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Manan OS - New Year Bash *Completed Pg 5*

Chocomaniac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 3:56am | IP Logged
 Hello People ! Am back again with yet another OS Smile Well this one is inspired by Simi ( Manan-Flab) new year wala post Embarrassed..Hope you guys like it !

OS - New Year Bash

Nandu sat near the window in her room staring at the Invitation card for SPACE New Year Bash Party.Since childhood she always used to love New Year Eve.The hopes and expectations for the beginning of a brand new year always excites her.However this year she couldnt bring herself to celebrate or even feel a bit of excitement.

She looked up and murmured " Aiyapa why cant i forget him? Why does he always stays in my thoughts? Everyone is happy and eager to celebrate the new year but I - am just sitting here and feeling depressed.What has happened to me? "
She stared at the card again and suddenly feeling annoyed with herself and everything around her.She threw it across the floor.

"Whoa ! what a welcome.And what is this?" Abhimanyu came inside her room and picked up the card which had landed at his feet when he entered " 'SPACE New Year Bash ' wow it says bring a date ! i think i have a great timing " he grinned at Nandini who rolled her eyes and ignored him.

"So big party in the evening huh? Sounds awesome! so when are you going? " he asked her and sat next to her on the couch.

"Am not going " she said and turned towards the window once again.

Abhi looked at her puzzled " What do you mean you are not going? Ofcourse you are going and taking me with you as your date " he said grinning at her.

Nandini frowned " What? I said am not going and even if i was planning to go, why the hell will i take you as my date? Are you mad? "

Abhi laughed but looking at her fuming expression,he quickly raised both his hands in surrender " Arey calm down.But why arent you going? Is it because its being held at your Manik's house? "

Nandini gritted at teeth " He is not my Manik and that is not the reason.I - I just dont like these parties"

Abhi took a pleading expression "Come on Nandini dont say no.This is a good chance for me to meet Mukti again.And if you could take me with you to this party, mukti ke saath meri setting bhi hojayegi.Pls yaar help me "

Nandini gave an helpless gesture and glared up at her Aiyappa.In the past few days, Abhimanyu not only entered her house and into the heart of chachi and chachu, but also proved to be a good friend to her.As many times she tried to ignore him,he never seemed to take the hint and finally she accepted him as her friend who in turn made her laugh and temporarily made her forget her problems and worries.

Now she looked at his hopeful expression and sighed "Fine.I will go and you can come with me.But on one condition.I will not stay for long.I really dont feel like partying and besides i want to spend sometime with Rishab "

Abhi immediately brightened " Great !Agreed. Then i will pick you up in the evening at sharp 8"

"No! " Nandini said immediately recalling her early arrival in Manik's house during Diwali party.Along with the memory came the thoughts of Manik's touch and his kiss making her lost in thoughts.

"Kya hua?" Abhi asked confused.Nandini quickly recovered " Huh lets go late"

Giving her another puzzling look, Abhi agreed and waved her goodbye.


The party was in full swing.Drinks and food flood freely,and the music from the DJ boomed loudly making the party all the more lively.Somehow Manik's mind was miles away from all this.Although he tried not to, his thoughts once again riveted to one person who seemed to be a constant presence in his thoughts 24/7.Nandini.He closed his eyes in defeat.'God !What is wrong with him? why cant he stop thinking about her?'He is having a goddamn new year party at his place and he is pining in a corner like one love sick puppy,nursing a drink in hand which he has not even touched yet.He snorted at himself in disgust.

"Ahem Ahem.What's happening bro?You seem ---lost " as Cabir announced his arrival in his usual playful manner and sat next to him, Manik came back to the present.He quickly wore a neutral expression and shrugged feigning a smile "Me lost ? What are you talking dude? Am just enjoying the party "

Cabir laughed at that " Ya dhikh raha hai mujhe.I can see how you are partying heavily " he said gesturing to his untouched drink.Manik rolled his eyes saying nothing.

Cabir looked around casually and commented " Isn't she late? I thought she would be here almost an hour ago "

Manik clenched his fists tightly on the drink he was holding and muttered" She isn't coming.If she was, she would have been here at exactly 8 "

Cabir quirked an eyebrow "How do you know that? Anyway she said she will be here "

Manik glared at Cabir "Dude i know her.She isnt coming.She is such a stubborn --"

Cabir interrupted looking amused "Whoa how do you know so much about Soha in just a week? "

Manik jerked his head in confusion " Soha? " Then shot a glare at him "Who is talking about Soha here? "

Cabir hid his smile and assumed an innocent expression "Well, I was referring to Soha.She said she will be here for the party but guess she is running late.By the way tu kiski baat kar raha hai? " At Manik's guilty expression he continued highly amused " Oh so you meant Nan- Nan - Nandini.I thought we weren't talking about her? "

Manik gritted his teeth and remained quiet.Not one to be easily ignored, Cabir continued " Bro i just don't understand.Why are you even trying to deny you are in love when you are obviously in Nan Nan land 24/7 "

Manik automatically replied "Its not love " in an irritated tone.

Cabir chuckled " Ya right.Hey wait there she is.Your not -in - love with Nandini.And wow she gotta hot date ! Hmm this should be interesting " He said clapping his hands excitedly.

At the mention of Nandini's name followed by the announcement of her having a date made Manik jerk his head in shock.He turned in that direction Cabir pointed and sure enough there she was with that loser of a guy who brought Chole to him in college the other day.Manik's blood boiled when he saw that loser smiling at Nandini and she smiled in return.

The minute she stepped inside the party hall, she knew he was watching her.Even though the dance floor was already crowded and the lights were dim to give a romantic and a party feel, Nandini's eyes had no problem locating Manik who was seated at the far end of the hall.It was as if she possesed some magical instinct where he is concerned.The minute their gazes connected Nandini felt an invisible pull towards him.As she watched, Manik's eyes hardened at her and Abhi but all she wanted to do was run towards him and wrap her arms around him and never let go.But however its not meant to be.She thought dejectedly.

"Hey where have you lost to ? " Then Abhi followed the direction of her eyes and chuckled " Oh so you are lost in our angry hulk " Nandini glared at him " Shut up Abhi nothing like that "

Before he could reply, his eyes spotted Mukti and he immediately brightened " Hey i spotted my date.I will just be right back " Nandini smiled at the way he literally ran off behind Mukti.She shook her head in wonder.She cant believe how a fun loving person like Abhi can pursue a strong headed Mukti.

"So you finally decided to come " Nandini who half expected to see Manik, was disappointed to see Cabir addressing her.Nevertheless she smiled " Hi Cabir.Uh the party looks amazing " Her eyes darted to the place where she saw Manik only to realise he was'nt there anymore.Her face dropped.He truly is avoiding her and its all her fault.But can't he understand my reasons? She thought feeling annoyed at herself and at him.

"Well Manik is currently occupied with his sexy date but am sure he will find sometime to talk to you " Cabir said in an innocent tone pointing at where Manik is now standing with Soha who had finally made her appearance and was trying her best to cuddle his best friend.

Nandini's eyes widened and she clenched her fist.She is not a violent person.Infact she had never even been mean to anyone purposely.But now she was suddenly filled with an urge to strangle the chudail who is falling all over Manik.When she saw Soha pulling Manik for a dance and pushed herself against him, Nandini turned her face in disgust.Never had she felt this jealous in her life.'Aiyapa why do i have to see all this? And why the  hell is Manik hugging her? ' she asked her saviour Aiyappa in a silent pleading.

Cabir noticed the conflicting emotions on Nandini's face and honestly felt sad for her.Granted he dint like her in the beginning and did his best to make her life hell by making her a target for fab 5.But now he knew the kind of person she is, and he began to like and respect her.Above all ,she holds his bro Manik's heart in her hands although both of them keep denying it.He knew what it feels like to lose the love of your life.And he dint want either Manik or Nandini to go through the same.'Beta Cabir you need to do something about these two ' he mentally gave himself a pat as his mind started churning with an interesting plan.


Manik felt choked with the way Soha was wrapping herself around him.If not for the pissed off look,he saw in Nandini's eyes when she saw them on the dance floor, he would have moved out from the floor long back.She was literally shooting daggers at them from across the hall.He knew how she must be feeling.Infact he felt pretty much the same when he saw her coming in with that loser.However this time he will not go after her.He wasn't the one who walked away.With that he forced himself to twirl Soha in his arms, who was oblivious to his inner turmoil and was enjoying herself.

Nandini was fuming by the time Cabir came to her carrying two drinks in his hands."Here i think you need a drink.Dont worry yeh mocktail hai.I know you dont drink 'Alcohol '.So here" he said quoting with a smirk and handed her a glass.

Shooting one more disapproving glance at Manik, Nandini quickly gulped the contents of the drink and emptied the glass in one thud."Whoa i dint know you were this thirsty.Want some more ? " He asked holding the other glass.

Nandini whose mind was imagining all kind of tortures on Manik and that Chudail whatever her name is, grabbed the offered glass and emptied the contents in the same gulpy fashion.She hiccuped once and smiled dreamily.

"Ca-bir this drink is soo yummy i want some more.Go get it " she said pushing him to the drinks area.With unsteady feet she stumbled towards the dance area.As Cabir made his way to the bar, he saw Manik frowning at Nandini and smiled to himself.The game starts now bro.


Well since this one was getting to be very lengthy i thought i will make it as a two shot.Embarrassed Do let me know if you like it and if i should continue..Sorry if it was a complete Bakwaas OuchLOL Chappals tomatoes all welcome ,Wink even simi will share that with me LOL

Last Part below.Pg 5

Last part

P.S - Since am currently a Groupbie my posts per day is restricted.I promise to reply to all your comments once i become a senior member Embarrassed

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Preeti.xo IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Very well written and I love the concept. Can't wait to see how nandini is gonna act now that she's high and obviously Maniks reaction. Continue soon x

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:19am | IP Logged
wow awsm update
you shud continue this
eccited to read on

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ragvir.fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Dancing Dancing haayeee chintu kya fadooo OS likha hai ...
awesome ...
ab jaldi nxt part upload kar ..warnaLOL

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kriti094 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Omg this seems so interesting
i hate that chudail
but i love jealous manan
plz post d nxt part soon
n do pm me if possible

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kriti094 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:28am | IP Logged
By d way i forgot to mention
i love my cabira
hamare manan ka cupid

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manan_flab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by manan_flab


girl i so love uh yr... firstly thnku fr giving d credits... ROFL

n i never thought ki dat stupid idea of mine  can be converted into a beautiful os...
it feels as if mine was just a seed n it turned out into a whole big tree now...

i so loved it dear... n ya all dis was truly ur idea till now...  mine will come later on...

n m eagerly waiting for it so do update soon...

n after reading dis i dont feel anyone is going to throw tomatoes or chappals on uh so i wont have to share dem... ROFL

n seriously uh made my idea even more good... love uh for this dear... Hug

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vani86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Smile very well written...Smile
awsome update...Smile
.loved it...Smile
.wow...nandu gonna rock now...!!!!!!Smile
continue soon...Smile

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