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AbhiGya OS || '\'A Jealous Wife'/' Updated on Pg 2 (Page 2)

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Updating Once I am done editing and I get the songs playing!!!!!

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waiting in excitement mari!!

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A/N:First THANK YOU ALL for waiting and I am sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. I would like to thanks Mina for making AVI'S at the last minute. So a BIG WALA THANK YOU MINA, Muahhh. Second this whole OS didn't came out the way I had thought at first before I started writing, and came out totally differently so I am not sure if i was able to showed a jealous wife here or notConfused also just imagine Pragya dance on your own other than what I have wrote. I tired to make it write like it was a sexy dance, which I didn't at all. Okkk Enough of my bak bak, I will leave that on you all to decided if it was any good or any close to enjoyable and I hope you all Enjoy this crap.LOL
Avis Credit: Mina & Allbut1
Dress Picture Credit: Online

(Don't forget to read the note on the second post)


-A Jealous Wife-

"Don't believe the girls who say that they are not jealous. There is not such a thing."

"kamini, kutti, karamjali, moti kahinki, use achi figure tu meri hai par na jane kaise producers ne ise model bana diya. Shakal, shakal tu aise hai jaise koi bacha ro raha ho and has runny nose. Awaz, awaz tu aise hai jaise koi besura tal se tal mila raha ho... Arghhh" Sakshi  gulped in fear and looked at her friend face turning red as second passed by while the knife she held sped up brutally cutting the kaddu, which became daddu by her hand. "calm down Pragya, calm down" Pragya turned facing her lovely yet right now annoying Friend Sakshi. She gives her a glare pointing her knife at her making Sakshi to take her steps back as Pragya threateningly says "shanti nahi mujhe us kutti ka khoon peena hai, khoon" saying that she stomps the knife on the board making the chote chote kaddu to fly in the air as she humped in anger.  "ya-ar jab wo tujhse kahta hai ke tu Use Tanu ki bacchi ko deakh kar jalti hai tu, tu seeda inkar kar deti hai, aur aab khud tu bhun rahi hai aur saath hi saath is bechare kaddu ki jaan bhi le li tune" saying that she picks kaddu in her hand and shows it her and the next minute she heard her crying causing Sakshi to throw the rest of Kaddu in the air and close her ears as she screams "Sawal poocha tha tujhse, I didn't asked you to cry" and she started to cry more louder and louder. Sakshi looked at her and angrily says "Why don't you cry out your heart first then we well talk"

half-hour later:

"Ouch" Sakshi said feeling a smack on her shoulder. "Tissue" she heard Pragya ask as she blow her nose with the tissue she had on the other hand. Once she was fully done with cleaning her nose she passes the tissue to Sakshi, while Sakshi just forwarded the small dustbin in front of her and said "dal de"

"So now tell me what happened, is bar kya kiya us ne" Sakshi asked giving Pragya few minutes to settle back, though her tears were still falling down her cheeks.

"He went out to disco with that chudail last night" Pragya spoke like a baby. To which Sakshi rolled her eyes saying "tell me something new that I don't know Prags"

"How mean" Pragya says smacking Sakshi on her shoulder again.

"Mean, oh no my dear I am not meant, but your mean to take his anger out on me instead of him" Sakshi says and turns her back to her and murmurs "Rangraliya wo sala karta hai aur saza mujhe milti hai"

" ahhh" Pragya cried making Sakshi  to turns her head toward her and gave her a look that made her shut her lips and she ever so cutely spoke "He went out with her dressed up so formally as if he was going to purpose him" hearing that Sakshi eyes popped out. "kya bol rahi hai, usne sachi kari ki nahi" Sakshi spoke now sitting beside Pragya. "How mean, here I am losing my one side love and your happy to hear that he was going to purpose That Chudail"

"Oh tu usne nahi kiya" Sakshi spoke sliding down the couch to sit on the floor. "Uff ye mauqa bhi haat se nikal gay. I wonder when he is gonna take this step, so that I can punch him black and blue right across his face and show him stars in the day" hearing that Pragya gets up angrily and kick her making her to fall flat on the floor as Pragya said "yeahn meri jaan jaa rahi hai ye soch kar ke mera one side love ka kya hoga aur tujhe teri punch ki padi hai"

"Tu main aur kya karo, ek tu wo sala bahar affair chalata hai aur teri roz roz ki natak mujhe sahni pardi ti hai. Kasam se yaar agar tu meri dost nahi rahti na tu main kab ka tera khoon pee jati. Mujhe bhi tujhse chutkara milta aur tujhe us kameene Abhi the Rock Star se" hearing that Pragya sits back on the couch and hold her Mangalsutar in front her and looks at it dreamily. Sakshi looks at her Pragya, totally in love with her phatu husband and feels sorry for her. She goes and sits next to her and says "why don't you tell him what's in your heart. Ek bar agar tu use kahdei apne dil ki baat tu kahi wo tujhe aur tere pyar ko samjhe" hearing that Pragya gave her a puppy look. "Gundi" Sakshi says under her breath seeing the look making Pragya go angry "Don't give me that look, I know you very well. Mere samne gundi banti hai aur uske naam se hi bheegi bili ban jati hai, waise ye sab chor aur ye bata ke tu Ghar pe kya bol kar aaii hai"

"Gh-ha-ar" Pragya says hiccuping making Sakshi to hit her head with her palm realizing she had once again lied and came to her house and she gives Pragya another deadly glare." don't tell me you again lied to them"

"Haan tu main aur kya karti, wahan pe Abhi the tu I thought it would sound good to say that I am going to Parlor aur waise bhi aaj tu ghar main unhone party rakhi hai tu I thought I can try to look good enough for him to notice me"

"Parlor, if you said you're going to parlor then what the hell are you doing at my house" Sakshi screamed losing all her control. "Deakh agar is bar police mere ghar par aai na tu I swear Pragya I will not think twice before killing you in front of the officers" Sakshi shouts making Pragya to sit back on the couch like a frighten kid. Sakshi looks at her, who was at the verge of breaking into tears and clams herself and says "Aab kisa intezar kar rahi, pick that bum of your up from my couch and lets go to the Parlor"

"chal" Pragya says ever so cutely just like a 5 years old kid. Sakshi forwards her hand to Pragya and seeing her Pragya places her hand in hers and stands up smiling and says "waise bhi main tere bina kaise jaati parlor" Sakshi rolls her eyes and picks hers purse and they both leaves for the parlor.



"smile, just keep calm and keep smiling" Sakshi whispers to Pragya, while giving smile to the guest that walked passed by them. "Smile my foot. I am Bahu of this house, not a door keeper" Pragya spoke gritting her teeth.

"well you should have thought about this and have said it when he had asked no my bad, when he had told you to do this" Sakshi spoke annoyingly.

"Main kya karti unhone itne pyar se bola ke main kuch kah hi nahi pai" Pragya spoke giving a wide annoying smile to the guest that came.

"haan tu kyun kahne lagi, wo teri beizati pe beizati kiye jaye tu uske pyar main andhi bas sari baat mana kar" Sakshi said and soon her eyes turned red in anger seeing Abhi walking around the hall with Tanu holding her by her waist. "Kutta kahin ka" Sakshi swore softly under her breath and with then without warning she held Pragya hand in anger and dragged her to her room.

"time to show who you really are Mrs. Pragya Abhi Mehra" Sakshi says closing the door of her room while Pragya looks at her like a scary cat seeing the look on her face, coz she knew when she is in such a mood its means she is in deep...deep trouble. "Tu kya karne ka soch rahi hai" Pragya asked scared to hear her answer.

"Zidya kuch nahi tujhe bas thoda change karna hai, behanji se Mrs. Pragya Abhi the rock star ki wife bana hai" saying that she smirk at her and says "ready Mrs. Rock star" and in response Pragya shakes her head left right up and down saying "mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai aaj ki raat mere liye tu tufan le kar aai hai" Sakshi just widen her smiles and says "wo tu hai, aaj tu kahi na kahi ye bijli tu gire gi hi" saying that she pushes her in the washroom along with her.

(just imagine Pragya in this dress without glassesEmbarrassed)

"Oye hoye Meri Mrs. Rockstar, aab lag rahi hai na ke tu bhi koi cheez hai" Sakshi says letting her eyes run over Pragya from top to bottom and then and then whistles seeing Pragya new avatar. "Main cheez nahi Pragya hoon" Pragya replied whining like a baby as she stood in front of Sakshi trying to pull down her short dress to cover her legs that were only covering above her knees. Seeing the way Sakshi was looking at her, Pragya tries to run back into the washroom and seeing that Sakshi quickly hold her by her wrist and gives her a glare and says "chup chap se tu mere saath chal. It's time that, that good for nothing Rock star see the real gem rather than that chudial"

"main nahi aungi" Pragya says struggling to free her hand from her, but her grips only tighten around and soon she felt herself being dragged out the door. "Sakshi sun meri baat, Daadi, Tau ji, Tai ji, Bhabhi Raj Bahiya and Akash will be down too, please what will they all think about  me" Pragya says pleading to let her go. But then she goes mum seeing the look Sakshi gave her, and she knew after that she is not to say another word to her. 

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the chief guest of our today's party Mrs. Pragya Abhi Mehra" Sakshi smirked hearing the DJ repeat what she had told him to say and in no second the spot light went on Pragya who in reaction covered her face feeling the lights on her face.

"Abhi what the hell did you do" Abhi heard Tanu screeching voice and he looked up to see her busy with wiping the drink he had drop on her dress."Unh...wo" He tries to speak when he felt someone push him and walk past by. "What were so lost in that you couldn't see what you were doing" She said seeing him not even helping her clean the mess he did, instead look somewhere else. Following his gaze she saw Pragya standing amidst of people, mainly boys surrounding her, for a sec was taken a back with her beauty in that dress and could clearly see why the men there were looking at her leaving their perspective partners, but then when realization struck that even Abhi was looking at her made her angrily. "Don't tell me you're flatter by her" Tanu spoke gritting her teeth. She then turned her face back to Abhi and saw him standing their still looking at Pragya with his jaw dropped open."Abhi...Abhi" She calls him few times to break his trace, but when he doesn't, she shakes him a little and angrily saying "Abhi I am talking to you, and if you have forgot I am your girlfriend, not her and this marriage of yours with her is just for the time being" Hearing her Abhi looks at her annoyingly. "Shall we" Tanu says warping her hand around his arm. "yeah why not" He says and walks away from their but not before giving a last look at Pragya, who looked nothing less than any fairy.

"hmm, not a bad move after all" Sakshi thought seeing the look Abhi gave to Pragya before he disappear with Tanu in the corner as well as giving her an Idea of what she needs to do next.

"Oh-ho my Daadi's trust me na it will work. And even you four also want the same na then help me please" Sakshi pleaded to Abhi/Pragya beloved Daadi's.

"But beta drink, chi chi. Hamare ghar ki bahu betiya drinks nahi karte" Hearing the betiyan word Sakshi raised her brows at Daadi and sarcastically repeats "really Daadi Betiyan. Do you want me to count the time I have bought Aliya drunk home, and this won't be the first time she will drink, pahle bhi piya hai na and at that time abhi tha na use sambhal ne ke liye this time also I will make sure he is with her"

"Fine you do what you want to" Indu Daadi finally spoke and said "I am with you"

"Ohhh daadi your so sweet, Tu here is the plan..." Sakshi says winking at the others.

She stood at the same place as if she was glued to the floor and watched from the corner of her eyes at him with Tanu. She hated to even look at the direction they were, but then how could she not keep her eyes on what they were doing. She had caught him looking at her couple of time but then he would just get more busy with Tanu pulling him more closer to him. It pained her to see him with another women. Though he had told her about his relation with Tanu, but it still pained her. She looked at him and thought whenever I see you with someone else other than me, I get the feeling of wishing to be that person, making me think about you more. She closes her eyes trying to get of such a thought thinking they never shared a husband and wife relation and she has no right to think like this but still she was his lawful wedded wife and no wife would ever bare to see her man in another woman arm. Even though, she never voiced it out in front of him that she was hurt seeing him with her, but then she had her limits too and as days passed by her jealousy became evident with her behavior. He had always asked her teasingly if she was jealous of his and Tanu relation, but she like a coward person always covered up saying she need not to be jealous of Her, we don't have a future together, I know you can never love me, blah, blah. She quickly turns her face being caught by him as she stood their staring at him. She quickly wipes her eyes feeling the tears forming around her eyes.

"Remember what Sakshi said to you Pragya you're Mrs. Rock-start, there is no need to be afraid of anything, nothing at all not even HIM" Pragya mentally says to herself, suddenly feeling scared of her surrounding of everyone, as she realized every men had their eyes on her and when she looked at herself she realized how she was dressed up.

"May I have all the beautiful couples present here to come on the dance floor" DJ said.

As everyone approached the dance floor, Pragya stood there waiting and hoping that Abhi would also come and ask her for a dance, but then again she was dreaming with her eyes open. And when dreams don't come true with closed eyes then how can her this dream come true. She was about to walk away from their when she felt a tug on her hand stopping her from taking another step. She smiled with tears  in her eyes thinking its Abhi and she happily turns saying "Abi-" and stop suddenly seeing someone else. "hey beautiful, mind if I dance with you"

"Jai" Pragya says rolling her eyes seeing him wink at her. "and do you mind if I say no"

"Oh hell yeah" Jai replied and then moves closer to her ears and whispers "dil ka mamla hai meri jaan, samjha karo. If you say no then it might break into million thousand pieces"

"you and your nonsense talk, where is Sakshi, mujhe yehan phasa ke khud pata nahi kahan chali gai" Pragya asked as she looked for her.

"dhat, kis ka naam tune le liya" Jai says.

"Jai" Pragya sternly says "dare you say anything about her. She is such a lovely person you should know this by now, after all she is your would be wife"

"oh ho, phir se, waise can I have the last dance with my dream girl before I become bali ka bakra, please  pretty please" Jai says pleading like a baby. Pragya looked at him shaking her head at his antic, when her eyes suddenly landed on Tanu Abhi. She felt like someone has poured burning lava on her seeing them being cozy with one another. Hurt was clearly visible on her face seeing them and it didn't go unnoticed by Jai and he straight way followed her gaze. He sighed sadly and looked at his friend Pragya. The person who once used to live her life practical, always knew what she wanted and only dreamed of things that she could actually get in life. But now, ever since she fell in love with her husband, all she seems to do is live in a fantasy life. He felt sad for her knowing she never shares anything with anyone and when it comes to emotions, she will cover it with millions of lies but will never open her lips to say what she is actually feeling. "Prag, look I came here just for your sake, so if you don't want me to leave the party just say yes and lets go to the dance floor" Jai said coming in between her view. Pragya looks at him and his puppy sad look and takes a deeps relaxing breath and places her hand in his and walks to the dance floor and starts dancing with him. "Jai, why am I feeling like you're up to something" Pragya asks seeing him gesturing toward DJ and then his smirking face.

"Because I am" Jai says and pushes her away from him making her twirl around few times before she stops. He goes and pick the wine bottle from the bar and comes back and starts to splashes the drink on everyone and starts singing

"Aaj botallan khullan do
Daaru-sharu dhullan do
Whiskey da peg laga ke
Saari duniya bhullan do
Party all night
Party all night
Party all night
We do party all night"

Jai looks at Pragya and throws the bottle somewhere in the back and runs toward her and pulls her to him and starts to spin her around, while other people danced around them, except Abhi who stood shocked watching his wife, the bheegi billi wife dancing and laughing like there is no tomorrow.

Sun lo saari duniya waalo
Jitna bhi tum zor laga lo
Karenge party saari raat
mein dum hai toh band karwa lo
Party all night
Party all night
Party all night
We do party all night

Seeing everyone enjoy, Tanu pulls Abhi to the dance floor and they start to dance too. But Abhi eyes only followed all Pragya moves seeing her smile with someone else made him furious but he couldn't do anything, first Tanu was here, second guest was here, Third and most importantly he never consider her as his wife, then why was he feeling he was burning in fire. he looked away seeing Pragya and Jai hits the dance floor hearing their favorite song. Pragya laughed seeing Jai funny dance.

Sun lo saari duniya waalon
Jitna bhi tum zor laga lo
Karenge party saari raat
mein dum hai toh band karwa lo
Aaj botallan khullan do
Daaru-sharu dhullan do
Whiskey da peg laga ke
Saari duniya bhullan do
Bajate raho.. sabki
Bajate raho.. sabki
Bajate raho.. sabki
Bajate ro!
Party all night
Party all night
We do party all night! (x2)
Jisne bhi party hai karni
Aa jaao mere ghar ke bheetar
Daaru peekar
Khaane ko hai murga teetar
Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi ki chhoriyan aayi hain
Saath mein Yo Yo ki CDiyan bhi laayi hain

She goes and joins him and starts jumping around throwing her head left right, swinging her hips to the beat of the song. Jai holds her both hands and pulls her toward him and places his hand on her waist and starts to dance together moving from one place to another.

Sawaari samaan ki
Ib khud jimmedar hain
Kar lo party saari raat
Kal itwaar hai
Music bajega loud
To aunty police bula legi
Ib aunty ne jaa ke keh do
Ye party yun hi chaalegi
Party all night
Party all night
Party all night
We do party all night

As they dance around Jai raised his eyebrows in question seeing Pragya looking behind his shoulder she nods in no and gives him a meek smile and looks away when all of a sudden she felt raj pushing her and she bumped into another men, while Raj grabbed on to another girl winking at her, seeing the naughty look in Jai eyes, Pragya also decided to play along and starts dancing with the strangers as she dance along the beat of the song in hope of making Abhi jealous and make him come to her after seeing his wife in some stranger arm.

Aunty police bula legi
Aunty police bula legi
Aunty police bula legi
Aunty police bula legi!
Phir bhi party yunhi chaalegi
Party yun hi chaalegi
Party yun hi chaalegi
Ib party yun hi chaalegi

She felt the whole world come to a stop as she stared into hazel eyes, while his arms warped around her waist and her hand resting on his toned chest. As they both stares into one another eyes she slowly leans in toward Abhi as if he was a magnet that was pulling her toward him and ever so softly she brushes her lips on his. She pulls away from him a little and looks at his daze eyes and places a another kiss on his cheek making him to look down at her, while she closes her eyes trying to treasure this moment of their, but before she could treasure her moments of theirs she felt being pushed away from him. She pushes her hair that fell on her face in anger and was about to slap the person who dared to ruin her moment but seeing Tanu holding on to Abhi arm she steps back and looks at Abhi who was looking at Tanu hold on his arm as Tanu says "back off you Behan Ji, Abhi is mine and only Mine"

Hearing that she looks at Abhi hoping now he will say something in favor of her, but he just stood like a statue. Feeling insulted she turns her back to them and lets her lone tears fall down her eyes. She closes here eyes and takes a deep breath walks back into the dance floor and starts to dance with random people jumping around and when she was fully engrossed in the dance she starts to dance sensually. Seeing her sensual dance step the DJ changes the song to sholon si sholon si

sholon si sholon si
tere ankhon ki yeh roshni
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai
chandni chandni tere chere ki yeh chandini
kiske liye hai kiske liye hai

A guy comes to her and creases her face, removing the hair strand from her face giving a clear view of her face to Abhi and slowly dips her down toward the floor, and roughly pulls her up by her neck. Her hairs comes falling down her face once again, causing her to throw her head back and looks at Abhi.

samjho mera joh ishara hai
joh bhi hai mera woh tumhara hai
samjho mera joh ishara hai
joh bhi hai mera woh tumhara hai
lehar mein koi hoon khoyi
manzil toh hai tu kinara hai
yeh meri adayaein yeh meri wafaein
yeh meri adayaein yeh meri wafaein
tujhko pata hai sabh tere liye hai

She give a last looks at Abhi and turns facing the guy and places her hand on his shoulder tilting her head backward and then back up and twirls around him pulling her legs up on his thigh from the back as she stares at Abhi singing

sholon si sholon si
meri ankhon ki yeh roshni

tere liye hai tere liye hai
chandni chandni mere chere ki yeh chandni
tere liye hai tere liye hai

She smiles feeling another hand roaming around her body, and tilts her head a little toward the guys behind and falls on him with her hand spreading out in the air and makes a spin before she stand back on her feet. The guys lets go of her to dance on her own and she smiles move her hips backward and forward as  her hands freely sway in the air walking sensually toward Abhi.

haske dikha do deewane ko
joh ho raha hai ho jane do
haske dikha do deewane ko
joh ho raha hai ho jane do

Abhi felt his breath caught in his throat as he thought that she will come to dance with him and just as he was about to raise his hand toward her, he felts her hand go past his waist and he saw Jai walk past him with a huge grin on his face and she starts swinging her body like snake along Jai body as Jia sang

dil ke uljhan zubaan pe
ati hai toh aajane do

Jai looks at Abhi smirking and then turns his gaze at Pragya and creases her face with his hand and rubs her lips roughly smudging her lips giving her the sexiness look with the light spot falling on her .

yeh hoton ki narmi yeh sanson ki garmi
yeh hoton ki narmi yeh sanson ki garmi
mere liye hai bas mere liye hai

Just as Jai finished those line Abhi pulls his hand out of Tanu and walks away from their fuming in anger and soon the applauding echoed making Pragya embarrassed as she realized what she just did in anger or to say more in her jealous. She looked for Abhi but he was nowhere to be find, feeling guilty for her act, she just stood there like statue, when once again she tried to look for Abhi and her eyes accidently lands on Abhi Tanu in the back of the hall. Her eyes burned and the burning ache came replacing her guilt and embarrassment and in anger she walks to the bar and sits in a way that would look make her look she is enjoying the party and she could also have her on Abhi.

"What would like to have ma'am" She heard the bar guys asking her, without glancing at him she just orders "hard Tequila"

"Excuse me ma'am"The bar guy asked shocked with his eyes pop making Pragya to shot him a glare. "Right way ma'am" The guys says nervously seeing the killing she gave him and straight away made a drink for her.

"Kaminim kutti, chudial" And she gulps down the third short of Tequila staring at Tanu, if looks could kill people, then by now Tanu would have dead. "Mere pati pe dore dalti hai kutti kahinki" And there goes another one down. "Yaar bahi saheb" the bar guys turns his eyes toward Pragya scared seeing her dangerously approach him. "Yaar bar bahiya ji, ek baat pocho tu batao ge aap mujhe"

She waits for a min to hear his answer, but then without listening to him she questions "tere pass biwi hai kya"

"Bolo na bar Bahiya, biwi hai ke nahi"

"haan hai"

"Acha, wo tumse pyar karti hai ke nahi"

"maine kabhi pocha nahi"

She stares into his eyes with ready to kill look and ask "Kyun tere pass bhi girlprhiend (girlfriend) hai kya"

"haan thiii" he gulps down seeing Pragya raises her hand and instantly says "nahi mere kahne ka matlab hai ke thi but aab nahi hai"

"acha hai ke nahi hai, nahi tu tu bhi us kameene ke tarha apni biwi ko chod us chudial sautan ke saath hota aur teri biwi meri tarha kahi akele baith kar aise roti hoti"

"wo kyun"

"wo is liye ke she wouldn't have been able to tell her husband, meaning you that she loves you and wants you to break up with your chudial girlphriend and would have sat somewhere alone and would have been burning like hot lava in jealousy"

"I always asked her if she is jealous seeing me with another women, and she always says she is never jealous of me seeing with another girl" The bar guys said with confusion written all over his face.

" Don't believe the girls who say that they are not jealous. There is not such a thing" Pragya said resting her head on her hand. she makes a sad face and says "see me, even I am jealous of her, but I can't say this to him that I am jealous seeing him with that chudial"

"lagta hai isko chad gai hai" The bar guy says looking at Pragya sadden face and blabbering to herself.

After a while Pragya gets up from there and just as she was about to take a step, she trips tangling her feet with the stool, but before she could fall down, she felt two hands warped around her waist and held her from falling. She looked at the guys and gave him a smile while he made her stand on her feet as she said "thnku Abhi"

"Your drunk"

"Nopeiamnotdrunk" (Nope I am not drunk) she slurred.

"dam you chasmish, what the hell have you done to yourself, how many shots have you drank"

Pragya looked at him giving him cheesy smile and lifts her both hands saying "Irink1" (I drink 1) while she showed him 6 fingers.

"Shit man" Abhi suddenly says under his breath seeing her stumble back. He quickly moved forward and held her wrist and pulled her toward him and she came crashing into his toned chest. She looked up at him and they both stares. After a while Abhi looks away from her and makes her sit on the nearby couch and says "Chasmish DO NOT MOVE FROM HERE, I WILL BE BACK IN A WHILE" saying that he leaves from there, but not before giving a glance back at her to see if she was safe or not.

Abhi who had left to be alone in the corner after seeing the new avatar of his bheegi billi BIWI but Tanu had tagged along with him. He wanted to tell her to leave him alone for a while but then he didn't wanted to hear or answer her use less question of him being affected with Pragya presence, has he fallen in love with her, then reminding him of their marriage life, etc, etc. And to avoid being asked such question he just let her be there. But he had his eyes all the time only on Pragya. As he started her, he could tell she was not comfortable being their standing in the middle of all the people wearing that short dress, which was looking dam-sexy on her and not to forget her mind blowing sensual dance that she just did, he frowns remembering how he had almost raised his hand to dance with her but that good for nothing Jai friend of her had to come in between, and how dare he touch his wife lips, they only belongs to me. "Hey wait did I just called her my wife, Am I feeling jealous of him" He thought for a minute making the most confuses  face ever, and then he once again looks back at Pragya, letting his gaze roam all over her body letting his eyes drink her beauty. But then he would instantly remove his gaze from her when he felt she was about to look toward his way. He heated the guys who come near her and by their body gestures he knew they were asking her for a dance, but she nicely rejected all of them and then after a while he saw her moving to the bar section. His eyes popped out as images of her being drunk last time came to him. "oh no" He thought to himself as he imagined another night of tolerating her nonsense. No way was he going to put up with all that. He was about to go and stop her, but Tanu stopped him saying "Abhi where the hell are you lost. Here I am trying to talk to but you are lost somewhere else"

"Oh no" He thought, thinking if Tanu found it he was looking at Chasmish and was about to go to her, then He would have to manofy her, which in other words means he will be torturing himself for another two days by going out to shopping with her, which he hates. And if madam agrees with that then he is golden if not then he has to take her out on vacation for which he would have to cook up so many lies to so many people. Thinking of all this he just stays back, but didn't removed his eyes from Pragya, and seeing men walking by her and touching her in various places accidentally was what those men made it look like but Abhi knew they were touching her on purpose and seeing all this made his blood boil and the princess sat there as if nothing was happening around her. Before he could get angry on her for this he felts his eyes popping out of his head seeing her gulping down the drink. With each shot she took his eyes widen in shock and then He saw her talking with the bar guy, and by his expression he knew she was scaring him. Thought he didn't knew how many drink she had but then he had to stop her now and without thinking anything he marched toward her, he was just few step away from her when he saw her turning around standing just as he had taken a step toward her he saw her falling down and in fear he just runs to her and hold her before she could fall down. With the lights falling on her face and her being without her chasma, she looked nothing less than a princess, but the only problem was she had eyes closed and he couldn't see himself in her. He frowns at the that thought but then its turns into a satisfied smile seeing her giving him a smile to him and he makes her stand up and she just sounded like a baby saying "tanku" well his happiness was short lived as the realization struck him, making him realize that she is drunk. She bloody hell is drunk again. "Oh NO" Abhi thought and imagines himself being tortured by her again. Him running after her chasing her around the Haveli, pretending to take her out on long drive, running back and forth to the kitchen getting Gulab jamun for her that too warm.

Then her dancing with him where she spins him like clothes spinning round and round in washing machine.


"oh god kahan pahs gaya main" he thought coming out his nightmare and without wasting another minutes he asked her how many shot she had taken and seeing her finger showing 6 he felt he could faint then and their remembering he had just mixed 1/4 of drink in the juice last time and she had shown him sun in night and now with her having 6 shot, god knows what she will make him do now. He gets frighten just by thinking when he suddenly remember he could give her lemon to reduce the affect of the drink and so he carefully makes her sit on the couch and leaves to get the lemon but not before giving her a quick glance before walking away from her.

"Chas-mish" Abhi felt his voice died when his eyes felt on the empty couch where he had made her sit and strictly told her to not move from here, then where did she go now. He twirled around to see where Pragya had run off to, but couldn't find here anywhere. "Shit man, where did she go away now" He says irritated, when all of a sudden he heard Tanu screaming "Bacho, plz someone save me from this mad girl" He walked to where there was a crowd gathered and was shocked to the core seeing Pragya running After Tanu with her sandal in her hand. The lemon dropped from his hand while his jaw dropped opened seeing Pragya pulling on to Tanu hair as she said "Kamini, kutti,chudial, you dosri aurat. Tu mere pati pe dore dale gi, mere pati pe" The crowd started talking among them seeing the scene in front of them. He was about to walk toward them to get Pragya off of Tanu when he heard Pragya says "aur wo mera dal badlu pati, mujh se pochta hai ke main tujh se jalti hoon ke nahi when your close to him. Now let him come I will tell him what and how it feels to see the person you love, love another person"
"Chasmish get your bloody hands off of me. And remember Abhi loves me not you" And next moment she screamed in pain feeling the sting on her face. The crowd looked at Pragya in horror seeing her slapping Tanu on face and then literarily scratches Tanu face with her nails "Isi chaahre pe tujhe bada naaz hai na you tuphar model, ye le cheen li maine ye naaz tujhse"

(Just imagine Pragya scratching Tanu face too)

Everyone stood their gasped in shock and fear seeing the sight while she starts to laugh like baby seeing tanu face.

(cut out Pragya talking and see Tanu expression)

Tanu looked at her ready to kill her and reading Tanu face expression Abhi immediately came in between his two lady, if you can say it that way. He quickly pulls Pragya away from Tanu, but Pragya refuses it but then seeing the stern look from Abhi she gives him a puppy look saying "main ek bar aur noch lo usko" Hearing that Abhi at first gets shocked and was about to chuckle seeing her asking him ever so sweetly but then gives her a glare seeing Tanu face in the back and says "enough of your tamasha Chasmish, you have done what you had to now come with me" Pragya refuses to go with him and tries to run from him but he quickly gets holds of her and scoops her in his arm and walks away from their carrying her in his arm.

But not before giving a sorry look to Tanu who gave him a killing look and stormed out of the party covering her face in embracement.

Abhi sighs sadly and gives a killing look to Pragya for putting him into this situation.



She looks up at him and give him innocent look and places her head on his chest warping her hand around his neck. Not knowing how to handle the situation that he was trapped in, he decided to deal with it later and started to walk toward his room saying "let's call it a night" to everyone present their, when all of a sudden he saw Sakshi popping out in front of him from nowhere smirking at him and asked "so how was it Abhi. the Rock Star"

He looked at her wanting to kill her with his bare hand knowing she was involved in this too, but he was tongue tied when he heard her say "you always wanted to know na if she felt jealous of Tanu being with you, well I guess you got your answer now and I hope this will also teach you a lesson to not believe the girls who say that they are not jealous. There is not such a thing" saying that she held on to Jai hands and walked out but not before saying "oh and btw don't forget to tell Daadi two thing, first don't forget to tell them tonight story, she must be waiting to hear this story. Second do let her know that sadly Sakshi plan didn't came into action. Her sweet Bahu did everything on her own to show her phattu husband what she feels for him" saying that she winked at him and left leaving him with shocking expression as realization struk on him that Daadi was also here attenting this party. He makes a sacry face thing did she saw all of this, above all the last part of Pragya calling Tanu as Dosri Aurat in his life. If they did then he should better prepare himself to get kicked out of this house by he beloved Daadi, bufore it was just one to handle now he has handful of Daadi's to handle. He felt a shiver ran down his whole body just the thought of what his Daadi' will do to him and in reaction he quickly scaned the who hall trying to spot any one of them, he sighes in relief seeing none their and gives a killing look to a fully talli chasmish, who was now and then placing sloppy kisses around his neck irritating him, yet at the same tickling his sense and evoking unknown desire in him. He looks at her remembering all the time he had asked of being jealous of his and Tanu relation and today seeing the trailer of how much jealous she is, he then and their swore to never ask her this question ever again in his life and took her to their room.


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CrazzyBusy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
Ok So I have few of my old story that I wrote it on Maaneet, but never posted as I lost the interest in writing, and then I had my college opened. SO if you guys like to read them could post them in Abhigya Version but it will be a whole concept and Abhi won't be a singer in those stories. If you guys want me to post them once I ham done writing "Love Hurts Once again" Then please press the like button of this post and also live ur opinion on ur comment.
Thank you


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_SJM_ Senior Member

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Amazing writing.. it was most of the time funny LOL
Ps. thanks for the pm. if u write another story plss pm me Smile
smala IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2014 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Loved it.
Awesome OS
Thank you for the pm.

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awsm os
loved it

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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 1:57am | IP Logged
First of all thanks for updating!! I absolutely loved this! I can imagine Pragya moaning about tanu to her friend and you had me laughing all along! This was mind blowing!! The dress you chose for prags oh my!! I loved it!! And the slap for Tanu!! You made my day!! A great story absolutely loved it!!

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