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TS: Pleasure Of Pain (Mature) Last-Part Page 10 (Page 9)

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Last Part


Next morning she entered the Devils den, his cabin which right then was empty, deprived of his enigmatic presence, something that gave her an assurance that this, the task that she was going accomplish here would be far more easy, than what it would have been if he was present.


She looked at the cabin in solace, like reading, capturing everything in her mind, may be to relive the moments of this place in future sometime. It was strange, that how much she wanted to run from this place, when in heart somewhere deep down she was still skeptical about this whole thing! She felt like she was abstained from a great discovery, something that just never crossed her mind. Perhaps, it was the nostalgia that was casting an illusion.


After a few minutes, she came forward and took out a crisp white envelop from her bag and kept it on his desk, and turned to leave, when something came in her mind and she turned towards his chair and caressed the edges, almost lovingly, like it were not the wood but his arms, and a small tear left her eye, unknown to her.


And then she abruptly left the cabin and then the building, never turning back for any last glance, perhaps this was how it was supposed to end, perhaps this was the End!




It was on dot nine when the Devil himself graced his office with his spectacular presence, making everyone rise from their seats, gaining satisfied gasps from the lady employs, it was ritual after all.


But that day was not similar to others, previous ones or to the future ones; rather it was entirely different, well for many provocative ways, and just then one of such reasons, that inspired anguish, wariness and concern, and all at the same time was, her absence. Her empty cabin, that he would almost never miss to glance at before entering his own, well in a way it was a ritual too, and a happy one at that.


His frown returned, and people knew that it was to remain and its wrath to rain over them for rest of the day. It was a clear message of the impending doom, but the only confusion was about the "Why" of it.


As he entered his cabin, her scent filled his nostrils, calming him for a moment, sparing an unknown to himself smile and closing his eyes, just to take as much as he could. And after a while when he opened his eyes, he saw nothing, no-one, except for the empty as before cabin. His frown returned, and he walked around and took his seat, in a huff. It was weird. After a moment, a knock came and his lips curved once again in a side smile, knowing who it would be, he leisurely sat back, and waited for the person to enter, but nothing happened, no one entered, and then he let out a exasperated breath and ordered, "Yes, Come in."


After a while, Ramu Kaka, one of the clerks of the company entered, and he snapped, "What?"


"Sir... Coffee." He replied meekly.


He nodded, and the clerk kept the mug in table and left. While Raman looked at the mug and its contents in distaste. This was her job, where the hell she was! He thought, looking out in her cabin, frown and confusion marring his beautiful face, and it was then, that his eyes fell on the white envelop place infront of him neatly.


He took the envelop and flipped to see if it was addressed, but finding it was not, his confusion returned and he opened it swiftly, going through its contents in one go, his anger turned into amusement, as he closed his eyes sitting back, remembering the day when she first entered his office building!


It looked like animated responses of the passerby's, as he used to cross the lobby for his office, everyone standing, wishing him. It wasn't he knew them, or ever would, after all, all his different departments were headed by his able men, and he felt no abject need to nod in acknowledgement to them, specially to catch several women passing shy smiles in his direction, like he would ever care!


He felt amused rather than flattered by such obnoxious behavior, but he never minded, why would he? He knew he was handsome, tempting and able enough to keep their interest intact. But truth was, they all were similar, so common, and nothing fresh. He was beyond bored, not that he didn't find interest in his work, but he was a man, and men have needs. He had infact had slept with some willing women in past, but he kept his private life and professional straight, no crossings. May be that was why women in his office seemed too curious about him, and he enjoyed their curiosity.


But all this remained until he came across her, a woman or rather a girl clad in legging-Kurta entering the glass building, his building!


For a moment he thought, perhaps she was relative of some employee but then he saw her in lobby where bevy of woman were waiting to be interviewed for the post of assistant manager, and head of finance and management, Mihir's secretary.


He was piqued with interest, and couldn't remove his eyes from her. He was intrigued and attracted, not that she was any Aphrodite, or Penelope, she was not even skinny like all charming women in his office or the models he was associated with, but she was infact quite curvy, very curvy, not that it was bad in anyway, but the main thing that had attracted him to her was her eyes, her demeanor that screamed of innocence, something he was not associated with. Something that was devilishly making him want her, in any way possible.


And then he did something that he would otherwise never would do or take interest in.


He called, "Mihir, I need a new secretary. Yes! Um... I know Kriti, but well... she is efficient, but I think you can appoint her for yourself. I am going to appoint someone else. Yes."


And then he made another call on intercom, "hello Jyotsana, I want the girl clad in Indian wearin my cabin, I want to interview her."


"Sir...?" she replied, and he read multitudes of confusion in her voice.


"Now!" he emphasized.


"Sir." And she kept the receiver, and sent her in.


It wasn't what he was expecting, but it happened, as he saw her walking towards his cabin through the glass, he couldn't help but feel something rising, something swelling, and it was to his surprise not his sex, rather, it was something that was most meekly used, his heart!


He could feel himself getting nervous and excited all at the same time.


And then, she entered. And it was when he actually saw her, her soft features, her hypnotic deep eyes, and her curvaceous body. She might not be Helen, but she was a beauty to behold. And it was then, he knew that he wanted her, in any way he could, but he wanted to possess her.


Oh how he wanted to wound her to himself, and f**k her senseless, it was bizarre, when he had Helens on every turn that he wanted her of all, but right now nothing mattered, and all mattered was the fact that the woman, the girl infront of him was making him high and he wanted her. Ravish her, possess her, and do thing to her of which she had never even heard of. Her innocence was not helping either, and her full lips, that she would chew out of nervousness was making it difficult for him to sit, he was already uncomfortable and then her big eyes were making it impossible for him to keep his stance and not to take her then and there.


He found himself without words, his mouth dry with need of release and then he asked the only question he could muster, So Miss Ishita Vishwanathan Iyer, I see your grades are much better than the post you are applying for?"


Oh! And the confidence in which she answered, he never knew that she muster it anyway, and then just to see her squirm in nervousness he said, in reply to her reply, "But in business one must only think about the benefit of the company. Business had nothing to do with feelings and emotions."


Oh and how much he loved her nervousness, her lower lip already red with the constant abuse of her teeth due to nervousness. Only watching her like that would make him swarm of climax. This was absolutely Impossible!


He sat there looking at her, uncomfortable of his position, and immediately sent her off informing her that she was picked. Well she was already picked much before her so called interview.

How could he just tell anyone about how he used to control himself around her? She was everywhere from morning to evening, around him, in that legging and kurta, what she would be like in nothing, his thought process was his only solace. Perhaps one Shag and he would be out with this feeling. What was he thinking? Was it really just once he wanted to get laid with her? Would it end their? He was confident it would, this was the main plan.


And the day finally arrived, when her one mistake actually paid him in the services.


He called her in, he was angry. She knocked and entered, like always.


"Sir" she addressed, like always. Her voice soft and respectful.


"Miss Iyer, did you received a call from Mr. Juneja the previous evening?"his voice was calm and composed, just as its always is in case of nature, a calm before storm.


"Yes sir..." her voice uncertain.


"Did you inform Shagun regarding the meeting and plans they wanted to discuss?" his voice had risen a little.


"Sir... I... I kept a note on her table, she was not in her cabin for I informed her secretary and..." she was clarifying when she was brutally cut.


"Did you inform me? Or Mihir?" he asked.


She was blank.


"DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MISTAKE COST US? DO YOU REALISE IT? "He thundered. And he could see her shivering in fear, her eyes filled with unshed tears, her lips trembling.


This was not so much big a deal, perhaps this was his sexual frustration that was blowing him up, he wanted to take her, yet she felt unreachable, she was not like other women around him who needed just an eye roll to strip and get into bed, she was different, she was innocent and untouched. He could feel her virginity, and that made him feel low to even think of her like that, but he wanted her, and this want was so extreme that he was not able to fight it. It was a losing battle.


"Now you are going to accompany me to lounge party of Mr. Singh and apologize. Do you get it?" on receiving no answer, he spoke loud, and stern, "DO YOU GET IT?"


She immediately looked up and nodded. And he felt a pang to see her in tears, but those tears were nothing infront of his feelings. He dismissed her.




That evening They were there, in the party, and she was wearing an evening dress for a change as ordered by him, and he was in Tuxedo, looking ravishing as ever. She felt little out of place, or rather very out of place, in the middle of stinky rich and important a worm, unimportant and desperate. She looked at her left where he was standing, he was talking to some another stinky rich, and around all those high class women and girls who were passing him shy smiles and deadly stares to her.


This was absurd, absolutely mad to stand there being the object of hatred just because he was standing with her, just because he came to party with her, well what she could say? She knew what was the case, she knew that he would have never took her with him in any other circumstance, but her heart, her poor heart was still dealing with little hope of regard on his part. But she knew that very well that this was just another illusion.


All she knew was, that she was drunk, he took her to room, and then the undeniable happened, only if she had not forgotten, only if... but she knew that now time can never be turned, nothing could ever be same, not for her. She was now no more the same.


And it was just then that she heard a tap on the door. The bell rang, once, then twice and then thrice. And then she remembered that she was alone. Her Amma was probably gone.


She came slowly wiping the tears from her eyes and opened the door, and her eyes grew wide looking at the visitor, her heartbeat increased and her body shivered at the way he was looking at her.


And breaking the uncomfortable silence she said, "Sir?"


After standing for a few minutes at her door step, that he had never done before he said, quite amusedly, "Can I come in or We'd talk from here?"


"Ye..s Sir... I mean, Please come in sir. I am sorry... I was just little surprised by your... um...unexpected visit." She said fumbling.


"Unexpected?" he said, like he was testing the word in his head, and then looked at her and around her house, like judging and said, "I don't think it was fully unexpected like you say Miss. Iyer. You left me... I mean my company so abruptly and before six months, so I had to come, anyways." And then looked at her and asked directly, "Do you live here alone Miss Iyer?"


She looked at him at the change of topic and said, "No Sir, I live with my family, My Appa Works for central government, in department of Education and my mother teams for social service, so she is out." And then looked at him quite uncomfortable and asked hesitantly, "Would you like some Coffee?"


"Sure" he replied eyeing her directly, and continued, like he was accusing her, "I already had a bad morning coffee, nothing the way I like, atleast I can have it now."


She looked at him surprised. She knew this taunt was directed towards her. She stood up, and walked towards the kitchen to make some coffee. It was absurd, the kitchen was attached to the drawing room and she was feeling his eyes on her, everytime, on her every move, like he was studying, this was making her uncomfortable. Though she knew less about what exactly and how exactly it happened between them last night, she didn't remember the correct details, but she knew the resultant. She knew the outcome, she knew they both were naked under the blanket. She knew she was robbed of her dignity, she could feel it, the pain the sourness, and massive sourness. But she still couldn't remember about how it was like being beneath him, and him inside her. It was just too much to make her flush with anxiety. She didn't know what she liked, or hated?


Life was not fair, she couldn't think about him to take her and give her a life of fairy tales, well seriously he deserved better, and on other hand she couldn't let go, he was beautiful and her dream prince and her first Bloody Crush! Oh only if she had any better looking guy back in school then it wouldn't be so hard. Life, definitely hated her. She sighed and turned to pick the sugar jar from the cabinet above head when she felt two arms encircling her waist, resulting the sugar jar to just fall on ground instead.


Her body shivered with his proximity, as he pulled her closer to himself, her back against his chest, separated from the thin material of his shirt, as he had already discarded his expensive jacket on the sofa.


Her breathing hitched as he grazed his cheek on hers, making her shiver due to sweet pricking of his stubble against her softness and said huskily, "Tum mujhse jitna door bhaag sakti ho bhaag lo, but ultimately tumhe mere paas hi aana hai... It's your destiny, and I'll make sure that it remains like that. If you think you can leave me, then let me make myself very clear, I won't allow you to ever do that. You like it or not, but you are mine, your body and your soul and even your heart, everything about you belongs to me, It mine!" a tear tickled down her cheek at his claim, and he immediately kissed her tears away and continued, "Even your tears are mine Ishita, just mine. " and then she swirled her around and without wasting a moment he took her quivering lips in his, the kiss was demanding, claiming and arousing, all at the same time.


And then he murmured against her lips, "I want you so much..."and then he broke the kiss and backed just to have a look at her face, and asked, rather unsure, "do you want me, too?"


His stance to her looked fearful of her answer, she couldn't imagine that the man, who she admired, and loved was fearful of her rejection, and he wanted her too, in same intensity as she and then she said, finally, "You have so many girlfriends..." her voice was low and despairing.


He looked confused at her, and said "I never had any girlfriends."


To which she looked at him surprised and said, "And the women whom I used to send all those weird messages?"


"Ohh the meetings, Well some favors for friends..." he smiled quite amused.


"You never slept with anyone?" she asked curious.


"Not with women I work with, except of course with you... you broke that record." He answered, little deranged, not knowing where the conversation was going.


"It means you have slept with women outside?" she asked now little disappointed.


"Ishita... I have not slept with women from six months now, except for the last night, that was with you of course. And I know that I wouldn't be sleeping with anyone except you now on. And well it was my past and I don't think it's that important now, I mean it, I am with you now." He answered earnestly.


She looked at him thinking, that really it was not that important, but then a small voice in her mind asked to satisfy the curiosity, "So how many women you have slept with?"


"About ten, but they were random encounters, especially when I was drunk, or frustrated or under too much work load." He answered shaking his head exasperatedly, and then he finally bent forward to take her lips in his once again when she backed a little and said,


"And... won't you ask me anything?" she asked.


"About what?" he asked in confusion.


"That, with how many men I have slept in past?" she asked innocently.


And he burst out laughing, and he actually laughed. While she looked at him surprised and enchanted, she had never seen him laugh, he looked young while laughing and more beautiful. She thought.


"What? Is it that funny?" she asked.


"I know about that... It's only me... and it will always be only Me." And with that he took her to her room for another round. Perhaps that was needed, really needed.


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I just came across this story. Loved it so far. Would love to read ahead. :)

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awesome yaar .loved it n thanx fr d pm keep writing

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It is  beautiful update.The way you write the emotion of Raman for Ishu  was  so good.The way he desperate to have her in his life and how he have patient around her was well written. I wish you can extend story some more so he finally will get her back with him and marry her or not.Still puzzle.Hope you will continue this story.Thank you.Smile

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lovely update
loved the last part

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suprb updte...
finally he confesed...
loved the way he made her his...
loved ishu nd her innocence...

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Originally posted by arshi21

I just came across this story. Loved it so far. Would love to read ahead. :)

Thanks so much!
It was the last part though!Big smile
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Originally posted by aviana

awesome yaar .loved it n thanx fr d pm keep writing


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