Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

#2 Ashlok Dark FF - My Ransacked Heart/UPDATED/ Chapter 24 /(Pg-127) (Page 66)

NimJ Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Mahi I am hating shlok now more than ever...if he wants to avenge,why cant he torture avdhoot..if he is at fault..

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Subhashiniiiii Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mahirmukhtar

Originally posted by Subhashini_chow

Hey Buddy I said Happy New Year already But again I am wishing U 
Have a wonderful Life Dear...God Bless U Ur Family
Hope God also drop more Evil Thoughts to create Dabaang FF"s more Embarrassed  Just Kidding 

Happy New Year to You too Dear and your Family! Hug

And Congrats on your promotion, you've become a senior member now, and buddy love your comments! Wink

And you don't worry I am always ready to pen down my evil thought's Evil SmileLOL will create another one! Evil SmileROFL

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mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Waheedaralli

Mahi I am hating shlok now more than ever...if he wants to avenge,why cant he torture avdhoot..if he is at fault..

Believe me buddy he is still torturing Avdhoot. Astha will fall in love with him, but Avdhoot will still be tortured. Evil Smile And buddy he is a dark hero ofcourse you'll hate him! LOL
-mr- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 6:18am | IP Logged
I am not working... Next shift will be next Wed.. So if you want to update... WinkBig smile

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mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Fimiramak

I am not working... Next shift will be next Wed.. So if you want to update... WinkBig smile

Yeah just going to! WinkTongue
mahirmukhtar IF-Rockerz

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           Ashlok Dark FF
        My Ransacked Heart

                                           Chapter 18

                                   The Devil's Bargain


                    As each day ends, and darkness draws,

                   The devil toys, with all my flaws,

                    I'm helpless, alone, a worthless mess,

                    A broken child, he must address.

                    I've tempted when he calls my name,

                    A way out, an escape, an end to shame,

                    To make it feel a lot less real,

                    A deal with the devil, in blood must I seal

         You obviously don't have my soul ~ or you wouldn't be trying to make deals ~

                                            Daniel Nayeri, Another Faust

Astha tugged her Winnie pooh towards her in her sleep, mumbling to him, not to disturb her peaceful sleep, by moving in her arms...

But the Winnie pooh was not settling in her arms, instead it was struggling to break free of her hold...

She mumbled angrily and hugged it more tightly, making it hiss and something sharp scratched across her arm...

Astha woke up with a startled scream, there was no toy which she had thought she was hugging in her sleep but instead of it a black furry monster was sitting at the foot of her bed...

Astha was afraid of cats, even her parents had once tried to keep a pet cat in order to remove her fear, but still to the date she had remembered being afraid of her friendly white kitten and now that particular cat wasn't even showing friendly behavior towards her...

The black monster was hissing at her, her hackles raised...

She moved her gaze around the room, to find some solid object, to throw over her in order to make her leave the room, but to her disappointment found nothing...

The whole room was covered in dull grey carpeting, dark curtains covered windows, which gave the room a shadowed look. Even the walls were painted a dark grey and the room was completely bare of furniture except the bed on which she had been sleeping and a dressing table in the right corner...

There were two doors in the room one to the left of the room which was closed and the other one at the front which was ajar...

She won't get another chance to run, she thought trying to get off from the bed, but wait wasn't she naked...

Surprised she looked down towards her body, she was clothed in a pink shirt with pink pajamas...

Who had clothed her, maybe that Mafioso, she thought and the events that happened a night before flashed across her mind, her skin fusing with an angry blush...

But now was not the time to think about that ba****d...

She shrugged her shoulders angrily to dispel the disturbing thoughts and started to get off from the bed but the black monster chose that moment to growl at her again...

"Crazy monster, but cat's don't behave like that", she mumbled to herself...

Gathering her courage she flapped her hand at the cat to scare her...

"Shoo, shoo kitty", she said in a trembling voice...

But to her utter horror, the cat moved forward with a growl, instead of fleeing...

Astha gave a horrified scream and stood up on the bed, her whole body shaking with fear...

"Tuh, tuh, demon, you bad girl, now don't you try to frighten the pretty lady, scamper away", someone shushed the cat away from behind the shadows...

A startled gasp escaped her lips, she tried to turn but lost her balance and with a dull thud hit the bed...


The tall form of the Mafioso unfurled himself from the sofa, which had remained hidden from her eyes due to being placed in a shadowed corner...

"Serves you right", the devil mocked again and with a click switched on the light, blinding Astha...

She put a hand over her face in a reflex and tried to blink in order to adjust her eyesight...

As her eyes adjusted to the blinding light his hazy form grew into sharpness, on her retina...

He was wearing a black shirt over black jeans and his hair were swept back from his oval face, a shadow of beard was darkening his cheeks, giving him an almost piratical look, his dark eyes were staring at her with an unfathomable expression in them...

Astha felt herself falling in the bottomless pits, that were his eyes, she could have sworn that although his eyes were emotionless, there was somewhat a hint of sadness showing in them, or was it just her imagination...

What was in them which was pulling her towards him, something started to unfurl in the pit of her stomach...

She stood up on the bed, without breaking contact with his eyes and now at this angle her face was at a level with his own.

Save me, don't let me die here, his eyes screamed their message in her periphery...

Of her own accord her body lurched forward but he broke the connection, his gaze moving towards her grazed arm. Astha jerked back, her mind admonishing the turn her thoughts had taken.

She glared at him, hitching up her stubborn chin. Seeing her defiant posture, he cocked his head arrogantly to the side, wrapped his arms around his chest and a devilish smile, tugged at his lips, making his visage appear as if he was enjoying some childish show.

Their absorption with each other was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing a throat. A startled Astha turned her face towards a girl who was standing in the open doorway, a tray laden with food, clasped in her hands. She was about 17, pale, skinny, with large eyes , the shape of her eyes was such that it looked as if they would pop out of their sockets anytime now...

Astha opened her mouth to demand for help from that girl. "Not a wise move, princess, she is deaf and mute, both, she wouldn't understand a word, even if you stand infront of her and beat a drum to get her attention", Shlok informed her in a mocking tone.

"I wasn't about to demand help from her infront of you, you rascal, i wanted to say to her that she can get out of the room as I don't want to eat anything", Astha bit out, tears of defeat shining in her eyes.

"Tuh Tuh, your sweet, saintly daddy didn't teach you about manners princess", he taunted. "I should wash your mouth with soap on cursing so much", he jeered.

"I told you, you lecher that I don't want to eat and don't you dare taunt my daddy", she shouted at him, sparks of defiance shooting from her eyes. Her hands were itching to wipe his mocking smile off from his blasted face. She looked around for something heavy with which she could smash his thick skull.

By the time that girl had put down the tray at her bedside table. Shlok dismissed the girl, who went outside, her head bent obediently and turned towards Astha, who was looking around, possibly searching something with which to smash his head...

"If you are looking for something heavy to throw on me princess, then I must inform you that you'll find no such thing in the room, he mocked. "I've got that room prepared specially for you, completely bare, just like you were last night", he gave her a lecherous wink.

Something went off in Astha's head. Her combined feelings of anger, defeat, and helplessness acted as a catalyst, and she again looked around helplessly to throw something over him.

"No princess you're wasting your time you won't find anything. I know you are handy with heavy things, so I removed them from your room, now sit down and eat like a good girl", he admonished her.

Astha looked at the food tray with anger and then froze. The food tray was laden with a glass of juice, fruits, some bread, butter and eggs benedicts. She again checked the contents, grabbed the food tray from the table, then turned towards him with a forced sweet smile on her lips, which made him frown and overturned it over his head...


All of the crockery, went crashing down the floor, spilling their contents over him.

He gave a painful hiss and jump backwards, cursing her, a hand going over his face in instinct. It was really funny how his whole face and black shirt were fast covering up with an assortment of food contents, making him look like a food map.

"Now you've become a real tooty fruity, stuff on that you horse's ass", she taunted, a satisfied smirk on her face.

Now was a great chance for her to get out from here, Astha thought to herself. That psycho was too busy rubbing his eyes clean from the sticky material. It took an instant for her to decide. She jumped off the bed and went sailing past him to the open door .

His below of comeback you freakin bi**h went unheard by her. She went out of the door, and to her utter horror found herself in another bedroom instead of a corridor. That bedroom had also two doors and both of them were closed, she chose one and hurried towards it. Before she could open it someone grabbed her from behind...


She squirmed in Shlok's arms and tried to kick his shins, but he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist from behind, squeezing her rib cage in a warning. She dug her finger nails in his arms but he turned her in his arms and lifted her off the ground kicking and screaming...

He brought her to her bedroom and threw her on the bed, where she fell on her front, totally winded. And before she could catch her breath he caught her arms in a viselike grip, twisted them behind her back and snapped a pair of iron handcuffs on her wrists, that he had taken out from his pocket.

"Now struggle as much as you want,  you bi**h, you won't ever get free, and I'll make sure that you'll never be free of me", he leaned on the bed to whisper chillingly in her ear.

She swore at him in a colorful range of swear words...

He grabbed her hair to lift her face from the bed and tugged. "I promised myself that I'll break you and I always fulfill my promises", he reminded her in a cold voice.

"No you will not be able to break me , that I can promise too", she answered painfully, her voice muffled due to the reason that she was lying on the bed on her front.

Shlok pursed his lips. He had seen many stubborn men in his life, and had broken them very easily. But hers was a stubbornness, that had even surpassed theirs. But he will break her spirit, however time and effort it does take...

 He turned her body on her back, now her tear filled eyes were facing him. He had managed to get his face somewhat clean before coming after her. But his hair were sticky and his shirt still stained.

Realization dawned on her that the devil had known all this time that the door only opened to his bedroom and not outside. That was why he was so relaxed and that was why he had taken a momentary pause before coming after her. It seemed he wasn't a fool as he had put her in an attached bedroom with himself. There was no way out, the only way out was through his bedroom. And he would never let that happen...


She turned her burning eyes towards him and glared at him with defiance, he was smiling devilishly at her predicament. "You can break my body, that is in your hand, you can force me but you can never ever break my spirit that isn't yours to take", she told him in a shaky voice, trying to control her falling tears.

"Why don't we take a bet sweetheart, if I would be able to bend you to my will and if you'll beg me to take you, I'll take you, and you'll not resist, but if I am unable to break your will and you won't beg me then I'll release you", in a challenging voice...

Astha knew it was foolishness, if she said yes to the devil's bargain, God knows what method would he apply on her to bend her to his will, she had already gotten a taste of how he could make her body act as a traitor to herself...

But if she refuses him, she will be known to him as a coward and he will surely try to take benefit from her cowardice and would certainly force himself on her all the same, just like before. And that she couldn't bear, she shivered at the thought...

Deciding to accept his devil's bargain, she looked fearlessly in his eyes and answered yes to his challenge...

He smiled, a truly chilling smile and bent his head near her ear. "Good for you princess now let us seal the bargain", he whispered hotly inside her ear, before he swooped down on her lips like a hawk on his prey...


              P.S: Do Like And Comment Dearies! Tongue

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charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mahirmukhtar

Originally posted by Fimiramak

I am not working... Next shift will be next Wed.. So if you want to update...WinkBig smile

Yeah just going to!WinkTongue
waiting mahir Wink

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charanyaaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh my evil queen what an update! Wink
Shlok is very clever keeping her at his arm distance...
Poor astha! Tried to escape but shlokie is very fast Cry
Btw i liked the deal between them.
Im sure shlok is going to win...
Will see what he is going to do?
Update soon...

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