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NEW Bedroom Chronicles of Mr n Mrs Paagal Bhalla : Back from Singapore

omshreejaanu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Hello every one.
I am back again as promised with a new story of the Bedroom Chronicles of our adorable and crazy Mr n Mrs Bhalla.
First of all I wish to thank all the beautiful readers out there for rocking the previous one with a 150+ likes and such awesome reviews and comments.
I am really glad that you guys are loving this series and i am overwhelmed and humbled at the same time. I hope this one does as good if not better than the last antic of IshRaEmbarrassed
Scroll down to know who is back from Singapore and what is happening in IshRa land!LOL



Shot # 3: Back from Singapore!

In Bhalla's Living room...Sunday evening... at 9 p.m...

After the Bhallas had had dinner, Santoshi Bhalla had gathered all the family members in the living room for some very important instructions because Raman was coming back from his business trip from Singapore. With the exception of Ishita, everybody was there, from little Ruhi to Mr Bhalla Senior. Even Neelu the maid, had been convened for this special reunion.

-          Where is Ishita?


Toshi ji enquired. Simmi informed her that she was in her room, waiting for Raman's call.


-          Good. Now listen to me everybody. Kal Mera baccha ghar aa raha hain after two whole weeks. I want him to spend some time with his wife. The other day I heard their conversation by accident. The two are missing each other very badly. Raman was asking her to take some leaves when he comes back. Simmo tum! You will look after Ruhi.

Ruhi meri bacchi you will sleep with Simmi bua and I will take care of you. Ishimaa aur papa ko disturb mat karo.

Bhalla ji aap na Ruhi ko roz school drop karoge.

Aur tum Romi, lazy butt, you will work your share of work in the office, help your brother in his paper work and make sure that he comes home early this whole week.

Mihir puttar can you please...


Mihir was quick to reassure Toshi ji that he would make sure that Bhabhi has her hubby early back home during the whole week she would be home. Neelu was also asked to stay overnight for some days because Santoshi Bhalla didn't want to give her bahu rani the "stress - vress" of waking up early in the morning and cleaning up late at night.


The family dispersed but once in their room, an amused Mr Bhalla couldn't resist asking.

-          Why so much planning for Raman arrival, Toshi ji?

-          Bhalla ji tussi na,  bhole mat bano. You remember when you went to Pune for one week when we were newlywed? You were not leaving me for one single minute when you came back and aap ki maa, yaani ke meri saas, mujhe kitna tanein marti thi!

 If Raman had an ounce of your garam khoon na toh...

An embarassed Mr Bhalla was quick to exclaim: Toshi ji, tussi kamaal ho! Kya bol rahe ho!

-          Chal Hatto na jee! I am not like your mother. I am a cool mother and a cooler mother in law! Mein toh apne betey aur bahu rani ko time spent karne doungi.


In IshRa's bedroom, the same night at 11 p.m

-          What are you doing?

-          I am talking to you Madrassan!

-          Tsk tsk...Ramannn...I mean what were you doing?

-          I was packing and getting ready to meet you. Tomorrow at this time I will be there with you in our bedroom, in our bed and...

-          I can't wait...

-          I can't wait too. I've been using the cold shower and my hands for two whole weeks.

-          Ramannn...

-          Kya? I am missing you so much that's why...I am squeezing the pillow every night while all I want is to squeeze my wife... hey listen send me a selfie right now. I want to see you.

-          Oh no!

-          Why? Are you naked as a worm under the bed sheets?

-          Ramannn... you are so naughty. I am such a mess right now. I may scare you.

-          NO! Don't tell me you are wearing your famous pink nightie?

-          Ramannn...I swear I will beat you up if you keep teasing me about my pink nightie. Ok... I am sending.


One minute later...


-          Ahem ahem ! Somebody is looking hot in this tomato red nightie. I feel like taking the plane right now and bite in this juicy and yummy tomato...

-          Ramannn...stop being shameless...varna...

-          Okkk! No lecture please. It is such a turn off. Count on you to give me a cold shower.  Ok tell me. Did you get the vacations? Yes? Great! You remember na! I want you for myself the whole week...

-          Yeh Accha ask me to apply for leaves but you are going to work...I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF TOO...

-          Arrey wah meri sherni! I will be in the office for only some hours in the morning babe and then I am all yours...

-          Promise?

-          Promise.

-          Ok good night. I need my beauty sleep...

-          Yes do that! You need to be fit and look beautiful for tomorrow night and... for one whole week.

-          Ramannn... you are...incorrigible...




Monday Evening...

Raman was back home. After dinner and after spending some time with his family, Raman was on his feet, stretching his hands out, feigning a yawn. Ishita was quick to react.

-          I better go and make your bed. You must be tired.

Five minutes later, Raman made his way to their bedroom under the amused look of the family members, pertinently aware that the couple would be too busy to get sleep tonight.


Monday night - 11 p.m

As Raman opened their bedroom door, he felt her pulling him towards her. "Alone at last", Ishita whispered, her hot breath breezing against his cheek as she slid in her husband's arms. Raman only replied with a trail of kisses down her neck, making her moan his name. When Ishita finally backed away slightly, it was  only to pull her green kurti over her head.

-          Wow!

Raman gasped as he drank in the sight in front of him.

-          Well?

-          Well... my wife is half naked in front of me what more can I ask for?

He chuckled as she lunged forward to smack him on his chest.

-          Well... somebody told me last night he was impatient to bite in a juicy and yummy tomato...

-          Yes... but you know what?  I like my tomato peeled... Without "chilke" you see...

Ishita giggled as they both stumbled and fell on the bed. Within seconds the tomato-red lingerie  together with Raman's clothes were scattered all over the place. Without wasting time in foreplays, he took her in an explosive and passionate journey of pleasures which ended after hours only to start at dawn again and continue the next morning before Raman went to office. 3 a.m...

-          Raman stop doing that! We've been at it for hours. I think you have taken that " I want you for myself for the whole week" too seriously. 

-          What am I doing? You are hogging the blanket Ishita. I am cold!

-          No you are not! Stop it right now! I know what you are doing.

-          Well guess what? You are right. I am not cold. In fact I am HOT. Now come here. No point in hiding. I have seen everything long time back.

And once again he pulled her to him and took her to the edge with him leaving both of them breathless and in sweat.


The same morning -  8:30 a.m

-          Ishita where are you? Where is my white shirt yaar?

His voice came roaring from the bedroom. Why does this man have to shout so much?  Ishita wondered as she was busy preparing his tea in the kitchen.

-          Ishita puttar go and see what he wants before trhe roof fell down on our heads.

Toshi ji exclaimed. Ishita entered the bedroom only to find the devil waiting for her near the door, his arms crossed with a smirk playing over his his white shirt.

-          What...

She stopped as Raman walked towards her and backed her against the wall to cover her body over his own.

-          What? Don't you know I like to see you first thing in the morning? Where is my good morning kiss?

-          Raman...

Ishita never finished what she intended to say because her lips were instantly ravaged by a ruthless kiss which wreaked havoc her inside out.



This scenario went on for one whole week. They would be at IT every night... at dawn...

In the morning Raman would be shouting for his belt, wallet, mobile, car keys...and Ishita would go to help and leave the room only one hour later all flushed while Raman would leave for the office only to come back within hours to lock themselves in their bedroom AGAIN.




 On Friday morning, in the kitchen:

-          Mamma where is Neelu?

-          She has gone home to get some clothes. She should be back in the afternoon.

-          I hope so!

A very sleep deprived Simmi could not tell her mother that she hadn't been sleeping for one whole week thanks to the commotion coming from IshRa's bedroom which was just next to hers. And on top of that she was looking after Ruhi and Ananya for one whole week. Her parents were lucky that they had been sleeping tight every night after their loaded drinks.

As for Romi he had been so tired for the whole week working so much in the office that once he dropped himself in bed, he was K.O and would open his eyes only when the alarm would ring at 7 a.m.


Friday afternoon...3 the office

-          Bhai you are going home?

-          Yes. Is there anything...

-          No bhai. I was just asking...Bhai, how is Bhabhi?

-          She is doing great.

-          Hmmm...when is she resuming work?

-          Oh this Monday...

Mihir heaved a sigh of relief as Raman looked at him with his eyebrows scrunched.

-          Why you asking? Everything in under control na?

-          Yes Bhai...Just asking... Haven't seen her for one whole week na... that's why.

 Mihir couldn't tell his boss cum brother that HE was the one who was NOT under control. Mihir had been working and attending meetings nonstop for one whole week till late in the evening and was desperate for a good night sleep. This would only be possible when his bhai and bhabhi will stop IT and get back to work. A worn out Mihir watched as Raman hurried out of the office with a smile on his face. "Enjoy yourself Bhai!" that's all he could say under his breath!




In a deserted place...on the back seat of a taxi... at around 5 p.m

A bollywood song is being played "neela duppata peela suit...chali chali who dil lo loot..." while a guy is shaking his girlfriend.

-          Neelu? Utho! Date pe bulate ho aur soh rahi ho?

A visibly tired Neelu jumped from her seat completely disoriented, excusing herself.

-          I am sorry Ramesh.  Ab mein kya bolou...In fact I wanted a break from work to... sleep. That's why I called you.

Confused, Ramesh listened to Neelu's plight.

-          Mein apne moouh se kya bolou! It's been five days since I had a proper night of sleep. My room is just below the stars leading to Bhayya Bhabhi' s room.  Every night! They would be at IT for hours.

Ramesh  I cannot take it anymore. I swear I can even hear those moans during the days as if they are now registered in my mind, in my ears. And...and when I see Ishita bhabhi in the kitchen, all I hear is her moaning... Ramannn!

-          Wow! Your bhayya bhabhi are so lucky.

-          Stop it Ramesh! I can't take it anymore. I can't even tell mummi ji about it.

Seeing a clearly sleep deprived Neelu, Ramesh came up with an idea.

-          Why don't you put a sleeping pill in their milk at night? Surely they are drinking milk for doing IT every single night and day!

-          Ramesh mein kya boloun! I did... But it didn't work.

-           You mean to say that... their sex drive inhibits drugs?

A visibly impressed Ramesh asked with eagerness. A very distraught Neelu only discarded his question and ordered her to get her to Bhalla flat.  It was time to go back to "work".


...Friday IshRa's room.

-          Raman I think we shouldn't do anything today. Besides you make so much noise. I wonder if the family hadn't  heard us...

- US? You mean , heard YOU coz you are the one who make so much noise...

- Ramannn... Please... N whose fault is that? Ok...Why don't we just cuddle and watch a movie. Any one of your favourite!

-          Ok ! Meri sharmili biwi!

-          Really?

Raman immediately grabbed his wife and squeezed her to him as he snuggled with her.

-        Really! My favourite picture is that where you and I are the main leads and I am doing all the naughty things I love to do with you while you make all the noise my ears love to hear!! 

Soon Raman's hands were all over his wife's body setting the mood for a night of passion...

...and another sleepless night for... 

...Simmi and Neelu.



A side note:

One week back when Raman came home and was eager to go to his room, all the family members were amused and were looking forward to the next morning since they had all planned to make them the blunt of their jokes during the whole day. Not in their wildest dreams did they think that they too would be losing their sleep with the couple! ROFL

Links to previous shots:

Shot # 1 JKR versus RKB

Shot # 2 Pacifying Mrs Raman Kumar Bhalla 117402421 

Author's note:

Don't kill me please! After watching IshRa all cozy in the HALL last night, my imagination reeled and this crackpot story cooked up.ROFL

Click LIKE if you like and leave a crackpot comment if you feel like it! If the responses are good, the next installment should be ready on New Year or earlier if you guys rocked againWinkLOL





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Ananya05 IF-Rockerz

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Totally crackpot story...but fun reading..LOL 

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Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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OSJ that was just a rocking one !!! Puttar tho kamaal hai ... Kya stamina aur Biwi bhi kam nahi LOL LOL ..
Lekin in dono ko khullam khulla romance aur chota space pasand hai ! Tu ne king size bed dediya ROFL
highlight was Neelu along with Ramesh LOL LOL ... Saari neend udgayi LOL LOL ...
Loved it OSJ Embarrassed Embarrassed
Waiting for the next shot ... Next time around romance in bathroom or kitchen Blushing

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omshreejaanu IF-Sizzlerz

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My dear readers, I am really sorry for not being able to pm u right now! The IF format us a mess on my iPad n I dunno what to do. Can't see my dashboard and any other thing not even an emo! I will pm u all later n reply to the posts too.
Hope you like this new story! 

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omshreejaanu IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Ananya05

Totally crackpot story...but fun reading..LOL 

Thank u Ananya! LOL
..TU... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Totally loved it.
While reading i can imagine ISHRA only.
Keep writing and pls do pm me.


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-DivAn- Goldie

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mayamaya9 Groupbie

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Awesome story u rocked it..!!!!!
poor simmi and neelu, romi and mihir too

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