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Airlines - Har Udaan Ek Toofan
Airlines - Har Udaan Ek Toofan

AKya OS ~When they are meant to be~

Anzum505 Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Hello Friends..
Here i came with another OS on Our most fav couple Akay.. 
This one is dedicated to my Most fav Didis... Charu Di, Sara Di and Jaya Di This one is for u.. 
Enjoy it guys.. 
Plzz do comments.. 
Sorry for all Grammatical mistakes... 


Green Color For Song Lyrics..
Purple For their Expression..
Orange For ##Flash Back##

Long time has passed... Aakash's  mission is over.. All came to know that Mr. sen Was the culprit!!! Everything is ok now in INDE Air..  But everything has changed for two people.. yess of course Aakash and Ananya... Aakash ignored her a lot... She was hurt so badly... At time she became very good friend with Rohit.. He started to like Ananya... Mr. mafatlal talked to ananya's family and they were agreed for their marriage.. Though Ananya still love Aakash but she knows that Aakash doesn't love her.. He has hurt her a lot!! She agreed for the marriage for her family... But she knows that may be she will never be able to love rohit... Aakash lives in her soul... On the other side Aakash was totally broken.. He knew it's too late now.. Bcz of his mission he has lost the most expensive thing of his life, his love, Ananya.. But he wants to see her happy.. And he thought may be her happiness is being with rohit...


It was the engagement party of Ananya and Rohit.. All are invited... Though Aakash didn't have the courage to face Ananya but he came bcz he wants to see her happy and starting a new life with full of happiness.. He was standing alone and having drinks..

Everyone was very bz.. Both Rawat and Mafatlal family were their... Rohit was attending guests..

Here she came...  In a very beautifull lehenga... Looking like a heaven buty...

Here is a link of a photo to imagine her..


Shefu helps her coming down stairs.. Rohit came there offered her his hand...

Aakash was only staring at her.. she is the most beautifull women in the world.. But deep inside he was dying watching that this smile in ananya's face is not real.. she is hiding thousands of pain behind her smile.. Everyone was congratulating them.. Aakash didn't want to but he went to them and congratulate them..

Aakash: Congratulation Mr. Mafatlal..

Rohit: Thank u capt. Saluja..

Aakash: (Looking at ananya) Congratulation Ofiicer Rawat.. (She was only staring him with teary eyes with full of questions..) Always be happy...

Ananya: Thank u Capt... (Aakash could feel the pain through her voice)

He gave a fake smile and left..

It was the time of the engagement.. Mr. Mafatlal call them in stage.. They exchanged their ring.. Rohit was very happy.. Where ananya's heart was still biting for Aakash.. She some managed to control her tears.. Everyone was very happy and congratulating them...

Then they were called for the dance... Every couple were in the dance floor.. Natasha forced Aakash to go with her.. Rohit was very happy having her in his life..

A soft background song was playing... Akya were only looking each other... Then it was the time for changing dance partners... Ananya landed in aakash's arm.. He was holding her by her waist.. After so long he touched her.. She closed her eyes to feel the touch... He brought her close.. holding her waist by one hand and with another hand he  was holding her hand..

Back ground music :: Koi rok bhi lo...

For Ananya:

"koi rok bhi lo use jane na do

wo door gaya to mar jayenge"

(She was only looking into his eyes with pain and questions)

For Aakash:

"ab uske bina ik pal bhi yaha

tanha kahi na reh payenge"

(Trying to express his feelings through his eyes)

"dil ne mere dil ne

ye na socha tha kabhi"

For Ananya:

"dil mai usko doongi

jo hai dil se ajnabi"

For Aakash:

"koi rok bhi lo"

For Ananya:

"ha koi rok bhi lo"


:: Instrumental ::

##Flash Back##

How Aakash praised her for her bravery, Honesty while they were having dinner in Jaipur and cheers for many more air miles together..

How they were laughing that in the age of 16 ananya didn't have any boy friend...

##Flash back end##

For Aakash:

"mujhe dard e jigar le aaya kidar

jo hai paas pal pal uski kami hai"

(He left her hand and placed both of his hands on her waist and brought her closer)

For Ananya:

"bebas hu badi hai ye kaisi khadi

hontho pe hassi

aankho me nami hai"

(She placed both of her hands on his chest.. Tears  were about to fall)

For Aakash:

"chahu jo mai rona to

na khul ke ro saku"

For Ananya:

"chahu door jana

to juda na ho saku"

(Ananya tried to leave but Aakash pulled her and brought her closer.. She was shocked at this)

For Aakash:

"Koi rok bhi lo"

For Ananya:

"Haa rok bhi lo"

:: Instrumental ::

(They were lost in each other's eyes)

##Flash Back##

How they hug for the 1st time..

How Aakash said her to keep her hair open..

How Aakash said her that it was very bad that she made him waited for her bcz she was buying shawl..

##Flash back End##

For Aakash:

"na tumne kaha na maine kaha

woh baat jo humko keh deni thi"

(Both remembered how she was about to hug him but he offered her his hand for hand shake)

For Ananya:
"khaamosh rahi ashko me bahi

tanhai jo humko seh leni thi"

(She remember how he told her in the cockpit that he would do the same if anyone else were in her place.. and hw she controlled her tears at that time.. )

For Aakash:

" jo hai haal mera haal tera kyu nahi"
 (Aakash was asking through his eyes how she is managing to do all these) 

For Ananya:

"kehke keh na paye ye kahani ye ankahi" 
(She was asking Aakash trough her eyes why he didn't understand??!!) 

:: Instrumental:: 
(It was enough for them.. This distance was killing them inside.. Ananya was the 1st one who hugged unconsciously!! Aakash immediately hugged her back.. Tears came out from both of their eyes.. They were lost in their embraced!!  Hugged each other more tightly.. Forgot about the world... Remembered all the happy moments of them...)

 Everyone was shocked at this!! All were looking at them!! Rohit was hell shocked at this!! 

Then Ananya realized what she's doing.. She pushed him.. Left the place crying!!! 

For Ananya:

"Koi rok bhi lo" 

For Aakash:

"Koi rok bhi lo" 

All were shocked!! Shefu was looking at them with teary eyes.. she knew that both of them loves each other..   

2days have passed after the engagement.. every one is bz with wedding preparation!!  Ananya was sitting alone in her room.. lost in aakash's thought!! Then rohit came.. 

Rohit: Hello Beautiful..

Ananya: rohit.. aap yaha??

Rohit: kiu?? Mai apne hone wali biwi se milne nehi aa sakta..

Ananya gave him a smile and tell him to sit.. 

Rohit : U knw.. mai soch raha tha.. k tum honeymoon ke liye kaha jana pasand karogi?? Paris?? Or Italy?? Or some where else?? 

Ananya was quite..  Rohit came closer...

Rohit: Common Ananya.. Dn't be shy... We are getting married after 2days.. we have to plan all these..

 Ananya stood up...

 Ananya: Rohit.. woh mai...

Rohit: (Hugging her from back) I know.. tum kya kehna chahti ho.. yehi na ke mai jaha jana pasand karunga tum wahi chalogi.. but Ananya it should be ur choice... 

Ananya tried to free her self and to move... but he pulled her and brought her closer.. He was moving her hair from her face.. and tried to kiss her.. She pushed him away!! 

Ananya: What r u doing?? (Almost shouted)

Rohit: common Ananya.. we r going to marry very soon..And tried to go close again.. 

This time Ananya slapped him!!  

Rohit: (After a moment) Mera karib aana itna taklif de raha hai?? Aur jab Aakash ke karib thi tab to bilkul bhi taklif nehi ho rahi thi!!! 

Ananya was shocked at this.. she never thought this one to come out.. 

Ananya: Rohit.. Mind ur self!! Pata bhi hai ap kya bol rahe hai?? 

She turned around and move towards window.. tears were flowing form her eyes.. He went to her.. 

Rohit: I know very well what I'm saying.. Par shayad tum nehi janti ke tum kya kar rehi ho?? Mujh se shadi kiu kar rehi ho Ananya??? Jab ki Aakash se pyar karti ho... 

Ananya was shocked hearing this.. 

 Rohit: Yehi soch rehi ho na ke mujhe kaise pata chala??? Uss raat after u left I saw Shefu wiping here tears standing in a corner.. I asked her.. And she told me everything.. That u love him.. U love Aakash.. Then I realized why u were not happy during engagement.. Aur agar tum yeh soch rehi ho ke Aakash tum se pyar karta k nehi.. to suno.. I've seen in his eyes.. there were only pain when u were leaving.. I saw him sitting alone in the garden watching ur pic.. He also loves u Ananya.. Phir mai kaun hota hoon tum dono ke bich aane wala??

 Ananya: (With teary eyes) Rohit.. aap... 

Rohit: no Ananya.. don't say me anything... Go... ur Aakash is waiting for u.. True love and two sided love sab ko nehi milte.. Jao Ananya...  

Ananya: Par.. sab... 

Rohit: Tum in sab ke tension mat karo.. 

Mean time Shefu entered... 

Shefu: Haan di.. ap in sab ke bare mein mat socho... U go to Aakash bhaiya.. Who aap se bht pyar karte hai.. 

Ananya: Shefu.. tum.. (She hugged shefu) 

Rohit: Arey ab sara pyar apne behn par lutaogi?? Yaa jaogi bhi?? 

Ananya: Thank u rohit.. Thank u for everything..

 Rohit: Ab jao...   

Aakash's room.. 

He was standing in the balcony.. lost in ananya's memory.. Then Ananya came.. 

Aakash: Ananya!! Tum yaha?? 

Ananya: Kiu?? Nehi aana chahiye tha?? (In an angry tone) 

Aakash: tum...!! 

Ananya: Mai kya?? Agar tumhare intezer mein rehti to ab do din baad meri shadi ho jati.. par aise hi chup rehte chahe kitna bhi dard ho!! 

Aakash: Tum kya bol rehi ho?? (Looked at other side) 

Ananya: (Came near to him) Ab bhi kya mujhe hi kehna hoga Aakash??  

Aakash was shocked!! 
Ananya hugged him crying... 

Ananya: I love u Capt. Aakash Saluja... I love u a lot... 

Aakash hugged her back... 

Aakash: I love u too Ananya.. 

Ananya broke the hug..  

Ananya: Itna deir kiu laga di Aakash??  

Aakash: I'm sorry Ananya.. Pehle hi tumhe itna hurt kia hai.. Aur nehi karna chahta tha..  

Ananya: To... jo kuch bhi ho raha tha tumhe kya laga ke mai bht khush thi??? 

Aakash: I'm sorry.. But I promise.. I'll never hurt u again... 

Then he sat down on his knees.. 

Aakash: So.. Miss Ananya Rawat will u marry me?? 

Ananya smile and shyly Said "Yes"  

~Happy Ending~    

Edited by Anzum505 - 23 December 2014 at 5:49pm

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...FRF... Goldie

Joined: 16 December 2014
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome story, anzum di. Loved it...
Mr.Sen is the culprit!!!!!!! Hope, serial mein bhi esai ho... and rohit to bohoti understanding nikla..
JusticeDenied17 IF-Addictz

Joined: 02 November 2010
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Loved it ..
KBfanNo1 Goldie

Joined: 06 February 2010
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
Amazing loved it... Made my day! its the best OS ever read. thanks for dedicating to my sweet cute lil Anzum... Love u so much dear..
Stay happy... and this was very good...
krits67 Senior Member

Joined: 29 June 2014
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
wow yr
so emotional rula diya
but luv it

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saranyagulam Senior Member

Joined: 22 April 2013
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Wow anzum bachi what a story u have written for us!!! It was heart wrenching at the start but towards end it was a beautiful ending... I loved it totally... Don't hurt ananya and Akash this much..Keep writing for akya..
Annika_Ishqbaaz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 January 2013
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Posted: 23 December 2014 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Beautiful OS...
Mr.Sen culprit hai,nahi socha thha.. Rohit very understanding.
Finally,Akya confessed their feelings.
Made my day.
Woo Hooo...
Do write more,Bubu...
akyaholic Senior Member

Joined: 10 November 2014
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Posted: 24 December 2014 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Woww it was superb :)
Mr.sen being the culprit a new thought good!!
Everything was beautifully written

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