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Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Aa Tujhko Odh Loon Main!!!(Plz C Pg21 For Spl Post)

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Laana... Kuch Baadal Laana
Unko... Mujh Pe Barsaana
Boondein... Teri Ho Jinme
Unse Bhiga Do...

(Song : Katra   Film : Alone)

Helloo Ppl..Big smileBig smile...Wondering y i started my post with those lines n avi?Well tht song lines indicate my req of spl baarish aka rain of KK scenes to KK which i made jabse i fell in love with "Katra" song this sunday n i ws dying to use lines of tht song as my topic title n in the topic for a KK topic asap n he showered tht rain on me with his scenes in tue epi of this week aka last nite n nw am FULLY DRENCHED in this KK RAIN tht happened last nite..BlushingDay Dreaming... So tht avi indicate tht current haal of mine watchin my love KK takin his KKpanti to a new level..Day DreamingDay Dreaming...

KK has alwz been a second name to exception jabse he hv entered my life..!! With last KK topic for last week sat epi(
Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam..Pyaar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam!! )...i thought my quota of posts on yhm forum for this year is over n nw my posts for this show only will happen next year...LOLLOL...!! But again as i knw the chamatkaars some ppl r able to do i had mentioned the same in tht topic tht if some miracle scene happens n it inspires me much then i will make post...And am epic happy tht once again its a KK topic n its for KK am HAPPILY making an exception..!! After a long time,i hv got opportunity to make back to back two KK posts in a row n tht too in the same week...KK jaan thnx for the rocking appearances n kalakaris u did on 20th dec n 23rd christmas n new year r already made coz of ur two dhamaakedaar  appearances wala gifts on these dates i mentioned above...PartyParty...

KK...u r UNDOUBTEDLY the BEST thing tht hv happened to me this year...!! Being crazy..being obsessed for male lead chars,actors,couples,shows is nothing new for me..!! But my love ya obsession for KK is alltogether in an entirely diff level which i hv never ever felt before..!! I knw KK is kinda my creation..As in he ws there already but i identified him in Raman n gave him an identity n rest is history..!! But never evr i thought i would travel this much in the name of love for KK.!! KK hv made me do many things which i never thought i would do..!! But thts wht KK does to me..!! He alwz test my boundaries n eventually make me cross them FOR him..!! And one thing which i still hvnt understood is HOW..lik HOW ON EARTH this magic happens n KK comes whenvr i wish to see him n tht too he comes totally out of the blue..!! Take the recent case...Last week sat epi-KK came n i made a grand post for him this sunday n i had kinda made up my mind ki most probably i wnt see KK anymore in this year coz of shagun track..!! But i got obsessed with "Katra" song(Film-Alone) n tht song IS KK song for me lik i hv told here - And in the corner of my heart this new wish came ki kaash i could see KK again coz i hv a habit of INSTANTLY using song lines of songs which i get obsessed instantly..!! And BOOM...there ws KK in last nite's epi..n tht again ws co-incidental n my wish got fulfilled..!! Now i wish for one more KK scene soon so tht my 500th topic in IF also bcomes a KK topic(this is my 499th topic in IF as a whole n 121st yhm forum topic)..!! Nywz KK-baby i donno hw u do this evrytime...But trust me when i say i fall in love with u evrytime u make appearance n its evn more if ur appearance ka time is on tht occassion where i would hv actually wished to see u lik last nites..!!

Nywz moving on to last nites epi..I hv ALWAYS told in past tht KK din do higher level of KKpanti in pre confession phase is ONLY coz he ws waitin for IshRa to confess each other...And when tht happens then theres NO STOPPING to him..LOLWink...Last week n this week epis r proofs for tht...Confession happened n see how back to back v got epic epic KK scenes..!! KK-u made  me feel so so happy...See hw much i ws right abt u...LOLLOL..Also i hv told in past ki KK literally uses his evry body part to action..LOLWink...V hv seen his KKish acts with his eyes,lips,hands..!! In last nite's epi KK made one more body party of his to action...ShockedLOL...Wanna knw which part?read the post till end...LOLLOL...Also wanted to say tht i hv used 41 screencaps took by me frm last nites epi for this post..Big smileBig smile

When last nite's epi started in full swing-i thought another crapfest borefest spl epi...SleepySleepy...But..SURPRISE SURPRISE...CVs threw us a bouncer of Hall Scene of IshRa..ShockedLOL...!! When i saw the beginning of IshRa Scene @Hall,i thought it would be normal happy ishra scene..!! And BOOM n this scene came when Raman said hes hvin pain on right part of shoulder n he told ishu to put balm to reduce his pain n ishu went to take balm by sayin hw can he be so careless n all..But point to be noted ws his expressions on saying abt tht PAIN thing...!!

^^WELCOME BACK KK..CoolHug...And aftr a hell long long time,i could see chaalu nautanki version of my KK...LOLWink..Chaalu kahin ke...dard ho raha tha shoulder mein?Oh Really?Iska Jawab main hi doongi later..LOLLOL...But as of now the moment u made entry to last nite epi my happiness knew no limit...DancingDancingDancing...But one thing had left me wondered then...Stern SmileStern Smile...I knw u did nautanki n make ishu do the shoulder massage to u..But i ws kinda sure itna nautanki u can NEVER do JUST for a massage...There must be somethin else goin in ur devil mind..LOLWink..And hw royally i ws proved right later by u darling..LOLWink...This is y i LOVE u..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

^^*sigh*...KK...i thought i ws prepared for the massage scene..Stern SmileStern Smile..but no GHANTA prepapred i ws...LOLLOL...THERE goes my HORMONAL LOCA sessions ka SHUBH AARAMBH jabse i saw tht devil sexy killer smirk u had in 2nd pic above in this set of 3 pics above...SillySillySilly...KK knw wht he ws doing...I knew wht i ws doin n there ws KKSS who ws being PERFECT BAKRA to KK as she ws doing the massage to KK in a serious manner thinking he hv pain on his shoulders..ROFLROFL...KK made me sigh sigh lik theres no tomorrow..Day DreamingDay Dreaming.. n KKSS made me ROFL ROFL..LOLLOL..Waise KK kya kaha tha tumne-right side of shoulder mein "pain" hai?LOLWink..I never knew DESIRE ka DOOSRA naam PAIN hai...LOLLOL...Also shoulder toh BILKUL bhi nahi jahan u felt a TSUNAMI of emotions which u were faking as hvin "pain" infront of her...ROFLROFLROFL...

The "Ouch" MomentsLOLWink

"OUCH"??ROFLROFLROFL...U meant "Ohhh" na,KK?ROFLROFL...But u knw wht...ACTUALLY u had felt "pain" ..LOLWink..."Pain" of NOT hvin manzil evn aftr being this much paas paas...ROFLROFLROFL..So yes baby it ws an Ouch-cum-Ohhh moment for u...LOLWink...

Damn u KK..AngryAngry...PLZ STOP PLAYING WITH MY MASOOM HEART..Stern SmileStern Smile..U were hvin SO MUCH OF PLEASURE as written all over in ur face...LOLWink...But u knw baby tht pleasure got transferred to me too...U were hving PLEASURE coz of KKSS n me hvin pleasure to see u at ur KILLER BEST modes lik this...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...But tht last pic-uff...SO MUCH FEELS...BlushingDay Dreaming...This song line of "Katra" ws epic suitin me n KK tht time-"Na Yaad Mujhe Hoon Main"...BlushingROFL...And before i get LOST IN U,lemme say this...KK aankhein band karke jo "feel" u were hvin-i am SO SURE UR DIL(??)wanted MORE of such feels na...ROFLROFLROFL...

omg omg...FIREEE...Stern SmileSilly...KK u were looking so so IRRESISTIBLY YUMMILICIOUS..Words fall short to express my "masoom" thoughts at times lik using an APT AVI to express my haal-e-dil KK seein u in these particular 3 moments above..LOLWink

But DROOLING sessions ek taraf n ur BBB sessions ek taraf..LOLWink...So this ws the scene where u told her to do whtevr she ws doing "pyaar se"...LOLLOL...And she the dhakkan did wht HER LORD commanded her..LOLWink...And the after effects of her MORE PYAAR wala MASSAGING ka proofs hai last 3 pics above..LOLLOL...KK kya kaha tha maine...ur "dil" alwz wants MORE...!! Such pleasures hw much u longed to hv na...So no wonder u wanted her to DO IT on u MORE n MORE..LOLWink...

I tell u...KK last nite ws DETERMINED to kill his deewanis with his sexy killer charm lik seen in 1st pic above in this set...SillySillySilly... KK here ws askin her is she magician or doctor coz with her touch all his pain has gone..LOLLOL...KK...Ishita ka pata nahi...But u-KK.. u r pakka a DEVIL MAGICIAN who casts such spell on masoom souls lik me n turn them to out n out besharam lik u...AngryLOL...Also u the magician makes sure ur gone case deewanis lik me long for u more n more aftr ur every appearance...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...*sigh*..."Na Yaad Mujhe Hoon Main"...KK-how much i am STILL in the KK rain since last nite...hv u got any idea?...SillySillySilly...But again tht doesnt mean i am gonna spare u man...So kya bol rahe the tum Ishita "choote" hi ur "pain gayab"?ShockedShocked...LIAR LIAR...uske choote hi ur ang ang mein KHALBALI machta hai n u talkin abt pain being gone?ShockedROFLROFL...She just added GHEE to the FIRE in u KK by doing tht massage n u saying she "decreased" ur pain?no F way F way...ROFLROFL...Hormonal Locha ek cheez hai jo sirf hume nahi hoti tumhe dekh ke...Tumko BHI hota hai KKSS ko dekhte hi n yday toh madam ws full on being touchy touchy with u toh ur level of hormonal locha bhi new new heights pahunch rahe the..ROFLROFL...Aur bolta hai ki pain gayab...ya really...Jhoot bolna koi tumse seekhe KK..LOLLOL...!! But u can ullu banafy her NOT me..LOLWink...

Lik alwz KK WANTS MORE MORE...LOLLOL...Dekho kaise nautanki kar raha tha abt his "new pain" in left side of his shoulder n askin her to do massage there too..ROFLROFL..Haaye Mera Kinky Sweetheart...LOLLOL...!!Mujhe tumse yahi umeed thi KK..proud of u..LOLClap...

Chamatkaar..ShockedShocked..First time she understood KK's "namesake" intentions...ROFLROFLROFL...She understood he ws faking pain..But still she din hv NO IDEA abt andar ke feelings of KK lik alwz...ROFLROFLROFL...

But KK this time ws DETERMINED to FINALLY let her knw atleast a TRAILER of andar ke feelings n so he did this KAAND..ShockedLOLDay Dreaming..

Till before this kaand,he ws setting the MOOD..WinkWink...Now when he felt hes READY for ACTION,this is wht he did...LOLLOL..Madam ws plannin to sleep aftr realisin he hv no pain n no more being bakra for him..!! But my dear KKSS u donno KK jo kaam shuru karta hai usko khatam karna bhi usika dept hai n there u hv no say..LOLLOL...So see where u hv ended up...LOLWink...But i cant help but say LUCKY U KKSS..Stern SmileGeek...But KK ki khushi ke liye i will IGNORE this..!! Lemme shift my focus back to my Sexy Shaitaan-KK...LOLWink...So baby THIS ws ur real plan huh..!! Nw i get y u do so much nautanki for a massage...Maan gaye tussi...U rock my love..ClapStar..!!

Hmmm...Some1 ws very happy..WinkWink...Madam ws all being conscious n worried abt doosron ka reactions on their khullam khulla romance in hall...But KK once n for all decided to shut her mouth as KK wants tht time also which she spends for her talks to do SOME ACTIONS on HIM rather than talking bakwaas n trying to spoil his TURNED ON MOOD..LOLLOL...So he said they r in hall  n not in jail n also if he dnt romance his wife then with whom he would do?LOLWink...omggg KK-u n sach?ShockedLOL...And tht too without beating around the bush?CHAMATKAAR...Aww u MY SHER... i am proud of u...ClapLOL...This ws lik a rocking boundary u got..!! In tht hotel room(sat epi),u were bowling first...But match got interrupted..!! And usi match ko he resumed with his batting first...LOLLOL...And it ws a ROCKING CHAUKA he hit by saying directly on her face tht he wants to do romance with her..!!

KK said here hw he had planned a PERFECT ROMANTIC NIGHT..but evrything got spoiled..OuchOuch...omgg another sach?ShockedShocked... Yeh laga doosra CHAUKA from u KK...ROFLROFLROFL...Kya kaha tumne romantic night?Poor Ishita's Raman..he thought he ws going to explicity say i love u then...But KK-uska manzil hamesha se ek hi hai..LOLLOL...And itne mahino tak he waited ONLY to get green signal frm IshRa n tht he got with their "apparent" confession @airport..!! Now "i love u" gaya tel lene for KK..LOLLOL... He definitely CANT wait till these two EXPLICITLY say ILU to each other..LOLLOL...Many of us were SO SURE seein the room..Y seeing the room?The moment v heard u bookin a hi MESSAGE CLEAR tha ki koi CONSUMMATION ke liye planning kar rah tha Confession ke liye NAHI...ROFLROFLROFL...And wht a pleasant surprise...!! Koi actually apna plan "kinda" reveal kiya..ShockedLOL...Sach mein LOVE IS MAGIC which can make ppl do things they hv never did before lik makin KK say sach which he hv never did before...ShockedLOL...

Aww...THIS is my 2nd most fav set of moments from last nite epi.. Day DreamingDay Dreaming...When she saw he being disappointed coz his plans of romantic night getting flopped,she told for her tht moment where she ws with him ws PERFECT...Infact it ws BETTER THAN PERFECT for her...ClapClapClap...Aww KKSS u SAID IT..ClapClap...I am impressed..!! Thnx for cheerin up MY KK..WinkWink..KK just needed to hear tht...And there he hit an AMAZING SIXER when he told her perfect will be when he will be able to hold her in his arms like this FOREVER..!! As much as this has gutter flavour it has MORE amount of pure blissful romantic flavour too..StarStarStar...And tht forehead touch they did aftr this extremely beautiful confession, literally made this scene evn more SOULFUL...!! No BBB for this scene as this ws THE ONLY less gutterish scene and tht makes it unique n spl..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...!!


After using his eyes,lips,hands KK launched his kalakaaris last nite with his LEGS as shown in two pic above...
And there goes my reactions...

KK with ur LEGS kalakaari u made me hell shocked first...then ROFL to death n then i HAD to SALUTE u for this NEW LEVEL of KKpanti by u which i hv NEVER EVER seen anyone doing..!! What on universe ws tht?U r getting BOLDER n BOLDER baby..ShockedLOL..!! She ws ALMOST ON U n hence u felt EMERGENCY somewhere na n to tone down that emergency u started shaking ur legs in such OPEN CLOSE manner?ShockedShockedShockedROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL... Aww my poor love...Manzil ws LITERALLY AN INCH AWAY yet HE COULDN HV IT...OuchOuch...No worries KK..hvnt u heard intezaar ka phal "meetha" hota hai?LOLLOL...But still hw did u do tht?OPEN CLOSE...damn...ROFLROFLROFLROFL...Par KK somewhere u felt HEAVENLY PLEASURE also na..Isse Kehte hai.. Pyaar ka DARD Hai..Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara...ROFLROFLROFL...But but...again i am wondering just hw did u DO IT?It ws such a SUPER SEXY KILLER MOVE...But when i again see the pattern of ur shake shake legs kalakaari which ws OPEN CLOSE...ok here i go again...My mind is STUCK there...Nw as KK ws HONEST yday,lemme also be HONEST...This entire post EXISTS here ONLY coz of ur OPEN CLOSE SHAKE SHAKE kalakaari KK...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...!! I just HAD TO...just Fcukin HAD TO SALUTE U for THIS kalakaari alone n wht better than my post for tht...ROFLROFLROFLROFL...U made me EPIC PROUD KK..!! One of ur bestest kalakaaris HANDS DOWN..ClapClapClapROFLROFLROFL...!! OPEN CLOSE...ROFLROFLROFL...ok before i end up writin those DANGEROUS WORDS again n again..i STOP here..ROFLROFLROFL..!! Btw WHAT HV U TURNED ME TO KK...This ws JUST NOT ME..OuchOuch...U just ermm..FORGET IT...AngryLOL

Aaye Haaye...Vaari Jaawaa Iss Smile Pe...Kitna Khush Hai My Love...*puts kaala teekha*..Tumhe kisiki nazar na lage KK...HugHugHug...

awww...HIS EYES CLOSED..!! But look at the CONTENT BLISS hes hvin as visible frm his face n body language esp LEGS language..ROFLROFLROFLROFL...!! Some1 savouring the MEETHA DARD n FEELING IT MORE with his eyes closed..LOLLOLWinkWink..!!

And thts the ending moment of KK's kalakaaris last nite..!! Pyaar Ke Panchis lost in each other..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...!!

Gosh tht ws such a HEAVENLY-yet-ENTERTAINING RIDE KK..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Loved this KK rain u showered last nite...SillySilly...

Nywz to conclude i can say...KK showed a rocking teaser of SR nite to KKSS n audience with tht fall seq n whtevr he did durin tht fall seq..ClapWink..And scenes before fall ws just practice sessions..LOLWink...For tht fall seq,this song line from same "Katra" Song suits KK as thts wht he did last nite...WinkWink

"Aa Tujhko Odh Loon Main"!!!
(^^Let me embrace You/Let me cover myself with You)

I end this post by dedicating the PERFECT KK song for KK which am currently obsessed abt solely coz of its lyrics n music as all tht remind me only n only KK..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Iss Tarah Se, Khudse Aa, Mujhko Jod Tu
Thoda Bhi, Mujh Mein Na, Mujhko Chhod Tu...
Na Yaad Teri Tujhko
Na Yaad Mujhe Hoon Main
Aa Mujhko Pehan Le Tu
Aa Tujhko Odh Loon Main...

Katra Katra Main Giroon
Jism Pe Tere Thehroon
Katra Katra Mein Giroon
Tujh Mein Hi Kahin Reh Loon, Reh Loon...

Dariya... Tu Khaali Kar De
Mujh Mein... Saara Tu Bhar De
Tujhko... Aa Main Pee Jaoon
Pyaas Bujha Do...

Laana... Kuch Baadal Laana
Unko... Mujh Pe Barsaana
Boondein... Teri Ho Jinme
Unse Bhiga Do...

Na Yaad Teri Tujhko
Na Yaad Mujhe Hoon Main
Aa Mujhko Pehan Le Tu
Aa Tujhko Odh Loon Main...

Katra Katra Main Giroon
Jism Pe Tere Thehroon
Katra Katra Mein Giroon
Tujh Mein Hi Kahin Reh Loon, Reh Loon..

Khud Se... Khaali Ho Jaoon
Aaja... Tujhse Bhar Jaoon
Tinka... Tinka Jal Jaoon
Aise Jala Do... Ho...

Tairu Mein Tan Pe Tere
Thehroon Angon Pe Tere
Gehri Jo Khwahish Teri
Unme Duba Do...

Na Yaad Teri Tujhko
Na Yaad Mujhe Hoon Main
Aa Mujhko Pehan Le Tu...
Tujhko Odh Loon Main...

Katra Katra Main Giroon
Jism Pe Tere Thehroon
Katra Katra Mein Giroon
Tujh Mein Hi Kahin Reh Loon, Reh Loon...

Katra Katra Main Giroon
Jism Pe Tere Thehroon
Katra Katra Mein Giroon
Tujh Mein Hi Kahin Reh Loon, Reh Loon...

^^lines which i hv underlined-they r the most perfect lines suitin KK ka HEIGHTS of KKpanti..LOLLOL...

Above ws my review for YHM scenes of Dec 23rd Epi..
Click on link below for my my review for YHM scenes of Dec 24th Epi..

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KK's comment Wink
Originally posted by always_a_TV_fan

KK Comments:

Dear Lovely...Hug

You didnt think you'd see me again this year no ??? TongueHow was the surprise ???Evil Smile I don't need to ask... I can see your madness in this post Embarrassed

Acchha listen, Lucky, in all her vellapanti, didn't pack for her holidays and she has to work today too, so I will keep my reply short. Please don't get mad at meBig smile... get mad at Lucky...Angry

So... about the title... When Lucky told me she was going to use this song in Sia's post last night, I told her to stop. I told her, my Lovely will surely make a topic today and I have a feeling she may use this song. And here we are ... Day DreamingSo I dont need to tell you how good your title is and all, we already discussed this song 'in-depth' in the last post Wink

Really Nikki... uff... I tell you... confession, I love you wagaira kisko chaahiye yaar... I was just waiting for a green signal... and I got it at the airport... and tab se jo mera 'take-off' hua hai, nobody can stop me baby... Cool

BTW - you know main kitna chance maarta hoon... yesterday I had the perfect excuse to ask for a massage to relieve my pain... By God, can you imagine if we were in the bedroom... I would have not stopped at my legs kalaakari... that's all I am saying.Approve

accha chalo, I won't talk about my pleasurable pain and all that. Last post mein maine Ishita/KKSS ko thodi jyaada hi footage di thi, and I don't want you to get mad at me again...Hug

Coming to your post... With every post Nikki, you are getting crazier in my LoveShocked... and I am enjoying it BlushingI love you my Jaan, for your dedication and passion... and I also love to give you sweet surprises and enjoy the resulting hormonal locha in you... Silly

what perfect pics Nikki... once again, you transport me back into KKSS-land, and then blame me for mentioning her too much ... this is not fairAngry

I am really TOUCHED that you said KK is the best thing in 2014... seriously Nikki... I know I am getting too emotional (not like me) but THANK YOU for a rocking year... thanks for discovering me. thanks for 'propagating' my name... and above all... thanks for loving me the way you do... The feeling is mutual...EmbarrassedBlushingHug

Time for some gifs n pics now ;) Sorry there aren't too many... again, blame Lucky

Seeing your baarish waala pic made me emotional like this:

Don't you think the couch-romance looked a bit like this?

Finally... let me sign-off from 2014 with a pic you may like... Once again... Happy New Year Nikki... Till we meet again Hug

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Originally posted by Bruce_L

Am not at all surprised with the language that you used Confused ROFL That KK is one ganda aadmi and you one gandi aurat. You both make a perfect G couple ROFLROFL


Poora duniya gayi tel lene, all he wanted is her and that too in hall of all place Shocked
In the same hall where in the morning someone was so nervous even to confess ILY to her.
And at night such a hormonal locha moment Shocked ROFL

And 'village basa nahi ki ghar bhana liye' (I dont know the exact line)...
Proper ILY is not yet said to each other but already he started having pleasures with the use of his kalakaarisROFL
He was just waiting for a green signal and now rest of the confession procedure gayi khadde meinROFL
Forget ILY, not even bothered of opposite team member opinion also. This is what we call DIRECT ROFL
So he was actually planning for IT only. Poor soul. Please let him have IT before any more hormonal locha happens in public place and leads to any embarassment for the opposite team memberConfused Everyone cannot be like him and so his target ROFL


HIS Character growth.

Only seeing Not much touching.
After green dress, he was very vocal of checking her out.
After blue dress, he was very expressive with his eyes.
Then he started doing OS with his eyes, with and without her knowledge.

More of touching only.
Now from the time he got signal, its only touching, anywhere and everywhere haanROFL
That means now onwards he will make us see another level of Gutter level of doing IT of various types doing in various places ROFL
This is called growth of characterEmbarrassed ROFL


This one is for you, emotional nautanki Angry

He knows love, romance, and doing IT is the only department where he can dominate. Rest in all departments is she who dominates.
Poor thing. Love is Blind so is RamanOuch

So why not maximise on what he has.

He always does OS with his eyes whether she is okay with it or not. Damn he cares about her LOL

One more theory. (God forgive me ROFL)
ALWAYS SHE IS ON TOP OF HIM. Its a symbolism.

Go and check their history.

Here too, its to convey how he is dominating her and getting things done from her ignoring her likes and dislikes.

Last night, when he pulled her on to him.
Its like, come to me, make IT to me and give me pleasure.
She is shy, nervous or whatever. Damn he cares. He want what he desires. BAS. IT is his department and she has to obligue to what he says. So typical of men.

Poora din Lecture Rani ka pak pak chalu tha. Since morning till nightOuch
But in honeymoon suite room scene and in couch scene, chatter box ka mooh bandh. Ek dum chupROFLROFL
See subtle way of conveying the dominance of the man of very few words in his department. Bwahahaha.


Action speaks more than words. (GOD, please one more time forgive meROFL)

The best golden moments that you have mentioned in your topic.

He was inviting her which he expressed with his legs by THAT gesture as you stated. O & C and S & SROFL
CHEE!!! He did IT with THAT with so much ease. Shocked Indirect hit ROFLROFL
This one is ahead of all that he did till last night. Ouch ROFL
Even OS with eyes is nothing in comparison to thisROFLROFL

What all is YET TO COME only HE knows. Poor we innocent souls.
He is just unbelievable !!! I mean it Confused


Enough of G talks LOL

"Apne biwi se pyaar nahin karoonga tho kisse karoonga"
"Perfect tab hota jab tum hamesha aise hi mere baahon mein hogi" (sorry its not exact dialogue I know)

PERFECT!!! His grip, tucking her hair, thumb movement on her face, very few words, content smile on his face having her in his arms.

Again, his way of expressing his Love & Lust.
No nonsense talks. Direct to the point.
He is really a man of few words !!!

Very good scene and HE again did a commendable job!

Dont ask me who here I meant HE LOL

PS : Happy with this ramayan ?
I dont believe you making me write Ramayan on this type of scene. Nautanki Angry
Hamesha tera manmaani nahin chalegaAngry

Originally posted by aishu_divan

Haila KK postShockedShocked..Nikki Im seriously amazed that you're making so many back to back posts on Ishra and K parivaar.Big smileBig smile.But Im glad youre making themSmile..Im so happy KK gave his darshan and compelled you to make a post on him.StarStar.Woooww..this is your 499th topic in IFBig smileClap.Epic Nikki..I hope ke 500th topic  bhi KK par hi ho..Big smileBig smile

Nautanki hai toh it has to be KKTongueLOL..KK wanted back maasge Nikki babCoole..After all he wanted her mulaayam haath on his backTongue..and relish the feel of her soft soft hands..LMAOLOLLOL.."Desire ka doosra naam pain hai"..ROFL
BwahahahahaaROFL..Waise Nikki aaj toh sirf KKSS ki haath haiWink..Kal shaayad "honth raseele tere honth raseele"..ROFL

KK's another epic kalaakaari you can add to his already growing list.Big smileLOL.Faking pain to get close to biwi.Wink.And youre right waha he was enjoying the soft-soft shoulder massage aur yaha pe meri haalat kharaaab ho rahi thi.Stern Smile.He looked so yummylicious in those naughty expressions NikkiEmbarrassedBlushingHeart..KKSS had no clue whatsoeverConfused..LMAO.ROFL.I was literally like the below avi when I was looking at KKDay Dreaming..Someone had to kick me out of my senses NikkiTongueSilly..And no one has been successful yet.TongueLOL.Im still not able to get over the droolworthy mini makeout session..EmbarrassedBlushingDay Dreaming

I so have to agree with youBig smile..Its KK and KKSS who have given birth to a new besharam in meEmbarrassedBlushing..warna mei toh bahut seedhi saadhi thi..Lol.LOL.LMAO @ "uske choote hi ur ang ang mein KHALBALI machta hai n u talkin abt pain being gone?".ROFLROFL.Bwahahahahaa..Nikki too good yaar.Big smileThumbs Up.Kitna chaalak hai yeh banda..To continue the sweet torturous pleasure that he was experiencing from her hands, he faked painBig smile..aur issi mei khud ulaj gaya ke pain kaha par thaLOLLOL..LMAOROFL..Finally KKSS got the clue and realised that her hubby was demanding romance in a verysubtle way..WinkTongue

Jab balm romance aadha adhoori hogaya toh KK was determined NikkiSmile..tabhi toh the bed pull.BlushingBlushing.I thought he will do this during aakraman time..par naShocked..Agar romance aisa hoga toh KK ke aakraman kaise hogaBlushingDay Dreaming..Mai bas yehi sochke paagal horahi hoonSilly..Aur haan..I was super jealous of KKSS Nikki..Approve

"Apne biwi se pyar nahi karunga toh aur kisse karunga"Smile..Haayee.Day Dreaming.Nikki that was confession enough for meBig smileHeart..KK ka hormomes saathwe asmaan pahunch gaye the kal.LOL.Waise their position reminded me of this epic fall from HAHK..WinkLOL

LMAO.ROFL."Confession ke liye nahi Consummation plan kar raha tha"..ROFLMAOROFL Nikki..bwaahahahahaROFL..when it comes to KK there's no control Nikki.TongueROFL.Pyaar phoot phoot ke bahaar araha tha nikkiEmbarrassed..Their pure overflowing fountain of loveHeart..Loved those dialoguesEmbarrassedHeart..KK se inspire hogayi hai KKSSTongue..Isliye usne kaha ki "this was more better than perfect".EmbarrassedBlushing.Lying in KK's baahein..*Jealous mode activated again*.Approve.Khair..And KK ka bouncer reply "It would be perfect if I could have you in my arms forever"Blushing..How more adorable can they get..EmbarrassedHeart

HailaShocked..ROFLMAOROFL..OPEN-CLOSE..BwahahahahahahahahahahaROFLROFL..what an interpretation NikkiShockedROFL..maangaye tumko yaar..Itni simple si leg shake se peeche itna kuch meaning bhi ho sakta hai ROFL..Never imaginedShocked..Epic.ClapThumbs Up.Sach mei besharam dheet ho tumTongue..Another kalaakaari added to list of KK kalaakaaris.Big smile.Seriously this was a teaser to SR hoga to hum sab coma mei chale jayenge Nikki..EmbarrassedBlushingDay Dreaming

Now that I know how to make gifs, I can post my own gifs in your posts..All the above 3 are made by me..So if u ever wanna use it, feel free to do so..SmileSmile Epic song Nikki.Clap."Aaa tujko odh loon mai"..Perfect symbolism to the way he pulled her on himself and wanted her to be in his arms as though she's his blanket of warmth, love and protectionEmbarrassed..You always make me acquainted with lovely songs through your posts.Big smile."Mohabbat barsa de na tu" was one of those..Epic post as always Nikki.Clap.thanks a ton for this post.Hug.Im so happy you're back with KK postsSmile..Ye le bada waala jappi from me to youBig smileHug..

Edited by Nikki_Titli - 24 December 2014 at 1:15pm

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posts: 87316

Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:36pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by arunabhi

First of all this was a lovely post. Yesterday KK was full on as you said and knew you will come with a post !! Once KK unleashes his charm we are all mere puppets in his hands and biwi kya cheez hai. After the pull Biwi became all

She was just listening to her ring master pyaar se like the way puttar wanted Embarrassed Blushing... Doctor ho ya jaadukar ??? Jhoote tujhe nahi pata hai kya ??? Phir se JKR ko pataliya

I was all drooling over KK for all the KKness he just brought out in 2 minutes. Then all that followed...Goto take a deep breath yaar !!! It was just hotness overload in 5 minutes... Uff.. the pull with his strong hold and the way he was moving his hands over her back and to top it all the leg shake .. Yes dear lady you just rocked with that line and the way you have explored that leg shake is just awesome. I had another thought regarding the leg shake, May be KK was just preparing himself to lock her if she happen to escape from his hold. I am turning a deep shade of red and going all like this...

Epic post Niki .. As you said even I goto thank KK !!!! It was KK who prompted you to come up with this post.. Thanks dearie ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap...
P.S: Please continue to mention this will be your last post of the year .. we're getting mind blowing scenes ..May be like some Jinx Embarrassed.. But am loving it Heart

Originally posted by Raatri

...hey nikki...congrats...for breaking ur own promise...of no more posts for the year last time...all thanks to ur KK ...Smile ...but lagta hain...KK ko pehchaane mein tum  bhi thoda chook gayi...i guess...u should never tell him bye or pata nahin kab milenge...bas KK...JALD HI MILTE HAIN...and he will be back to do lot of chamatkaar and kalakaari...(...actually abhi toh KKpanti...shuru hui hain...)...
...after reading ur post...and ur lov to ur KK the badmaash...i would like to tell this on ur behalf to ur KK: 

KKpanti ka tohafa tera 
Bana hai jeevan mera...  
Dil ke sahaare maine pa lie 
Jeene ko aur kya chaahie 

Originally posted by shravsss

oye hoye...
I expected yu to post on ur KK... i know KK's lover wont disappoint me tis tym... n yu dint... im first of all very happy... waise at office i jus opened ur indiaforums website for  sbb or sbs updates on yhm... n to my surprise i had ur PM... 

i was lyk all smiling... as if i won a love bck after several years...WinkWink ...
its actually so true im in love wid u KK's rants that... don't have words to xprs...

now about UR KK and KKSS Rant... 

haye mein gud khake marjanwan... puttar yestrday was way to more luking handsome and cute... i wasn't able to see the scene... i was jus watching my Karan... he was jus mindblowing his eyes , hands shoulder n especially legs... all were in sync...  im not able to decode or encode wat did i see at those mighty moments... wen i saw tat... it wasn't ishita in his bahen... it was me... unke bahonj mein hum the... hum bata nahi skde... 

Leg momentEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... Yu were ryt... sumone wasn't able to control... 

KKSS ji pehli baar kuch achcha kiya.. ki patidev ke paas aa pohochi... ya i think uske bhi hormones ab change hone lage hen... saturday epi kand ke baad...  madam bhi form mein thi... hope aaj bhi hume aise hi kuch dekhne mile... madam ji apne JM form se bahar aayen... Confused ... i know she wont... Tongue

waise... im in love wid yu for loving Karan's KK avtar so much... 
soon... i wanna meet karan... mere hormonal loche ko wahi control kr skde hen... mainu nai pata... kab kaise kidhar... but if i meet him... i would surely be telling about yu  . ur sisterly love story and KK's love story... i know he already knows due to ur letter on his bday... 

i have srsly watched tat hall scene fr like countless time... n still im not able to include ishu in tat scene im just watching karan's eyes , face , hairs , chest , leg , ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... 

yaar aise kaise ho skda h...  aap post karo woh bhi karan ke bare mein... i mean ur KK... n dnt rant... its next to impossible...

i so so wish yu make ur 500th post as KK( uske liye KK show mein dikhayi de)Christmas gift toh banti h ji...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

NIkki ji... IM in LOve With you... accept my proposal... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
PS : so about tis nonsense Rant... not my fault... its ur Post's effect/Consequence...

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--Megha-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
The best part yesterday was LEG MOVEMENTS Tongue shall edit later. Wink

Edited by mnr123 - 23 December 2014 at 9:39pm

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:38pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by s_kavya

Nikki i was waiting for this post of urs.. i know you said during your last post that it would be last post of urs for this year..but when i saw ishra scen in yesterday's Epi.. and was knowing Nikki's KK is there.. and i was 101% sure ke we going to get Dhamakedar post on KK for sure... Wow and that to on Katra theme... Heart Embarrassed

       coming to Epi.. i also thought we will only get Emotions drama in Epi.. the way it started.. but chamtkar hote hai.. ishra scen was that chamtkar and i am still in ishra hangover Embarrassed when ishu came to sleep in Hall... i thought chalo Hamaari ishu madam ko patidev ka khayal toh Aayaa the way she said Aapke saath comfortable Rahungi waah madam kya baat hai... Madam was very worried about hubby's back pain.. and Jaise hi back pain ka naam Aaya KK ne Entry Maari. Wink Embarrassed sach mein Nikki KK ne kya Nautanki ki.. ishu was convinced ke patidev ko shoulder mein pain ho Raha hai.. and she bade PYAAR se giving massage to hubby and KK was fully Enjoyed that massage sesson... awww that Smile on KK's face.. killer smile Day Dreaming

KK was enjoying massage sesson par janab ki Nautanki pakdi gai.. and jab ishu was going to sleep.. KK was in no mood to leave her.. he pulled her.. and then gosh naughty KK... KK was Bindaas yesterday he clearly said Apni Biwi Se PYAAR nai karunga toh kis Se karunga... ishu was shy par KK is Besharam it was likeSaari night Beshaemi ki highestFor KK... awww that Foreheads touch and the killer smile... and those Legs shaking LOL Wink Embarrassed Me dead yrr.. KK ne toh Chauke Chakke Sab jhad diye... Loved Loved Loved KK and KKSS was not less awww Day Dreaming

Nikki as always Awesome..Superb...Dhamakedar post loved it to core Dear Hug Hug

Originally posted by N.R.Rona

Nikkiii u did it..this is y i was waiting for your post..and was so sure that you wont disappoint me..n let me tell you nikki it was worth waiting.. Always jab bhi aise koyi scene hota hain hamein pehle hi maloom hota tha ki scene aanewala hain..and we were desperately waiting for it..and then also those scenes had great effect on us.. But coming to y'days scene..hamein koyi khabar nahin tha ki aise kuch aane wale came all of a sudden..n i was shocked..mere to saansein hi rukh gayi..n my mom was sitting beside i couldnt do nything other than blushing..jee lagta tha ki jee bhar ke naach loon.. Embarrassed LOL And for that few minutes i was a statue trying to capture each n every actions n savour it in my heart..epi khatham hone ke baad bhi main usi world mein tha..jab mein bahar aaya..mujhe pehle tum yaad ayi aur is post ka intezaar karne lagi..atlast at the end f my patience level i asked u n i was so happy after reading from u.. Coming to this was awesome..tumhare gutter mind ka to koyi jawaab hi nahin.. As u said..KK aur raman ka charm to sirf ishu ko hi nahin hamein bhi attack karte hain aur hormonal locha karte hain..just like u said ishu ko dekhke unhe bhi hota hoga..isiliye tho itne saare kalaakaris dikhate hain voh.. And truly raman was sooo yummylicious y'day..har ek scene mein jo jo expressions voh dikha rahi thi ji karta tha ki use kha jawoon. Sachi..dont bash me pls..i wont take your KK from u..main to bas raman ki baat kar rahi thi... Main to unke pair hilte huve note kiya tha..par mujhe laga tha ki voh relax kar rahe a decent way..par seriously open n close action.. Shocked .. My mouth flew open after reading this shocking revelation f that action..isiliye main kehti thi ki tumhare gutterpanti ka koy jawaab kuch tumne likha hain main to doob gayi is ishra ocean mein.. Divan aur ishra..dil ko choo liya hain aur main to dekhte hi reh gayi...and ishita n divss you are soo lucky ki tum donon ko ithne charming hell romantic partner mil gayi..pichle janam kuch to bahuth accha kaam kiya hain tum donon ne..kaash mujhe bhi yeh mauka mil jaathi.. Wink Kaash aaj bhi iske continuation hotaa.. Agar raman aise nautanki banti rahe to bahuth khushi hotii..ishita ko bhi na kabhi kabhi aise hi nautanki banni chahye na.. Ab to bina confession hi consummation ho jaayega..koi aitraaz nahin hain na cvs ko yeh baat bata sakte to accha hoga na... Nikki..hats off to u yaar.. Clap New year ke pehle tumhein aur bhi likhna hoga agar KK to aise dikhti rahe..ab to raman nautanki banke phirta hain to hamein aur bhi posts milthi rahegi na..bhagwan to hamara prayers sun liya hain..kyunki pichle post mein tumne is saal ka last post kaha to bahuth bura lagi bagwan ne mauka diya kyunki humein aur bhi mil jaaye ..umeed karthi hoon ki aaj bhi tumein likhna pade ..precap dekhkar to ek chota sa umeed hain..kaash... Excellent post yaar... Tongue

Originally posted by rutu83

gosh at every picture i was blushing and sighing.  and after that at every commentary i was laughing or smirking.  only your post would get two such varying emotions one after the other :)

Edited by Nikki_Titli - 23 December 2014 at 11:41pm

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bscorp13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
ResEmbarrassedLOL...i am gonna take my most max time ever to read this postLOL
My reaction when i saw the leg movement...LOL

And then when I read your epic bbb of your love those open close golden moments..Wink..

Ab aate hai kaam ki baat pe...about The Scene...WinkLOL...a yhm scene in months that I have re watched like crazy after a very long time...all thanks to a certain person...and that persons unbelievable kalaakariEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL
Sach batao this some secret strategy of yours to wean away AK fans...since ak ki popularity seemed to be increasing lately..huh...itne saare appearances achaaNak se...all in the last 2 weeks...and the what the freak was that in that scene yesterdayShockedEmbarrassed...
you really increased many pples heartbeat...pulse rate ..everything...not fair buddy...not fair at all...EmbarrassedROFL

Coming to how the scene started ...i Really had been waiting for a rehash of the massage scene...since we got rehashed versions of all epic 11pm scenes...but yeh massage scene was eluding us for a while..and then we had a chance aaj ...with ishra back to the hallWink
and I was like kaash kk ya ak aa jaaye...and we get a G version of the massage scene...and right on cue...KK aaya...right from that first cap you got nikki...and those expressions. ..i knew ...aaj kuch toh hoga...Wink be edited

Edited by bscorp13 - 24 December 2014 at 3:53pm

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by mnr123

The best part yesterday was LEG MOVEMENTS Tongue shall edit later. Wink

haha..ofcourse ofcourse...vo tha isliye yeh post bhi hai...LOLLOL

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