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Manan OS - New Year Bash *Completed Pg 5* (Page 5)

crazy4Manan Newbie

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Awsome os... Plz cont soon...Smile

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Chocomaniac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Hey ya peeps Big smile thanks for the lovely comments on the first part of the OS Embarrassed..Here goes the last part.. sorry for keeping u guys waiting Embarrassed hope you like it.

Part 2

Manik looked at Nandini who was stumbling unsteadily towards the dance floor in puzzlement.Something is not right.However he couldn't put his finger on exactly what it is.His eyes suddenly hardened when that loser- god he dont even know what his name is,layed his arms around Nandini and pulled her away looking confused himself.

"Hey Nandini are you ok? " Abhi asked his new friend in confusion.Was she drunk? he wondered as she giggled and took out the cap he was wearing on his head and placed it on herself upside down in a funky style. Just when he was about to ask her, the DJ changed the song and "Abhi toh Party Shuru Hui Hai " boomed loudly from the speakers and  a loud cheer erupted from everyone on the dance floor.

Manik who was still watching all this felt his eyes widen ,when suddenly Nandini ran to the center of the dance floor pulling Abhimanyu with her and began dancing.She started doing an imitation of Sonam's step from the song making Abhimanyu laugh and dance along.

Manik frowned and clenched his fists " What the hell ! " Soha looked at him  puzzled and crooned " Manik what's wrong? " He pushed her away from his arms without even thinking about it and moved away.


"Whoa looks like someone is having fun " Cabir commented in an amused voice as he came and stood next to Manik who was glaring at the duo dancing on the floor.

"Aww don't they look cute together? you know like made for each other ? Maan na padega yaar that guy with Nandini is hot.Too bad he isnt gay or else main uss pe line mar tha" Cabir said to rile Manik's anger further and smiled to himself, it was so much fun to do the cupid work.

 " Just shut up Cabir " Manik muttered irritably without taking his eyes off Nandini.His hands were still tightly clenched and a muscle in his jaw ticked with compressed anger.

"Whoa bro tu gussa kyun ho raha hai?I thought you and Nan Nan are not together anymore? " Cabir asked back cheekily.

"Cabir just shut up and leave me alone " Manik glared at him and Cabir chuckled thinking to himself 'jalo jalo aur bhi jalo' and moved away leaving Manik.


Nandini was feeling heady and carefree, she laughed as Abhi twirled her around.She can't identify the cause but she had never felt this happy and free of inhibitions before.

Abhimanyu wasn't sure if Nandini knows what she is doing, but as they both danced together he was glad to see Mukti giving him glances when she thought he wasn't looking.

Suddenly Nandini pushed him " Abhi i feel thirsty go get me a drink.The one Cabir gave me, it wass soo yummy " she said smacking her lips with her tongue appreciatively.

"Ok ok but i think you should sit for a while " Abhi said trying to pull her away from dance floor.

Nandu shook her head " Nahi i love dancing.You go and get me a drink soon or else " she stopped to think " huh or else haan or else  i will break your head with this cap " she holding his cap in her hands.Abhi shook his head laughing and quickly stepped out.

As soon as he left, Nandini turned her attention back to the song, suddenly she felt a strong hand pulling her hand.She whirled around unsteadily and her eyes widened when she saw Manik glaring down at her.

"Monster Manik leave my hand! " she said trying to pull it away.She frowned and gasped when took hold of both her shoulders in his hands making her unable to move.

"Listen Nandini just come with me " he said trying to pull her away from the dance floor.

"Why should i listen to you? Are you my father or my chachu ? " she giggled at her own joke.

Manik rolled his eyes " Shut up.Are you drunk ? " he frowned peering down at her.

Nandini giggled again " Drunk ? me ? no no don't you know Nandini Murthy doesn't drink? No " she said again shaking her head left and right.

"Ya i can see that.Now stop making a scene and come with me " he said and finally puller her away with all his might.Even though she struggled and refused all the way, he managed to pull her into the pool side where there is no one around.

"Manik ! Why did you bring me here? I don't want to talk to you "She said hitting him on his chest and pushing him away from her.

Manik held her hands away "Nandini just just come down and sit here first " he said trying to make her seat on the lounge chair near the pool side.

She shook her head " No i won't listen to you.Why the hell did you bring me here i was having so much fun there! " she pouted.

Manik rolled his eyes "Oh really?  Nandini tum hosh mein nahi ho.You are drunk ! "

Nandini continued to glare at him " Am not drunk.And even if i am why do you care? you were so busy snuggling with that chudail na? You both were acting like you were glued to each other " she said with a disgusting expression.

Unable to help himself Manik smiled, she look so adorable looking all angry and jealous.He had no idea how on earth she ends up getting drunk in these parties.God She is too naive and innocent for her own good.

Quickly hiding his smile he glared at her holding her arms tightly in his " Ya just like how you were glued to that loser na ? "

Nandini frowned in confusion " Loser? Kaun Abhi?" then angrily hit him on his shoulder " How dare you call him a loser? Abhi is so sweet.He was in fact getting a drink for me.I should go he will be looking for me " She said trying to leave.

"Nandini you are not going anywhere! Do you get that? And no more drinks for you " He said and forcefully made her sit on the lounge chair and sat next to her.

"Mr.Monster Manik Monkey Malhotra don't you dare manhandle me ! I can do whatever i want.Besides wont your chudail of a date miss you ? She is so chipku !Jab dekho Manik Manik Manik  I feel like strangling her with my hands " she huffed much to Manik's amusement.

Manik held a hand to her chin and made her look at him " Why are you jealous ? " he asked with a smirk.

Nandini glared " Ofcourse am jealous.How dare she touch you that too right in front of me!" She angrily smacked him on his head making his eyes widen in disbelief " And you ? You seem to be enjoying all of it.If one more time i saw you flirting with her na i will give you another punch " she said clenching her fist.

Her acceptance of her obvious jealousy made his heart swell with happiness.God if she could be this carefree and loosen up  all the time, he would gladly keep her drunk.

Manik shook his head and cupped her cheek tenderly and said with a smile  " I don't think i can handle any of your punches again.But if it would stop you from walking away from me yet another time, i would gladly take it "

Nandini felt her heart sore at his sweet words and hopeful expression.Try as she might she cant stay away from him.She cupped his cheek in turn and said softly "Manik i hate walking away from you.It breaks me apart "

"Then why are you doing this to me? To us? Nandini i swore to you that i won't be coming after you the last time you walked away from me in the hospital.I even tried to stay away from you " Manik said softly as he took one of her hands in his and caressed it, linking his fingers with her.

Nandini looked at his saddened face and felt tears brimming in her eyes " Manik i - i told you the reason.We only seemed to give pain to each other.I walked away because i wanted you happy.But i never thought staying away from you will be more painful than being with you.You know Manik every night you used to haunt me in my dreams.And whenever i hear a car passing by at night , i used to run towards the window thinking it could be you.But you never came back " she said allowing her tears to flow freely.

Manik wiped her tears and cupped her cheeks in both his hands " Because i was mad at you.Mad at myself for giving you the power to hurt me.I thought i can get over you.Go on with my life and music.But it never happened ,you were always in my thoughts.Whenever i see you, i feel like holding you in my arms.All these days without you has been pure hell Nandu.I missed you.I missed seeing you smile "

Nandini gave him a sweet smile at that.Suddenly she frowned as a thought occurred to her " Don't lie.If you missed me so much then why were you dancing with that chudail ? "

Manik chuckled " Ha you mean Soha.You know Ms.Nandini Murthy ,you look so cute when you are jealous.I loved to ruffle your feathers a bit.You kept denying we cant be together and yet get all jealous and possessive when Soha speaks to me.I liked that "

Nandini pouted " Am not jealous " Manik laughed aloud this time " Ya right.Nandu you just accepted that you were, 2 mins back.I thought Nandini murthy don't go back on her words? "

"Huh woh " Manik held a finger across her lips " Its ok Nandu i understand how must have felt.Believe me i have no interest in Soha or anyone else other than you.But i can't take it if you walk me again after tonight.Which you will.So in a way this is just not going anywhere.Come i will drop you home " with that Manik stood up, walking away a few steps and glanced up at the stars.

Suddenly he felt Nandini's arms going around his back as she pressed her face into his back and mumbled " I don't want to walk away this time Manik.I don't think i can anymore "

Manik took a deep breath and gingerly removed his hands from around him and turned her to face him " Nandini you are drunk.You are not in your senses now.Come tomorrow you will again tell me we are not meant to be together.Its just driving me crazy.Like i said i cant do this anymore.Just come with me i will drop you home.You need some sleep "

She stopped him yet again by holding his hand in hers " Manik i agree i feel slightly fuzzy. I don't even remember what i drank.All i know is i had a couple of drinks But i won't change my mind Manik.I do know what am saying.I don't want to be away from you anymore.Yes i was angry at you but i also trust you.So this time am not walking away " she said looking deeply into his eyes.Standing on tiptoe she kissed both his cheeks, causing him to wrap his arms around her pulling her more tightly to his chest.

"Nandini i swear even if you change your mind after this i won't let you go.Not time not ever.You are mine and will always be mine" With that he enclosed his lips with hers communicating all his feelings in one deep kiss.

At the precise moment.The clock stuck 12 and loud cheer went up around them as everyone chanted Happy New Year ! They both were oblivious to the fire works on the sky.As they were engrossed in each other.One lone figure with a devilish smile across his face,raised his glass as a silent toast to the so in love couple.His cupid bow has finally stuck.


I hope you guys liked it Embarrassed..Simi i hope i gave some justification to your imagination Wink..Guys if you like it feel free to share your views.Would love to hear what you think EmbarrassedSmile

Guys Check out the link which inspired me to come up with the concept Wink



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ragvir.fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2014 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
that was so beutifully .they united so perfectly Clap Clap... hope soemthing like this we get to see in the show Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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Ireena7 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Wow...it's amazing..beautiful...just loving your writing...you are just superb yaar...what and ending!!! loved it..and Cabir is the sweetheart...Big smile

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..BONANZA.. IF-Rockerz

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superb os
looking forward to another section

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..BONANZA.. IF-Rockerz

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superb awesome OS
looking forward to next one

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vani86 IF-Dazzler

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Smile BEAUTIFUL... Smile

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ForeverForU IF-Rockerz

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wow..such a nice update
loved the ending and Cabir raising a toastEmbarrassed

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