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Arhi FF~Dark Wolf's Eyes~Last Thread~ LAST CH up! (11/01)

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Chapter Fifty-Seven: Sneaky Surprise


Adhira's eyes peaked open feeling the fresh sunlight shine against her face. Blinking away the tightness in her eyes from the dry tears, she sadly looked upon her husband's hand that she was still clasping tightly. She sighed and stood up straight to see her husband's face. She was startled to see however his eyes were open with a smile behind the oxygen mask.

Adhira's eyes widened with bewilderment: " K..Kanan!? *smiled* KANAN?! KHUSHI! NANHE! HE'S AWAKE!!"

Khushi, NK and the doctor rushed in to see Adhira was right. They smiled brightly with relief while Kanan chuckled a little.

The doctor grinned checking the systems: " You are a very lucky man sir."

Khushi and NK laughed while Adhira stroked Kanan's cheek.

Khushi: "You had us worried Nana."

NK smirked: " Well I wasn't. I knew Nana would pull through."

Kanan smiled at NK knowing he would have handled everything fine. He looked to Adhira nodding at her indicating he would be just fine.


It was mid December when the General listening in to the latest reports from the seas to the positions of their men, before giving the order to the rescue team major. The waters at sea were as tame as they're going to be in the season they are in. As Akash and the others in his team stood on the edge of Zyairia ready to lower them selves down the cliff and into the boats at the bottom, Akash took the walkie talkie from the Major with a frown.

Akash: " Yes?"

Arnav smirked: " Ready to dive?"

Akash relaxed a little: " Bhai. *sighs while chuckling* I thought it was the General man."

Shyam snatching the talkie from Arnav laughing quietly: " I knew I wasn't the only one scared."

Akash smiled.

Aman taking it from Shyam whacking him playfully round the head: " Nope Shyam that's just you. Hey Akash. You lot ready to go."

Akash sighed looking at the others heading down one by one: " Ready as I'll ever be. You guys?"

Aman looked at Arnav who took the talkie from him.

Arnav: " This will work Akash. Remember you head in unnoticed only when you get the all clear from us heading in. The Major knows everything but it's good for two to know the plan."

Akash smirked: " I don't doubt you bhai. Good luck Bhai...Guys! I better see you all on the other side."

Aman and Shyam looked at each other with a smile.

Arnav smiled: " You too. Stay safe Akash."

With that the line cut and Akash headed down with the others to the boats. Arnav looked to the others who hugged him close as it was their time to go too.

With the early night covering their tracks for them, Arnav and his team moved in as close as they could to the camps on the cliff, with the President inside. The major kept a sharp eye on the men coming in and out of the tents, while everyone played the waiting game for the right moment to start heading in. Shyam and Aman sat back against a covered spot of snow, looked across to Arnav who glanced back at them. Their heartbeats ran wild while their faces stayed steady, awaiting orders. The time soon came, with the Major giving the nod of confirmation while whispering the order to the troops on water. Swiftly and unseen, the soldiers headed in...


NK and Khushi entered the house shutting the chill outside quite late from the store. Putting their coats up and shoes off, NK frowned.

NK: " Did you notice it too?"

Khushi frowned: " What?"

NK casually: " The neighbors. I swear a couple of them were looking at us in a weird way. Like ..I mean weirder than normal. I wonder why?"

Khushi glanced at him awkwardly and shrugged her shoulders with a pressed smile.

Khushi: "Doesn't matter. What matters is, is that we start making food or else Nana will be very grumpy. "

NK nodded taking the bags into the living room. He stopped however as he jumped startled.


NK dropped everything with a shocked grin on his face at the sight of Kanan, Adhira, Payal and Anjili gathered in the living room decorated with banners and lights. They all clapped happily making NK grin wider if it were possible and look back at Khushi, who smiled gently back at him clapping.

NK shook his head dramatically offended: " Bad flutter petal!...Dishonour to your socks and ..and to your cow!"

Khushi grinned laughing at his drama queen antics: " Happy birthday Nanhe."

NK hugged her close while everyone sung happy birthday.

NK pulled away tearily unable to believe that despite what was going on with the news and tense atmosphere of war, everyone still put in the effort for him. He himself had even forgotten.

Khushi looked up at him:" You forgot didn't you."

Anjili grinned hugging his other side: " But we didn't!"

NK looked to Kanan who was stood at the table.He went to hug him tightly.

NK: " You should be in bed Nana."

Kanan: " Rubbish. I feel fine. With everyone looking after me so much, I feel more energetic than ever. Though *whispering* this party was your Nani's idea."

NK looked to Adhira who smiled gently at him. He sighed and hugged her close before feeling everyone around him hug him also.

NK grinned: " I love group hugs! *sniff* I think I'm going to cry again."

Everyone laughed to that knowing it to be true indeed.

NK later on in the party looked to Khushi who was in her own world in the kitchen. Seeing everyone else was busy happily in their own talks, he snuck in nudging Khushi's shoulder.

NK: " I don't know about you but I adore this watch. Thank you."

Khushi smiled: " I'm glad. You needed a new one."

NK smiled before watching her for a bit: " You're thinking about the news aren't you...what it showed earlier about the war."

Khushi glanced at him: " I'm not worried. I don't know...I feel...oddly positive Nanhe."

NK frowned before smirking happily: " Really? I thought you'd-"

Khushi smiled: " I know..but I have a good feeling about something...Like everything will be fine."

NK smiled glad that he didn't have to cheer her up on this occasion. Thought it didn't stop him from pulling her leg.

NK whispered: "Are you sure that's not the hormones talking?"

Khushi looked at him with a glare before hitting his arm, making him wince.

NK: " Uff Nani!!"

Khushi laughed making him laugh too.


With the boats quietly surrounded around the cliffs of Zatika in the pitch black night, the men breath quietly ears perked for the signal. Akash gulped breathing heavily feeling every second passing acting like a stone on their shoulders, as the pressure and nerves grew among the men. The air was cold, while the skin was hot with sweat. Everyone in their camouflaged dark uniform was ready with their minds on their loved ones as this could be the last chance. They had been there for hours now waiting for the moment, when soon the walkie talkie buzzed to the Major to take.

Everyone on the boat looked to the Major who gave them the firm nod and indication for them to start heading up. As the men on the Major's boat started to go up the cliff one by one, the other boats across the waters took the signal and began their climb too. The timer started then where everyone strapped, including Akash, made their way quietly up the cliff to head of Zakatian lands...It was now or never.




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WARNING: This chapter is full on Arnav's POV on the battlefield. So don't go all crazyLOL

Chapter Fifty-Eight: Last Drop


Smooth and steady the Zyarian soldier's gathered round the back of the terrorist tents taking their steps light in the snow which was thankfully harder, leaving less of a trail behind them. Knowing the plan, they slowly headed in the tents taking them over one by one. They slit the terrorists throats who were present in the tents before putting them aside, trying to make as less noise as possible. Nerves were high however as they closed in to the other tents. The Major coming up to a split, looked to Arnav with a curt nod making him nod back. They looked back at their sub teams and split up in the directions to cover more area.

With Aman and Shyam close to Arnav's side with their guns high ready to shoot, Arnav lifted a hand discretely paused everyone behind him as Arnav checked the next tent counting the number there. With his eye through the slit of tent and breathing deep and low, Arnav watched two men eating away while talking, not forgetting to notice their walkie talkies and guns near by. As Arnav figured a way to get round then unnoticed, his eyes widened noticing in the next tent the president was sat slump and tied tight to a chair. Arnav looked back at the others with a firm nod and gleam in his eye, making the others smile knowing the goal was in sight.

Aman grinned at Shyam whispering: "Piece of cake."


Nikel with a hand full of men walked through the snow carefully away when he took the walkie talkie to do his routine check up on the main camp where he had hidden his own father. A few non-responses however made Nikel stop in his tracks.

Nikel sternly: " Raj? What's going on up there!?...RAJ?!"

He turned to look back at his other men with a deathly look in his eye.

Nikel harshly: "Why is there no bloody response!?"

As the others fearfully didn't know what to really say. Nikel having a firm think over grit his teeth before closing his eyes.

Nikel: "! DAMMIT!"

He pushed through the others, calling up come of the other camps closer by.

Nikel: "You heard what I bloody said. Forget the decoys! GET TO MY FATHER DAMMIT! *cutting the line* Somethings wrong. *looking back* Move COME ON!"


As Arnav his sub team took down the two terrorists on guard, Arnav and Aman made quick haste to remove the bag from the president's head making him blink in fear. He was about to yell when Arnav put a hand over his mouth. Farhan's eyes widened recognizing the Zyairian General's son.

Arnav smiled whispered: " It's us Mr. President sir. Relax."

Farhan sighed looking above to thank God for their rescue. As Aman hastily cut the ropes freeing him from the chair, Arnav frowned noticing the president struggle to get up. 

Aman whispered: " Sir what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

Arnav noted the bruises, but he realized what was wrong. 

Arnav: " won't be able to walk for a while. You've been sat in this chair for so long, your muscles are weak and not used to walking. 

Farhan worried: " I'll slow you down."

Arnav shook his head, while indicating to Aman and some of the other men to help the president to stand. As they did so, Arnav lifted his walkie talkie while looking at the others in his team taking the guns kept there by the terrorists. As Arnav spoke, he frowned as the Major didn't reply back. 

Shyam coming into the tent: " Bhai. We have to leave, I heard gun fire from the other tents. "

Arnav looked to the president before nodding at the others. However, his tracks along with everyone else's stopped as Nikel smiling in from the opening of the tent with a gun in hand, and a few men behind him. Arnav's throat tightened seeing their Major's severed head in Nikel's other hand.

Nikel grinned slyly: "Hello gentlemen. It was nice of you lot to come in a visit my father. I met the Major of your team. *chuckled* We had a friendly chat. Said a few jokes to making him and the others laugh their heads off. Right guys!?"

As they laughed with Nikel, he chucked the Major's blooded head in to roll on the snow a bit. Arnav grit his teeth, while the others looked horrified and glared at Nikel as his team laughed away. 

Nikel calming down: " But seriously good figured my game out. But it's over. They're ...what...10 of you? And more than double that of us here-" 

Arnav grit his teeth: " You're bluffing."

Nikel looked to Arnav with a beady eye before smirking: "Well now you've entered the lions den, you'll see if I'm blu-"

Shyam raised an eyebrow: " Don't you mean pigs sty? It stinks in here."

And with that he made the first shot at Nikel, making everyone get down as both sides shot at each other. Arnav shot the light bulb above to make it dark so the others had a harder aim. With bullets flying in every direction, Arnav went over to Aman who was protecting the President.

Arnav gripped Aman's collar: " You have to get the President out."

Aman frowned while shooting: " But Bhai-"

Arnav: " Do as I say. We'll cover you and be right behind you. We need to get the President to safety first! Move!"

Aman nodded asking the President to stay close as they headed towards the exit. Arnav covered their backs by shooting at any of Nikel's men who's eye caught them escaping. As soon as they left the left, Arnav moved to Shyam telling him to follow and cover for them, while he and the others finished the job here. Shyam did as he was told and discretely left too. Arnav nodded at his other men knowing the next plan. 

As Aman helped the President walk with his arm held around his neck, Shyam followed slowly looking back at the camp ready to shoot anyone who meant to attack them. It was all of a sudden the president fell on his knees unable to take the strain on his unused muscles, that made Shyam turn and run to help hold up the president on the other side. It was only after a few steps when, they heard an explosion behind them.

Aman: " Shit! Someone must have set off a grenade! What idiots!"

Shyam glanced up at the mountain hoping the vibrations didn't cause an avalanche as they were for sure no distance away to safety yet. Shyam sighed with relief seeing the snow not moving. It was then Shyam felt a shot in his arm making him topple, while Aman felt a shot in his shoulder making them both fall away from the President who looked to the two lads injured. 

The president on his front painfully turned to see Nikel walk up to them with a gleam in his eye.

Nikel: "Sorry Father. But you gotta go."

Farhan sadly: " Please son-"

Just as he lifted the gun to shoot at Farhan, his shot missed at Arnav had rushed up behind to wrestled him to the snowy grounds. The President watched concerned as both of them threw heavy punches at one another, before looking at Aman and Shyam beside him and crawled slowly to their side. 

Nikel hit Arnav round the head with the butt of the gun, making him fall on his back. As Arnav was about to get up when Nikel raised an eyebrow pressing his gun against his chest.

Nikel: " Relax man. *chuckles* You throw a good fight boy. *spitting the blood from his mouth aside* But you're not good enough. Funny...I've always heard about you in the news. Arnav Singh Raizada! The great General's son. Wow. *laughs* And I beat him? *whispering* What a shame. Then again...your dad is such a loser."

Arnav was about to get up ignoring the gun to his chest, when Nikel gave him another punch round the jaw dazing him out a little. 

Nikel: " I said...relax didn't I?...Oh! *remembering* I also forgot to mention. I read about you lady friend too. What's her name...Khushi. *Arnav glared at him* That peach you hang around with. *whispering* She's hot."

Arnav pushed the gun out the way before punching him murderously. Nikel pushing him away stood to take the Arnav's gun pointing it at his head. 

Nikel: " After your and my dad are dead. Zyairia will be mine and belong to Zakita, just as it should be. Goodbye Raizada."
Arnav tightened his jaw and closed his eyes knowing the next second was his last. 

A shot rang out into the skies accompanying to the burning of the camp behind them. Arnav opened his eyes to see Nikel was on the floor dead with Shyam behind him, holding up his gun. Arnav painfully stood seeing Nikel was really dead and rushed over to Shyam gripping his collar.

Arnav:" Shyam dammit! We weren't supposed to kill him! We-"

Shyam shakily: " Sorry Bhai-"
Farhan: " I told him to Captain."

Arnav looked down to Farhan with shock not understanding. He remembered the General telling him to bring Nikel alive to him for punishment by law, but also because Nikel was the Zakitan President's son. But to hear he himself ordered his own son's death...

Arnav crouched down to the President who's eyes were low. 

Arnav: " Sir?...You-"
Farhan: " He would kill more people. It was better to lose him life than millions of others. He's not my son anymore."

Arnav looked down sadly: "I'm sorry sir."

Farhan nodded: " Go. Help your friend. He's hurt in the shoulder."

As Arnav went to Aman's side to turn him over he heard him groan with pain. Arnav however was just glad he was alive. He looked over his shoulder to see the 3 of his other men come from the camps. They went to help Shyam and the President, but Arnav frowned not seeing the rest. He looked concerned to the others making them shake their heads. Arnav grit his teeth at the pain that that as a team they were 24 of them...and now only 6 soldiers remained. 

As the soldiers patched Shyam up the best they could for now. As two soldiers helped the president to his feet, Shyam and the other soldier went to Arnav's side attending Aman.

Arnav: "The bullet is still inside him I think, we need to get to a better ground to check him properly.*making Aman look at him* You'll make it. Come on."

Shyam looking at the sun rising in the distance smiled: "It's over. We saved the Pres-"

It was then a huge explosion went off from the camp behind them making them all stay low. Arnav stood up looking at it confused, when he noticed men in the distant mountains aiming another towards them. To make things worse, Arnav and the others heard the echoing cracks from above.

Arnav going to the President's side to help: "SHIT MOVE MOVE! AVALANCHE! "

It was a desperate dash down the mountain knowing the snow will start to tumble soon. Shyam looked back to see the snow dangerously toppling down the mountain towards them, making him run faster with Aman. 

Arnav noticing a carved dip arch in the mountain shouted for everyone to follow him. They dived behind it and huddled close just in time as the snow swift off it piling up ahead of them, but leaving their area clear. They waited and waited for the snow to stop, before Shyam slowly peeked his head out.

He sighed with relief: " It's clear."

He glanced up at the mountain top to see it was clear of it's snow leaving the dark core of the mountain on display. Soon Shyam realized something, that the others noticed too. The president was left confused. 

Farhan: " What is it?"

Arnav helping him up spoke seriously: " The remaining terrorists did what they wanted."

Farhan: " We're still alive son."

Arnav shook his head: " Yes, but the avalanche has also cut off our way back to the main camp to safety sir."
As Arnav reached in his pocket for the walkie talkie, he frowned finding it missing. 

Shyam shocked: " So...what do we do now?"

Arnav thoughtfully: " The General knows we have the president with us now. I reported it when getting out of the camp. just have to take the long way back. Come. We have to move you Mr President to a safer ground to stop and make camp. Aman can get checked out properly then and I'll check the map for a better route round. We'll be ok."

Farhan nodded: " You're right. *looking at everyone* Thank you for coming to save me boys."

Everyone curtly nodded with pride: " It's our duty sir."

With that Arnav and a soldier helped the President along, while Shyam and another helped Aman. Arnav looking back at a glance hoped the terrorists assumed they were dead rather than coming after them, because to get back to camp was a long journey ahead. 




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Final chapter...: Arms


It was the last week of January when crowds hustled and hustled decorating the cities in Zyairia top to bottom for their returning soldiers. Anastasia was no different, with NK rushing around helping the locals, before rushing to the army offices were hundreds of people where waiting with excitement for their boys to come home through the arrival point. Khushi held Payal and Anjili's hand as they couldn't get the grins off their face while seeing the amount of people and press who have arrived. Aman's mother and Anjili's parents were speaking happily to Kanan and Adhira before being joined by Akash's parents and Payal's parents. They atmosphere was literally buzzing with excitement.

Anjili pouted: " How long are thy going to be?!"

Payal smiled: " I know. But it'll be worth the wait."
Khushi smiled noticing Shyam's parents in the distance waving at them. She waved back happily. Khushi just looked at the door unable to wait any longer for Arnav's return. 

NK rushing in from outside: " THEY'RE HERE! THE JEEPS ARE HERE!"
Everyone looked to NK with grins quietening down a little while he rushed to the girls sides. 

NK panted happily: " I just saw a whole line of them. Just coming in from the back."

Everyone soon looked towards the doors to see in small numbers soldiers come in with their bags making them all clap happily. 

The soldiers were taken aback and teared immediately with sheer happiness of return. The assistants who were trying to keep the families back til the soldiers left the building, failed miserably as the families in tears ran forward to hug their loved ones desperately. NK immediately moved Khushi to stand on a filing cabinet in the corner to stop people unintentionally barging into her. Khushi smiled thankfully for the help but also that from this position she could see above everyone who hugged the soldiers flooding in and rushing to their families. 

She looked desperately for Arnav making NK squeeze her hand warmly.

NK shouted above the reunions: "He'll be here!"

Khushi nodded with a grin knowing with firm belief. Adhira and Kanan with smiles stepped outside the building letting the others have their moment. Anjili standing to the side with Payal in laughter as families hugged them while accidently hugging them in turn without realizing, was in full swing of celebration. 

An hour past however with soldiers slowly making their way out of the building with their bags and families leaving less and less families waiting for their own. Khushi with NK's help got down from the cabinet, with Anjili and Payal rushing up to them with worried frowns.

Anjili panicking: " Seriously. What's taking them so long? "

Payal a little nervous: " I agree. Nearly everyone's gone outside celebrating."

Khushi smiled: " Don't worry. Their probably in the last jeep or something. They'll all come."

Kanan and Adhira entered back in with concerned frowns noticing Khushi and the others weren't reunited yet with their boys. Adhira's heart beat began to quick feeling that same feeling from long long ago. She quietly prayed to herself however. Kanan noticed this too and glanced to the list just put up as the list of the dead where many also went to check. Some was relived not to see their member's names on it, but others...wailing began.

Payal, Anjili and Khushi held each other's hands tightly while their eyes stuck firmly to the arrival doors where less and less soldiers were coming out. Aman's mother held her arms tightly as each second passing felt more excruciating than the previous. She also noticed a few other parents waiting, including Shyam's parents. 

It was then their eyes widened to see Aman get wheeled in with Akash pushing with their bags over his shoulder. 

Anjili: " AMAN!"

She and everyone rushed forward to see his arm tied up tight with his eyes low and face firm. Anjili hugged him tightly as did Aman's mother being careful of the arm while weeping. Payal and her family hugged Akash desperately with relief too making Khushi smile happily, but also concerned about Aman. 

Anjili: " What happened Aman...You're arm?"

Khushi nodded: " And where's Arnav?...And Shyam?"

The silence from the two men was like a dagger to the heart for everyone. Khushi however was still confused. 

Khushi smiled a little before softly asking: " Why...Why don't you say anything?"

Akash silently noticing Shyam's parents slowly walked over to them as their bodily shook making Akash's eyes water. He looked straight into the father's eyes and carefully took his hand before giving him Shyam's tags that were cold and alone. The father closed his eyes and fell to the floor in racks of tears knowing what this meant while the mother staggered with him in destroying shock. They cries were unbearable making everyone else's eyes wide with disbelief. 

Khushi tugged on NK like a child asking worried: " What is it!? What did Akash give them?!"

NK numbly looked to Khushi: "It...It's Shyam's tags...Shyam...Shyam is dead."
Akash crouched to the father who wept horribly: " I'm so sorry. He died in the mission saving the President...He died trying to save Arnav..I'm sorry."

Shyam's mother gulped painfully looking at Akash: "H..His body?"
Akash looked down sadly: " He's been taken to the central morgue..."

It was then the mother wept with her head against her husband's shoulder. Everyone watching couldn't believe their ears. NK firmly looked down to Aman and crouched to him. 

NK sniffing away his tears painfully: " Mate...where's Arnav?,...Where is he?"

Aman again remained silent and numb making Akash stand and look to them sadly.

Akash: "He won't speak...He hasn't spoken since...since the bombing. His arm is broken as well as his leg, but the doctor said the incident has effected him more...mentally."

Anjili and Aman's mother wept even more before hugging Aman again, wishing he just said something...anything. But he just sat if deep in thought. 

NK stood up looking to Akash seriously: " What incident?"

Akash looked to Khushi them before painfully looking away. NK gripped his arm firmly needing to hear it. 

Akash: "When...When the rescue team were just nearly at the passing back to us safely an attack happened...One of the soldiers came back with the President safely, but the other mentioned Shyam going back to Arnav at the cliff to help him...Another bomb went off..causing a huge avalanche. .. Aman went back too to look for Shyam and Arnav...We don't know what happened after that until Aman is ready to talk...but after the next bomb, we found Aman alive in the snow, Shyam... *shakily* Shyam dead...And-"
Khushi rushing up to him gripping him: " And Arnav? What about him!?"

Akash sadly looked to Khushi who's eyes were full of hope and gently shook his head. Everyone was silent with shock, while looking to Khushi who stepped back from Akash. NK gulped dreading what he could figure from Akash's silence, while Adhira fell against Kanan who held her wishing it weren't true. 

Akash: " I'm sorry."

NK felt the air get gushed out of him as he looked to Khushi with pained eyes, not able to imagine what she was going through. Khushi however shook her head firmly. 

Khushi smiled softly: " You're lying."

Payal tearily went to Khushi's side: " Khushi-"

Khushi firmly: " No! He can't be dead Payal. He promised me he'd come back! Arnav doesn't lie!"

Anjili tried to hold her hand but she only snatched it away. Khushi moved away from everyone before pacing by herself a little. Kanan sobbed seeing his child like this while Adhira numbly watched. 

Khushi's eyes widened then and rushed to Akash: "If he's dead where's his body? Where?"

Everyone looked to Akash who stood silently. Khushi smiled. 

Khushi: " See! See Nanhe! No body! They all think Arnav is dead but he isn't. He's coming!"

Payal went to Akash: " Is this true?"
Akash painfully: " It's true Payal...but Khushi *walking up to her putting a hand on her shoulder* We looked for days. That's why it took so long for us to come back...The one could have survived it. "

Khushi firmly: " Arnav isn't just anyone! You know that. I don't believe all this. He's not dead."

Even as Kanan went to Khushi's side to console her, Khushi pulled away going straight to NK.

Khushi tugged his arm: " Tell them! Tell them Nanhe. Arnav can't do this!...He couldn't have."
NK however didn't know what to say. He just stared tearily as his best friend couldn't accept the truth.

It was soon Khushi noticed the General walk through with his assistant, making her rush to him instantly. She stopped before him making his stop and stare at her with drained eyes and dark bags. His jaw tightened at the sight of her and made his way to walk around her when she stopped him again.

Khushi whispered:" Everyone is saying Arnav is dead. He can't be. You must know the truth right? Tell them he's not dead."

The General devastated looked past her at Akash and everyone else who were sadly looking to Khushi. He gulped painfully feeling the loss of his son being felt here too by his friends. 

Khushi smiled a little: " It''s his birthday coming up."

General whispered: " My son is dead."

Khushi frowned: " Wh..What-"

General firmly shouted: "MY SON IS DEAD!" 

He firmly dragged her to the list of the dead board to show her his name among the long list. Khushi's eyes widened in terror while NK rushed to her other side taking her from the General. 

The general looked to her then in deep anguish: " My son is dead...Dead."

He was about to storm away angrily with his assistant when he stopped feeling guilty for the girl at an instant. He looked back at everyone with Khushi and NK.

General painfully: "You need to forget him and move on. It finishes here."

And with that he left making Khushi rush forward, only to be stopped by NK.

Khushi: " He's going Nanhe. Maybe they didn't look prop-"


Khushi looked to him shocked before the pain overshadowed her leaving her no place to hide. Akash slowly walked up to them then and sadly handed in Khushi's hands, Arnav's metal tags. She looked down at them to see with the name; Dark Wolf. It was then Khushi crumbled to the floor with NK by her side holding her close while everyone rushed to her too seeing waterfall of tears fall, while her face remained expressionless. Adhira watched painfully from the distance seeing history repeat itself... 


That's it...The final chapter for this-...





For this SEASON THAT IS :D I'm not that cruel. TADA!

I had this second season planned right from the start so don't think I'm dragging this story for the sake of it  ( cuz you must know me well enough to know I hate dragging) But this is part of the story. So I don't have to give you a hint if Arnav is alive or not. It should be obvious. ;)

So will start the next season after a 3-4 months break. I need it. I'm still writing away. But I seriously need a break from DWE before coming back with a bang with Season 2 where the story will continue...

Look in below post for Season 2 spoilers. Big smile

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The slap echoed in the air only for Khushi not to react even to that. Her eyes remained numb to the floor.

NK outraged: " NANI!"

Kanan: " ADHIRA!"

Adhira with murderous eyes: " You have ruined us! RUINED US!-"

Khushi whispered: " He's alive."

Adhira and everyone in the hospital room looked to Khushi shocked.


NK put his hands to cup her face: " You can't think like this flutter-"

Khushi gently: " What's the point when no one other than you believes me Nanhe?!"

NK: " Trust me?"


Khushi screamed: " WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?! WHY!"

Kanan and Adhira was about to say something, when NK suddenly dragged Khushi away to another room and slammed the door hard, leaving the room in silence. 


The doctor looking at his back calling out to him: " You must have wondered NK. "

Nanhe looked back at her painfully.

The doctor stepped closer to him with a sad smile on her face realizing: "The truth is you do know where to start...You're just too scared to find out what's there..."


Khushi with a teary smile gulped looking in the mirror at her stomach touching the round warmth lovingly, before hitching in pain at the kick. 


Arnav gasped with his eyes open: " KHUSHI!"


See you all later and thank you to those who have trusted me, the next season will definitely be darker ( as in more serious) than the first. 


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Amazing update :) 

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congo for the new thread

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