and left from there to clean her Lipstick stained she left..a pair of hands held her..from left side...she got shocked and looked...but found a guy...have his face turned to his right and speaking to someone...she was trying to see his face...suddenly his head started moving towards her...and then everything stopped for her...the greek god is standing beside her..with his hands sneaked around her waist... she just stared into his dark brown eyes...suddenly reality hit her...guess to him...he released his hold and apologized saying he thought it is Dips...she fumed in anger hearing her name...and thought he is her boy  friend or else who will hold a friend in this way...Madhu left from there faking a smile hiding her disappointment

"Mads...hi...good to see you" greeted Dips in her most irritating tone...whicle looking at Madhu from top to bottom..Madhu faked a smile said

"Dips...same here yah ".. suddenly dips scremed in excitement which made madhu close her ears in irritation " OHHH MY GOD...MY MAN...YOU LOOK SEXY BABY"...knowing whom she is referring to Madhu closed her eyes in disgust and was about to leave when suddenly Sultan one of her college mates came and greeted her...they both were engaged in a conversation...Madhu's heart is beating fast..she wanted to see he might have dressed up today...but if she looks at him...she can't hide her disappointment to see Dips beside him so...she tried to ignore him ...Mukku and Trish also joined them...all four of them njyng the party when there was an announcement  from  aman dressed up as Santa..

"MY DEAR Girls and BOYS...I am your santa...I am here to share my wishes in the form of goodies it is..." they whisteled and whooed in excitement and started njyng...santa came to them and started giving them gifts...everyone accepted but Madhu didn't get any...she started searching for Santa and went to him..." santa...wherx my gift asked Madhu..." santa giggled and handed her a beautiful envelope and left from there..>Madhu got surprised to see a envelope when she opened she found this

Tonight at  10 P.M.

<Table no -21>

Palli Village caf.

Bandra West.

She was shocked to see an invitation, for a DATE...she immediately rushed to Trishna and Mukku and told him the same...theyfailed to understand who it is, all this...she forgot about her proposal to RK...again DJ announced for the couple dance...Madhu left to corner...Trish-mukku, RK-Dips  and other couples started dancing..Madhu felt bad...tears formed in her eyes to see Dips is dancing so closely with him...she was only looking at her...suddenly her eyes caught his...he is looking at her intently...she wiped her tears and again looked ta him...yes...he is looking at her...which made her stomach light with butterflies...she looked at him ...he is now chekcign her out...she felt nude with his stare was about to leave when Sultan asked her for  a dance...Madhu being Madhu was about to say No when she saw RK smirking at her...she fumed and accepted Sultan's request...though she accpeted she felt quite odd...when Sultan held her waist...he is quite a nice guy but still...she was dancing with ease her up she herself started talking random things ...Trishna mouthed her  her to switch the partner and go to RK...she nodded her head in No and made a baby face...Trishna was asking her to go...Trishna got happy when DJ announced for switching the partners...Trishna was about to GO to RK when suddenly she pushed Madhu towards him...before Madhu got what Trishna has done..she is in HIS arms...she felt heavenly...she was jumping in joy, within but tried her best to hide that fact...she felt goose bumps all over when he held her waist and got shocked when he pulled her closer...their bodies almost colliding with each other...


 She is in my arms...i can still feel the same when I held her for the first time...unexpectedly then but now...I so wanted to hold her in my arms...whenever I wanted to see those beautiful hazel eyes...all I can see was disappointment which was a mystery...she was an epitome of beauty and style...I got attracted to her in out first meeting...tought even she is...but in my confusion I uttered Dips name,...which made the moment awkward and she left...i wanna slap can I say some other gals name infront of the one who attracted me ..but what can I do...this Dips...she is always beside if we both are conjoined  twins ...but I can't get rid of her as she is Dad's business Partner's daughter...but whenever I wanna initiate a conversation she will just leave from there...awww...rude she is...even yesterday as usual I was stalking her without Dips knowledge. I intentionally entered into the boutique bys ending Dips to some other boutique ...and this Kohl lady poured water on my only dreams...and today Santa gave me  DATE as a gift..I don't knw..who has sent me this...but I pray to god it should not be DIPS...if she proposes..God I am gonna kill myself ...all these days...she was trying to kiss me...I am saving myself from's not like we never kissed but after I saw HER...i somehow felt she is the one who has this right to touch and kiss me...but...stupid stop thinking and njy the moment SHE in your embrace..

 They both lost in each others eyes...he pulled her more closure...there bodies are moving rhythemically to the tune of the song played...Trishna  felt so happy and  so is Mukund...Dips is fuming in anger to see RK...she observed the love and passion in his eyes...but she can't do something stupid..that might irritate RK and his crankiness can lead to anything...she was surprised to see they both are gone...she left her partner and started searching for them ...


RK reached the Restaurant first and headed to his table...he got disappointed as his Mystery woman didn't come...ehe prayed to shuld not be Deepali...suddenly he opened his eyes as he heard a gasp...he got shocked to see Madhu...he immediately rushed to her and hugged her tight and said in happiness " GOD MADHU...IPRAYED TO GOD IT SHOULD BE YOU...YOU KNOW...JUST LOVE THIS MOMENT...LOVE YOU MADHU...MY MADHU"  and cupped her face in his...Madhu was in shock after hearing to his confession ...she was looking at him like a doll with eyes wide open...he smiled at her cute face and said again in happiness "I LOVE YOU MADHU"...she forgot everything. Only thing she heard is...LOVE...he love her...HIS RISHU LOVES HER...a bright smile appeared on her face and she immediately hugged him "I LOVE YOU TOO RISHU"..RK pulled back and looked at her face and said "Rishu..." she blushed and lowered her head..."GOD Madhu..I love you so much" he hugged her again ...finally they broke the hug and in an instance he took her lips in his...she held his lips responding back, he nibbled her lower lip , and nipping her teasingly, Madhu clutched his shoulders and they both were pressing each other...she parted herlips slowly he delved into her mouth tendely and sweetly kissing her...they both take this moment slowly to  enjoy the bliss and joy of being together at this moment...finally they parted...he smiled, she pressed her face in his chest and smiled...finally madhu spoke

What's there to would have asked me directly for  date na" RK got shocked, he pushed himself back and asked

"WHAT???? You are the one who planned this " Madhu looked at him shocked...

"NO I got this envelope from the Santa...". RK nodded and said "yes, that's what I am saying you gave it to him and he gave it to me"

"Ohh God's not invited me..." ...thye both r argung when they heard some female shout "OHH NO"..

They both looked and got shocked to see DIPS








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Yayyy i m first Party
Wow it was superb nd last part was hillarious where dips came to restaurent 
Merry christmas nd happy new year asha Smile

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Yay  I'm  second
Awesome os di!
Di why did dipali tell oh no! In the last?!
Wish u also merry Christmas  and a happy new year!
tfs for pm

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yayyy!! I came 3rd!!Tongue I had rushed to res within a fraction of minute after receiving ur PM but still...came 3rdOuch anyways! Lovely story Asha..the ending was so cute. madhu is so adorable. RK why didn't u get rid of that despo ago?Angry And the envelope remained mystery. Who sent it to them?? I think it was Trish n mukund's plan.LOL thanks for PM..
Merry xmas dear.SmileParty

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lovely OS
the bond between Madhu and Trish is awesome
and the scenes with mukund are so funny
RK and madhu at the end is very nice
loved it
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Nice is.
merry Christmas n happy new year.
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WOW!! that was outstanding...loved it
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Wow, what a fantastic os Clap. I love it

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