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Fasle updated chappy 17 on pg 72 updated on 23/01/17 (Page 68)

swriter IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful chapter annu
Hey plz update your other stories dear.
I am waiting and don't take long time deardear Smile

amSavindi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 1:25am | IP Logged
plz ana write the dialoges in english..plz plz
harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 7:59am | IP Logged
cute update...loved joja's nok jhoks LOL jallu was taking chance pe dance LOL update soon... Big smile

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....Anabella... IF-Dazzler

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hindi to english translations r in brackets. NO pm's


She could feel the adrenaline gush up in her body and her blood rushing to her cheeks making them crimson in color, her eyes widening in shock, her heart leaping like a small kid in joy and a smile creeping on her lips stealthily and the sound of the kiss making her feel as if there are butterflies in her tummy tickling her. The desire for more seemed to arise within her; she feels if she sees him she will lose herself. She knows she is giving full signs to him that the kiss affected her. He enjoys staring at her beautiful cheeks turned crimson in colour, her eyes at first widen then her eyelids bow down with shyness, his heart leaps with joy. She is the one and only lady with whom he could make love forever and never get either bored or tired. He huskily says in her ear- Sharmate hua aur bhi haseen lagti ho jungilli billi, tumhari adayeen abhi mujhe kuch jayada he ghayal kar rahi.(You look more beautiful while blushing, your looks are wounding me to a large extent right now).  She could not help but smile; she could feel a small voice inside her say- Jodha control yourself. Remember what he has done. She bites her lips hard to control the incontrollable smile which is continuously playing on her lips and hugs her tummy to control the tickling she felt. The way she bite her lips seemed like an invitation to a feast for Jalal, but he has to control himself because he had promised her that he will not touch her until she permits, but he is ready to play on and see till when she will be able to control herself. She gets up to leave but he takes his chance and holds her wrist and pushes her towards the tents covering and traps her from both sides keeping his hands, by now Jodha had managed to be normal, she masks her usual stern face and she says- Voh kya  tha?(what was that?) Jalal says- Voh...? Kya voh...?  Hume kuch samajh nahi araha hai(That... what are you asking?) , trying to act innocent as usual to get away with his naughty deeds. Jodha fumes and says- Jayada bhole to ho nahi tum toh bane ki jarorat bhi nahi hai  samajhe. Tumhari voh karne ki majal  kaise hue? (You are not too innocent so there is no need to imitate being one do you understand that. How did you have guts to do that?)  Jalal says - Kya voh, voh bol rahi ho tum , hume sach mai kuch samajh nahi araha (What are you that , that , seriously I am saying I am not able to understand what are you referring to) and he starts itching his head as if trying to recollect something. Jodha finds her golden chance and is about to escape when he again captures her, she gives him a fierce glare. Jalal says - acha yeh(Ok, this) and again kisses on her cheek surprising her, but this time she manages  to control herself. Jodha says making an angry face and poking her finger on the cheek he kissed- yeh kya tha?  Aur tumhe ijajat kisne di?(what was this ?  And who gave you the pemission?) Jalal says- Ijajat toh tumne he di, tumhi to keh rahi thi ki jo karna hai karklo mai bhojan nahi karongi. Toh humare jo maan kiya voh humne kar liya. Aur tum janti nahi Ki voh kya  tha, toh phirse  karde voh, taki tumhe bhi malum ho voh kya hai  par is bar yahaan par hoga voh( poking her lips). Akhir jo voh hua voh galat thodi na tha miyan aur biwi ke bich voh toh hota rehta hai. Tabhi toh ek nani se jaan  is duniya mai ati hai. (You only gave the permission as you said do whatever you wish I will not eat food, so I did whatever I wish. And you do not know what was that, so should I again do that again so you will know what was that, but this time that would be here (poking her lips). After whatever happened was not wrong, that keeps on happening between a husband and a wife. Then only a new life enters this world). Jodha could feel the conversation going to intense and the atmosphere around her heating up, and she could feel that her cheeks were turning red again so to avoid the conversation she says- Hume bhok lag rahi hume bhojan  karna hai. (I am hungry, I want to eat food) Jalal immediately leaves her and says- Kariye. Vaise acha bahana hai tumhare paas .(have it, you have good excuse to get out .) Jodha says- par hamari ek sharat  hai ki tum bahar jao. ( But I have a condition that you will go out) Jalal says- theek hai, par hum tumhara bahar intajar karenge., theek hai. (Ok , but I will wait for you outside, ok.) Jodha says- Jaise jahanpanah Jallad ki agaye. (As emperor Jallad wishes) and he leaves smiling and after he leaves she takes a deep breath and she says to herself- Aj toh Hum bach gaye. Varna is Jallad ke dimag mai pak rahi kichidi ka hume koi andaja nahi hota hai.( Today I managed to get out safely.  Otherwise what is cooking in Jallad mind I have no clue.)  She touches the cheek he kissed and smiles and says- Pagal Jallad (mad Jallad), and eats her food quickly before trouble knocks the door again, and goes out and sees everyone sitting around a bonfire singing and dancing jovially. She sees Jalal staring at her but she decides to sit opposite to him with few ladies, Jalal immediately comprehends the reason of her gesture. Jalal sees a new person who had just joined in recently sitting next to Jalal. Jalal could easily note the way he stared at Jodha, and she like usual is oblivious to it.  Jalal could feel pang of jealously, nobody had the right to stare at his better half that way except him. The emotion called possessiveness seemed to be gripping his heart tighter with each and every passing second. All he desired is to get up and punch his eyes black- blue, but he controls himself because he did not want to create a scene. He is drunk in jealously and when he looks at her she is having a gala time. He wants to get up and hold her tight and shout at the stranger and say- mine, she is mine do you get it. That is when he hears the stranger say something to him- Voh chori kitni khubsurat hai na. (That girl is so beautiful) This is more than enough for Jalal someone is eyeing at his wife and he is sitting as nothing has happened and now he is commenting on her looks, he will surely trash him up, all he needs is just a chance.  That is when someone says- bhaya tum ek gana suna do. (Brother sing a song.) Jalal could feel his eyes widen in disbelief, he says- hum (me).  The man says- haan tum.(yes, you). Jalal look at Jodha and could see an evil grin on her face, challenging him and that is when he accepts the challenge. He says- theek hai.(ok) and he starts singing

Waaqif toh huey tere dil ki baat se
Chhupaya jise tune qaaynaat se
Waaqif toh huey tere uss khayal se
Chhupaya jise tune apne aap se
Kahin na kahin teri aankhein,
teri baatein padh rahe hain hum
Kahin na kahin tere dil mein,
dhadkano mein dhal rahe hain hum
Tu Har Lamha.. tha mujhse juda..
Chaahe door tha main.. yaa paas rahaa

Uss din tu haan udaas rahe
tujhe jis din hum na dikhe na miley
Uss din tu chup-chaap rahe
tujhe jis din kuch na kahe na suney
Main hoon bann chuka, jeene ki ik wajah
Iss baat ko khud se tu na chupaa..
Tu Har Lamha.. tha mujhse juda..
Chaahe door tha main.. yaa paas rahaa

Lab se bhale tu kuch na kahe
Tere dil mein hum hi toh base yaa rahe
Saansein teri iqraar kare
Tera haath agar chhulein, pakde
Teri khwahishein kar bhi de tu bayaan
Yehi waqt hai inke izhaar ka..
Tu Har Lamha.. tha mujhse juda..
Chaahe door tha main.. yaa paas rahaa

Throughout the song his eyes are fixed on her and her eyes on him. The song just made her feel that he knows her more than she thinks. The song had left her awestruck. This song cleared showed that he cares for, and maybe he loves her too, just the way she does. She simply gets up breaking the eye lock to get some breathing space.  So does the stranger get up finding the perfect chance of the wooing the lady he likes and Jalal also gets up seeing the stranger follow his lady love. The devil inside him seemed to give an evil grin that now he could have a feast, by unleashing the devil on him. Jodha splashes some water on her face to cool herself when she feels a hand on her shoulder and she says- Kya hai Jallad? Tum (What is it Jallad? you)And turns to see him, but is surprised to see the stranger, she immediately apologizes. The stranger says-  koi bat nahi hume yeh nam pasand aye.(no problem, I liked the name.) She could feel a weird sensation as his hands were still on her shoulder and Jalal is nowhere to be seen. She shoves away his hand from her shoulder and says- humse dur rahi(stay away from me). That is when Jalal enters the scene and says- are bhaya hum apko he dundh rahe the. (Brother I was finding you.)The stranger says- tum jao hume is chori se kuch kam hai. (You go I have some work with this girl) Jalal says- theek hai(ok ) and is leaves passing a flying kiss to a shocked Jodha. Jodha thinks- Sach mai inka dimag kishak gaya hai . (Seriously his mind has been corrupted). Jalal turns and comes back and says- bhaya(brother) the man gives an annoyed look to Jalal and Jalal punches his eye surprising the man . Man asks- yeh kya tha? (what was that?) Jalal says- Hum toh batana he bhul gaye jise chori ko tum ankhe fad kar dekh rahe ho aur jis saath tum badsulki karna chacte ho voh chori asal mai humari ghar wali  hai. Aur  hum chacte toh tume wahin mar lete par hum tumhe marna ka maja akele chakna chacte the. is liye humne yeh kiya.(I forget to inform you that the girl you were drooling at and now you are trying to misbehave with , she in  reality is my wife. And if I wanted I would have trashed you there then, but I want to enjoy beating you all alone. So I did this) he again punches his other and then he unleashes the devil within him on his prey hitting him where he could. His rage gave her chills to the bone, the way he is trashing him up shows his possessiveness over her she could clearly notice that. She had to stop him before he murdered him, but somewhere deep down she admitted she liked this possessive side of his. She stood in between him and the stranger and says- bahut hogaya, har samaye  yeh dekhane  ki jarorat nahi hai ki tum Jallad ho.(enough, there is no need to prove that you are a Jallad always) the stranger finds his golden chance and runs for his dear life. Jalal holds Jodha's arms roughly and says- Hum bardash nahi karenge ki koi tumhe us nazar se dekhe, jis nazar se tumhe dekne ka hak sirf hamara hai. (I will not tolerate that anybody sees you with that gaze which only I have the right to ) Jodha shoves off his hand and takes out a pot of water and hands it to him saying-  Apne garam dimag ko thanda kar ke he sone ana, varna raat bahar hume tumhara krodh jhelna padegja . Aur haan agli bar jab hum aise bahar aye to saath mai koilya lekar ana hum apne moh mai laga lenge, kamse kam kiske jaan toh nahi loge tum. Aur vaise jab tumhare jalte hirdey ko sukooon mile hi gaye hai toh hume bhi sukoon se sone dena. Vase jalne ki bo  toh hume bohot  pehle se aranhi thi,( After you cool your mind then only come for sleeping, otherwise I have to face your anger all  night. And yes, from next time when we come outside like this bring coal with you, so that I will rub it on my face at least someone's life would be spared. And otherwise now that your burning heart is at peace let me also sleep peacefully. I could smell the burning smell for quite a long time. ) And she leaves an embarrassed Jalal, as he knows that she knew  that the stranger was busy staring at her, and he was busy getting drunk in jealously. She turns and says- Jallad. He looks at her standing at a far distance and says- han bolo. (Yes, say) She says- Tumne jo humare liye aj kiya hume acha laga, dhanywad. Aur tum gana bhi theek thak ga lete ho ( What did for me today, I like it, thank you and you sing  ok ok ) And she leaves with a smile...

Promo- probably back in Agra.

Sorry for the errors. Plz hit the like button if you liked the update and cmnt also. Criticisms and suggestions are also welcomed. Thanks, for reading love, Ana.

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mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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nice update anna
natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Superb chapter n update others story also pls n pls pm me too
1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Good update dear. ...
Update soon...

eshalli IF-Dazzler

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Superb chapter dear...
Plzz pm me

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