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Siddharth Shukla, known for his  G r e e k  G o d  l o o k s  a n d  c o o l - d u d e  attitude is an Indian TV Actor and a Model. This handsome hunk, who appears in Indian TV Serials, started a career as a model.  On 12th Dec, , 1980 a star was born .
Siddharth 's feats and accolades are no ordinary feats. He has only gone from pillar to pillar, stronger and is today, a name to reckon with amongst the top brass of actors in the Indian Television Industry. 
A Good Actor is one, who somewhere when acting, stays true to their capabilities and our honest within themselves. One who has a very clear and deep understanding of the character motivation, they are portraying. One who is able to understand how each scene connects together which eventually reflect in acting, be it on screen or stage.


We have no doubts about Siddharth's  talent as an actor and how truly compassionate and honest,  he is  as an  actor. The way he has been able to express his emotions  while playing all his Character's Be it in love u zinge 'or as  shubh ' in Babul ka Aangann,  or Veer -In jaane pehchaane se Ajnabbi or as Shiv  - In Balika vadhu has been remarkable.  Siddharth has an innate capability in him to make the audience  fall in love with the gamut of emotions he portrays.  So, we fall in love with the notion of love, when his character falls in love; cry when he cry; smile when he smile; laugh when he laughs, etc.


Siddharth back into time, as to how and when we fell in love with a magnificent  Actor Siddharth Shukla who has emoted various expressions in his career till date, here are some of the several basic shades of emotions/expressions portrayed by SS.


      Siddharth Shukla is not just a man of charm and good looks but also tenderness and  intelligence. He's been a straggler all his life to strive victory in the tasks he takes up. . Siddharth Shukla is in the pinnacle of his career at present, where he is exploring varied waters, be it his television serial Balika Vadhu where's he's playing the role of Shivraj Shekhar the charming, effervescent collector, or the dance reality show JDJ which he participated last year and acquired the art of dancing, which so far had been a non-passable  rocky mound in his view, that he had been staying away concluding that he's not made for it nor his Holocene  re-entry into Bollywood with a plump three films deal in the hands of the prestigious Dharma productions., Siddharth Shukla is on his path to stardom, his sternness and trust assures us that he cannot go wrong this time. He's chosen to act by Karan Johar in his movie, and it was pretty much translucent from KJ's words and gestures he was impressed with Siddharth's charming heroic looks, when he had openly acknowledged that Siddharth Shukla is a hero material, flaming the hopes and desires of many of his fans to on-look their ideal on the silver screen soon. 

             Siddharth had loving parents, two elder sisters who showered him with love and affection. He was pampered by three women in his household, which has forged him in being a courteous, friendly person to all the lovely ladies he's been working with. Siddharth Shukla born in a middle class family, lost his dad in a young age, and was burdened to earn for a living. Being the perfect family man, he searched for ways to earn and also to shine bright in this competitive world. He did modeling and intended to sharpen his natural aptitude and skills further, he participated in Gladrags Manhunt which was held in Turkey in 2005 and with his unfailing smartness he won the title. Modeling laid a huge platform for Siddharth Shukla and brought him more feathers in his cap. It also brought the opportunities for his next destination, he was casted as the male lead in his debut film, I am in love., And with the significance with this movie's title, whoever see him fall in love with him. Even though the film didn't do well, he didn't lose his heart or confidence as he was blessed with a huge self assurance about himself. As a next step in his life, Siddharth did quite a few famous commercials for popular brands like Bajaj, Fair&Lovely, ICICI, Siyarams, Krack cream etc.,

         After this he arrived to his final and the most significant destination called the tellyworld, in which he's a most popular shining star. Siddharth Shukla got selected as the male lead of Ratan Sinha's Babul ka Aangann Chootet Na as the main lead named Shubh. Even though he was new to acting, he tried his best., Since the shiv wasn't a bug success he surfed for new possibilities, he wanted to shine more brighter, thus he ended up in several shows like NDTV Imagine's EK Packet Umeed,  Star Show's JPSAN.. Though these shows brought him lukewarm responses and appreciation, Siddharth  Shukla wanted to stun the world with something great and the best ever in the tellyworld. And thus he grabbed the opportunity of doing the legendary Shivraj Shekhar in Balika Vadhu the show of a child bride Anandi.
He stole not just Anandi's heart but has stolen million of hearts with his extraordinary portrayal of his character Shiv. I being a hardcore Shiv fan would love to renounce that Shiv has been the best ever male character I've ever seen in the serial world. Siddharth Shukla lives as Shuv  rather acting, and that's how we get connected to him sooner and grow fond of him from the moment we set our eyes on him. 

     The journey so far as been a long and entrancing one. He has seen some big losses, huge failures, and enduring tasks in his life. But he never let his heart or confidence fail him. His trials and luck have finally showered him with success. His destiny has played a great role in his failures and hard works resulted him with success. He has loved and been loved by near and dear ones. Fallen in and out of love too. Life has never made him starve for love though as he has the love of millions of his endearing fans. Though failing fate pulled him back with crudity and coarse his persistence to knock at the every possible destination and craving for successful continued. His journey wasn't an easy one but had many pricks and thorns aligned in a row in his path ahead, which he has successfully crossed with his head held high with a stupendous will power and self confidence. He never concluded himself a loser, he never dropped back in disappointment,  he never lost his hope but continued to put us all under his magic spell and trample all of us with his scintillating abilities. He had lost a ray of hope in the name of his fathers demise at a very young age, but a hand of love from his mother never left him, she guided him to what he is been standing now. Her hand didn't shook him off at the time of dire needs and never retreated her blessing hand off him. Today as he's dazzling as a victorious star, he still conducts himself well and down to earth. Siddharth Shukla wants to people to remember him not just as a man who is success as an actor but also for the love for his family he has deep rooted in his heart.

Siddharth Shukla certainly got to play some very good roles in his past, which he played so naturally and uniquely beautiful. His portrayal as Shivraj Shekhar will definitely withstand in time as it's sculptured not just in our memories but also hearts and souls. Every viewer got hooked to balika vadhu once he stamped his presence in the show and were glued on to their television sets like a metal attracted to the magnet. Your extreme good looks and charm was a bait to the fans as they got hooked up to the show like a fish which falls prey to its fantasy., in a similar way we fall prey upon your charm and have still not hooked off of it.  His extreme good looks, scrutinizing eyes, a scintillating smile scorch us with its intensity and magnanimity. 

     There should be a very special mention about his smile, which his the best, innocent, charming smile we've ever seen. It's intensity and innocence make us blush, his big broad teeth are very fondly teased a bunny sized which we all love the most. Next comes his hot bod, which can be given a ten on ten. His toned muscles, perfectly shaped Six packs make him look like a Greek god in the making. 
Nobody can repent upon admiring him, since it's the unavoidable as they set their eyes upon him. Overall he's one of the best creations of god in this human species filled world. We cannot help but gaze with utmost admiration at this tall, dusky, and exceptionally handsome man. His strong determination as shattered all the obstacles which were laid upon him. He is Siddharth Shukla and he makes the mist hardened hearts to scream for him. Life is a battle and it needs to be fought with hard and strong will. We come across many with a faint heart and undoubtedly they vanish without a trace. There are a very few who impress us with their skills, and Siddharth is among them who has not just impressed us but also left an everlasting mark and occupied a permanent place in our hearts as our all time favorite.

              This entire journey has not been easy, he's  not an actor who has come with a media or a filmi background. His success can't be considered as an easier entitlement. He wasn't a person who can be showed off with just he came and conquered tag. Coz he fought long and tried hard to conquer. He struggled, he learned, he worked hard and then he conquered. And Infact he still continues to struggle as many aren't digesting his attainments. But it disentangle matter to him as he still works and strives hard to excel his own past deeds. As fans our journey with Siddharth Shukla has been a most entertaining and endearing one. The relationship we share, the bond we share with him is filled with trust and love. Which he has gained with lots of difficulties and developed over the years. Our faith in him not just as an actor but also as an individual would never exhaust. Which was clearly visible when he entered JDJ. Though being a non dancer, Siddharth entered the show as he saw it as a platform for his future endeavors. He worked hard, twisted and twirled his muscled up bod, and got to learn the knack of the dancing art. His fans never fans never let him down and stayed with him as a pillar of strength throughout the journey and helped him surpass the competition with their votes. Even if he didn't win the completion Siddharth won a millions of hearts with his real life personality which was showcased on the JDJ stage. He'll be a winner always for his fans for a great human being he is. 

Many consider him to be a showpiece of his hot bod, but this man has proved he's much more than a just hot hunk. He's proved time and again that he's got much more than  which meet our eyes.  Glamour world is a combative stage where nobody hesitates to throw tantrums  on their rivals. Siddharth wasn't spared from this either, he has been rumored to have illicit affairs with various co-actors of his, right from his debut show to the present. But his genuineness and loyalty never wavered, with the help of his tender hearted family. Moreover he has huge support in the name of his thousands of fans who appreciate and support him at his every possible stride. We wish you all the best for your future projects and also wish the current ones with all the success.


This man who is called  Siddharth Shukla  needs no introduction...After stealing millions of Hearts on the Television.

Born on the 12th of  December  Nobody ever predicted that this boy will be the reason to live , to smile for the millions of people Nobody ever knew that a STAR was born on that day But today after knowing Siddharth , his achievements , the world knows it is BLESSED with one of the FINEST ACTORS & finest human-being

The world was a beautiful paradise., but with a few shortcomings.  And that's when god realized that he needed to make it more pleasant, that's when he decided to create the most hottest hunk and smart  and Very  good looking  man who rules the millions  hearts  Siddharth Shukla to the world. He's a complete package of good looks, magnetic eyes, and the most mesmerizing smile we've ever seen. He's a heart stealer of millions  young women who go weak in their knees with just a look at him. You have an amazing, lingering presence which lighten up everyone's spirits. As an actor you perform your characters at your best, so it makes the viewers love you and go crazier even more.

Siddharth Shukla A   special Treasure to the world
He is  indeed are a perfect work of art"God's masterpiece.

who rules the millions of heart

  His presence on this earth  bring a special  delightful color to the millions of peoples life  ,

The name Siddharth Shukla  is  something that made the people feel to fall in love with that person who has burned the screen with his incredible hotness but he himself remained calm and serine like ocean
He is  a deep oceans  like  sometimes its difficult to understand about him 
The charm  of his  grace  is that of a million diamonds glittering in the sun
Each reflecting its own ray of light making brilliant patterns
Light can be defined without sun. Sweetness can be defined without honey. Fragrance can be defined without a rose, but beauty cannot be defined without him.
  the charm of his it  amazes the world
 He have  incomparable  spectacular  Personality which Nobody ever   match him

He  have a look like   international   star features
 He is 6.2 inch above tall  superlative masculine! His broad shoulders in perfect proportion to his entire body. His chiseled face and strong high cheekbones just scream out against the existence of wrinkles.

Masculinity overpowers his features so amazingly.His body,his face astonishingly  charming & cuts and his built.But yet what makes him more desirable is his  killer smile and the way he emotes through his  most  beautiful eyes

He oozes with masculinity. In fact, his a walking, talking and breathing epitome of masculinity. You could close your eyes and sense a male presence, that is how strong his 'maleness' is.
He is the Greek God personified 
The way his eyes crinkle in the corner when he smiles displaying those brilliant Colgate teeth makes the  scream into pillow.

The  continues to buckle under the glare of his golden brown eyes. 
His drake brown  eyes reflect the purity of your heart and your smile reflect your innocence, your acting has always touched the millions of  heart..

  he is true inspiration to everyone out there and a real fighter.
Your one smile brings smile on millions of faces who adore you.
  he is an extremely dynamic, talented and disciplined actor
The man who born to capture hearts of million of people

The man who born to the rule  millions of  hearts

He is  a Most Desirable man in the world

The charm of his internal and external beauty like   a Diamond  he is  more precious   than diamond , ocean  The man of dream of everyheart  and  he is everyheart  desire
He is a  the dream man of every woman heart 

 He is epitome of Grace,beauty , talent
He is a bright star like Sun , who rules millions of hearts, there is no debate
He Presence  fills the millions of   hearts with   exultation
The  presence of his brightness  in the world  is God's blessing 


 The man with marvelous perfect body, a perfect  man

  The most appealing physique,deep and sexy features
its   caught the  attention to millions of hearts

 the wild flower, rare, beautiful, and surprising.
he stands strong and distinguished amongst the rest.
 his  natural yet subtle beauty entrancing, The clarity of Nature once again is manifest.
The analogy yields to the beauty within, Visions of an infinitely complex fractal recursion fall short.
All attempts to describe implode before they begin, Analytically intractable, impenetrable by thought.

 The Eyes are the mirror to the soul

This cannot get any more truer when it comes to him.

Who needs words when you are an owner of such expressive eyes.

Eyes that display every true emotion so clearly as if you can see through them.

His  eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness.
 He have so dreamy most beautiful  expressive eyes  which speak Millions of words 

His beautiful eyes lighting up with millions of stars and his captivating smile reaching those incredibly expressive eyes,

Those Most deepest beautiful Eyes the Shining  of the Star 
His  Beautiful eyes are  like  the sky when the sun is Shinning Bright 
The eyes that speak volumes... 
His eyes Reflect  his Pure  Soul
Those eyes shine brightly that shines like rainbows,
with the peculiar ability to suddenly cheer me up.

Sparkling eyes, catching heavens stars Iridescence globes admired from afar

Two beacons of beauty holding truth Bound across sky as intense quasars

Sparkling eyes, sets fire of the wind Precious gaze bringing ours soul mend

Reaching out acquiring ours  heart Sparkling eyes, twinkling of delight

Growing drowsy with pending midnight Slowly giving in surrendering to sleep

Before long to open seizing stars light 
'His eyes are an ocean in which his dreams are reflected''
His eyes are as mysterious as the calm sea
Everything about him is so very precious,
   Indeed  are a perfect work of art"God's masterpiece.
More precious than all the gems in the world
His soul is the essence of the sky and earth,
His feelings are a volcano that is yet to explode
His smile is the smile of lost innocence.
He is a charmer  a perfectionist when it comes to his work.
The man with a golden  heart.

An honest and a good human being.

 A man  a  fair  attitude to life & peoples
What makes him special..what makes him different..What sets him apart from the rest is the wonderful trait that he has...Simplicity He is one person who has no starry airs..A simple man who chooses to live in a simple manner..No attitude..Completely down to Earth..Always giving..
Making others happy..Spreading cheer and joy around..Will never hurt anyone..And just be himself..
He is exactly the same person that he was before attaining this stardom..Nothing seems to have changed..Its this humility &simplicity which makes him the person Siddharth is today..
This quality of Siddharth will surely take him places and earn him the love and appreciation of everyone around him..
Who always gave the credit of his success to the writer and his fans,in a world where all people wants is acclaims.He is such a gem of a person.
Who believes in making people smile.

Honesty and simplicity are parts of his style as well
You're all these and in you they dwell;
A smile as bright as sunshine;
God gave us a  Most PRECIOUS gift & Blessing to the world when he was born

A treasure to behold... A story forever told

That's Siddharth Shukla

The one with a heart of gold!!!


The most beautiful one in all the world
With a loving heart, a pretty smile his endearing smile,

Each smile from heart no doubt...Nothing superficial about this lad;

He's a gem inside and out.

  H e is the man of  the dreams  of everyheart
Who is a dream of everyone mind & heart
 who is  a Love and desire of  millions of heart He is  indeed are a perfect work of art"God's masterpiece.

who rules the millions of heart

he in himself being a masterpiece of God's work
  he is a fine line that holds beauty
So fragile it seems, yet so pretty.

   he is the wind that grace the meadows
Of thoughts and lights up weary shadows;
   he is the sun after the dark night
That lights up everything in sight.
 the charming beauty  personified in earth
are the life that sprouts in spring
And all the joys that life brings.
  he is the song the nightingales sing;
The melody on a lyre's string.

 The man with quintessential good looks and a golden heart.
An actor is one who puts his soul into the character
the brightness of his  purity,

No words enough to describe  about the  man  who carry it with him , without him it flies
The man who entered to capture hearts of million of people
Here's wishing you joy and delight;
Best wishes and love's precious light;
May you be showered with love wherever you go;
And respect for you,may evermore grow

He is  indeed are a perfect work of art"God's masterpiece.

who rules the millions of heart

He is definitely an art of perfection and one very talented and stunning actor

 Siddharth Shukla A name so familiar to millions all over the world.

 When He came on  the  screen and took our hearts away forever.

Siddharth Shukla - an arduous journey 
Siddharth Shukla  a  name to reckon with.At times we feel what is so special about this celebrity that our heart receives palpitation & we turn oversensitive for him who witnessed series of topsy turvy events in his career. He started his journey as a model & made his mark in the glamour world.Consequently he was seen in lots of advertisements. It is often said that man proposes & God disposes.This was proved when he felt that his career is stabilising, he faltered by signing some wrong projects in bollywood resulting into a big disaster.His career came almost to a halt and he went into oblivion.
If this was not enough, there were setbacks in store on personal front by way of loss of father.Suddenly the responsibility of the family fell on his shoulders & Sid being a man of commitments did not shudder nor lost in disillusionment.He gave up the idea of joining acting school due to monetary constraints & decided to join television industry. He did try his luck in a few daily soaps.Though his character made a mark,it was not of much relevance as the soaps flopped. Being a man of strong will power & determination,he did not loose hope & finally ( as it is said God helps those who help themselves) destiny smiled on him  as he got the opportunity to enact the role of SRS in BV.
The character & show was the turning point in Sid's career.The  expressions in acting and goodlooks  received overwhelming accolades. His pairing with Yusha & their amazing chemistry received raving response which subsequently fetched them various awards.His fan base grew in millions. The year 2012 belonged to our Hero & he received recognition cutting across age groups fetching him various awards for his stupendous performance in BV. Sid showed his camaraderie & rendered full support to the Toral after Pratyusha departed from the show.Luckily, the opportunity came in his way to participate in JDJ which was a heartening news for his fans. His opening act impressed the Judges but the subsequent ones had a mix response. For us,all his performances were great keeping in mind that he was a complete non dancer with no formal training in dancing.Sid's large fan base appreciated his performance and ensured his continuance in the show. In order to rebuff his detractors, he had to escalate the challenges and geared up to showcase one of the most difficult act. This was not for his doing and ultimately he bowed out on his own will. We saw how our hero never lost his cool & took each comments & weird jokes in his stride.
Friends i have tried to compile Sid's roller coaster journey in my writing which is an inspiration for all of can appreciate that I am not an avid writer and as such expect you to please bear the  expressions.Sid has to see lot of success since he has worked hard to achieve & he will reap in the best way. We wish our Hero soon finds his soulmate & lead a blissful life
  There's indifference, alike when he fails or succeeds, 
And attention full ten times as much as there needs; 
Pride where there's no envy, there's so much of joy; 
And mildness, and spirit both forward and coy

The man who knows to achieve success with his hard-work & determination... if you want something with all your heart you tend to achieve it..Siddharth with his hard-work has proved it to all of us that nothing is impossible...Impossible itself means I'  AM Possible.Love makes the world go round it's is very true. It's is our driving force, for what ever reason it may be. Poems, plays, and legends can only briefly touch the true meaning of love. We can only feel what that meaning is, and express it in ways only we can understand towards another. The true question we should be asking is not, what life is, but what love is. For us 'Siddharthvians' Love is synonymous to Siddharth and vice versa."Siddharth"that's a name that is a part of our lives so much so that every time we think of ourselves we come to think of him..Life has changed so much from being a fan to now being a friend. What was randomly a glimpse of yet another telly star has come to grow as a beautiful relation that is ever growing. All of us at some or the other stage has been searching for meanings of love and little did we know that all that meaning of love would get embodied in just one name 'Siddharth'. Everything seems to revolve, begin and end on this one name'

Siddharth Shukla King of emotions he certainly is, none can portray them better than him. From sadness to anger, happiness to passion, jealousy to love, he is a master of all. He makes you cry with his character, laugh with it, feel the anger rise when he is angry and experience the passion with it! He gives life to his characters through his beautiful portrayal of emotions. It was about time he got his rightful due! But we hope and pray this is only the beginning of a long and successful career ahead!
Siddharthfans, it's a new world, we can show , the world Shining, shimmering, splendid..We can open our eyes but Siddharth has taken us wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.

No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming, a whole new world a dazzling place we never knew but when we are way up here, It's crystal clear that now we in this whole new world with you at the center, people of so many cultures and religions have come together, now we are in a whole new world with Siddharth unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, soaring, tumbling, free wheeling  through an endless diamond sky, a whole new world,

His charming smile, lively eyes and a positive attitude hid all the obstacles he must have faced on the way. His name is Siddharth shukla, and he will make even the toughest hearts scream.

Love makes the world go round it's is very true. It's is our driving force, for what ever reason it may be. Poems, plays, and legends can only briefly touch the true meaning of love. We can only feel what that meaning is, and express it in ways only we can understand towards another. The true question we should be asking is not, what life is, but what love is. For us 'Siddharthvians' Love is synonymous to Siddharth and vice versa."Siddharth"that's a name that is a part of our lives so much so that every time we think of ourselves we come to think of him..Life has changed so much from being a fan to now being a friend. What was randomly a glimpse of yet another telly star has come to grow as a beautiful relation that is ever growing. All of us at some or the other stage has been searching for meanings of love and little did we know that all that meaning of love would get embodied in just one name 'Siddharth'. Everything seems to revolve, begin and end on this one name'

Siddharth Shukla King of emotions he certainly is, none can portray them better than him. From sadness to anger, happiness to passion, jealousy to love, he is a master of all. He makes you cry with his character, laugh with it, feel the anger rise when he is angry and experience the passion with it! He gives life to his characters through his beautiful portrayal of emotions. It was about time he got his rightful due! But we hope and pray this is only the beginning of a long and successful career ahead!
Siddharthfans, it's a new world, we can show , the world Shining, shimmering, splendid..We can open our eyes but Siddharth has taken us wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming, a whole new world a dazzling place we never knew but when we are way up here, It's crystal clear that now we in this whole new world with you at the center, people of so many cultures and religions have come together, now we are in a whole new world with Siddharth unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, soaring, tumbling, free wheeling through an endless diamond sky, a whole new world

Multifaceted -Thy name is Siddharth

Siddharth Shukla, I may sound repetitive but let us place our palm on our heart & give an honest answer to this question.What  is so special about him that he has succeeded to make permanent inroad in our heart. Whether it is for his debonair personality, distinguished acting and endearing  expression or all of them. But there are so many celebrities endowed with such qualities. Have they been so appealing to us. 
 Sid stands apart for his demureness, humbleness, his intelligence & most importantly his acceptance that he himself was responsible for his failures.In the recently concluded ITA awards, we saw the humble expression of our Hero which illustrated his gratitude & longingness for the same. He bore  almost the same expression in the GPA albeit, a little more confident .When Sid met his best friend KSG, the brightness  on his face & fondness for his long time best friend was felt by us & we could corelate our feelings..Such is the simplicity of our Hero that anyone can feel & fall for him.
 Friends, now let us come to his most fascinating quality that holds him stand apart i.e. the intelligence of this celebrity. Majority of us follow him on twitter. Have you all noticed how well informed he is, be it the political,social,economic or the cultural affairs of our country. His regular tweets on pertinent issues like Indo Pak current ceasefire violations, posing questions to the leader of opposition Ms. Sushma Swaraj on the controversial bill granting relief to convicted  elected representatives, expression of his concerns on unending tolerance of India  to  Pak  sponsored terrorism, so on & so forth. I hope all of you will agree that  this level of  IQ  is far beyond normal  in the entertainment industry. His interest in sports is known to all of us when he himself confirmed that he regularly follows news & sports channel, when he jubilantly tweeted on the victory of a particular sportsperson which was felt as offensive by  some of his fans. We Siddians are not blind &  these are  facts  and  no exaggeration. All of us  must also have realised by his regular tweets how he never misses to wish his fans on all the festivals big or small that denotes his association,camaraderie and responsiveness. These small gestures make him stand tall in the crowd and  overwhelms us with emotions.
Regarding Sid's love life, when he was asked about the qualities he would like to see in his life partner,  his answer was straight with the simple  desire that she should love him. On this count, many Siddians are eligible to qualify but you have to appear before the interview board consisting of his mother & sisters.I don't think our Siddians would face a tough time to impress them .On a serious note his love life has been crystal clear with hardly any real controversies. Wish the lady in his life brings all happiness to him. 
 Friends, Siddharth has reached so far by dint of his hard work,sustaining his failures & also repenting when he said in one of  his tweets that' Bollywood seems to be unforgiving'. This single sentence ached our hearts hence let  us pray & wish may the almighty bless him with golden wings so that he flies higher & higher without loosing the sight of the ground.
While concluding, I humbly accept your overwhelming appreciation for my writing. You all have been  extremely  kind & magnanimous  as my writing is  largely an aggregation of facts like a bird's effort for making a nest. I am aware that the straw is far more important and as such I accept your appreciation with all humility at my command. I am sure that you would keep this in view and  bear with the expressions.

"The man with the mesmerizing eyes and intoxicating smile who has stolen our hearts and captured our souls...a stunning personality as humble as can be, that's why Siddharth Shukla.
Siddharth Shukla is considered as one of the hottest and most good looking men in the tellywood industry. With a physique that matches up to international standards, and great looks that resembles to that of the Greek God, Siddharth can make females of all age group go weak on their knees. He is such real good looking man . he is beyond Doubt extremely good looker 
Siddharth Shukla girls simply can't get enough of this actor who has good looks beyond imagination. SRS of Balika vadhu the talented lad has a huge fan following and given his stunning physique; he is indeed hot body Siddharth Shukla has the looks that women can't help adoring, and a body which is highly appealing.That can surely be attributed to his dedication towards work outs.Siddharth has seen many ups and Downs in his career Playing different shades of Characters Siddharth has proved his versatility and his talent .being the very popular 'Siddharth Shukla aka Shiv ' who now stays in every gurl's hearts** He has surely risen through sheer hard work and sincerity*


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Siddharth Shukla

      Name :-Sidharth Shukla

      Date of birth:-12th of December,1980.

     Height:- 6,2 inc Above

   Weight :-70 kg.(Approx.)

.      Religion :-Hindu


     Nationality :-Indian

      Originally from:-Allahabad,Uttar Pradesh,India

.      Born n brought up in:-Mumbai,Maharastra, India


  Hair Color:-Black

.  Eye color:-Dark Brown

.  Zodiac Sign:-Sagittarius

 Marital Status:-Single

.  Extra-curriculum activities:-He was a very good sportsman and represented his school in state level football and tabel tennis. Even played first division football also. He played against AC Milan's under-19 team on their Mumbai visit as part of Festa Italiana.

.  Recreation:-Watching Movies , News  and Reading News paper.

  Special interest :-Interior Design and latest fashion

 School :- St. Xavier's High School, Fort ,Mumbai.

 College :-Rachna Sansad.(He had done his Graduation in interior designing after that he worked in a interior designing company in Mumbai  for a couple of years ).

.  Favourite Dish - Lemon chicken

  Favourite Color- White and yellow

   Siddharth Shukla who  born on 12th December, 1980 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is youngest among 3 siblings after 2 elder sisters. Siddharth was very naughty as a child. He was a good sportsperson in his school and college days and represented his school in table tennis and football.

Siddharth started his carrier as Model. He is the first runner up of 2004 Gladrags Manhunt Contest. In 2005 he won the title of Best Model of the World, and he is the first Asian to win that title. In 2007, Siddharth made his acting debut in a movie I am in Love as Akash. The film did not do well at the box office.

Siddharth lost his father due to which all responsibility of his family came on his shoulders. This is when he dropped the idea of joining acting school and decided to join television industry.  In 2008, he made his debute on television with Babul Ka Aangan Chootey Na as Shubh Ranawat. In 2009, he was seen in Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi as Veer Vardhan Singh. Then in 2011, he was seen as Rahul Kashyap in Love U Zindagi. Although his characters make a mark, it was not of much relevance. Siddharth got recognition and success in 2012 when he joined Balika Vadhu as Shivraj Shekhar, a larger than life character. In 2013 he joined Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 6, a dancing reality show as a contestant. Although he was a non dancer, he improved a lot during the show. While doing TV shows, he also did various commercials like Bajaj, Fair & Lovely, ICICI, Siyarams, Krack Cream, Monte Carlo etc.

Siddharth never blamed anyone else for his failure. He is very down to earth, humble and hard working person. He is pretty aware of the current issues in our society. May be that is the reason for his success. He is having a great physic and features like tall, dark and handsome that girls go week in their knees for him. Siddharth is still unmarried and currently living with his Mother.

U undoubtedly got to play some extremely unique characters, each portrayed so beautifully and differently from the other. Portrayals that will definitely withstand time.  The characters and ur performances were definitely the bait, and didn't we just love being hooked. It is also without doubt ur extremely good looks, right from ur eyes,that scorch us with its intensity, to ur superbly shaped lips, which relaxes to give the world's most beautiful smile and

blush or stiffens in anger,

that slight bulging nerve near the corner of ur right eye,

Then we have ur physique, definitely the steroid pumped artificial eight pack abs, a perfect well toned body U are this beautiful specimen of the male species.

Cannot help but admire this magnificent creation of God.

Modeling:-He started his career in Modeling in the year of 2004 at the age of 23.He participated in Cuffe Parade Fashion contest, but he could not win the crown. Then he got selected for a campaign with Pantaloons. After that he won the 1st runner up crown in "Gladrags National Manhunt" contest. He became "All rounder" crown winner in Manhunt international too. On December 9 ,2005 at the age of 25 he won the crown of " world's best model " Contest in Istambul , turkey. He was the 1st Asian only Indian who has won that crown till now. After that he did many TV and news printed commercials .He is the only Indian model who shot for his ad commercial on the great wall of China.

he modelling & endorsements ranging from Moblies tohave done the ad Commercials for ICICI , General -Air conditioner, Kohinoor Condom , VIP luggage etc.

he's associated with renowned brands like Reliance , Chevrolet Spark , Kalyani VIP bags ,, Big Bazaar , Pepsi , his  modelling career was going equally strong for his  great  looks . He has been ramp walking in  many big fashion week   

   Siddharth Shukla in Fair And lovely Ad,

Siddharth Shukla in crack cream ad

 Siddharth Shukla in bajaj Avenger

      Siddharth Shukla in Skoda Fabia ad

.       Siddharth Shukla in saravana Stors ad

       Siddharth Shukla in Siyaram's Ad:

    Siddharth Shukla in Monte carlo ad:





Siddharth Shukla A charmer blessed with intense good looks,this hottest  hunk  enter in the Colors channel top show Balika vadhu   14 may 2012 after his super hit entry  made  millions  of  peoples  interested to watch the show , he rise the TRPS  up  the stolen millions of peoples  hearts  & he give his soul & heart on  SRS  characters  he gave a  the new definition  of the Balika Vadhu  and  to created a  unmatchable chemistry with partyusha their fans give this jodi name Sidyusha ,when they both in onscreen in  the show The TRPS  touch the sky , Siddharth have  get more  hug fan following   from the JDJ hE   made the  most of youngest  peoples especially young   GIRLS /lady  dying to watch him regular  He created a new  Recorded  and   managed to became the Face of Colors within short period & continues to hold this position on the channel . He has been seen many colors event , He has been seen many others actives of Colors channels
he also  parts of many colors  event   he rock in the  GoldeN Petal Awards 2012 * 2013, 2013 -2014 

  World   Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men Siddharth Shukla featuring  in top 50  his rank 42 

There's no argument that Siddharth Shukla is one of the sexiest men in the industry. He is Very good looking, smart and sexy and with his baritone, any girl can fall for him. Siddharth Shukla also gets to portray the perfect beta and pati on Balika Vadhu making him enter every girl's dream wherein he rides a white horse in a misty background. Dreams apart, he has managed to make his fan following strong after his appearance on Jhalak last season.after his debut movie HSKD his popularity touch  the sky high  he getting more famous
He can burn anyone with those sexy eyes and has a body to die for.  }


Siddharth Shukla started his career from ramp and modelling assignments and made his entry into TV world with Sony TV's 'Kahbi Aaye Na Judai'.  Siddharth Shukla best know for his roles as Veer in 'Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi', STAR One and as Shubh in 'Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na', Sony TV. The artist who stands out as the best among equals in the serial 'Jaane Pehchane Se Ajnabi' is the main lead Siddharth Shukla. His acting is being appreciated by all. Siddharth Shukla was crowned Best Model of the World after beating 40 aspirants from across Asia, Latin America, and Europe in Istanbul (Turkey). (BCCL Photo) Siddharth Shukla is perhaps the only Indian model to shoot at the Great Wall of China. (BCCL PhotoHe was the runner-up at the Gladrags Manhunt. (BCCL Photo) The sportsman: Siddharth Shukla represented his school in table-tennis and even played first division football.
 The Man  has starting his professional life  since  so early  state age of his life ,  he started career with modeling and the first contest that I participated in was the Gladrags Manhunt in 2004.

its  happened to win the competition which was a gate pass for Siddharth Shukla  to the big ticket show Best Model Of The World in Turkey in December 2005. This was one title that not a single Asian had ever won.I became the first Asian to have won the Best Model Of The World title. It was a very proud feeling especially because  Siddharth Shukla  was representing  his country there. I also say that  he was representing his country there as everybody in that foreign country addressed himas the Indian boy. This clearly stated he was not Siddharth Shukla but I was an Indian in a foreign country.

That moment was indeed a very special moment of his life as he got to represent his country in a small way through this and eventually take the tag back home.
Back home, he got a warm welcome from one and all. Phone calls kept coming in and so did offers. In the middle of modeling, acting happened. he is  not a trained actor but he is  of the view that one learns more practically and that's exactly how he  have learn. ...

Siddharth Shukla   represented  various company protect ,, add  max fashion clothe ,

Drashti Dhami and Siddharth Shukla at WALS project;on what women want & encourages to shave , Siddhartth Shukla has been  judge various  reality event show in  the   india various  city  like Lucknow, Bangalore ,  Ahmadabad; Punjab  ect , Siddharth Shukla going to support  various  social work  rated  fashion  week  he has been ramp walk ,

Siddharth Shukla at Times Good Food Awards red carpet

Siddharth Shukla at GR8 Calendar launch in Club Millennium, Mumbai on 6th Jan 2014
Siddharth Shukla  at Filmfare Awards Nomination Bash in Mumbai on 15th Jan 2014

Siddharth Shukla  has been represent  various fashion show , awards  festival event ,  he got  high price  to his little  appearances  in any events, or public appearances,

Siddharth Shukla  has been  judges  many  show in various city of india- organizer invited him to come  various different show , event  faction ,   various awards , tv  or film   he has been performance

 Siddharth Shukla judges a male hunt event too

2010  India telly awards performances with karan tacker


2012  Gold Awards performances with Pooja

2013 Golden petal awards  performance with Viven desen

2013 Golden petal awards  performances with Pratyusha Baneerjee 

2013  colors rage barse , holi special  performance  with Toral

Siddharth Shukla he represent  various social message promo , he promoted his  balika vadhu ,  he  has been promoting  various colors show s

2014 India telly awards performance with  his co actor & groups  performance too 

2014 GPA  performance

Siddharth  managed to became the Face of Colors within short period & continues to hold this position on the channel .

 he has not only limited her accomplishments to television  show . he  has became  judges for various show event ,  he give the support all social event     where he attended workshops & walked the ramp for the social cause .Siddharth Shukla pledges with a Soldier for Women to stand up and respect women

 he became Brand Ambassado  of Gillette he has event  going to join various event to promoted  Gillette
He has been walking ram walk to  Max festive  collection

 This year he also debut as  host Anchor in life ok  channel
 He has been hosting  new session of Savdhaan India - Fight Back After making a mark in modelling, television and Bollywood, Siddharth now turns to anchoring with this show. He will bring alive the stories of common people who fought against crime.In the past,

2013 Siddharth Shukla  got one more achievement There are Zillions of peoples around in the world searching him he got just two 20,000,000 , Siddharth Shukla  enter in most famous actor in the world rank  and Most searing male actor on  google Siddharth Shukla 

 Siddharth Shukla  is Most good looking Actor , Tall, broad shouldered and Greek God in looks, . He has the looks that women can't help adoring, and a body which is highly appealing. His great physics & perfect charm to die for..He has just the right sensuous looks and a body that complements it. He is Godly, has heavenly features and has a physique that is indeed a "wow". He is full of sex appeal. His hot body  with his killer looks make him immensely desirable.
Siddharth Shukla is considered as one of the hottest and most good looking men in the tellywood industry. With a physique that matches up to international standards, and great looks that resembles to that of the Greek God, Siddharth can make females of all age group go weak on their knees


 BIG STAR MOST ENTERTAINING TV actor male category

StarDust Awards for best supporting Roles males of the year 2014
Star Guild Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series The best actor (Male ) 2013

Apsara Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series 2013he Best Actor in a Drama
The Time of indiaThe Best Actor (Male )

 7th Boroplus Gold Awards 2014 The Best Actor (Male )

7th Boroplus Gold Awards 2014The Most Fit Actor( Male

7th Boroplus Gold Awards 2014 The Most Popular Jodi

Time Most Desirable men Most Desirable Man

The Golden Petal Awards Most Lokpriya Face Male Actor 2014

The Golden Petal AwardsMost Lokpriya Jodi (Shiv and Anadhi 2014

2014 Garv Indian TV Awards- GR8 Face Male ..

6th Boroplus Gold Awards 2013The Best Television Personality

The ITA Awards The Indian Television Academy AwardsGR8! Performer of the Year - Male

India TV Yuva AwardsThe Best Actor Male 2013

- Apsara Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series 2013

Colors Golden Petal Awards- LokPriya Face Male 2013

Colors Golden Petal Awards- Most Jaanbaaz Personality 2013

Colors Golden Petal Awards- Lok Priya Jodi along with pratyusha Banerjee 2013

Colors Golden Petal Awards- Lokpriya Face Male 2013

Siddharth Shukla Won the Awards

Best Breakthrough performance in a supporting role at the Stardust Awards.

2005 Best Model of The World-First Asian to win the 2005 Title

Gladrags Manhunt Contest
First runner up

7th Boroplus Gold Awards 2014The Most Fit Actor( Male

Time Most Desirable men Most Desirable Man  rank 34

The Golden Petal Awards Most Lokpriya Face Male Actor 2014

2014 Garv Indian TV Awards- GR8 Face Male ...Winners of Garv Indian TV Awards 2014

2013 Indian Television Academy Awards - GR8 Performer of the year Male

6th Boroplus Gold Awards 2013The Best Television Personality

2013 jhalak People's Winner Award

2013 India TV Yuva Award- Best Actor

Colors Golden Petal Awards- Lok Priya Jodi along with pratyusha Banerjee 2013

Colors Golden Petal Awards- Lokpriya Face Male 2013

  Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men Siddharth Shukla featuring  in top 50  his rank 42 

TimesCelebex @TimesCelebexenters the Top 50 on Siddharth Shukla rank 31
He made it to Times Celebex list
Forbes India Siddharth Shukla  long list of 1100 celebrities that make it to the Forbes India Celebrity 100 nominees list

on the prestigious Times Most Desirable list to 50 Siddarth Shukla for gaining the 34th position in india's 50 most desirable men list.
  This year  Siddharth Shukla  has been featuring various   on top  Mandate magazineFilmfare Magazine, Stardust , Siddharth Shukla features on Starweek Cover Page too ,

Features 100 ASIA'S SEXIST MEN LIST 2012

Top10  Most good looking handsome hunk on tv TV hotties 2012
Features top 10 hottest body male on tv 2012

 Top 10 Eligible Bachelors of Indian Television 2014

The top 15 strongest performers of the year in the male

Features Top 10 Hottest Hunks on the TV

Eligible Bachelors of Indian Television 2014

2013 Top 10 Most Desirable man

2014 Siddharth Shukla has signed a 3 film deal with Karan Johar's Dharma Productions

Siddharth Shukla who got terrific great  reviews for his large-screen debut in  Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya I Strongly believe  The learn to see each challenge as an opportunity to become stronger and more capable, everything changes. We can use challenging situations to unlock our untapped strengths and abilities. Each time we do this it will increase our confidence  until we begin to see most challenges as opportunities to harness our personal power to an even greater degree
  I have been  learning so manything from my life Experience, I have seen so many ups & down  in my life , career too ,  I have been facing  so may challenges in my  life and struggling hard to overcome them -I think life is a challenge itself. I have face so many problem in my life. But the point is that how to overcomes these problem. Achieve the goal.

We are Brahmins originally from Allahabad, but I was born and brought up in Mumbai. My father was a civil engineer employed with the Reserve Bank of India. I thought I was a big waste and would not be able to do anything in life and had no clue what I would do, till I met Amit Shirodkar while giving my tenth board exams. He was sitting next to me and I found him liberally copying from me.

All through the exams he copied and passed and we parted ways. Later, one day, I was passing him on the street and stopped to remind him that I was the guy he had copied from and how he owed his passing to me. We became best friends and for the next three years, my life just revolved around his. His father was an interior designer and he told me, 'Sidharth, you don't feel scared, my father has his interiors business and I am starting interiors, so you just be with me.' I was thrilled. Amit was just 19, when he died all of sudden in a bike accident and I was devastated. The accident happened on a Saturday and he went into coma. On Sunday evening, his mother came to my building running, surprised that I had not come to see Amit in hospital, despite supposedly being with him on the evening when he met with an accident. Amit was a full- on party person, whereas I was considered a seedha boy by his mother who had permitted him to go that night as he said that he was going with me. I rushed to the hospital, but lost Amit the next day.

You might find it uncanny, but recently I was with Aunty (Amit's mother) on Mother's Day and she said to me, 'Sidharth, I never left the side of Amit in hospital so I did not come to your building.' I still can't figure out then how I came to know that day about Amit's accident. Either she has forgotten or I can't understand it. Amit anyways got me into interiors and he would tell me, 'I will do everything. You just sit around.' I, of course, knew that it would be the other way round, where I would be working and he would be chilling. But I miss him a lot. There is a lot in life that I learnt from him. For instance, he would do these small things, like feeding beggars at Haji Ali with the extra money he had. That is something that does not come to a 19- year-old boy on his own without his parents asking him to do so. I learnt how to help other people from him. He was also the one who first took me to a club. It was an afternoon and those days, the clubs would be dark with neon lights. Since it was my first time, I missed seeing the low seating and fell down. After Amit's passing away, I did the interiors course and worked with his father for a couple of years. He was very nice to me and his family till date is my second family. Right from the time I can remember I have been vain, looking at myself in the mirror thinking I was the best thing that had happened. My sisters would always be watching models on TV and I would always want them to someday watch me. I was skinny, so started working out to build my body to become strong. My mom told me, 'Tu itni herogiri karta hai building mein, why don't you participate in this Cuffe Parade fashion contest?' I didn't want to as I didn't want to lose, but still agreed. I did lose the contest, but, surprisingly, got selected for the Pantaloons ad campaign, which was the gratification for winning the contest. I then started modelling and became the first runner-up in a national manhunt contest. I had not taken my mother along as I didn't want her to be disappointed if I lost. I was disheartened that I had not come first, as I desperately wanted to win it. But then I became the first Asian to win the Best Model in the World contest and till date, no one has ever won it. I travelled out of the country for the first time and was a part of many ad commercials, till I got my first break on television.
Man is destined to face challenges in life. Life is not a bed of roses. Obstacles and difficulties are bound to come in the way. All desire for success. However, everybody doesn't succeed in achieving his goals. Failures are a part of our lives. But one who keeps on striving is crowned with success, eventually. most difficult challenge I faced was  when I lost my father in 2005 just after winning the national manhunt contest. I was just 25 then. Not that I felt any major pressure personally before that, but I suddenly became the man of the house. I had two elder sisters who were married, but did not want to burden my mother. I love her the most in the world. After my father I have become closer to her, as she has had to go through a lot of hard times. He died due to a lung disorder due to smoking and had been ill for the last seven years of his life. But he worked till his last day and I think he was working only because of me, as I was the only unsettled person in the family. I was doing nothing in my life. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as there was nothing concrete I was doing till then. My dad never had a lot of money, but the best part is that he never made me feel that. In his entire life, I don't think he would have worn clothes including his shoes, for more than '2,000, but if I wanted to wear a jeans for '2,000, he would somehow ensure that I got it without me knowing. I know all that he has done for me. realize today that I was just living in my own world at that time and was quite oblivious to what he was going through. Being the youngest, I was always protected, so money problems never came to me. It hurts me a lot now, but, at that time, I didn't realise. There was a time when he also had cancer which got cured. But he would get chemo done and come back home by a bus, whereas I would move around in a taxi. We didn't have a car at that time and got one only later when my sisters started working. My father saw my first commercial, but he died after that. I strongly believe that it was his blessings that made me win the Best Model of the World contest. I cry a lot remembering him. I remember when my first print ad appeared, he would keep all the cuttings of the newspaper in his pocket. He used to love watching TV and I know he would have been thrilled to see me as Shiv in Balika Vadhu. After my father, I have done everything I could do for my mother. From being a complete waste, I transformed to being hard-working. My mother is very religious and she wanted to visit all the four dhaams and Mansarovar. I ensured she went everywhere and also went along with her to three of the four dhaams. Of course, she would want me to express my appreciation for her more than I do, but I will do anything to make her happy. From my first earnings, I took her out to dinner. And like all mothers she looked at the rates on the menu and ordered the cheapest item. All my life I had looked at the menu and ordered the most expensive item while growing up. I want the best for her and love her the most in the world.
I was on the last season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, where Karan was the judge. He liked me and called me. Karan Johar calling you was a big thing and the first time he called me, I couldn't believe it. He is very grounded and is so real. From the outside when you see him, you feel that he is this huge mountain, but actually he is such a plateau and is so easy to talk to. He has no hangups and he doesn't feel superior in any way. I can have a conversation with him without offending him and can speak anything to him. do not believe any competition i  like to competitive with my self try to  would be  better person everyday , I never never jealous of anyone else's success. "

   "I am quite  happy with myself. I do  not want to  saying I am flawless but I am content with the way I am."
I work in my own way and there will always be criticism which I respect."
I always like to look on the optimistic side of life,
I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you're grateful, you'll see God open up new doors

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

I know it may seem silly at the moment, but consider how your life would be if you never had to struggle with anything, ever. Imagine if everything you wanted would just fall at your feet - you never have to work hard for anything in your life. It seems like a dream come true. Until you realize how incredibly boring such a life really is.

As human beings, we need to feel challenged. We need to feel that we have accomplished something and the only way to feel as if you have accomplished something is by having to struggle in order to get there. Without struggle, life wouldn't be worth living.

You'll one day look back at your life and look back at all your struggles with a smile. Some you surely overcame and others you likely didn't, but you're smiling because you're still alive and breathing. You're stronger than you know.

"I keep giving myself reality checks. I know that nothing is impossible but instead of dreaming, I thought hardwork would be a better option."


"Success is very relative but that doesn't mean that we should stop experimenting
 I  believe Actions speak louder than words ."I  just want my work to do the speak to me. I believe that being honest to oneself and one's work is all that matters."

All you can do is not be proud, not be high on the success. All I can be is thankful to the people. You just have to stay focused and grounded. is the result of my hard work, firm determination and dedication. Sometimes, the attempt proves to be a failure. But failure is a natural phenomenon. It carries a treasure of invaluable experience. Success and failure are two facets of the same coin.

Every failure is a stepping stone to success. Failure teaches us a lot. It reveals our weakness that must be overcome. It informs us about the problem areas in our work. It guides and inspires us to put in more effort. It reveals the weakness of our planning. It gives us strength to act more decisively. We come to know about our limitations. It gives us a guideline for future course of action. Failure, thus prepares a person to go for the next endeavor with better chance of success. man who has not tasted failure doesn't know of success. He becomes too self assured and easy going. Most great men achieved success only after a long battle with failures. They learnt from their failures.Too often we view a challenges as irritating annoyance, when in fact it may hold a great opportunity to learn and grow! If we start by asking ourselves, "what can I learn from this experience?" it immediately puts a more positive spin on the situation. It allows us to discover something worth appreciating about our experience. It makes it possible to recognize true value that might have gone unnoticed, and to see opportunity  and possibility instead of inconvenience and annoyance.

it's just realizing that the only thing you truly have control over is yourself, right here, right now.  It's a necessary process of adapting to the ever-changing realities of life - leaving behind the past to make way for the present.
 My nature in real life, "I am mama's boy, a very soft hearted  man  with very determined intentions." "I call myself as mama's boy because I lost my father several years before and thus I was always with my mom. She uses to take care of me and my every issues, right from playing with me till beating me for my mistakes," 

I believe in  its proper sense humility is a great human virtue .I  like to learn so many  new thing of the life ,I do n't think i knew everything So   i still learning , 

 I  never  presumes thats i  have  nothing to need to learn and there  is no scope of  improvement on my performance ",

"I  dislike  the  means -mind nature of peoples  who is not ashamed  of hurting  others's feeling 
I should  be fair  in my dealings honest and upright I has regard for  justice , and  tolerate  of justified criticism.
 THE tOWER OF SUCCESS ,its implies is built on the pillars of failure
The power  of our mind mind ans soul  in such  moments acts as a divine force 
I have learning from my family  how to smile  in difficult  Situation 

 when  its come to  birthday   his fans  has been excited to celebrated

He  never realized   he have hug fans following across the world , he never seen  soo much popularity  fame before the show balika vadhu He stole  millions heart by his brilliant performance  in Balika vadhu . When u enter the JDJ  more peoples know about his real nature  his innocent   his simplicity , honestly  made  the peoples  loved him crazylly  he has  got  more n more fan  following  in fact  durning the jdj time  his fan  following increased  day by day more , when he get chance to  KJ movie HSKD the debut of the bollywood make the peoples more him, being his  identity  not  now  only as balika vadhu actor SRS he make own strong identity in the B-TOWN  , he  have all age group of fan s from Kid  TO very young schoool going girls  to collage , or  married woman  to old lady  ,   whenever  he has been visited in india various city  peoples  come to meet him  madly  during the  HSKD shoot which took place in the  various city of india suburbs,  young girls and housewives went crazy after spotting Siddharth. The actor was surrounded by his fans leaving the members of the cast and crew in a state of surprise.

Well it's not quite surprising to us considering the fact that television has a wider reach that movies and Siddharth aka Shiv belongs to one of the most popular and widely watched and appreciated shows on TV.

he have more realized  when peoples  come to meet  him in the Set , in the his house area , whenever he has been  going  visited any  place of the india peoples  gone completely   mad to meet him to  try to click  his photo ,  his fans  24* 7 download  many his picture ,  read his all interviews , watch the youtube  his old show ,  video   the download his  debut movie scene making his vm  ,   save song  his   movie in  the  mobile Ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers, desktop screens.. Siddharth is completely part of our life

His fans  love, admire, adore and  wish him that he reach his own pinnacle of success setting himself as a benchmark for comparison, unique in his own way! his crazy fans will be with him, support him and pray for him as always .
When the fans are ready to stay up late just to see him live on screen, search every media, to hear more about his future works,  the fans searing  him online  going to make face book , twiiter fan forums , erach n every information about Siddharth Shukla fans never forgot to collected

The man who knows to achieve success with his hard-work & determination... if you want something with all your heart you tend to achieve it..Siddharth with his hard-work has proved it to all of us that nothing is impossible...Impossible itself means I'  AM Possible.Love makes the world go round it's is very true. It's is our driving force, for what ever reason it may be. Poems, plays, and legends can only briefly touch the true meaning of love. We can only feel what that meaning is, and express it in ways only we can understand towards another. The true question we should be asking is not, what life is, but what love is. For us 'Siddharthvians' Love is synonymous to Siddharth and vice versa."Siddharth"that's a name that is a part of our lives so much so that every time we think of ourselves we come to think of him..Life has changed so much from being a fan to now being a friend. What was randomly a glimpse of yet another telly star has come to grow as a beautiful relation that is ever growing. All of us at some or the other stage has been searching for meanings of love and little did we know that all that meaning of love would get embodied in just one name 'Siddharth'. Everything seems to revolve, begin and end on this one name'

Siddharth Shukla King of emotions he certainly is, none can portray them better than him. From sadness to anger, happiness to passion, jealousy to love, he is a master of all. He makes you cry with his character, laugh with it, feel the anger rise when he is angry and experience the passion with it! He gives life to his characters through his beautiful portrayal of emotions. It was about time he got his rightful due! But we hope and pray this is only the beginning of a long and successful career ahead!
Siddharthfans, it's a new world, we can show , the world Shining, shimmering, splendid..We can open our eyes but Siddharth has taken us wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.

No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming, a whole new world a dazzling place we never knew but when we are way up here, It's crystal clear that now we in this whole new world with you at the center, people of so many cultures and religions have come together, now we are in a whole new world with Siddharth unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, soaring, tumbling, free wheeling  through an endless diamond sky, a whole new world,

His charming smile, lively eyes and a positive attitude hid all the obstacles he must have faced on the way. His name is Siddharth shukla, and he will make even the toughest hearts scream.

Life is a journey and in it we come across different people, some come and go without a trace, there are only a few who leave an everlasting mark. 

This journey for him has not been easy, he is not an actor about whom you can say the fairy tale line "He came, he saw, he conquered" the more apt line would be "he came, he struggled, he learned, he survived, he worked hard and he conquered" ' and in fact he still continues to struggle, work hard and excel his own past achievements

As fans our journey with Siddharth shukla  has been entertaining and exciting, its an unwritten bond, a strange relationship but one that is filled with trust, the trust he has developed over the years. Our faith in his ability as an actor is one thing where he has never disappointed us. There's a phase that " Eyes are windows to the soul " My first impression of Siddharth was ... * Woaaah, This man had such expressive eyes ! * .o .O He's one of those rare actors that can actually EMOTE with their eyes ... And flip the switch, so to speak, of emotions they feel so effortlessly"

We fans adore him for the person he is but more than anything else he has won our hearts and minds through the sheer splendor he is on screen!

Siddharth Shukla aka Shiv was mobbed by his fans recently while shooting with Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan for his Hindi movie debut Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya. Apparently despite the presence of Student Of The Year stars it was Shukla who hogged all the limelight. And even though we believed that VD was a hit amongst ladies, it seems that Sid is even more popular. Should Varun be insecure considering that this Bollywood newcomer is more hit amongst the ladies?

When Kandivili residents near Siddharths HSKD sets realised that their favourite telly star was shooting around their premises, they rushed in huge numbers to get a glimpse of the actor. The ladies went so crazy that they didn't care about the other two actors at the same shoot.

Considering that throughout the Main Tera Hero promotions there were pictures of Varun being stalked by ladies outside vanity van and at events, this might have come as a shocker for David Dhawan's laadla beta, hai na? As for Mr Shukla being a hit television star we're sure this is wasn't something new. We wouldn't be surprised if Karan Johar latest find steals the thunder from his

"""SIddharth is one actor who we cannot get enough of. The aura that surrounds him makes the people who love him go berserk. He is one person you cannot ignore how much ever you try. he has proved himself time and again with his  success.



Siddharth Said   My  mothers  is biggest role playing in my  career success  i never imagine anything doing  without her My  Mom  is everything to me,they know me very well and they trust me, so I don't bother what media tells about me" -Siddharth Shukla 

Siddharth Success career graph is incomplete without his  family , friends . 
He is youngest among 3 siblings after 2 elder sisters. Siddharth was very naughty as a child. He was a good sportsperson in his school and college days and represented his school in table tennis and football.
Siddharth lost his father due to which all responsibility of his family came on his shoulders. This is when he dropped the idea of joining acting school and decided to join television industry.

His so many old friend help me when he face  the  problem

"I love all my fans and am a ton thankful to them for their extraordinary love, appreciation and support it keeps me all going" -Siddharth Shukla.

They say it's fans who make a actor star and that's what he believes too, at every point makes sure he let his  fans know how much he loves them . What we love about him  is he is so normal and  very down to earth and doesn't behave like the star he is


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In the year 2008 at the age of 27 years he started his tele career with the show "babul ka Angna Chootey na" on Sone entertainment channel.

Here is the list of his tele shows till now:-

Name of Show



Running time

Character name

Babul Ka angna chootey Na

Sony Entertainment Channel


Jan ,21st ,2008 to Feb,5 2009.

Subh Ranawat(male lead)

Janne pehcane se yeh ajnabi

Star One


19th October,2009 to 17th Sep,2010

Veer Pratap Singh rather(Male lead)

Aahat -Maut ka khel

Sony Entertainment television




Love you Zindegi

Star Plus


Jan,9 2011 to July 10 2011.

Rahul Aditya Kashyap(male lead)


Sony Entertainment Channel


Episode -7th august 2011


Balika Vadhu



14th May 2012 to till now

Shivraj Anoop  Shekher(male lead)

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa -Season 6






  Siddharth Shukla,a charm of sorts, a good looking man, a multi talented actor has started his career from modeling.  He  is presently working in the super hit serial Balika Vadhu of IndiaTV Industry. Mr. Shukla has entered in this show on 14th May, 2012 playing the role of Collector Shivraj Shekhar. He is become very popular and favourite to all viewers and fans because of his perfect portrayal of the character as Collector Shivraj Shekhar. Peoples are really impressed and satisfied on his skills and perfection put forward on his role. Above all, he possesses an overall great personality,  his execution of his role was also excellent in terms of perfect expressions, excellent acting skills, dedication,hard work and on top of all these, being a great human being. The height, the athletic build, and the dark good looks of Siddhartha Shukla struck an instant chord with the female viewers He is also very much famous because of his good looks and enchanting smile that makes him a favourite not only amongst the opposite sex, but also amongst men, who tend to admire male beauty. And it is because of this, we all Siddians are even more excited when we heard about the greatest and happiest news ever a fan can expect i.e. the news of his being offered an opportunity to do films, and yet even more better than the best news . . . . Karan Johar's FIlms???. Yes, Mr. .Johar saheb was really pleased and satisfied with our hero's attitude, good looking expressions, conversation, personality, performance  in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa -6. Siddharth and Karan bonded really well on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season 6 (Colors), where the actor was a contestant and the director-producer a judge. Siddharth Shukla had also signed a three-film deal with Karan Johar's   production   house. Karan Johar also added that, Siddharth Shukla is a talented actor and a rage in Balika Vadhu. Dharma Productions plans to continue its professional equation with him.  All said and done, we wish Sid all the very best of luck for his first film "Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania" and the other two untitled movies in his kitty. Let's hope there is a lot more to come in the future. We are really happy for Siddharth Shukla for the great news. This is a very pleasant surprise   and gifts for all his fans and lovers to give this great and amazing news. There are no words to describe about his talent & great look as he is the Mr. Perfect for Bollywod and hope he will get very good movies doing lead roles in future too. We are happy for the news that, he has also already started shooting for the movie .Our heartiest Congratulation and Best Wishes to you Mr. Shukla for great success of your Movie.

We've seen him in Jhalak where our Sid was really very hardworking, honest, and gentle and showed immense maturity to handle/ manage schedule of work on both sides (BV & Jalak). We all Siddians hope and have faith now also that he will show sufficient maturity to tackle BV Production House and movie as he is totally professional, his every step already proved that. He has a long way to go and always strives hard with dedicated efforts to achieve success.  Above all, he still managed to remain grounded, never complained a word about it, and always gave credit and thanked to the character Shivraj Shekhar and BV makers.    Congrats to you Sid. You are a complete package of wonderful human being. Surely the person who has chosen him is also a veteran in his field; otherwise every good looking person would have got the offer every year. Sid is indeed mature...he knows how Industry can be ruthless. He is much matured and also knows the techniques for dealing with Media and press. Success can't be handled by many people...but he handles it very well and properly.   Really happy for him (Sid) as Jhalak and Balika Vadhu has been biggest blessing in his career.  We are also glad that BV helped him to show acting skills and Jhalak has indeed shown attitude, actual personality, never dying spirit, humbleness and he got the desired result by getting opportunity to show his talents and dashing look to Bollywood now.  We all siddians hope he will surly shine on the silver screen like a big star, which we already saw in small screen. Best wishes for every success in future career progressions. It's also great to hear of telly actors making it onto the big screens since it is not an easy task and thanks to whole BV makers for giving him change for playing the Collector's role. BV has given him all this recognition and his portrayal of the character brought him all the accolades, actors always hope for.  Siddharth,   our support will be always with you as big fans in everything you decide. Siddharth, you are  made for bigger things...  We are looking forward for your movies and also wish to see you playing  romantic roles in the are made for such roles. You have it on you... We are sure you will win hearts in Bollywood as well with solid super-impressive personality; honesty and humbleness that are your strengths! We wish that your role will be a good meaningful one which would suit you. ... He just needs that one good break on this larger canvas that would project well his charismatic and excellent acting and pleasant lovely, beautiful demeanor.  Hope he climbs the ladder of success there as well .                    Thanks to Karan Johar for giving him this wonderful opportunity and for being impressed on him. Their bonhomie became warmer, touching the emotional chords of each other, and this friendship, has got Siddharth a break in the world of Bollywood. Good for him,  We also hope this friendship between Mr. Johar and his new boy will certainly be on for a long time

 Siddharth -Jhalak-Dikhhla-Jaa" moments...and oh boy what a treat it was! Yes we have watched them all before but still totally entertaining...just Siddharth being Siddharth ...and you all know more than his characters I love Siddharth Shukla for who HE is...

 Choco-chor Siddharth ...yaar woh khud ek chocolate boy' hai na, so where was the need to steal Shonali's chocolate... Siddharth , dude just take a bite of yourself J (but we know it was all clever advertising Cadbury/Colors/Jhalak )  

#ClassicMoment: Loved the way he covered his face with his hand and shook with laughter as Kapil scolded him... :-) #Naughtyboy

 Siddharth and kids:
The segment where IGT kids 'teach' Siddharth a dance was so cute...remember how Shonali starts kicking her legs cos Sumant tells Siddharth to throw her up in the air...but he uses her as dumbbells instead...typical #Gymoholic
One thing that Manish said as they called him on stage 'Cadbury  Bournvita presents Siddharth Jhalak Dikhhla jaa' was so apt...without Siddharth Shukla what was Jhalak...just any other TV show that's all... Jhalak ki shaan tha woh...he didn't win infact he didn't make it to semi-finals but still so extremely proud of him... J
#ClassicMoment: he says something to Shonali, she responds...loved the way he shut his eyes tight when he laughed...must have been hilarious I wonder what she said :-)

Siddharth 's 'Dance ka Muqabala' with Ranveer Singh and the #Chest Bump...ufff! Itna strong hai woh... :p
Did anyone else notice KJo's dropped jaw as he watched their pelvic gyration? #Awkward I'm just saying: /
#ClassicMoment: Siddharth has his own mike in hand but speaks in Kapils :p because he was nervous...

 Siddharth and Mommyji:
This entire segment for me was classic. Seeing Siddharth with his Mom was a delight. A treat for the heart especially for someone like me, who adores this man whole-heartedly...
The way he walked up to her and escorted her on stage...their brief eye-lock and matching smiles at the bottom of the stairs...and how he looked like a BIG LITTLE-BOY in that attire, holding Mommy's hand and walking to centre stage and the way she put her arm around him as they faced Kapil...#Heartwhelming. Like mother like son, she was just as nervous as him but carried herself gracefully...
#ClassicMoment: sharmila Siddharth "tayar hoon" MBBS karne ke liye...yaar I've heard of ladkiyaan keeping vrat for 16 Mondays to attain a good husband but ladka doing MBBS so that Mom has a good bahu...pehli baar suna tha. He's such a good son na? J

Sid ka Swayamvar: 
How can we forget that :/ When the ladies arrive chanting his name and the camera crosses to Siddharth in hawa mahal, the look on his face #Priceless it was like "Hai bhagwan ab kya...!!!"
As #KingOfExpressions he gave us classic awkward puzzled expressions as each "girl"(one of them was old enough to be his mother) proposed to him and finally added " yaar apni mommy se baat karni hogi" a classic "It's not you, it's me" kind of response...LOL
#ClassicMoment: when they mob him and the dulhan' tries to put the varmala on him. That look on his face as his eyes widen and he steps back to duck :p (yaar you're 32, how long are u going run from the varmala...sooner or later a girl's gonna to come along and steal your restless heart then you'll be the one running after her with a varmala :p)

 Siddharth , SRK and Sana:
When SRK tutors Siddharth on how to woo a girl and he chooses to demonstrate what he's learnt by using Sana :( ok let's not go there... but I loved when SRK walked on stage during the dance to check what's going on...I think a movie with SRK and Siddharth will be great...they had awesome chemistry on Jhalak...(Now to get KJo to do something about it *thinking*)
#ClassicMoment: When Siddharth says he wants to make SRK his father-in-law :-) AND when Sana arrives and immediately reaches out for his hand :p and he was like "See I didn't have to do any woo-ing..." Yes dude, u're the man!!!! future Mrs Shukla is very lucky...

. Kapil's dadiji flirts with Siddharth :

...who will ever forget that... "Sharaab jitni purani hojaye uksa nasha zyada ho jaata hai"

 and it seemed like our sharmila hero needed somewhere to hide. When dadiji rubs her hand over his face and cups his chin I think he wanted to run away or cry for mommy. The awkwardness on his face when dadiji wanted a hug, yet like a sweet little boy he hugs her (was reminded when old ladies at family functions, typically torture little kids and even though they don't want to hug the menthol-scented old lady they do it anyway cos mommy looks at them with wide-open threatening eyes :p)
#ClassicMoment: when dadiji seduces Remo and the camera crosses to hawa mahal, we see Siddharth having a hearty laugh at all this...never seen him laugh like that before

 Siddharth 's Maduri-puja':
Was strangely reminded of myself here ...I wonder why :p 
#ClassicMoment: Two such moments 
1. When he asks Madhuriji to say "maar daala" and he covers his face with his hand, you can see his quirky smile underneath...
2. When the dupatta falls from the heavens and he does that dance of joy :p Oiy Shuklaji...u're a star baby! *mwah*

 Pammiji hits on Siddharth 
Dear Pammiji, yes we all know that the only eye-candy on Jhalak was Siddharth , but obviously he didn't know that himself...evident from the ghastly shocked expression when Pammi takes his name but before that when Pammi talks about her "khoobsurat dil" camera catches a jhalak of Siddharth in a very cute and indescribable expression... 
ClassicMoment: when he recovers from the shock of hearing Pammi take his name, his macho chest flex and "salaam" was very cute almost seductive and so was that wink at the end confirming his "big bank balance" hmmm! :p

 Prabhu Deva shakes a leg with Siddharth :
Siddharth was super cute in this segment. When Kapil asks him to give PD some tips I love the way he laughed at that and retorted "sorry main tips de do?" and as PD makes his way on stage Siddharth 's nervousness shows as he lightly scratches his neck in anticipation...probably doubting his abilities as usual but my Siddharth matched PD step for step...perfectly... and Manish's interpretation of the steps was hilarious :-)
#ClassicMoment: the moment I want to mention in this segment is after the scores when Manish tells the audience that if they don't vote for Siddharth then next week he'll be sitting in audience voting for the others...Siddharth decides to scratch his eye...or is that really what he was doing? LOL ended up looking like an inappropriate gesture. 

. Siddharth and Johnny-boy's #Bicep Contest... Ufff and one of my favorite segments...ok  ok so I admit I was highly confused during this one...both have killer smiles and killer bods...and both blush easily...iiissshhh! And BIKES!!! Both have hot bikes!!! *Sue's lost in a dream* ahem! Ok back to reality...I suspect cheating cos Siddharth 's biceps seemed visibly larger than John's or maybe I'm just biased LOL (Sid ki Diwani hoon main...John ki kuch nahin)
#Classic Moment: Blushing! I don't know who was blushing more throughout this segment John or Siddharth ...but both were equally cute. Siddharth 's blush when John wished that he become a big film star soon and John was adorable when the girls were calling him "HOTT" and when Manish asked him to remove his shirt, my smile kept widening hoping he'd take off the T-shirt  ooohhh :p 
Oh wait! This is about Siddharth na? on that note I'm so proud of Siddharth for not showing off his hot bod in Jhalak. Yes I know everyone hates me for saying this. I wanted him to progress on merit not $ex appeal and yes I know $ex sells but still...dude has integrity and I respect him for that. He doesn't have that egoistic attitude that if he takes off his shirt he can get ahead in the per Karan Wahi's obscure advice :/

 The Push-up contest:
Personally I wished it was a punching and kick-boxing contest cos that Patel guy made my skin crawl. Siddharth 's obviously annoyed' expression as KP tells him he's sorry for what he said about him cos now he realises how difficult it is to perform on stage...
#Classic Moment: watching Siddharth do push-ups...haaiii! #delightful ;-)

. And lastly...Siddharth 's revenge on Manish and Kapil...
I love the way he composes himself and takes the jokes these guys dish out with a cute #SidSmile... Love his sense of humor
#ClassicMoment: When he effortlessly picked up Manish and walked off stage with him like he was weightless #IronMan

. An overall Sid-Jhalak #ClassicMoment: his 'dream-come-true' dance with Madhuriji! Haiii! He was such a sweetheart escorting her from her seat to the stage and back again. And the cute smile when he said "please' and she said "zaroor" and his famous "WOW!" followed by his shy toothy-smile...
That police uniform suited him so well, don't u agree? Loved that look on him..

Savdhaan India - Fight Back

Siddharth Shukla debuts as an anchor with Life OK!

 Savdhaan India - Fight Back  ok's flagship show that took the movement against crime and injustice to the grassroots has roped in television's popular actor, Sidharth Shukla as the host. The actor will be seen hosting its newest edition named as Savdhaan India - Fight Back Now.

After making a mark in modelling, television and Bollywood, Siddharth now turns to anchoring with this show. He will bring alive the stories of common people who fought against crime.In the past, Savdhaan India had roped in television actors namely Amar Upadhyay, Hiten Tejwani and Pratyusha Banerjee as hosts.

Thrilled about his first venture as a host,Sidharth said, "This is the first time I am hosting and especially a crime reality show. We are familiar with the heroes on screen but little do we know about the real heroes off screen. I feel it is extremely important to make my fellow citizens aware of the real heroes and how they fight against crime. The host of a crime show is the main link between the audience and the story and I am glad I could contribute and be a part of such a show".

In addition to this, Savdhaan India adds another feather in its cap by being the fastest Hindi TV show to complete 1000 episodes. The show will also see a change in its content and style of storytelling as it aims to move to the next level with its Fight Back Now' series.

He is a God sent gift we could never ask for anything more then his

One day when God felt generous,
He looked down at me and smiled,
"Since I feel so magnanimous,
I'd like to give you something, child."

He asked me what I wanted,
I said, "Oh, really nothing more,
You've done so much already."
He said, "That's what God is for."

"You have been pretty good," He said,
I know there's not much that you seek,
I will pick a little something,
Just to make your life complete."

With great anticipation,
I looked forward to my gift,
I wondered what God had in mind,
That would give me such a lift.

"This gift," God said, "You realize,
Bears some responsibility,
So, if you accept my present,
You must be willing to agree...

"To offer unconditionally,
A section or a part,
Of more than half of you,
The larger portion of your heart."

"Okay, God," I answered,
"Since in You, I always trust,
I'll meet your obligation,
In the manner that I must."

To myself, I thought, wow, what a gift,
For so much of me, God's asked,
Now what could be so valuable,
That my share was more than half?

With both hands I sought my gift,
I still did not have a clue,
Then God put your hand in mine,
And said His gift to me was YOU!

Most Passionate Romantic Hero 

You touch my heart
In your own style
The simple things you've done
Brings joy to my aching heart
You make me laugh
you make me cry 
You wipe my tears away
And shower it with kisses
The glow of your eyes
Tells me that everything will be alright

As I gaze up into your eyes,
Two stars brown and bold.
I can't help but notice all the warmth you truly hold.
Through your eyes I see your soul,
Bare untouched and still whole.
You love me, Already I know.

Looking up into your eyes,
All my problems fade and fall away.
Looking up into your eyes,
makes me love you more and more each day.

It's and incredible invisible force,
connecting my eyes to yours.

Looking into your eyes,
I can see your every thought.
Telling me what every pain has brought.
Letting me know your letting the pain go,

There's no crying beneath the skies,
there's no hiding behind your eyes.
They tell your every feeling,
They scream them loud and clear,
they tell me you love me,
and you'll always hold me near.

Staring into your eyes should be a crime,
'cuz of the feeling it gives me inside.
So now as I say in this rhyme,

I'll love you till the end of time.

I love your eyes, those twinkling eyes,
They speak of a thousand things.

It glows and I drown in its intensity,

I look into your beautiful eyes

Do I see the truth or lies?

I look into your beautiful eyes

Are they real or in disguized ?

I look into your beautiful eyes

Are they innocent or wise?

I look into your beautiful eyes

I am lost in your beautiful eyes
I would love to stay there forever.
I'll love you  till the end of time.


You are my hero Siddharth Shukla,

At lowest point of my life I was browsing YOUTUBE and found you very charming and the style and diction the way carry out your self and above all your beautiful smile captured me.
That's how I started watching  BV and I never been a fan of any one in life,
The reason i call you my hero because I should have gone into depression,
But got introduced to IF and made so many friends.
Now I don't watch the show for so many reasons!
I am happy for you Siddharth Shukla!
 You are hero to many!
You proved that with your heroic act!
You are not only good at heart but very kind person .
Wear a smile and one size fits all.
No matter how grouchy you're feeling.
Your smile is a prescription for healing,
Every day you spend without a smile is lost day.
You are a man of many talents,
Your mile i s the most precious one,which can bring smile to many faces,
Smile as no language and you have a killer smile.

Siddharth Shukla,
Wish you all the best in life .
Thank you for being part our lives

You have a million dollar smile.
We wake up everyday looking at your beautiful smile!
Even gloomy day will brighten up any ones day with your smile!
You have killer smile worth more then a million dollar!
You touch many lives with your smile.
Even a stranger looking at your smile will be happy!
May  be that is the only sunshine he has seen in the day.
You have a million dollar smile.

You are hero to many !
You proved that with your heroic act!
You are not only good at heart but very kind person.
You have a million dollar smile.
We start  your day looking at your smile,
Where the world always looks brighter from behind a smile
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
You have million dollar smile

 Your smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people how wonderful you are!
Your smile is the path to happiness
Your smile helps us to get thru the day
You have a million dollar smile

Wear a smile and one size fits all
No matter how grouchy you're feeling,
Your smile is a prescription for healing
you have a million dollar smile

Every day you spend without a smile, is a lost day.
Every time you smile at someone,it is an action of love.
your smile is a beautiful gift to us!
You have million dollar smile!

A friendly look,a beautiful smile,
Your Beauty is your power
your smile is a sword
You have a million dollar smile!

A smile is a universal welcome 
keep smiling and brighten many lives with your smile
with your kind heart and beautiful smile
You have stolen our hearts!
You have a million dollar smile.

You are a man of many talents!
Your smile is the most precious one,which can bring a smile to many faces
Smile as no language ,you have a killer smile
You have a million dollar smile.
You have infectious smile
Which  can catch like flu
When you smile at someone,they will smile at you too!
You have a million dollar smile Mr Siddartha Shukla
Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.I have never seen such beautiful smile.Good luck!

My dear Siddartha Shukla! Wish you the best in life. Thank you for being part of our lives.
The title can be Killer Million Dollar Smile!

Actors come in all sizes but there is only one hero in tellywood,who stands out in the crowd of television industry ,tall,handsome,charming,humble  and down to earth captured  the world by his entry in to BALIKHA VADHU as Shivraj Sekhar.Captured the hearts of million and became heartthrob of millions of fans.
    Many of my friends wrote many articles about you including me,who fell in love with the character Shivraj Sekhar .your grand entry as a collector and from there never looked back.Where the charcter became so popular that every girl wants an ideal husband like Shivraj Sekhar .you lived in the charcter shiv ,which was loved by millions and will be engraved in Telly wood history.People will remember  your role for the next few generations.
  I never been a fan of any one in my whole life but your great personality,sportiveness,humbleness   And your diction captured my heart I admire you for who you are.your dialogue delivery is unique and awesome.your modulation of voice.Above all ,your killer smile how can I forget?
 When you accepted JDJ,everyone had many doudts in mind.But you proved it you can dance and with hard work any thing is came out as winner with flying colors.

          You are a pearl of tellywood industry!
You are gem Sid!You are a mother of pearl with all the qualities like the mother of pearl you are one in million in the ocean of tellywood.You are polished,where your natural qualities  came out by participating in JDJ. No matter what with your killer smile you walked way from all the are humble,lovely and very gud human being

You stole the hearts of millions,
You became a family member of ours,
You are one in million,
You are a son and brother!
You have killer smile,
You are a pride for your fans!
BV and JDJ are two eyes for you!
You are the star and only star!
Shine  like a star!
With your kindness and humbleness !
With your honesty and simplicity!
You touched many lives!
You are an inspiration to many!
Never give up your dreams!
Dream high and fulfill your dreams!
Hats of to you,the one and only charming and handsome!
Siddartha Shukla !!!


This is a poem for you, Siddharth Shukla

For your deep brown eyes

For your bunny like teeth

For your 6'2'' height

For your smile that brings light


This is a poem for you, Siddharth Shukla

For your manly features

For your childlike innocence

For your down to earth nature

For your pure heart


This is a poem for you, Siddharth Shukla

Because you are special


This is not just a poem

This is our wish

That you will get most of what you want from life

This is a hope that you will always remember your fans

Who loves you


This is a poem for you...

I Remember You..

I remember you Siddharth Shukla

I always remember you


I remember you when sun rises

I remember you when sun sets

I remember you when I awake

I remember you when I sleep

I remember you Siddharth Shukla

I always remember you


I remember you when I feel happy

I remember you when I feel sad

I remember you when I smile

I remember you when I cry

I remember you Siddharth Shukla

I always remember you


I remember you when it rains

I remember you when it pains

I remember you when sun shines

I remember you when snow falls

I remember you Siddharth Shukla

I always remember you


I remember you when I am in group

I remember you when I am alone

I remember you every moment of my life

I remember you...


Siddharth ShuklaThe ultimate dream man for million of girls
he won million of hearts and became household name as the
iconic ShivRaj Shekhar of THE Balika Vadhu

You gave us reason to smile

To just keep looking at u

And forget all a our worries for a while
Your eyes showed us the heights of hooded intensity

Your heart filled with nothing but sensitivity 

The kid behind those mature looks

Your naughtiness wanting to emerge from every nook

Your touch decisions made us proud

Distinguishing you in the crowd

Your belief n your conviction

Got you through every situation 

Your honesty stole our hearts away

Just hearing your name made our day

Seeing you brought twinkle in our eyes

Our mind going blank n being all smiles

The far away look that came on our face 

Thinking n praying for your win in the race

The race of life,the race of love,

The race of fate and the race of luck


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Shiv Raj Shekhar: The Romantic Hero

           An Ode to a Kingly Prince .

When Shiv was born and being grown in the realms of pen and paper

he became restless and jumped out of the script and showed he is not a napper!

He bolted with Sid on a white stallion galloping across all ravines

but landed on a lovely maiden's turf and was entwined in flowering vines !

Then began a golden saga...and a million hearts went gaga!

From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari all the girls,

Swooning and crooning and beaming and dreaming

Vent out shrills and went in swirls and twirls!

And the flaming ecstasy went on an international roaming!

With band, baaza, baarat, they gave him a princely welcome,

Soon he scaled new heights and is about to conquer a new kingdom!

You may say bravo Shiv,  I will say good bid Sid!

You may say well bred Sid, I will say long live Shiv!



On May 14 th 2012, in the 1000th episode, Shiv (a. k. a. Sid) entered into the BV serial and the viewers' hearts  like a Classic Romantic Hero !

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away !   That is what happened on that fateful day!! Shiv walked in with a radiant face with an assertive look and  a well chiseled masculine body with an authoritative body language that marked his  aristocratic presence ! The aura of love that surrounded him spread like a cool breeze carrying the fragrance in a  floral garden. He has an ability to convert the radiant glow of love into a tender life -giving panacea with a longing smile, which always fills  the viewers' hearts with incandescence and make them love him for rest of their lives! For both spectators and artists there is a need for variation to remain interested. In order to satisfy his viewers he found ways to excel himself  by  dwelling into deeper sentiments of the character of SRS to bring out the finest to darkest emotions of that character, to the extent that the viewers started adoring and idolizing  him!

Siddahrth Shukla is an intense actor and a master of expressions, who can carry any challenging role with elan !  He has given his heart and soul and lived in the character of  Shiv Raj Shekhar that he portrayed! Sid has an excellent skill in non-verbal...wordless communication ...his body language...facial expressions ...gestures...eye contact, posture, the tone and modulation of his voice following good pitch and pause system, everything in adequate measure ...a hall mark of a great actor ! 

We must appreciate, Sid is doing a fantastic job with his ability to express complex emotional feelings in such a great manner ! It is a pleasure to watch whenever he is on screen, portraying all the shades of      a romantic lover, a husband, a loving son, a hurt brother, a devastated man in search of his identity,        a relieved but  anguished son and  a  frustrated father, successfully! He depicted the real pain of a son and then as a father in a superb way!  At times his expression of passionate feelings look like non verbal quotations !  When he falls in love with Anandi, the way they communicate their love for each other, without touching ..not  even with finger tips, but just with gaze, is a classic lesson in romance!

Every successful actor has to have two skills. One is a certain amount of acting talent, which usually comes from a combination of natural ability and constant training. The second skill, and perhaps the most important  is, knowing how to  emote in a specific situation in a particular  manner ! Sid excels in both of them !  So far, in the BV story, Siddharth shukla got the best opportunity to showcase his talent in the formative stages of his character as Shivraj Sekhar and instantly established himself in the minds of audience of all age groups of men and women, especially with young girls!  While doing so, he reassured his admirers that, whenever required of him, he can put in stellar performances, of which we got a glimpse, while dealing with his son's kidnapping, recently.

The Paragon  

The sturdy SUV was visible from a long distance in which a prince is coming like a mighty king !

In the prelude, Anandi, the award winning Sarpanch of Jaitsar  was in great danger a messaiah, Shiv Raj Shekhar  directly entered in to the scene to our  hearts  as well, like a real fairy tale hero !         He watched from a distance, a village belle in peril ! ... with calculated risk and chivalry, like a Royal warrior-----involving gallantry ,  training and commitment to do service to others ideal situation for an extraordinary person, who possesses honour, courage and courtesy, to exhibit his valour ---- saved her and left an everlasting impression on her mind.   His entry itself infused new life and hope for Anandi and a promise of brighter things to come for the viewers!

When he succeeds in bringing the horse to a halt in the rescue bid, Anandi  was curious  to know what he said  to calm down the horse ...he says I said in horse's ears that  It is not  so easy to run off with the sarpanch of Jaitsar! With that dialogue he has given an inkling of the upcoming romantic story to us...the spark in the eyes of his maiden couldn't be missed!  He inquisitively observed her, interacted with her    in his official endeavours; captivated   by her inner strength , fascinated by her decisive and assertive nature ,he started loving her, which has given him a distinctive quality and a special aura to his persona !

True leaders have the task of finding the spark both in themselves and in others too! ...Shiv was to show this emphatically in the later episodes !

With Shiv's entry, the story line has taken a new turn and along with, created an idyllic tavern that brought in a new class of committed audience, intoxicated with appreciation, young girls and women from near and far, to admire  his chivalrous and protective nature , to adore his noble deeds.. who started to pay divine honour to him value his thoughtful discourses...and are mesmerised by his majestic presence !

Shiv is good looking, idealistic and a great human being to the core ! He struck the right chord of love in Anandi's heart ! The arrogance, the masculinity and romance was well showcased by his energetic natural acting talent! The display of traits like...goodness , tenderness, tiffs, verbal volleys with Anandi, which are a part of his personality, was a complete delight to watch on screen !

He  tried to understand the intricacies of Anandi's  life and  her  struggle to withstand the consistent turmoil  and observed her  from a distance and time and again offered himself to help, save and guide ---but always projected himself as a student of her teachings and ideology, just like a love  smitten conquering  hero !

A paragon of masculinity , his iconographic attributes are  his extraordinary strength, courage, ingenuity, virtue, which are some of his characteristic traits.  Shiv used his wit on several occasions when his strength did not suffice. By questioning and conquering meaningless archaic traditions  he can be said to have made the world safer for mankind !  Shiv was an extremely passionate and emotional individual, capable of doing both great social service for his people, as well as exhibit matters of his heart as tender feelings by sending  bouquets of flowers to his stubborn maiden Anandi !  A tall virile man , with rugged good looks , there is something festive in his presence, his voice is always calm and  authoritative, his body language is always assertive , commanding and self-confident, compelling to be respected and obeyed !

Charisma is his greatest asset ...this changed even the pensive mood of Anandi and she also  started watching him with inquisitiveness and she could not hide her appreciation that manifested as  teasing smiles on her face !  Viewers were instantaneously mesmerized by their  on-screen and off- screen dazzling chemistry! Rich imagery is associated with Shiv and Anandi's love story and it gets portrayed at many different levels of intensities from time to time.

The sweet anticipation of their union as a mark of consummation of their marriage...triggered interest and passion in the minds of viewers and dreamers alike and in every house the TV sets were intently watched with their much anticipated SR !

The most beautiful part of the entire period of Shiv Raj Shekhar wooing the pensive and introspective Anandi, is his musings with his smiling eyes...and their mutual musical expressions with their looks / glances ... Shiv's every smile while watching and talking with her made so many young hearts to skip some  beats many a time ! His innocence is camouflaged by his alluring smile and his naivety in the field of love becomes obvious on many occasions, as he fumbles for words and in his actions, while trying to confess his love for Anandi...or in his longing for her and his attempts to be with her and to woo her, resulting in many blushes which make him  go crimson  in his face ! He became famous for his infectious smile with well exhibited sparkling teeth and then on, young girls started calling his smile, a bunny smile! Shiv's smile occupies a wide range in the scale of happiness: from a simple light hearted smile to a riotous laughter, encompassing everything in between. Teasing and laughing with Anandi , being amused and carefree or simply feeling frivolous and naughty  in her company...whenever he was cheerful, he used to give the impression  that all is well in this world , there is joy all around and good cheer everywhere!

His fury and tempestuousness are scary to his victims, as was visible ...when he challenged the violent and drunk Jaggiya in the middle of the road to save the poor veg vendor, while saving the innocent child bride  he even challenged the local hard core goons and his punches to that arrogant marriage party head  for performing child marriage, for harming Dadisa and for pushing Anandi outside; the display 0f outrage over their audacious behaviour and disobedience, the fury caused by an offence , the rage evoked by disrespect shown to Anandi, anger over the injustice being perpetuated to the small child... probably the viewers have seen his ferocious best in that scene !

His compassion for Anandi when she lost her mother was unequivocal and he offered full support to her, became a pall bearer  and tried his best to console her and to bring her back to normal condition. He stood beside her like a pillar of strength while fighting with the evils of the society.  

While emoting the subtle and painful anxiety of Shiv, caused by presentiment  of evil and a feeling of helplessness  evoked by mighty  and cruel claim of Jaggiya that Anandi still loved him,  in a bid to get back Anandi at any cost, the sorrow  and deprivation felt by him in that situation and facing a certain death of his strong and classic 'first' love, the actor, Siddharth Shukla showed his mettle as an actor!  

In that situation while facing earth-shaking and heart-wrenching  pain and grief  which can  set any  one on a path of self-destruction, Sid as Shiv excelled by dwelling deep into his talent pool and bringing an array of expressions on to his face to display all those feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless. Dread, faint-heartedness, agitation, discomposure, panic and timidity are the shades of emotions that overtook him at that moment -- an ironic juxtaposition with the conventional view of  a hero of glory !  The utmost sorrow caused by the prospect of losing Anandi forever, the anguish evoked by moving away from his love, the feeling... as if his own soul left him, leaving him as a life-less man at that moment, are all there to watch!

Later Shiv realised how he misunderstood his lover's cool and calm disposition and admitted his mistake  and then rushed  to search Anandi like a true passionate, romantic  hero...and later obeyed her teasing orders like a Classic lover ! In this entire high drama ...Shiv withstood the challenges of a projected betrayal to transform from a benefactor to become a worthy romantic lover with his characteristic trait of frequent introspection! He was less vocal and conveyed his intense feelings with his facial expressions and with a smile or with his unique caring nature.    

Whenever he was nearer to Anandi, Shiv was awe-struck and felt as if he came across a divine power ...a beauty that is remarkable and never seen and imagined before! Shiv's expressions while realising the inner and physical beauty of his love ...his emotions and feelings, the astonishment caused by seeing divinity,  a magical beauty, are a treat to watch. Shiv's appreciation of the idea of love' as a marvel that goes beyond the routine and the mundane, is communicated in a captivating and refreshing manner! Shiv stands tall among all the contemporary TV serial heroes as the greatest romantic hero!

 Even though Dadisa drew a line and ordered Anandi & Shiv, after Diwali, not to meet before marriage, driven by his yearning to meet Anandi, he steals some moments with her just like any one eager to taste romance...but later in the temple, reminded and reprimanded by Dadisa, he promises not to meet  her till any youth in love, respecting the sentiments of elders. True to his word , when Anandi comes to his bungalow for selecting jewellery for their marriage .. Shiv stands behind the curtains..  just like a full moon covered by temporary clouds, and talks with her, even though his heart was longing to see her face and to meet her and have a private moment !

Inspite of being a DC and belonging to an aristocratic family , Shiv  respected  and gave due regard to Anandi's and CM s' sentiments, and agreed for a  Samuhik Vivah [ Group Marriage ] along with all other village couples and thus demonstrated that he is nearer to common people at heart too!

Shiv had shown his subtle feelings reflecting self control and inner conflict commendably, while dealing with the self conscious and hesitant bride Anandi, after their marriage. His patience and the level of understanding he had shown is well appreciated by all, especially by every female viewer !  His complete dedication to her and giving her due respect and dignity and  keeping her on a high pedestal, shows how Shiv's character is unshackled, forward thinking and liberated! He has been a thorough gentleman, a  passionate lover, a persistent admirer , an ideal husband and a lovable companion to Anandi! At times his passionate feelings looked like non verbal quotations.


The family man

He is a thorough family man.  He values the family bonding most. First he convinced his family regarding Anandi's past and made them realise her worth! Sanchi's disapproval was not taken seriously by him and here he was a little bit assertive. He followed all the traditions and celebrations for the sake of happiness of his family!

 When the events posed questions and raised suspense regarding his real mother and  when he was in a pensive mood, he expressed his heart felt feelings only to Anandi! In that entire episode he has shown his pain and suffering with subtle expressions extremely well! This track is rather a tough one as the character goes through a lot of emotions like shock, exasperation, annoyance, and indignation.!  Sid deserves a  big applause and appreciation for bringing out the emotions of shiv so  brilliantly !  After realising his lineage Shiv's balancing act with both his mothers shows his wisdom and maturity... by embracing Ira first and then acknowledging Chotima later, he has shown great understanding of a mother's pain and its intensity!

In Sanchi's suicide episode he has shown darker shades of his character, for a small time though...     with clouded intelligence, he believed  the words of his sister and shouted at his wife and went on to support his family in that hour of crisis as any brother probably would have done! ...demonstrating that after all he is a human being and err is human!  But Shiv showed his logical thinking while revealing the truth of his sister and he supported the law and stood there when Jaggiya was being released from the prison and asked  the entire Singh Parivar for their  forgiveness. Later just like a truthful person, he admitted his misapprehension before Anandi and asked for her remission in a romantic way! What a love smitten husband he has been ! 

A dutiful D.C.


As a high profile collector he first entered the scene with great valour and in a chivalrous and gallant way protect the Sarpanch of his district ! Shiv Jumped into action even before taking the charge as a DC, showing the level of commitment he has for his job !  

He took very short time to adjust and assess the problems and needs of his district  and to understand the geographic structure of his area, so as to define design plans for the development and  well being of the district for which he is the highest authority! He worked hard  to safeguard the interests of the people of Jaitser by taking up many welfare programs ...  first an irrigation project , then to provide a primary school , to encourage the girls' education , to eliminate the  biggest social evil.. child marriage and to nullify the negative and corrupt impact of the local MP and other political bigwigs ! His progressive thinking, tactical dealing with the villagers to win  them over in the  impossible situations while implementing the irrigation project in order to lessen the burden of the farmers and to provide  the drinking water to the households, showcase Shiv's leadership qualities ! When a disease engulfed the area ...he extended help in every possible way to prevent its spread and to bring back normalcy in the affected area and people ! His commitment towards his official duty is such that once he even shouted at  Anandi for putting off his mobile that he could get a few moments of rest. Of course, to rectify and compensate for that, like an adorable husband he took his wife to Kashmir on a honeymoon !

After shifting to Udaipur Shiv supported Anandi's initiatives and tried to educate and bring the awareness in women save themselves from the criminal attitudes of men with malicious intentions ! He adopted Amol to please his wife and to keep her happy. He fought fiercely when his son Amol was kidnapped.  He depicted the real pain of a father in an excellent manner! The anger and helplessness at his inability to trace Amol, which was eating up SRS, came out at the right time with right intensity... The scene reprimanding the police force required energy and anger with right amount of fear and despair was all there in his venting out emotional frustrations in a violent and fearful manner ! What a power packed performance it was ! While saving Amol from the beggar Mafia he saved the other orphans also and provided a safe shelter for them.

   The dilemma of Shiv Raj Shekhar

Shiv Raj Shekhar, the Distict Magistrate of Udaipur, has been  so profoundly entangled in household issues and with his own identity that nowadays, he is is unable to show much  interest in his profession.  But whether such disinterest  is justified keeping in view that a DM is the administrative head of a district and even a trivial negligence on his part can endanger the law & order of his area. Though Shiv can't be blamed outrightly for this situation,  as it lies with the CVs , for writing such faulty tracks. Well, it is understood that BV is a fiction and therefore it has no relation with reality. However if the writers could treat this as a role model in certain arena, the show could have won laurels even after it had finished its stint. 
Shiv is in doldrums but he needs to gather his whims so long as he is in his office and holding a coveted post. Much depends on his  better half to help him sail out of the rough sea. The  solace in his identity crisis  is that Shiv is CM's son. Hence the blood of the same family is flowing in him also though it has been shown that his foster mother had a special role in his upbringing . I understand the acceptance will come gradually but how can he forsake his primary duty , I am quoting this as primary for the well being of masses are under the jurisdiction of a District Magistrate.
Don't persecute me for saying all this , the mighty makers of BV are solely responsible and our Hero is performing the lines attributed to him with perfection so much so that no one could have   and  will do justice with the iconic role of Shiv Raj Shekhar.
Friends,  however, they  deserve all applause for introducing this benign character . They developed his role so intelligently which was a blend of both his professional and love life but in the middle of this year somewhere they lost the insight. It has been long time back that he is shown engaged in his profession. The actor playing this role has set a precedent as far as performance matters ,  he too seems to be helpless and  has  turned merely a puppet in the hands of makers. I understand his precarious state. Therefore,  we absolve him from all castigations. He is our Hero who has sharp intellect and we expect of some exceptional sensible acts keeping in mind his extraordinary power of deliverance. 
Sid, being your ardent fans, we urge  the makers to showcase your professional life highlighting some key social issues and  educating the masses about Aadhar cards , giving the needful information to the destitute about BPL schemes so on and so forth paving way, also setting precedent for efficient administrative and social responsibilities.  Although, such duties mentioned above are to be performed at grassroot level but a District Magistrate can be shown as assigning and monitoring  duties to the BDO'S & Co's pertaining to the same.
Siddharth your association with Shiv's character has made both you  and the character a memorable one which will go down in the history of tellywood as a cult role.
Thank you Sid for displaying such excellence.


A Multi-faceted hero


The surest way to work up a crusade in favour of some good cause is, in a way to promise viewers, they will have a chance of witnessing extraordinary action scenes ! He promised this with his entry itself !

In the real sense Siddarth Shukla is well personified as Shiv Raj Shekhar who walked, talked and lived like a true romantic hero and continues to do so!                           

 Let us try to assess the character of Shiv to examine to which class of heroes he belongs:

The Medieval hero... A man has to be seen as having a good moral character including chastity and obedience...Shiv never looked at any other woman after his meeting with his lovely lady ! Though Ashima was showing interest in him ...he never responded !

The Romantic Hero of Byron and Goethe ...A hero who is proud, moody, ruthless yet capable of strong affection...   Shiv has some of these traits and was very individualistic who defined his own social rules! He was very assertive and always a decision maker ...never a follower!

The Aristotelian type hero... A tragic hero with a noble stature..his downfall is his own fault but for a greater cause! The most distinctive feature of the Aristotelian hero is his misinterpretation of a situation... a character flaw or flaw in judgment...  Here Shiv  is not an ordinary man, but a man with outstanding qualities and greatness about him !..Shiv firmly believed Jaggiya s words that Anandi continued to love him and took a unilateral decision to leave Anandi  to the anti-hero, in the process almost destroyed himself for the sake of Anandi's happiness! Later he came to know about the facts and rectified his mistakes in a heroic but humble manner!  So, he tended to be a tragic hero but not quite!

 An Epic hero ... A Dheerodatta Nayak of Indian mythology.. a brave and noble character admired for great achievements or a leader who  effected grand events for the welfare of the society .. Shiv's character as discussed, is gracious and righteous dotted with bravery and his career was filled with achievements and great events !

The Modern Hero...One who tries to create a pool of light in a world of dark shadows - to wage a war with the internal and external struggles and against evil practices and corruption in the society ...Shiv is just that and more!                                                                                                         Shiv is  a "good" person where integrity, honour, honesty, intelligence, wisdom, action, morality and love  work in harmony to balance the person on the path of higher learning.  He has imbibed all the traits of classic heroes with an extra dash of romance and concern for the society, to fit into the mould of an ideal modern' romantic hero!                                                                                                       

It is sheer hypnotic to watch people getting euphoric with the grace and energy of this modern day hero! It has to be believed that what we saw of him so far is only a tip of the iceberg and a glacier of talent is hidden beneath his calm exterior, which would ensure a continuous flow of superlative performances ! 


Write up for Siddharth shukla on account of his birthday

This year we are celebrating 34 th Birthday of our Dashing ,handsome hunk Indian Film and  TV actor,  Siddharth ShuklaEmbarrassed.  The date 12 December, 2014 finally came Clap,which is   very memorable, wonderful day for all of  us and the  year 2014 proved lucky and  very important year to our Sid and Siddian. We are very prideful for himEmbarrassedStar.  It brought the much-awaited opportunity to make his debuts in Karan Johar's superhit Film "Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania" , Watched this film  to see our Sid's good looking face, acting, smileEmbarrassed, dialogue delivery   where he played the most famous rule as Dr. Angad Vedi .  . He looked very handsome and great there as alwaysHeartEmbarrassed. There are no words what to say about his acting and looks with killer smile. Whenever his 1st scene came as a Dr. Bedi in that film - wowClap, I felt so happy & glad then. You were looking fabulous because of your height, broad shoulder, smile & beautiful face with great personality. His dance performance in that film was superb and really enjoyed very much for him after all watched the film because of him only  and we were really satisfied for him there It's also great moment to see our Superstar Siddharth Shukla  Sidharth as Anchor in  " Savdhaan India- India Fights Back with Life OK .  .Savdhaan India has roped in television's popular actor, Sidharth Shukla as the host and we are very happy and glad as he is hosting its newest edition named as Savdhaan India - Fight Back Now. He is bringing alive the stories of common people who fought against crime. Thrilled about his first venture as a host, he said, " he is hosting first time in such especially a crime reality show. We are familiar with the heroes on screen but little do we know about the real heroes off screen. He feels that,  to do work as Anchor is  extremely important to make his fellow citizens aware of the real heroes and how they fight against crime. The host of a crime show is the main link between the audience and the story for which he is feeling  very glad for getting such opportunity by which  could contribute and be a part of such a show".Embarrassed

In addition to this, Savdhaan India adds another feather in its cap by being the fastest Hindi TV show to complete 1000 episodes. The show will also see a change in its content and style of storytelling as it aims to move to the next level with its Fight Back Now' series. He is doing wonderful performance in that show and has been hosting all program in perfect ways with great looking faces. Siddharth we are very proud and happy for you for each program.

  The actor is riding high with success. Being a successful actor, Siddharth got a chance to relive his modeling days as he was the judge for a Male Model Hunt event. Dating back, Siddharth is a model by profession. Because he started his career from modeling and he was the winner as Modeler during the year 2005, which was very proud moment for all of us because he was the 1st Asian EmbarrassedClapto win such valuable award. While he was the runner-up of the Gladrags Manhunt event, he has judged many such events with B-town's heartthrob John Abraham. Now after a few years the actor has got a golden opportunity to judge another male hunt event along with popular faces.He is full of sex appeal for which he has got nomination in Sexy list 2014. I will never forget that day. Siddharth Shukla, you are my favourite hero. I love your each scene and dialog there.  I wish you the best birthday ever, I hope you get lots of hugs and loves. Happy birthday. Siddharth Shukla.

  His current Sphere Origin's popular show Balika Vadhu on Colors is going on successfully till now where he is playing collector Shivraj Shekhar . He is  very popular because of his acting skills, performance, good looking face, dialogue delivery. He is too loved by the audience for his acting skills in the show. He is doing   wonderful performance as Shivraj Shekhar in BV . Love to see him as Collector Shivraj Shekhar and as a loving & caring  husband of Anandi in the show..  There are various  wonderful, enjoyable and important tract/scenes of this year 2014  like previous year like PA and Collector Saheb's tract, painter tract, Shiv and Anandi's romance with   Ice cream  in the  park , wow, what a scene that was , I love him very much in that romantic scene I never forget the scene when they were playing and enjoying with that Ice cream feeding scene  and rushed to each other, then our hero's acting, expression and dialogue delivery towards Anandi was so enjoyable andheart touching. All scenes were full of romance and love.  I have watched that scene several times. The PA and our collector Saheb's  tract was so interesting and meaningful tract. Loved Shiv's expression very much when Rasika praised Shiv about his good looking face, smartness, height in their introduction scene  by sweet , cute words, I love his expression very much and he really deserves for it, though I never like such type of negative character's woman. Through this tract we got opportunity to see our Sid's various expression including emotional as a collector Shivraj Shekhar,  It's also my favourite scene  when Shiv was very tensed  because of Rasika's false report to media, people that Shiv was might be  tried for    I never forget his dance performance in rain with Anandi. I really enjoyed that  dance scene . There was a very interesting, meaningful  and wonderful scene in respect of Independence day in BV, where our collector Shivraj Shekhar was in charge for PM'S security as well as monitoring the independence day celebration . while he was monitoring CCTV footage etc his acting was wonderful . Loved to see him with other police team in such  movement scene to look after the situation , his acting was fabulous while someone informed  that "they got the information  on phone though unknown person about the bomb kept in the auditorium where  Shiv says, it is not possible. SP says, we can't ignore this info and risked the life of CM and others. We have to diffuse the bomb soon."...  wow, his acting was superb. He also portrayed in perfect way in "stopping the bomber's car and beating scene to bomber where Shiv asked to tell about the Bomb and diffuse it, Shiv looks at its timer and runs outside with the bomb. Police and security follow him. He throws the bomb in an isolated land.    He is really  superman in the  running scene to save the whole  people including CM in that scene. In painter tract we are able to see very emotional romantic scene including fight scene of our collector babu to save his wife  several times. I never forgot that scene while Shiv has bitten the painter to save Anandi that fight scene was my favourite one . Our Sid's performance was superb there he was looking rock star in that scene .We wish Siddharth Shukla all the best for the future endeavors. He has  mesmerizing eyes with intoxicating smile . He has stolen our hearts and captures our soul. He is tall, looking great with Broad shoulder. He is very down to earth and hard working person. He is not only good person , he is good son too . He is very close to his mother and presently living with his mother. He is very good human beings. Your character Shivraj shekhar is a best male rule in the TV Industry which I have seen till date. After your great entry in BV as a charming Collector Shivraj Shekhar like a storm which  may be treated as golden era of BV among the Viewers . You showed wonderful performance in romantic scene with your energetic , naturalistic talent of acting.  You have stolen viewers hearts with your goodness, tenderness, verbal vollys . I used to watch BV only to get glimpse of you and felt very happy after watching you . You are the best and keep rocking in BV as always . Never seen like you who is very down to earth nature , very sweet , and dashing. You are complete package of great human beings . Love you Sid.Heart I always love and enjoy with your off screen funny interview with your co-star. Wishing you good luck for your future projects and next movie .Embarrassed


The Year December ,2013 to November,2014  was an eventful year for Siddharth Shukla.Year starts with Colors Golden petal Awards 2013.There he get nomination for " Most Lokpriya Face Male" for  his onscreen character Shivraj Shekher  and "Most Lokpriya Jodi"  with Toral Rasputra for their onscreen couple  Shiv-Anandi   in the show Balika Vadhu.He won the awards of "Most Lokpriya Face Male" for Shivraj Shekher for the two consecutive years. He  burn the floor of the Colors's Golden petal Awards 2013 along with Toral Rasputra with their  awesome onstage performance .in January 2014  he bagged 3 films deal with Dharma production which is one of the most renowned Production house of Bollywood film industry. Other than Siddharth only three Bollywood actors i.e. Barun Dhawan,Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra got that opportunity till now. The famous producer of Bollywood MR. Karan Johar Casted him as a second lead in a  movie named as "Humpty sharme ki Dulhaniya"  .Ist time ,He got 34th rank in India's most eligible men list .That list was made by the worldwide online voting's on website and this was a joint initiative taken by  and Zoom TV.In the month of May,2014 he Completed 2 years as Shivraj shekher in Balika Vadhu.He get Nomination in 7th Boroplus Zee Gold awards for "Best actor male" in popular category and for "Most Fittest actor male". He won 7th Boroplus Zee Gold Awards for "Most fittest actor male" category.On 26th may ,2014 He attended HSKD promo launch  program  in the Yashraj Theater in Mumbai.He was very much a part of the promo of the flim HSKD.Went to Jhalak Dikhlaja jaa 7's premier night  and "comedy night nights with Kapil"to promote their flim "humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya along with his co-stars Varun dawan , Alia Bhatt and the producer of the flim Karan Johar.Not only that he went to different Cities across india to promote their  flim along with Varun and Alia.The Flim"humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya"under the Dharma banner, hit the theater on 11th july 2014. This movie became a super hit in Box office and earned more that INR. 90 Crores  gross worldwide. In the movie he played a role of a sophisticated  NRI doctor Angad Bedi and got immense popularity among the audience. The most renowned Bollywood magazines like Flimfare, Mandate, Society, Stardust Sratweek have published  exclusive interviews and articles on him after his Dhamakedaar debut in bollywood. He shot  photoshoots exclusively for mandate and Starweek magazine under renowned publication house Magma.His caps came on the cover page of  famous bollywood flim magazine Starweek quoted as "NEXT SUPERSTAR"His name appears on the 31st rank in Timescelex list for the month of july that was published by india's one of the leading daily newpaper "Times of india". According to the ormax India his onscreen avatar  Shivraj is listed among top 5 most good  looking male characters of Indian Television. He  performed on the stage of Indian Telly awards along  with Toral rasputra and Rock the floor with their awesome performance. He was listed within 101 towers of Indian Telly Industry published by the india's no one tele magazine GR8. He turned Judge in" Mandate male  modelhunt contest" for the year 2014 presented By WAHL.He got Nomination in "Indian Television Academy Awards-2014 " for GR8 onscreen couple along with Toral Rasputra for their Sizzling onscreen chemistry as Shivraj and Anandi..From 8Th November onwards he is doing anchoring of UP special episodes of Sabdhaan India-India Fight Back now on every Saturday  and Sunday at 10.00 Pm on Life OK.

But along with  touching all the new heights in his professional  career,in his personal life  he faced an car accident on 30th OCT,2014 at Juhu area in Mumbai  and got some back injuries too. But by god grace there was no major injuries to anyone . And he too return back to his work after taking two weeks rest. But in the mean time he missed his onstage performance in Indian Television Academy awards.

Our wish is always with him. He is such a Hardworking and dedicated and passionate guy. He deserve More and more success in both of his Professional And personal life.We want to see him achieving more and more peak in his career .Wish him a very very happy birthday. May god bless him and fulfill all of his wishes in both professional and personal life

Life is a clueless puzzle which sways humans away in its gusty wind called destiny. It gives us failures, also many chances to succeed. Failure which dwindles your spirits drastically is said to be the first step towards any person's success. One who has the ability to overcome past their many failures can only bear the fruits of success. One such person is Mr.Siddharth Shukla. Born in a middle class family for a lovely couple, had two elder sisters. Siddharth had to bear the brunt of fate which stole away his father in his young age. His mother stood as a pillar of strength and remains the same till this date. Siddharth Shukla as the only male child of the family, took up the responsibility right after his graduation. Blessed with good looks he entered the platform of modeling, which transformed this boy next door guy into a hit model. Siddharth won gladrags model hunt held in overseas, which was a huge achievement for an Indian. He assigned himself for many ads and followed by TV serials opportunities.[/DIV]

Siddharth Shukla did many good shows, but he struck gold with the show Balika vadhu, in which he got the golden chance to play the suave collector Shivraj Shekhar. His dedication and hardworking reflected well in his onscreen appearances. He polished his acting prowess too in the process. His onscreen chemistry with Anandi, as well as his offscreen rapport with all his other co stars were well talked about. Siddharth Shukla took the opportunity of taking part in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhlaja season 6, which was one of his high point in his career, where he stole millions of hearts with the efforts he invested in transiting himself to a good performer in-spite of being a complete non dancer. Siddharth efforts were well supported by his choreographers, who introduced him to dance as well as Yoga to gain more flexibility. His performances were getting better comparatively, but pas fate has it he had to bow out of the show due to strong competition. Nevertheless his efforts and some of the brilliant performances will always be engraved in our hearts.


Siddharth continues to be a supporting co actor with all his colleagues. When the time came for a replacement of the role anandi, he welcomed Toral with a warm welcome, and persists to render his assistance till today magnanimously. His role had some beautiful instances of interacting with kids like Amol, Mannu in the show, and it's one of his strong point that he has such amazing rapport with the youngest generation actors too. Siddharth is been trying his hands in movies as well. We saw him do the character if the flawless groom Angad Bedi in KJo's HSKD. No doubt we all loved to watch the macho man on the silver screen, and assure will love in the future as well. Right now Siddharth has been adorning the cap of a TV host for the show Savdaan India in life OK, which turned out to be another feather in his cap.


On this occasion of your birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. You are a wonderful source of joy... May your special bring you an extra share of everything which can make you the happiest man in the world. Many more happy returns Siddharth Shukla. Have an amazing birthday.


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Favourite Pastime: If I am not shooting then I am in the gym, so it's staying fit.

Favourite Season: Winter, because I can't take the heat!

Favourite Brand: There are many but the special one is Zara.

Favourite Perfume: Paco Rabanne.

Favourite Car: Definitely Ferrari.

Favourite Cuisine: Punjabi and in that I love Nimbu chicken.

Favourite Colour: White.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Europe.

Favourite Drink: Water.

Favourite Actor/ Actress: Big B , Al Pacino and among actresses it's Sri Devi.

A song always on your lips: Love is all around; Leaving on a jet plane; When you say nothing at all.

Favourite singer: Michael Bolton and among India's current singers, Aaif Aslam and Kunal Ganjawala.

If not an actor you would be: Interior Designer.

Favourite co-star: I get along with everyone. In my career I have just worked with three actresses and my rapport with them was fine.

Favourite film: I like to watch all Al Pacino's Godfather, Jab We Met, Bluffmaster, Taxi No 9211.

Favourite Video: GTA, Burn Out.

Describe yourself in one word: Dependable.

Message to your fans: Be good to people who are jealous of you because they are the ones who know that you are better than them!

What do you think of tv actors and their fitness and health??
Most tv actors aren't very health conscious or keep tabs on their health. They all work non stop and hardly get time to concentrate on their bodies. Any free time any actor gets, you will find them catching up on their sleep. While some others are easy going and don't fret much about their health.

is it tough being an actor, working in a serial and maintaining a healthy body?
Totally. We work in a stressful environment, where you have to deliver a certain episode daily. It is very tough for an actor to divide his time and attention between his work and working out. One has to be really passionate to do so. You have dig deep inside you to find that drive to go to a gym for exercise after a 12-16 hour work day.

Which is more compromised- eating habits or working out because of your schedule?
I guess one can still maintain a healthy diet if you are conscious and get home cooked food and stick to eating that only. But working out becomes second in your priority list as after shooting all day, you just feel like crashing and sleeping, not working out. So laziness takes over and you can miss out on gymming.

What is your fitness regime?
I work out three times a week for one and half hour at least. I run on other days of the week. I stick to weights during my gym sessions as I balance out the cardio bit by running.

Since when have you been working out?
I stared working out when I was 19-20 years of age. Before that I used to engage in a variety of sports. That was my exercise. I feel young guys post 18 can work out in a gym to develop their bodies and sculpt them to their desired level. Before 18, the body is still growing and developing, so regular sports are just fine to help burn out extra calories and energy. One should avoid the gym and weights before 18, I feel. If you love sports, then it won't be tough to get into the groove and gym later in life but if you aren't athletic, then it might be tough to get the drive to gym daily.

Do you love going to the gym or are happier to do yoga, aerobics or other exercises too?
One aspires to have the perfect body but everyone has a yardstick of their own. I love gymming as I started earlier in life and built my muscles. Now I can't let all that hard work go to waste and become lean. So I keep at it. But anyway, gym is something I love, so it doesn't feel like a task.

What are your dos and donts?
I would advice people to eat right, drink lots of water, sleep for 8 hours at least. Work out with a trainer or a professional to avoid injury. I would suggest no drinking, smoking or eating junk food if you want a fit and healthy body.

What kind of diet do you follow?
I basically follow a high protein diet. I am a vegetarian by birth but used to eat non-veg to build muscles. But now I am a totally vegetarian. I stick to pluses, sprouts and tofu. So I don't miss chicken or any other non veg dish as such. I do relish them as and when but it is not a must for my diet, per se.

What would you suggest to people regarding fitness?
I am no one to give any gyaan or advice to anyone. But I do advocate a healthy body. Like they say your body is your temple, you should worship it. If you have a healthy body, you can achieve anything in life. But if you have a great mind but a weak body, things can come to a standstill. Respect and love your body and it will love you back. In old age, you will reap the benefits of a healthy body.   
Who do you think has the best body in men and women in  films?
Among men  In films, I love the fitness level and bodies of Salman Khan, John Abraham and Akshay Kumar while I think Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta are hot.

his fans ask to him

your home was once showed in the show...the interiors was beautiful...did u do the interiors? what made u to take up interior designing ? and how were u as a child?

Sidharth Shukla
Yes i did the interiors myself. I was persuing commerce but my friend and i decided to do interior designing. Unfortunately i lost my friend, but i went ahead and completed my degree in interior designing.


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 chahat11(Chahat Doshi













xarmaanloverx [zeba]






 anjali_pi [anjail
Priya901 [priya]
 MyAnShHeart (Sheena)
Yasmeen (bv_id)

Luv-u sid
 pandeypriya03 (priya)





Will update later on 



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Siddharth Shukla AT#4||One in A Million||
Siddharth Shukla AT#5|| Hotness Personified| ||

Siddharth Shukla AT#6|| No One Compares To You|
Siddharth Shukla|The Best OF Man,A WoMan Can Get|7

Siddharth Shukla|AT#8|Sexy SS on the dance Floor
Siddharth Shukla AT|9His look like Intoxicating
Siddharth shukla AT#10 Dream man of Every Women |
Siddharth Shukla| Charismatic Good looker|12 AT

Siddharth Shukla |Hot &sexy like a Latino guy 13AT
Siddharth Shukla|God can Save him from Evil|14 AT

Siddharth Shukla | Grace & charm mesmerizing|16AT
Siddharth Shukla|Best Good looking Personality17AT
Siddharth Shukla|Hot like lava with a coolhead18AT
Siddharth Shukla|A Greek god in the making 19AT

Siddharth Shukla Rules the Hearts of Millions 21AT
Siddharth Shukla|The Rising Star 22 AT
Siddharth Shukla The Dark Horse of Tellywood 23 AT
Siddharth Shukla |You are a Winner 24 AT
Siddharth Shukla |The King of Hearts 25 AT
Siddharth Shukla |Most Desirable Man 26 AT
Siddharth Shukla| Sexiest Asian Man 27 AT
Siddharth Shukla |Bachna Ae Haseeno 28 AT
Siddharth Shukla|The King Of Romance 29 AT
Siddharth Shukla|Heart Stops When U Smile|30 AT
Siddharth Shukla|Look Like International Star 31AT
Siddharth Shukla|He is a God Sent Gift 32AT
Siddharth Shukla|Marvelous Body DesignbyDivine33AT
Siddharth Shukla|The Desirable Sexy Man 34AT
Siddharth Shukla|The King Of Expression 35 AT

Siddharth Shukla|The ultimate dream man for million of girls 38 AT
Siddharth Shukla| - Actor Par Excellence|| 39 AT
Siddharth Shukla|Star of Today Superstar of Tomorrow 40 AT
Siddharth Shukla|He Stands Strong with Dignity & Pride 41 A
Siddharth Shukla|He Stands Strong with Dignity & Pride 41 A
Siddharth Shukla| It's the Fire in His Eyes 43AT
Siddharth Shukla|Simply Irresistible and Charismatic Personality 44 AT
Siddharth Shukla| Hotness Overload 45 AT
Siddharth Shukla| His Attitude can Kill You 46 AT

Siddharth Shukla|Mesmerizing Eyes That Speak Volumes 48 AT
Siddharth Shukla |SRS-The Blazing Fire 49 AT

Siddharth Shukla|The MultiTalented Hottie 51 AT

Siddharth Shukla| ITA-Best Performer of the Year 52 AT

Siddharth Shukla|Rise To Stardom 53AT

Siddharth Shukla |The man with a golden heart 54 AT

Siddharth Shukla| Greek God Personified 55 AT

Siddharth Shukla |The Macho Man of Tellywood 56AT  
       Siddharth Shukla |His Eyes speak of a thousand things 57 AT

Siddharth Shukla | won millions of people's hearts worldwide 58 AT
Siddharth Shukla|Hottie with Captivating Eyes 59AT 

Siddharth Shukla |The Heart Stealer of millions| 60 AT

Siddharth Shukla|Eyes are the most fascinating God's creation 68 AT

Siddharth Shukla |Born To Rule The Hearts 71 AT


Siddharth Shukla|The Beginning of His Journey in the Bollywood 81AT

Siddharth Shukla| The Man Who know His Right Place 82 AT

Siddharth Shukla| Cuteness Personified 83 AT

Siddharth Shukla| The Man with an Incredible PerSonality 84 AT

Siddharth Shukla| The Saying Action Speaks larger than Words 85 AT

Siddharth Shukla|The Magnetism of his dreamy eyes Astonishing 86AT

Siddharth Shukla|His Failures are the pillars of success 87 AT

Siddharth Shukla| He is an inspiration to millions of people 88 AT

Siddharth Shukla | Most wanted celebrity | 89 AT

Siddharth Shukla| Sexy & InSanely mesmerizing eyes AT 90

Siddharth Shukla|With Greek God looks and drop dead personality AT 91

Siddharth Shukla|Eyes an ocean in which his dreams are reflected AT 92

Siddharth Shukla| He's Blessed with killer looks AT 93

Siddharth Shukla| People's aspire to be like Him AT 94

Siddharth Shukla| have great body and a greater Sex appeal AT 95



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Don't forgot to comment twice  on here 
Siddharth Shukla 's Profile on

Siddharth  Shukla's Face Book Account

Siddharth shukla | Facebook

Siddharth  Shukla's Twitter Account

Sidharth Shukla (sidharth_shukla) on Twitter



Sid &DD

Other Active video

Shoot segment 
Geet Rahul

Veer Ayesha Scene

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa performance

Balika Vadhu 

Confession scene

Entry scene
Ansh Scene

June 2012


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