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TS: Pleasure Of Pain (Mature) Last-Part Page 10 (Page 5)

cool_arpana Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 12:47am | IP Logged
Nice start...
Looking fwd...

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exploringmyself IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 2:16am | IP Logged

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oriyu24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 2:24am | IP Logged
This was awesome and hot..
Continue soon

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ArVi-licious Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 4:01am | IP Logged
RQ. .. loved d first part.. its as interesting as ur name :) waiting for next part

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Rusty_Quill Groupbie

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hasiniangel



Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

awesome start 
fo continue n pm m if possible 
its interesting

Thanks so much for the appreciation...
Will PM you for sure!Big smile

Originally posted by --Nargis--

Nice start...please continue soon!! 

ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by sweety2585

Amazing start.Clap
Brilliantly written...Very interesting ..

Pls PM me when you update next part..!!

Thanks a lotBig smile
I am so happy that you liked it...Embarrassed
Will Surely PM youBig smile

Originally posted by avni_19

wowww!! great startt!! and welcome to the forum! :D
i loved ur concept! the way u took Ishita and Raman's character! Ishita being his PA and then They being in a comprising position! woww!! 

eager to read the next part! 

Thanks so much!Big smile
I am happy that you are liking the story...Big smile

Originally posted by RomComFan

What a wonderful start...  Love the ISHRA you have created, looking forward to seeing where this goes!LOL 

Thanks so much!Big smile
I am so happy that you are happy by my portrayal of IshRa... hope you'd like all along!Big smile

Originally posted by columbia

Tres interesting really intriguing 
Pls continue soon!! Especially loved the promise of dark love it holds 

Your style is very similar to Priya of the hearts fame or maybe I am just missing her Ermm

Thanks so much!

I am happy that you liked my work... 

Though I have yet to read her work, but I am happy I was relatable!LOL

Originally posted by SanayaBarun

Interesting start I sent you a buddy request so on me when you update!

Have added you alreadyBig smile

Originally posted by _Divya_

please cont soon

Sure!Big smile

Originally posted by ishra123

Awesome Start
plz continue soon

ThanksBig smile

Originally posted by Ribelle_IshRa

Written brilliantly well!
Hope you update soon! :)

Thanks a lot!Big smile
Will be updatingLOL

Originally posted by swathin

wonderful start
do continue soon
n pm me if possible

Thanks so much!Big smile
Will surely PM youTongue

Originally posted by cool_aparna

Nice start...
Looking fwd...

Thanks, Glad that you liked it!Big smile

Originally posted by exploringmyself


Thanks!Big smile

Originally posted by iluvuzaya

This was awesome and hot..
Continue soon

Thanks so much!
Now that was one thing I wanted to hear!WinkLOL

Originally posted by ArVi-licious

RQ. .. loved d first part.. its as interesting as ur name :) waiting for next part

Thanks so much!Big smile
And for the ID compliment too!Embarrassed

Originally posted by c85rie

Phew !!! What a start. U have me intrigued. From PA to wife, can't wait to find out the rest.

@Bold WIFE? No not a wife!Shocked

P.S. ThanksBig smile

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c85rie Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 10:57am | IP Logged

Phew !!! What a start. U have me intrigued. From PA to wife, can't wait to find out the rest.

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Rusty_Quill Groupbie

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Part 2

As the sun's rays hit her in eye she woke up with a start, like it was the only point for she was waiting the whole night. He was still tangled into her, coiled into her body, his soothing breathing against her ear stilled her for a moment, only for a moment she wanted to stay there, in his warmth, as his lips grazed her skin on shoulder, his knee that was deliciously close to her core, his nose against her jaw line. 

She sighed, only if he was hers, only if this moment was to remain forever, only if she were in his category, but they are worlds apart, he was the richest in his league, the most important of men, while she was just a simple, commoner, he was the Sun while she was Icarus, going too close to him, despite of knowing the resultant!

She uncoiled herself from him, and gaining her posture and balance, despite of the extreme soreness between her legs, she walked. A satin sheet wrapped around her, picking up all the clothings that had be discarded the previous night in hurry, or rather made to discard in jiffy by him. She couldn't help but remember the way his eyes scanned her, the way those orbs dilated and darkened before all the action. She knew full well of what he was capable of, but still it always remained that way, she was still naive, too naive to understand what his eyes spoke off.

She always knew him to be strict, particular of everything, in other words he was perfectionist, but also mysterious, something in the way he looked at her was so intriguing, like he was hiding something, some personal notion. It won't be wrong to say that many a times his look sent several shivers down her spine. She was scared of him, something in his demeanor was something kept her on edge with him. A feeling that she felt cross her when ever she was alone with him, like a current, making her heart beat fast then normal, making her breathing hitch. 

But she didn't know what it was, or what it might lead to, but she knew that the end would not be very pleasant. Maybe that was the reason that she kept distance from him, not that he ever tried to remove this distance, nor that he ever gave any such indication, it was rather the other way round. 

She found herself again, as she dressed up and stood infront of the mirror in the bathroom. She looked at herself, her face, her lips swollen from his assault, a prominent hicky on her left collar bone, bright red in color, which she caressed lightly with her fingers, and then covered it with the scarf, not wanting to gain any attention. Her hair all messed up, and then she smiled, a little shy smile, and exited the bathroom.

As she came in the bedroom, she threw a glance over the wall clock, it was only 06:15 AM, Still much time left to leave unnoticed. And then she did the Dangerous, She turned to take a look on the man who took her everything, the first man who touched her on places she, herself hadn't touched, the man who took her to places she ever imagined existed. The man who was now lying deep in sleep, adorned with that innocent look that she had never imagined to witness, the same man, Mighty Raman Kumar Bhalla!

Only if she knew that all this would come to this, than she would have never ignored him, nor his dark eyes that contained secrets, nor the warning of Mihika, her cousin against him, nor she had surrendered herself to her heart. May be it was all her fault, in twenty-four years of her life, she had never thought about boys, atleast not like that. She had friends, but they were only friends, she had admirers, but then she never reciprocated. And then entered the most weird guy in her life, the owner of the Largest MNC, the Great and Mighty, the King of weird, the biggest Weird himself, Raman Kumar Bhalla!, changing her life forever, bringing her to her knees, making her heart his captive, and then brutally butchering it! And after all the torture, taking her most-dear-to-her-life-asset, her virginity!

Why she had to fall for this man? Why she couldn't like Subbu, one of her kind, simple and easy guy? Why she desired the Dark and Dangerous personification of Satin himself, of all? What was she thinking?

But she knew herself too well. she knew she was always weird when it came to selection, and this time she couldn't blame herself for it was not she who had selected him, but it was rather her heart. He was her heart's wish.

Going back to bed, to him in particular looked so tempting, as she stood their taking his form, but then she shrugged, and exited the room, like she was never their, unknown to her that Devil never sleeps!


As the morning air outside hit her face, she grabbed the jacket close to her in a failed attempt to keep herself warm, and then waved and took a taxi, and zoomed away towards her home, knowing full well that now life won't be same, ever!

As she was sitting in the taxi, lost in the memories of past, When all this started, and how she failed miserable to keep her heart to self, a single tear rolled down her eye, as some memories came back to her...

A few days had already passed since she was their working under him, the mighty RKB, and she couldn't figure out yet as to why only she was interviewed for the post of his PA, not that she minded, or she was not enjoying it like anything else. Well enjoying would be such a wrong word to use, but still it was pleasant to be working. He was reserved, and then she noticed, that her job included weird thinks, sending flowers to different clients, or rather models, or who so ever they were, the sorry excuse of women, and also fixing meeting with them, and also weird messages on his behalf. But she never minded, how may they affect her? 

Still He affected her, in some weird way, but he did. They way he was around her, the way he would come to her cabin often, she had seen jealous filled various eyes directed towards her. She always felt weird when ever he would give too much attention to her, may be, it was his way of working, she would conclude. After all why the Billionaire Bhalla do such an admonishing thing towards her, she was not beautiful, or may be she was, but not as beautiful as he was, or his supposedly Girlfriends were, the thought of which filled her with jealousy.

After all what she could expect from mother nature? Wouldn't it be too much to ask for Adonis himself?she let out a chuckle, as she sat in her chair comfortable, working her way on mails, while lost in his thoughts, whose cabin was just across her's, from where she could see him all nine hours, except when some skimpily dressed woman won't go in their, and he would switch blinds over the window panes from the remote.

"Aah! How can she even think about such a man whose is possible involved with half of the women of the world and one to all personifications of Helen and Penelope, and here she stood, a plump figured girl in Legging and Kurta. No wonder no one even acknowledged her, except for few, like the receptionist whose name  she came to know just on the day she joined, to be Jyotsana, or JT as all refer her as.

It was at this point that her intercom rang bringing her back from the reverie, or rather from his thoughts, she immediately picked up the receiver,

"Hello?", she said.

"I want you in my cabin, now!", the serious  voice said.

" Sir," she said and almost ran towards his cabin and then returned in jiffy from reaching the knob and took the writing pad and pen and ran back, unknown to her, that her every move was intently watched over.

She knocked, and entered like always, never receiving an answer or permission.

It was then that the taxi stopped bringing her back from the past thoughts, maybe, if that day she hadn't... but then she let go the thought, after all everything happens for a reason. And with that thought she exited the Car.


She didn't know, if she should go the office, after what happened just last night. Her mother knew that something was wrong, as she saw her entering home that morning, but then she was mother, she stilled the thoughts. May be he wouldn't remember, he was drunk. But What about her? She was not... how can she work around him, how will  she stand in his presence? It would be so weird, she wanted to work, only that would pull her mind off this topic, but then the personification of Last night would be just infront of her. And she knew that she couldn't do anything about it. 

With those thoughts, she dressed up and walked out of her house in order to go to her doom, with fluttering heart, not knowing  what to expect...


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