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Aa Tujhko Odh Loon Main!!!(Plz C Pg21 For Spl Post) (Page 20)

Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bruce_L

Am not at all surprised with the language that you used Confused ROFL That KK is one ganda aadmi and you one gandi aurat. You both make a perfect G couple ROFLROFL


Poora duniya gayi tel lene, all he wanted is her and that too in hall of all place Shocked
In the same hall where in the morning someone was so nervous even to confess ILY to her.
And at night such a hormonal locha moment Shocked ROFL

And 'village basa nahi ki ghar bhana liye' (I dont know the exact line)...
Proper ILY is not yet said to each other but already he started having pleasures with the use of his kalakaarisROFL
He was just waiting for a green signal and now rest of the confession procedure gayi khadde meinROFL
Forget ILY, not even bothered of opposite team member opinion also. This is what we call DIRECT ROFL
So he was actually planning for IT only. Poor soul. Please let him have IT before any more hormonal locha happens in public place and leads to any embarassment for the opposite team memberConfused Everyone cannot be like him and so his target ROFL


HIS Character growth.

Only seeing Not much touching.
After green dress, he was very vocal of checking her out.
After blue dress, he was very expressive with his eyes.
Then he started doing OS with his eyes, with and without her knowledge.

More of touching only.
Now from the time he got signal, its only touching, anywhere and everywhere haanROFL
That means now onwards he will make us see another level of Gutter level of doing IT of various types doing in various places ROFL
This is called growth of characterEmbarrassed ROFL


This one is for you, emotional nautanki Angry

He knows love, romance, and doing IT is the only department where he can dominate. Rest in all departments is she who dominates.
Poor thing. Love is Blind so is RamanOuch

So why not maximise on what he has.

He always does OS with his eyes whether she is okay with it or not. Damn he cares about her LOL

One more theory. (God forgive me ROFL)
ALWAYS SHE IS ON TOP OF HIM. Its a symbolism.

Go and check their history.

Here too, its to convey how he is dominating her and getting things done from her ignoring her likes and dislikes.

Last night, when he pulled her on to him.
Its like, come to me, make IT to me and give me pleasure.
She is shy, nervous or whatever. Damn he cares. He want what he desires. BAS. IT is his department and she has to obligue to what he says. So typical of men.

Poora din Lecture Rani ka pak pak chalu tha. Since morning till nightOuch
But in honeymoon suite room scene and in couch scene, chatter box ka mooh bandh. Ek dum chupROFLROFL
See subtle way of conveying the dominance of the man of very few words in his department. Bwahahaha.


Action speaks more than words. (GOD, please one more time forgive meROFL)

The best golden moments that you have mentioned in your topic.

He was inviting her which he expressed with his legs by THAT gesture as you stated. O & C and S & SROFL
CHEE!!! He did IT with THAT with so much ease. Shocked Indirect hit ROFLROFL
This one is ahead of all that he did till last night. Ouch ROFL
Even OS with eyes is nothing in comparison to thisROFLROFL

What all is YET TO COME only HE knows. Poor we innocent souls.
He is just unbelievable !!! I mean it Confused


Enough of G talks LOL

"Apne biwi se pyaar nahin karoonga tho kisse karoonga"
"Perfect tab hota jab tum hamesha aise hi mere baahon mein hogi" (sorry its not exact dialogue I know)

PERFECT!!! His grip, tucking her hair, thumb movement on her face, very few words, content smile on his face having her in his arms.

Again, his way of expressing his Love & Lust.
No nonsense talks. Direct to the point.
He is really a man of few words !!!

Very good scene and HE again did a commendable job!

Dont ask me who here I meant HE LOL

PS : Happy with this ramayan ?
I dont believe you making me write Ramayan on this type of scene. Nautanki Angry
Hamesha tera manmaani nahin chalegaAngry

omggg BESTEST BESTEST BESTEST take ever i hv read in any thread for this scene..MY PLEASURE(completely)n my HONOUR to hv this comment in MY THREAD...

straight goin to best comments part 1...i love u..EmbarrassedLOLHug

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DivAnTami Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 5:29am | IP Logged
It's the most beautiful post . As lovely as Divyanka Di' smile & Karan Bhai' killer expressions . 
Nikki , words fall short to describe your talent dearie..!

You rock with your awesome posts ..! ...:D

I found this post of yours and read commented..:D

So , you don't need to PM me ..:P

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 5:37am | IP Logged
thnx all for the wonderful comments..HugHugHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by always_a_TV_fan

KK Comments:

Dear Lovely...Hug
Hi My dearest KK...HugHugHug

You didnt think you'd see me again this year no ??? TongueHow was the surprise ???Evil Smile I don't need to ask... I can see your madness in this post Embarrassed
i had only WISHED...but wsnt yes i ws HELL SHOCKED SURPRISED n evrythin which u knw nw already...LOLWink...n all tht resulted in my madness which u saw in post..But srsly loved this meet of ours when i thought all ws over last week for this year...but i forgot u love doing exceptions n givin surprises...!!

Acchha listen, Lucky, in all her vellapanti, didn't pack for her holidays and she has to work today too, so I will keep my reply short. Please don't get mad at meBig smile... get mad at Lucky...Angry
offo KK...spare her...shes bc with her packin for holz..still agree ki na to post ur msg i am neither mad at her nor at u who made sure ur msg reaches me on time...i love u both..HugHugHug...

So... about the title... When Lucky told me she was going to use this song in Sia's post last night, I told her to stop. I told her, my Lovely will surely make a topic today and I have a feeling she may use this song. And here we are ... Day DreamingSo I dont need to tell you how good your title is and all, we already discussed this song 'in-depth' in the last post Wink
LD ws abt to use this song?thnx KK...u made sure this song use karne ka HAQ sirf MUJHE hai...LOLWink...luv u jaan for tht...Hug..

Really Nikki... uff... I tell you... confession, I love you wagaira kisko chaahiye yaar... I was just waiting for a green signal... and I got it at the airport... and tab se jo mera 'take-off' hua hai, nobody can stop me baby... Cool
i so ur take off ho chuka...ab bhagvan bhi rok nahi paayega..ab toh ROCKET apne manzil pahunch kar hi rahega...ROFLROFL...

BTW - you know main kitna chance maarta hoon... yesterday I had the perfect excuse to ask for a massage to relieve my pain... By God, can you imagine if we were in the bedroom... I would have not stopped at my legs kalaakari... that's all I am saying.Approve
haha...i so knew..legs kya?har part of urs would hv been  ON ACTION then...LOLWink

accha chalo, I won't talk about my pleasurable pain and all that. Last post mein maine Ishita/KKSS ko thodi jyaada hi footage di thi, and I don't want you to get mad at me again...Hug
THANK U for this for NOT talkin abt her much...LOLWink...

Coming to your post... With every post Nikki, you are getting crazier in my LoveShocked... and I am enjoying it BlushingI love you my Jaan, for your dedication and passion... and I also love to give you sweet surprises and enjoy the resulting hormonal locha in you... Silly
yes yes KK...u drive me crazier n crazier evry single time...i ws SO NOT lik this...kya se kya bana diya tumne mujhe KK...OuchLOL...

what perfect pics Nikki... once again, you transport me back into KKSS-land, and then blame me for mentioning her too much ... this is not fairAngry
u just ignore her na...then no prob na...bas apne aap ko hi dekhlo pics mein...LOLLOL

I am really TOUCHED that you said KK is the best thing in 2014... seriously Nikki... I know I am getting too emotional (not like me) but THANK YOU for a rocking year... thanks for discovering me. thanks for 'propagating' my name... and above all... thanks for loving me the way you do... The feeling is mutual...EmbarrassedBlushingHug
there hv been only very rare moments i hv got teary eyed readin ur posts KK n this part ws one such...i want to thank U too for makin this year so so spl for me KK n thnx a ton to LD for alwz bein there as a connectin link b/w u n me..!! feelin so nostalgic now...kahan it started with me ur only fan n kahan nw ur fan followin is so huge n its still increasin n it will more...such happy proud content feelin nw...but remember yooon toh milenge tumhe laakhon deewanis but koi mujh jaise kabhi bhi beintehan mohabbat nahi kar sakenge tumse lik i do...HugHugHug..!!

Time for some gifs n pics now ;) Sorry there aren't too many... again, blame Lucky

Seeing your baarish waala pic made me emotional like this:

aww just bcoz i ws in rain u too came in rain cute...HugHug

Don't you think the couch-romance looked a bit like this?

oh yes...WHAT MEMORY...too good...ClapClap..

Finally... let me sign-off from 2014 with a pic you may like... Once again... Happy New Year Nikki... Till we meet again Hug

aww...happy new year n happy christmas in advance to u too KK...we will meet soon...luv u...HugHugHug...hv put ur post in pg1 where it should belong..!!

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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shravsss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:55am | IP Logged
oye hoye...
I expected yu to post on ur KK... i know KK's lover wont disappoint me tis tym... n yu dint... im first of all very happy... waise at office i jus opened ur indiaforums website for  sbb or sbs updates on yhm... n to my surprise i had ur PM... 

i was lyk all smiling... as if i won a love bck after several years...WinkWink ...
its actually so true im in love wid u KK's rants that... don't have words to xprs...

now about UR KK and KKSS Rant... 

haye mein gud khake marjanwan... puttar yestrday was way to more luking handsome and cute... i wasn't able to see the scene... i was jus watching my Karan... he was jus mindblowing his eyes , hands shoulder n especially legs... all were in sync...  im not able to decode or encode wat did i see at those mighty moments... wen i saw tat... it wasn't ishita in his bahen... it was me... unke bahonj mein hum the... hum bata nahi skde... 

Leg momentEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... Yu were ryt... sumone wasn't able to control... 

KKSS ji pehli baar kuch achcha kiya.. ki patidev ke paas aa pohochi... ya i think uske bhi hormones ab change hone lage hen... saturday epi kand ke baad...  madam bhi form mein thi... hope aaj bhi hume aise hi kuch dekhne mile... madam ji apne JM form se bahar aayen... Confused ... i know she wont... Tongue

waise... im in love wid yu for loving Karan's KK avtar so much... 
soon... i wanna meet karan... mere hormonal loche ko wahi control kr skde hen... mainu nai pata... kab kaise kidhar... but if i meet him... i would surely be telling about yu  . ur sisterly love story and KK's love story... i know he already knows due to ur letter on his bday... 

i have srsly watched tat hall scene fr like countless time... n still im not able to include ishu in tat scene im just watching karan's eyes , face , hairs , chest , leg , ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... 

yaar aise kaise ho skda h...  aap post karo woh bhi karan ke bare mein... i mean ur KK... n dnt rant... its next to impossible...

i so so wish yu make ur 500th post as KK( uske liye KK show mein dikhayi de)Christmas gift toh banti h ji...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

NIkki ji... IM in LOve With you... accept my proposal... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
PS : so about tis nonsense Rant... not my fault... its ur Post's effect/Consequence...

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 6:59am | IP Logged
haha...shravs u r too cute...n no bhai DNT knw abt my love story with KK...he hardly will remember K parivaar n me too...its all momentary..n am way too happy n satisfied with recognition i got frm bhai for me n k parivaar in those few mins...i dnt expect more than tht

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 8:05am | IP Logged
My Spl Review For 24th Dec YHM Scenes

Helloo Ppl..Big smileBig smile...Tonite instead of making a topic,i am making a post inside this KK topic i made today morning...!! Next seperate topic i will make(be it any current forum am  part of-YHM/KY2/Airlines/MahaKumbh)is my
500th topic in IF...Big smileBig smile...And as i want my 500th topic to be SUPER SPL,i wish to make my 500th topic for a super spl scene on any of 4 current shows i am watching..My wish is to make 500th one on a JHAKAAS KK scene of YHM...But i donno wht will be my 500th topic will ultimately turn out to be..!! Nywz tonite also KK ws there...But tht ws for microseconds n also nothin vry spl abt it-i am updatin my take on KK scenes shown tonite as a post in this already made KK topic for tue epi..!! Agar yeh 500 topic ka chakkar NAHI hota toh i would hv PAKKA made a NEW TOPIC for KK scenes shown tonite..But bcoz of 500 topic thing,i am RESTRICTED...But as i stil CANT let go off a KK scene just lik tht,i thought of making post lik this in already made KK topic...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

So tonites epi started with ydays JACKPOT scene ka last part aka Hall Romance Scene ka last part.. Waise those who r YET to read my "masoom" take on yday Hall Romance Scene,kindly see the 1st page of this thread...LOLWink...So coming back to 2nites epi.. Adi witnessed IshRa's cuchikooo session which v all saw in last nite epi..uff damn u haddi Adi..SleepyLOL...Adi got shock of life n uss shock mein aake he dropped the bottle in his hand on floor..LOLLOL...Aur bottle girne ka sound sunke IshRa came back to earth n realised Adi saw wht they did...ShockedLOL...Somebody's face ws WORTH WATCHING coz of INTERRUPTION..ROFL
ROFL...But somebody controlled himself n din say nythin..LOLLOL...After Adi had gone,Ishita started sayin ki they shouldn hv done it n so Adi wouldn hv seen it..So its wrong whtvr happened...Hearing her nonstop lecture,he finally spoke n told-"Kuch Galat Nahi Hua Hai..Biwi Ho TUM MERI...Aur Adi Ko Yeh Maanna Hi Hoga"..ClapClapClap...omg look whos talking..ShockedLOL...Many months back when Adi saw them in a normal close position post Holi dance,Raman ws so freakin upset thinkin Adi might MU IshRa n Adi blasted at him n in turn Raman blasted at Ishita for no reason evn though Raman ws the one who ws fakin romance with her just to show off to Ashok n Shagun.!! And now similar scenario..Adi again witnessed close moments of IshRa...But holi ke time mein aur ab mein zameen aasman ka fark hai..!! Then Raman din feel a thing towards Ishu n all he cared then ws hw Adi will take IshRa relation...And now Raman JUST DONT CARE if Adi wnt feel good abt IshRa...LOLLOL..Instead his policy now is whether Adi likes it or not he HV TO ACCEPT fact tht Ishita IS his wife n theres no other way abt it..ApproveApprove...Aaj jo lines Raman ne bola which i said in quotes-it ws actually by combo of BOTH KK n Ishita's Raman..!! Ishita's Raman ne woh bole coz he loves Ishu the MOST rite nw n he certainly CANT STAND his son degrading his wife or his relation with his wife n thtsy he said theres nothin wrong in whtvr they did n Adi shouldn get offended coz IshRa r couple n Adi should accept whether he likes or not..!! And comin to KK-well he OBVIOUSLY DNT GIV A DAMN abt ANYONE let alone Adi...LOLLOL...And he CERTAINLY CANT STAND Ishita call his love to her n things he did to her as WRONG as in KK's dictionary a word called "wrong" DOES NOT EXIST..LOLLOL.. He alwz beleives whtvr he do is right n thts KK ka SADDA HAQ on Ishita n dare anyone call tht wrong n tht anyone includes Ishita too..LOLLOL...So when Ishu said wht they did ws wrong n Adi shouldnt hv seen etc etc,KK in Raman got offended coz of reasons i told above n  hence he told same which ws techincally matchin with thoughts of Ishita's Raman too on sayin those lines n hence i told aaj ka yeh lines of Raman ws told frm combination of KK n Ishita's Raman..ClapWink..!!

So in tht scene KK ws in invisible mode...V could FEEL him only via his words n the serious tone with which he made things clear to Ishita..!! And i thought KK ws gone with tht...OuchOuch...But then i saw these moments...

^^The 2nd pic has KK...CoolROFL..This happened when Raman ws saying ki if she wsnt there,he donno wht would hv happened to him...While saying he ws making her come close to him as seen in all pics above..!! But the moment HE shifted his eyes to u knw where as seen in 2nd pic-i so knew...YEH LO FINALLY EXPLICITLY DARSHAN DE DIYA...PartyROFL...He came n he had gone all just in a BLINK OF EYE n thank god i din miss it...LOLLOL... KK jaate jaate wanted to do his fav time pass...So kar diya usne as seen in 2nd pic...Gosh so TYPICAL OF KK...ROFLROFLROFL...And there ended the extremely ITTU SA darshan of KK shown in tonites epi...OuchOuch...

KK u were there in 3 epis in a week-sat(20th dec),tue(23rd dec),wed(24th dec) epis...So many rocking memories u gave by this year end in these 3 epis...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...And am missin u already..OuchOuch...!! Donno when u will be back..But jaan i so wish whenvr u comeback,i hope it bcomes a very very spl scene just lik the very very spl person u r KK...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...I am so hoping for some DHAMAAKA in ur next darshan whenvr it is..WinkWink..!! As of now thnx a ton jaan for all the wonderful memories u gave in these 3 epis in a row...A perfect year ending gift this is from u to all ppl lik me who loves u to bits..HugHugHugHug...!!

Love u KK and there ends my post for tonites epi..Big smileBig smile..!!

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