Sushpective: The price of morality! (Page 3)

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Again a wonderful post Sush. 
Swetha awesome collages and agree with what you wrote about sahir's dialogue there.

What an episode was that ? Sahir's character took totally turned out dark today . 
No matter what we say in favor but the act he did cannot be justified . 
Now it's not just the deal the fear of loosing everything he has including arzoo at stake which is instigating him to do all this .
The inner turmoil of sahir is visible in sahir's behaviour when his eyes never meet arzoo's ...when arzoo shows gratitude to him for what ever he has done .
Great work with camera angle and the actors did brilliant job. Today hate sahir and all I felt is this guy is potential enough to carry off any character he plays could be negative or positive . Great job Harshad . 
Let's see how far he can get away with his sin . Arzoo's fear of loosing sahir , confession and hug was very well done by Shivya .

Zaki, arzoo and sahir all in different phase of love today . 

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Lovely post n collages ladies Clap
Well coming to that KILLER DRAMATIC episode ...i should let out that am surprised shocked thrilled angry at the same moment D'oh

SahirAzeemChaudary was DAMM SCARY and at his LOW  for a matured business man Shocked..
At the same time HarshadChopda made me fall on knees Thumbs Up with today's BINGO performance ... Clap

Man he is dangerous at the same time in tears ..He hugs her at the same time gives a smirk ..He steals eyes from her dying in guilt but at the same blackmails her to accept the love ...Wacko 

In short - this layer which they have brought out of SAC wouldnt have been possible without a CLASS actor like HarshadChopda Clap 

To me Sahir is like a puzzle where the pieces are yet to be revealed Wink...

And am all excited with the mixed feeling which I have nowEmbarrassed - I love it  for the first time I witness a protaganist in such a dark shade and hate it for what is being done to an innocent girl but having said STILL CONNECTED WITH HUMSAFARS Hug

May I add - Shivya was just BRILLIANT in tht pool scene todayClap ...and what a magic both of them created onscreen Embarrassed...this is way far  ONE CLASSIC episode Thumbs Upwhich i have seen in television till date - The pool set up , the dive in , the camera shots and then the TEARY CONFESSION Clap...

 BANG ON team behind all this hard word Clap...We love you and waiting for you to keep revealing the puzzle pieces Thumbs Up

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Ecrivain. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello Sush n Shweta ...l wonderful epi Clap

Very very very few Epis of HS have Appealed to me both visually n content wise n THIS one Happens to be tht was a MASTER STROKE n show's it's coming from one of the best PHs...Big smile...yep I am a happy bunny today LOL

Sahir nailed it beautifully ...n ARZOO was perfect as the immature lover who was first confused n then floored ...lTongue

I loved how zaki was in control n left heartbroken ...

The mouth to mouth scene was perfectly shot n aesthetically Done ..brilliant one Clap

Sahir is a torn lover , he KNOWS he is playing with fire n he is doing it purposely ...he can also foresee the repercussions but is still underestimating them LOL Yet HC was perfect as the guy who' wrongs n yet feels the pain 

ARZOO is basking in the glory of love n the bros look on n cry ...wht an irony LOL?..the story has just begun n I hope the cvs redeem the show for one n all 

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jay_bpm

Good you made post as I can pen down it all before i hit bed !
So I loved the episode, that's right loved it !!
Where everyone is worried for Aarzoo and Zaki, I am not much interested in them, yes I am evilEvil Smile

I for one do not feel too much sympathy for Zaki; dude did Aarzoo in any way ever said to you she likes you or loves you in any manner? So why was he flying on high horse with that? So the pain you feel, you invited yourself. Also him not being father yet being forced in marriage, well does he have credibility? Looking at his track record he can't say much. Aarzoo had told him that tell Sahir in beginning and contain situation, nope sabko hero banana heD'oh

Aarzoo, sure feel pain for her. She doesn't deserve this but then when do we get what we truly deserve or when is life truly fair?

Now coming to Sahir, finally showing something I like to watch. Man with a clear goal or so he thinks he has it all clear !! Sham, dam, dand, bhed, maya, upeksha and indarjal - 7 rules of Chanakya. Sahir utilized all of them as Badshah needs to do all he can !!

Sure he did wrong to Aarzoo, for whatever the reason be it was wrong. But then hasn't he always said he is willing to risk it all for his promise. He is even willing to sell himself to fulfill his promise so why be surprised? He never said he will do the right thing or will follow some code, just one goal for him. But then if he has it all clear in his mind, why does heart interfere????

To start with Aarzoo thanking him for supporting her; he has to look away can't see in her eyes when deceiving and has to close his eyes to remind himself he is a businessman. Trying to butter her up and she mentions Zaki. Just then why are you grinding your teethes man. Isn't this just a game, all for the deal? Why bothered if she says Zaki???

Next move is very precise calculated move where you risked her lifeShockedDid you really go that far? But when she regains consciousness and says thanks you again have to look away, why? And the answer in return I saved my life; now was that part of the game and just a pretense???

When that doesn't work he jumped in the pool. So now risking your life. Are you really going that far? You have deceived her, risked her life and now yours? Are you really that confident she will say it. I wonder where does this confidence come from? Is it of shrewd businessman, a heartless man, or you know it now that she does love you? Which one gave you so much confidence?
Once she did confess, that smile on his face? Was it for victory or genuine? The expressions changed when he saw Zaki and brought a weird smirk. The expression on his face said to me he was genuinely happy or am i reading too much here? Also his smirk when Zaki sees them, was it smirk or some hint of invisible tears there?

And lastly trying to write poetry and questioning himself. Now that came out very well. This is what I want to see but more intense. Let the man get what he wants or he thinks what he wants and still not get any joy of it. The best line jo kuch kiya sahi kiya, fir sahi kyun nahi lag raha, nahi jo kiya sahi kiya !!

Now crossing the name off the page and buring it, does it symbolize more? Is he going to try to erase her name from his heart, his being? The burning of paper, is it similar to progression now his heart and he himself will burn? Yes I do want to see guy in pain, retrospection and then self-destructive. I don't want Aarzoo or anyone else to punish him, he needs to punish himself !

Now few questions - this whole facade to Aarzoo, is it only for his deal or he actually wants to keep Zaki & Aarzoo away? Which one takes over when?

Another question is where to got things from here? First I want direction to step up to same level as acting by HC. If they want to show Sahir at times getting carried away by his emotions and have hard time carrying on with his facade, well please highlight it properly !!! Also show more retrospection on Sahir's part. Start bringing out his self-destructive, self loathing side. Before anyone leaves him, show him pushing away people !

Most intriguing question, what is driving his siddatt? I mean why so much obsessed about this promise? He has hide his comatose wife, burning factory and now pretense from Aarzoo. To say he's just evil is so boring, I want damn strong and painful reason for this. I know things move slow but at least start with parts of it and show us the past ! As past comes forward let Sahir question himself what Aarzoo asked, kaunsa Sahir asli he?

Agree on all the points raised. Time they began revealing his reasons.
Coming to the smile... For me it had three stages -
The genuine one in love
Then he sees Zaki n it it begins to turn in to a smirk
Then finally the smirk is taken over by self loathing as Zaki walks away
Ok got to go

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Ilin Goldie

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Very good post Sush Thumbs Up Shwetha's collages words fall short praising it everyday you again captured their expression very well with perfect quotes Clap

Coming to the episode it was shocking to know that Saahir could actually stoop quite low for his ulterior motives that he risked putting Aarzoo someone who he has very strong feelings for over the deal just to make her confess Shocked wow hats off to Gul to be able to break free from the usual norms and bring about such scenes I will say its quite risky but oh well the whole episode has been very well scripted directed by the way I read the credits it was not Lalit but someone else kudos to him he did a splendid job too Clap

Harshad Chopda well what can I say he was fabulous in the pool scene also the injection scene that got me goosebumps the way he was fighting To go on with the blackmail after her saying thanks and that smirk to Zaki while hugging Aarzoo was superb Clap Shivya was very good in the confession scene too

I loved the episode infact watch twice in a row especially the confession in the pool scene was very executed and the mouth to mouth was well shot too LOL

Precap looking for more SAaz scenes Day Dreaming minus the witches Big smile

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Moon_light Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Beautiful write up Sush and Shweta! You gals crown the episodes for me and you totally make my day!

Take a bow both of you! Clap

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Originally posted by -Sush-

Originally posted by Zaya4ever

<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">As usual very nice Post Sush...ClapThumbs UpI was waiting for your postDay Dreaming

<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">Shweta very nice collage...Clap
<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">Definitelywhat Sahir did was quiet low move..Ouchjust for deal..ShockedChoking her know her allergy.. and then making her confess her feelings by emotionally blackmailing her..OuchI know we have seen that in movie.. its not first time.. . But if we go in past episodes.. its not that he hasn't done this before.. burning factory was also cunning and selfish move too...</font>

<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">Felt bad for Zaki...One way its good that he realized that Aarzoo never loved him.. she only loved Sahir.. good that he didn't thought she is gold digger and money minded...Smile</font>
<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">What if Zaki will think/understand Sahir has played love-game with Aarzoo, to show him Aarzoo's truth?</font>

<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">Poor Aarzoo when she will come to know the Sahir's love game truth... It will be like her parents... she will never trust Sahir or marriage..Ouch</font>

<font color="#990099" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">Lets see what CV brings in next episodes..Now a days its unpredictable ... script writer for this show is like Sahir.. cant predict.. LOLsomething different happens...LOL</font>

Ha true...
Not sure that marriage will happen now...
He has already achieved his purpose ...Zaki has seen what he wanted him to see...
Now if only Zakis feelings are strong enough to overcome this...
He has to continue to play this game...

Of is it...Game Set Match for Saahir?

I am going to say it again - lovely posts n collages. Am waiting at the airport zzz
I think Zaki is going to refuse to marry Sam unless Sahir marries Arzoo. Zaki's motivation cld b tht he doesn't want Arzoo left high n dry. Maybe alvira will come into play!!

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I think the business was just an excuse to break up Aarazoo and Zaki. Sahir doesn't really like them together and now he had an arguable reason to act on it. His ruthlessness is from his desire to win.
I am not justifying Sahir's lack of trust in Aarazoo. But he has seen Zaki genuinely interested in Aarazoo. For him, her feelings are always in question. He does see Zaki's interest and her natural inclination towards Zaki's. Sahir picked up on more between him in Aarazoo and Zaki's and Aarazoo. Is it real or is he being played,All his insecurites stem from not knowing what she feels.

He then has a brother to who wants more and a business deal which will get in the way. The ends justify means. But today he does not if know if is real or if it's play. Yes she choose him at expense of Zaki's broken heart. Now comes the hard part, he has to live with it. Either way it is a lose lose.

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